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Title: Mother of Two Bust Caps in @$$
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Loganville mother of two assumed the knocks on her front door Friday afternoon were from a solicitor.
“Don’t answer,” she yelled to her 9-year-old twins playing downstairs.

When the visitor began repeatedly ringing the doorbell, she called her husband at work.

“Get the kids and hide,” he told his wife.

As he dialed 911, his 37-year-old spouse, who works from home, collected the children and hid with them in a crawlspace adjoining her office. By that time, the intruder had forced his way into the three-story residence on Henderson Ridge Drive with a crowbar, authorities said. He allegedly rummaged through the home, eventually working his way up to the attic office.

“He opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver,” said Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman, who relayed the woman’s narrative to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He asked that her name be withheld.

The woman fired six bullets, five of which hit Paul Ali Slater in the face and neck area, Chapman said. But Slater was still conscious.

“The guy’s face down, crying,” the sheriff said. The woman told him to stay down or she’d shoot again.

Slater, unaware that she had emptied her chamber, obliged as the mother and her children ran to a neighbor’s house.

The injured burglar eventually made it out of the home and into his car, driving away before deputies arrived on the scene. He didn’t get far.

“When you got five bullets in you, it makes you kind of disoriented,” Chapman told the AJC.

Deputies found Slater bleeding profusely in a neighbor’s driveway.
“I’m dying. Help me,” he told them, according to Chapman.

Slater was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center and is expected to survive, the sheriff said.

The Long Island native, who now lives in Gwinnett County, was released from the Gwinnett jail in late August after serving six months for simple battery and three counts of probation violation. Slater has six other arrests in Gwinnett dating back to 2008, according to jail records.

“My wife’s a hero,” the woman’s husband, Donnie Herman, told Channel 2 Action News in a brief statement. He did not respond to a request for comment from the AJC. “She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do.”

Chapman remarked that one of his deputies, impressed with the woman’s resolve, told the sheriff she had handled her first shooting better than he had.
“That mother’s instinct kicked in,” Chapman said. “You go after a mother’s kids and she’ll find herself capable of doing things she never thought she was capable of.”
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Post by: Reginald Hudlin on January 06, 2013, 01:33:02 pm
The gun lobby needs to promote the hell out of this story. 
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Post by: Vic Vega on January 06, 2013, 04:57:47 pm
For every one instance of somebody doing that there are probably 20 of Folks getting blown away on some infidelity bs.

A person with a gun is way more likely to use it on their s.o. than a bad guy, from what I have seen.
Title: Re: Mother of Two Bust Caps in @$$
Post by: jefferson L.O.B. sergeant on January 06, 2013, 06:20:40 pm
The gun lobby needs to promote the hell out of this story.

The NRA promote Black people using guns as a means of self-defense.

What do you think this is?DJANGO?
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Post by: Battle on December 13, 2018, 04:57:24 am
Tuesday, 11th December 2018
2 more groups sever ties with Charleston Rifle Club after it refuses first black member
by Adam Parker


Two more local groups have severed ties with the Charleston Rifle Club after the club in October refused to admit its first black candidate.

That decision split the club membership with some circulating a petition in protest, others threatening to resign and a few saying they prefer to fight for change from within.

The March of Dimes has held an annual bowling tournament in February at the private Rifle Club for years, and the infant health charity has long been a favorite of the club, whose bylaws state that if ever the Charleston Rifle Club is dissolved, half its assets are to be donated to the March of Dimes state chapter.

The March of Dimes confirmed Saturday it would no longer be associated with the club. Bowling groups at Porter-Gaud and the College of Charleston also stopped using the club’s lanes in November after learning about the controversy.

“We stand against systemic racism which largely contributes to the negative birth outcomes in the communities we serve — as such, we have chosen not to accept their support moving forward,” said Jayna Zelman, head of public relations for the March of Dimes.

On Monday, the Kiwanis Club of Charleston confirmed it will stop holding its weekly meetings at the Rifle Club.
“We believe we are able to serve our community best when people of all ages and backgrounds work together to share their time and talents,” President Phil Wagoner said in a statement.

“We pride ourselves on being a club that celebrates inclusion and diversity, both in our membership and in the community we serve. When it came to our attention that the Charleston Rifle Club did not feel the same way, we immediately severed ties and moved our weekly meeting location elsewhere.”

Wagoner said his club’s meeting location has changed over the course of a century but not its commitment to serving families and children.

“The Kiwanis Club of Charleston will never align itself with an organization that allows for discrimination. We welcome new members from all backgrounds and look forward to a time when every civic and social club in Charleston does as well.”

In October, the club refused to admit its first black candidate, Melvin Brown, the only one of a group of 14 men who was blackballed at the meeting.

The other 13 candidates, all white, were granted membership.

Brown is a Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan and an emergency room doctor currently part of the Medical University of South Carolina’s board of trustees.

Rifle Club President Dru Patterson initially denied any problems, even though the dispute over Brown had been brewing for a year.

Patterson has not returned recent phone calls and emails from The Post and Courier.

In the Rifle Club’s December newsletter, The Gunsite, Patterson addressed the unrest:

“Unfortunately 2018 ends on a troubling note with the club divided over issues unresolved,” he wrote. “Sadly some members use threats to membership and using outside the club sources to try to change the membership’s will. Perhaps instead of trying to undermine our club these members could try to work for a system that can work for the betterment of our club, finding methods to improve, not destroy or threaten should be all our goal for the new year.”

The newsletter also notes that, for now, no new membership applications are being accepted.

An online petition for members, which alleges that Brown’s “application for membership was denied based on the color of his skin” now has 116 signatures.

“As a private club, the Charleston Rifle Club can choose to exclude people based on their race, but the vast majority of the Charleston Rifle Club’s members find that to be an abhorrent and immoral choice and inconsistent with what we believe the club is,” the petition states.

The Charleston Rifle Club is a private recreational facility located at 2221 Heriot Street. Established in 1855, the club is located on 14 acres on the banks of the Ashley River.

The club has approximately 800 members, though many are not active. Of the members who use the club regularly or occasionally, opinions about the membership crisis are divided.

Brown said he has stepped back from the membership crisis at the club, which can only be addressed by its members.

He has received an outpouring of support from friends, colleagues and strangers who became aware of his role in the quarrel.

A neighborhood restaurant and Brown’s favorite hangout, Harold’s Cabin, briefly changed its name to Mel’s Cabin to express respect and sympathy.

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Post by: Hypestyle on December 13, 2018, 07:16:04 am
^^^^   bankrupt them.
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Post by: Battle on December 13, 2018, 04:06:38 pm
^^^^   bankrupt them.

If we could control the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Oval Office, we can, Hype.