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Title: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: Reginald Hudlin on December 15, 2012, 01:08:36 pm

ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
As dumb as Rob Parker's comments were, I think it's important to look at the "substantive" charge that Parker made: that RG3 consciously distances himself from African-Americans. If you check out the video, Stephen A. Smith pretty much accepts the substance, while rejecting Parker's ham-fisted classification system of brothers and "cornball brothers."

But even that "substantive" charge is manufactured. Dan Steinberg points out that Griffin "has been asked about his race repeatedly this season. He has not, to my knowledge, ever brought the subject up himself." He also does the justice of pointing two of those responses. Here is a response that RG3 gave last week:

"Whenever you can relate to the population of the team that you play for, I think it makes it that much more special," Griffin said. "I don't play too much into the color game, because I don't want to be the best African American quarterback, I want to be the best quarterback.

"But to the fans, and to the fans who think that way and look at me as an African American, it's important that I succeed, not only for this team, but for them," he continued. "Because it gives them that motivation, that hey, you know, an African American went out and played quarterback for my Washington Redskins. So I appreciate that; I don't ever downplay anything like that. Whoever I can go out every week and motivate to do better and to try to go after their dreams, I'm up for that."

Here is the response that led to Rob Parker inveighing against "cornball brothers":

"For me, you don't ever want to be defined by the color of your skin," Griffin said. "You want to be defined by your work ethic, the person that you are, your character, your personality. That's what I strive [for]. I am an African American, in America, and that will never change. But I don't have to be defined by that."

"I am [aware] of how race is relevant to [some fans]. I don't ignore it," Griffin said Wednesday. "I try not to be defined by it, but I understand different perspectives and how people view different things. So I understand they're excited their quarterback is an African American. I play with a lot of pride, a lot of character, a lot of heart. So I understand that, and I appreciate them for being fans."

Griffin also addressed the persistent stereotyping of African American quarterbacks, saying he hopes his passing ability will set him apart. "They're always going to try to put you in a box with other African American quarterbacks: [Michael] Vick, [Cam] Newton, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon," Griffin said. "But there are guys like... Warren Moon and Doug Williams who really didn't run that much. I think that's the negative stereotype when it comes to African American quarterbacks, that [all they do is] run. But those guys threw it around, and I like to think I can throw it around a little bit. And that's the goal -- not to go out and prove anybody wrong, but just to let your talent speak for itself."

These answers are different, but they really aren't contradictory. They are the kind of answers you give when you are repeatedly asked the same question over and over. Whatever differences there are between these two answers they are mostly important if you are, as First Take is, in the business of professional disagreement. The evidence of RG3 distancing himself from black people (however you define that) is really thin. But if you are looking for it, as opposed to trying to fairly ascertain how another human feels, you can find it.

Whatever First Take does, actual reporters should stop asking the question. It's embarrassing and demeaning. For them.

For Griffin it's a trap. If he declines to talk about race than that is evidence of "distancing." If he talks about it, he will eventually say something that will leave him subject to the rantings of someone like Parker.
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: jefferson L.O.B. sergeant on December 15, 2012, 05:25:58 pm
It is asinine that Parker has been suspended given the context of the statements. They weren't reviewing the top 10 plays of the week and suddenly during a RG3 highlight Parker bursts out with he's a "Cornball brother" or that he runs even faster when he is serving his "White fiancee". The question that was posed to Parker generated the response and he was cautious in assessing his judgement of RG3.

People are looking for a false analogy between the blatantly racist and stupid comments of others in the past toward Black athletes with the innocous statements of Parker. The next time a White commentator makes another "Observation" about the Black athlete and gets pressed; he will now have Parker as a shield.
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: BmoreAkuma on December 17, 2012, 09:56:25 am
Still Parker was an idiot and it there are no excuses. The comparisons of Vick, and Newton is stupid. He is more Steve Young and Fran tarkenton than Vick and Newton. Young has over 4000 yards rushing and about 45 rushing Tds, Tark has 3600 yards rushing with 35 rushing TDs. Yes RG3 has a ton more yards in his rookie campaign and so did young. Young had to change his game to last and RG3 will do the same. But since he has that great burst he is a great threat. On the real if you ever look at his game (i do every week) he has a great pocket presence to the point to pick you apart. He is completing over 70% of his passes. He attempts over 30 passes a game. So spare me the comparisons. He is his own player and nothing else. It is borderline discrimation comparing him to the "black mobile QB".

The line in Any Given Sunday says it best. "Placism"

Coach: Don't play that race card on me, kid.

Coach: 25 years I work with men of your color.

Beaman: Maybe it's not racism. Maybe it's placism.

Beaman: Brother has to know his place. Right, boss

Coach:  I don't understand what you're talking about.

I wish I can find the vid that was youtube before but since I have the copy on my laptop I just may upload this on my youtube page myself
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: Catch22 on December 17, 2012, 12:28:22 pm
ESPN is only hurting it's brand with crap like "First Take" in the first place.  It's not like "Pardon the Interruption" used to be...with two dissimilar hosts actually talking and debating topics, it's become the tabloid TV of sports "journalism" .  It's more Springer-esque than anything else these days.  If it's not Stephen A. Smith screaming at the top of his lungs, it's Skip Bayless making outlandish, asinine comments that he can't even take seriously.  They've had the Two Live Stews as hosts before...those guys were entertaining for a while on the radio, but they knew nothing of sports...for real.  ESPN has become a sideshow and this Rob Parker idiot was the last out of the clown car.  Its endemic at ESPN though...remember when they reported sports instead of trying to make the news themselves?  From their insipid Total QBR to First Take, they've lost sight of what they're supposed to be doing.  They've cast aside the "Sports" part of their acronym and totally embraced the "Entertainment" to their own and true sports fans' detriment.
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: Princesa on December 21, 2012, 10:35:43 am
Steven A Smith's antics make Skip Bayless look good. He is a clown but it is a clown show. Rob Parker I can't stand but RG3 is a goof ball (imo) and the DC hype machine has made him highly overrated.
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on December 21, 2012, 10:55:25 am
but RG3 is a goof ball (imo) and the DC hype machine has made him highly overrated.
RG3 reminds of LeBron in that I feel like their every utterance is considered through the prism of the press. So it comes off a bit contrived because it is. On the other hand, wouldn't he be a fool to do anything else? It's hard to argue with his success both on and off the field.

I don't know about overrated though it's true that it would be hard for anybody to live up to some of the more bombastic hype. All the hype aside, this kid is the business. His ability to extend the play and deliver accurate balls on the move is going to be giving defensive coordinators headaches for a while.
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: Catch22 on December 21, 2012, 10:56:05 am
RG3 may be a goofball, but the fact that he has a white fiance has nothing to do with anything and that's the problem I have with it.  Look around professional sports, it's probably harder to find the guys who have same race partners, but why does it even matter in the first place?  Parker's an ass, Smith's an ass and Bayless is a horse's ass...the whole concept of debating sports has been done and done well, even on ESPN.  First Take just takes it to a tabloid TV level and finds a way to drop it lower.  I just want sports analysis, is that too much to ask for?
Title: Re: ESPN's 'First Take' and Manufactured Dissent
Post by: Battle on March 26, 2019, 08:04:54 am
Tuesday, 26th March 2019
Turkey vulture smashes through a Jive Turkey's window
by Nate Scott


A turkey vulture, apparently tired of the takes, smashed through Stephen A. Smith's office window at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut on Tuesday morning, according to a tweet from Adam Schefter.

The turkey vulture could not be reached for comment, so it is merely speculation that it was the incendiary nature of Smith's fiery hot takes caused the bird to send itself flying through the window.

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