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Title: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 25, 2013, 02:09:39 pm
Yes I'm TROLLING the mess out of you my brotha... ;D

Went to the Black Business Expo yesterday at the West Angeles Church hangar over on Crenshaw BLVD!

Found some goods while scoping the facility as a possible location for a black comic book convention!

Hero X needs more places to dress up as Black Panther... Help a brotha out!

If Academy Award nominee Mr. Hudlin is down for the cause I would be willing to put in all the investigative work to make it easier on him and just have him roll out of bed, say something witty on the microphone and roll out leaving me to clean the place up afterwards! :)

C'mon man I'm tired of TROLLING you at the Black Panel, Golden Apple comic book signings and grocery stores... At least let us talk about the possibilities of this happening!

Where else are you going to rep for the Django Unchained comic book?

Yeah like Jamie Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Halle Berry or even Tarantino will return my calls... You got the rolodex I got the ideas!

Universoul Circus... Black Stuntmens' Association... Black Karate Federation... Mshindo big ole head and whatnot... ::)

They have gym weights right there in the hangar along with a stage so I figure a bunch of banners hanging here and there and BOOM we have a full blown convention in effect!

At the expo there were some brothas from ( with a demo for their game ( and we could help further black super heroes and be LARGE in the community!

The Black Panel at Comic-con had it's day now it's time to seize the day!

HIP HOP HARVARD HUDLIN... Let's do this!

P.S. None of the antics that had nothing to do with comics like the Black Panel had we don't need Gangsta Rappers freestyling up and down the aisle we would rather have Denzel speak about The Book of Eli or something similar where a black man or woman played the hero and not the thug... Maybe Lil Romeo doing the Static Shock theme song instead strip club anthems!

Oh and I'll ban myself for a minute or two because I was way out of line here but you know I'm right though! :-X
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Reginald Hudlin on May 25, 2013, 02:48:32 pm
I have seriously thought about it.  But don't have time this year.
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 25, 2013, 06:51:19 pm
Not this year but next year!

This gives us time to work out all the kinks like scheduling conflicts that could come up last minute!

As far as time goes I'll put in the dirty work and you can do the "Name Only" thing and smile as you cut the ribbon leading into the event!

Come on dude this is Hollywood it's all about who is attached not who puts in work! 8)

I'm the one stalking you so I'll initiate some things here and there and get some generic buzz going and when it looks like it is catching some steam you come in like it was your thing all along and throw me under the bus... I'm good with that!

With the hiatus of not to mention the void left by the late great Dwayne McDuffie someone has to be the face of black comics and you are that one person that seems to get the most respect even by the Haters! :)

I won't attach your name without your blessing in the beginning but if it looks like there could be a sizable turnout then we jack your name and ride this thing until the wheels fall off!


"Welcome to the first annual Black Comics Convention Los Angeles ... Our host needs no introduction he is the force behind BeBe's Kids, The Boondocks, House Party and Academy Award nominee producer of Django Unchained. The number one seller of Black Panther comics and cartoons put your hands together for the one and only... East Boogie's own Reginald Hudlin!" (I'm sure we will be as accurate with your resume given enough time to prepare)

Then you say something intellectually inspiring and go sit down somewhere while everybody gathers around the Mshindo booth for one of his art tutorials or the Kevin Grevioux How To Write A Movie Script workshop!

Meanwhile, I'll be at the front door skimming off the top of the entrance fee money... That's how I get paid for my troubles! ;)

I will PM you soon about an idea I had originally posted at about something that could give the black super hero movement legs... Knuckle heads didn't get it back then but with all that has happened at Marvel and DC this could be BIG and very very needed!

A host does not work you just walk around like the director that you are and make sure all the specs meet your satisfaction... Wear one of those Emperor Palpatine robes and I'll play Darth Vader doing the hunting down grunt work!
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 25, 2013, 10:54:10 pm
As someone who has been to many conventions ranging from body building to comics to insurance sales and marketing let's turn this into an idea thread...

In the spirit of HEF's "Love Your Smile" we have to have beautiful black women passing out free merchandise while dressed as your favorite female super heroes... It works for Comic-con as well as the Anime Expo! ;)

With all the martial arts cats like Supreme Illuminati and them we need a few brothas doing self defense demos and techniques... We demand a Jefferson "Hood Technique" demonstration by law!

Once Mshindo kicks off the digital art phase we will need some How To Draw or How To Animate demos for the kiddies to bring their sketchbooks and practice along with!

Whether or not the Milestone booth is the craziest and most happening place to be is Michael Davis' problem... I'm sure he'll do fine! ;D

A Dwayne McDuffie tribute obviously!

Any rapper or RnB artist wanting to perform will only be allowed to do so if there bars are strictly comic book or sci-fi referenced... Save the hoochie mama raps for the strip club because the Sandman from the Apollo Theater will be on hand to yank fools off the stage of this family based event!

As far as obligatory white guys present Stan Lee, Tarantino, Bill Clinton and Weird Al Yankovic get free passes all day!

To keep up with the Joneses we need to be cutting edge so technology like high definition screens displaying high end animation and video games need to permeate the convention hall... I mean we need to be a bit more tech savvy in this day and age so put the crayons and the colored markers away cause you sure as heck don't wear old school Chuck Taylors on the basketball court anymore so if you can wear 200 dollar Jordans it's time to embrace Photoshop, Zbrush and all those other grown man software packages this year!

(Naw... read that last statement again and again because that Amateur Night thing is getting old for us while Mshindo walks around on planet earth proving what black folks are capable of)

(Read that again... Now let's move onward)

As soon as the venue insurance is approved the Black Stuntmen's Association need to bless us with a demo... That means a skit to show off the skills there are quite a few black stuntmen in Hollywood that get no credit so this should be good part!

Not only should armed forces persons get in free but there should be a special tribute to those who have served maybe like the Super Bowl where there is a march or national anthem to set off the whole event!

If for some reason an HBCU marching band rolled through unannounced we will allow it provided that they return to their campus and demand that they insist their homeschool start recruiting better athletes and get somewhere within earshot of a national title in something... Just a thought!

Awards Show... There are Glyph awards and so shall there be for this I just hope there is not too much of a conflict of interest for me to win something being a part of all this!

Screenings... With Hudlin's connections I expect some free movie viewings for Django Unchained 2 and Blade 4: The Trinity Do Over now that Wesley is out and about!

More to come... Is this thing on?

Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Mr. Peejay on May 26, 2013, 06:27:35 am
Title: motor city comic-con spring 2013
Post by: Hypestyle on May 26, 2013, 11:36:20 am
The Motor City Comic Con was last weekend; the MCCC promoters have made it a spring-only event in recent years, while another group handles the major autumn convention.  For many years now it has been held in the far-western suburb of Novi, Mich.; normally, it's maybe a 35-minute drive from Detroit proper.  As the official attendance reportedly doubled this year, making it to the convention center parking lot took me 2 hours, mostly in stop-and-go traffic that snarled heavily even before I got off the highway.  I'm glad I wasn't low on gas before heading out.  It took me a few minutes for my road-rage to simmer down by the time I arrived and parked (I thought I was going to get there by 12:30 and it was now 2:30).  I'm also glad that I purchased my tickets online, as apparently the folks who did not faced a line where they were forced to wait 2+ hours to get in.  Pre-ticketed folks could go right in.

The MCCC has a mixture of comics artists and writers mixed with various pop-culture celebrities from various TV shows, movies, etc.

I got to meet Ernest Thomas, "Raj" from What's Happening (and of course his latter-day recurring role on Everybody Hates Chris). (

Meeting Lou Ferrigno the Original Hulk was a treat; it was later in the day, well after 5 p.m. and he was still manning his booth--
( (

The biggest guest of honor at the weekend convention was Stan Lee.  He was only to make an appearance on Saturday.  Aside from the general admission cost, there were separate costs for a guaranteed slot in the Stan Lee autograph/photo session.  To prepare, I found a cool Panther shirt on E*bay, and I bought an NFL Carolina Panthers hat to go with it.
The photograph and autograph sessions were scheduled separately, which meant standing twice in a very long line.  Of course, for Uncle Stan, hey, it's worth it (Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead was also there--I don't see the show, so I was clueless at first that his line rivaled Stan's. Go figure). 
Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of people apparently booked for both sessions, pretty much everyone's interaction with Mr. Stan lasted all of four seconds before the handlers were ushering you along.. ("Okay, next!!").. All I managed to say to him was a "hello, sir!", but Mr. Lee did man managed to give an affirmative "you nailed it!" when the quickie-photo was taken. (

Had time allowed, I really wanted to engage with him about the Panther and talk up Mr. Reggie, but I did manage to get the DVD case signed--
( (
So, another bucket-list item checked off-- but I still want to meet him again. ;)
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Battle on May 26, 2013, 11:44:50 am
Mr. Ferrigno still looks good today! :)

Hype, I hear that Stan Lee is shorter than he appears on camera.. like 5 feet somethin'... :-\
I thought he was taller.
Is there any truth to that rumor?
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Metro on May 26, 2013, 11:48:53 am
Please consider an event for 2014 ... a simulcast event in LA, Detroit, Atl, and Newark would be a life-changing event for HEF and our local communities.
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Moose100 on May 26, 2013, 11:50:11 am
Man I live like 5 minutes f rom where it w as h eld
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 26, 2013, 11:53:39 am
Hype you are quite tall there... :)

I see Ferrigno at both comic conventions and bodybuilding conventions he is always a cool dude!

There are quite a few athletes with comic books so this avenue must be exploited to the fullest extent!

We also need to pick a good day during the summer so that vacation time for cross continent travelers have advanced notice and can make extra time for their families if Disneyland is on their minds while they are here!

Not too close to San Diego's Comic-con we are not ready to compete with that yet but then again if we do well with this most of those who try to get in the Black Panel might all hang a left towards Los Angeles where we would have more control of time tables... If Hudlin wants to drag the opening ceremony speech on then I guess we in church for the full duration!

(Reggie remember cats gotta go pee at some point so get in there and get out ASAP don't give no Lord Of The Rings long speech you aint Reverend So and So cut it short player) :D

And speaking of Disneyland we will need some cross promotional stuff where there are discounts for the local theme parks or tourist attractions like if you say "Black Super Heroes Rule" you get half off at Universal Studios theme park!

And Reggie get Steve Harvey's number out of your rolodex... Something in my gut tells me he needs to be somewhere up in this involved somehow even just for the sake of super hero comedy skits!
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Hypestyle on May 26, 2013, 11:57:28 am
Hype, I hear that Stan Lee is shorter than he appears on camera.. like 5 feet somethin'...
I thought he was taller.
Is there any truth to that rumor?
-- obviously he was sitting in our photo, but yeah, he's a little shorter than he appears to be in the films/TV. (but of course, forever a giant to all of us, lol)..
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 26, 2013, 01:55:59 pm
Other than Eric Metcalf who here is in good to get free passes? :)

Comps make the word go round so after Hudlin's immediate family and some rough neck East Boogie representatives in the roving entourage who should be on the VIP list for the convention floor and the after party?

If there is any Butt kissing that needs to be done you have approximately one year from now to get your pucker on! 8)

Hudlin likes flossed out bling and rare to find Kirby back issues so bribe him as best you can!

Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: Reginald Hudlin on May 29, 2013, 06:18:11 am
I don't know how many HEFFAS were at the Reggiesworld launch party two years ago (sadly, immediately following Dwayne's death) but it was a pretty insane event. 

It started an hour before it was schedule because of the crowds and went I think an hour or more later.  That's when I knew it was time to do something...else. 

Then I got busy with other stuff like Django, but it's still very much on the radar.
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: APEXABYSS on May 29, 2013, 07:10:01 am
Címon, please film the event (documentary style). Yes, make a movie out it. Iím a fan of documentaries, conventions & black super heroes- combine all the elements. Do it!

I better be able to watch it on Netflix or purchase the DVD.

The Carolina Panthers hat is a nice touch, Hype! Cool!

Documentary style, bredren! Documentary style, Flex! The Black Woodstock!
Damn Right!

Wattstax (1973) movie trailer (
Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 29, 2013, 07:28:38 am
I was at the launch party and spent most of it talking to Kevin Grevioux or being talked to by Kevin... Long story!

That was just more of me stalking Reggie but you do attract quite a crowd wherever you show up!

Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 29, 2013, 08:43:54 am
Reason #1 why this should be called an "Expo" instead of a "Convention"... The fact that Marvel went to the trouble of making all of this for Ironman 2 is so BOSS! (

The message from Tony Stark could be substituted with a message from Hudlin... Write something very Ivy League and inspirational for future black super heroes out there!

A digital interactive map of the expo... We have some black geeks and computer nerds out there waiting for us to do something challenging like that they just need a reason to up the ante!

Title: Re: Reginald Hudlin Hosts Black Comic Book Convention!
Post by: FLEX HECTIC on May 29, 2013, 10:42:34 am
NO, NO and NOPE!

Awright black people we need to have this talk because it is long overdue now!

These are not necessarily rules but in the spirit of Pirates of The Caribbean Parlay the following guidelines will apply...

1. Dayum, Dayum, Dayum... I don't care if Florida Evans herself miraculously appears in the middle of the expo floor we will not... I repeat... We will not turn this into an old negro spiritual moment whatsoever! This is for black super heroes who conquer, dominate and overcome all obstacles and also get the girl at the end! If you want to fall down on your knees because J.J. owes money to Sweet Daddy then this is not the place for you keep it moving!

2. It's Yo Boy Hov... Even if Jay Z himself wanted to bust a freestyle on stage this is not the place to sell more multi-platinum Gangsta (C)rap albums we want black super hero merchandise to pay our bills and fill our retirement accounts! Exceptions are LL Cool J and Ice T promoting themselves as cops chasing bad guys on their TV shows but as soon as they start rhyming about hoochie mamas the plug gets pulled no matter who it is! Comic-con doesn't need that and neither do we!

3. My Brotha... Black militancy is neither encouraged nor discouraged but if certain figures in the black community want to suddenly host a radical rally right in the middle of the expo blocking my clear view of the Mshindo beautifully designed banners then various members of the KKK will be invited to beat the mess out of you right then and there! There are places for that elsewhere so don't make me turn on you and do something that even audacity itself can't define! Black Panther has Hunter I have white racists on the payroll that handle uppity negroes that have no business doing some of the things they be doing! ;D

4. Cosplay... Yes, we may have beautiful black models passing out free merchandise but this is not Chocolate City! Leave the clear heels at home and lose the halter top for something more along the line of what Storm or Vixen would wear! There are certain revealing clothes that could be worn so make your best Sailor Moon excuse but remember there will be kids roaming the floor with their soccer moms who carry purses full of disposable income that we need to insure we can afford to do this annually!

5. Mad Deep... In addition to firemen available for unseen hazards we will also have a police presence because although we are black super hero night stalking vigilantes we still are not that stupid during the day! 911 is there to stop stuff before it becomes stuff... I am a big time snitch and will put your monkey @$$ behind bars if you FRAK up our moment with some Ghetto Sh!T! So if you are planning to have a N!&&@ moment take it somewhere else! No weapons will be allowed except for plastic light sabers and Star Trek toy phasers and split the group up as if an officer was shining the light on you while standing on the corner... You don't need 15 cats with you to come to a family oriented expo!

6. Pamphlets and Leaflets... I have no problem with religious literature, special poem chants or whatever it is that you are selling but keep in mind that this is a black super hero get together and if what you are saying is so great you would have a congregation of your own already! You will not clutter up the entrance way of paying customers for donations to your cause... And kids will also not be trying to look cute selling overpriced candy for your fundraisers! If you had any sense you would legitimize your business and try to sell the wealthy executives that will be there looking for the next big intellectual property investment by appointment like everybody else!

7. Really Bruh... So now you are showing out! This is not the movie theater where black folks can speak loudly and spoil the movie with your big reveal before everyone can see it for themselves! You are in a very packed (Putting that out there) expo full of patrons trying to bend time and space to see both Samuel Jackson at the Afro Samurai booth and Michael Jai White at the Black Dynamite booth before they leave for prior commitments... Aint nobody got time for your loud talking B.S. keep it moving partner!

8. I Gotta Go Pee... This is not The Million Man March where after Reggie speaks some body black holds the mic for hours on end rambling about stuff we done forget ten minutes into the rant! Also... This applies to that comedian that needs to cut it short because we are selling comics and video games here not your rants about housewives and white people with no rhythm! However, exceptions will be made for comedians like Phil Lamarr who has super hero cred as the voice of Green Lantern John Stewart! Do something black super hero related and you can get a pass all day long!

9. Down @$$ White Dudes... Obviously one of the many free passes Hudlin will have for family and friends will go to Tarantino so let's make that list of white dudes that are invited by law! Stan Lee and the late great Jack "King" Kirby need to be honored for their creation of Black Panther period! Jack Kirby's widow could stand in for him BTW! Although it could be a security nightmare Bill Clinton needs to pop through and possibly say a few words! Anyone else is subject to debate but they have to had put in some work on behalf of the brothas to qualify!

10. The Buzz... Assuming that this creates a huge buzz and every black celebrity and their momma wants in we need to narrow it down to the most essential black celebs available! It has to be black super hero related to get that pass! Examples: Robert Townsend repping Meteor Man is just as qualified as Anthony Mackie repping The Falcon! If all you did was play thugs and the occasional love interest on soap operas that nobody watches you will be placed on an alternate list in case there is a cancelation from another more super hero qualified celeb! However, because bills have to be paid for the expo we can be bought just as Comic-con has been! ;)

All of this is not etched in stone we can still play it by ear but at the end of the day if black super heroes lose their shine to other genres it will be our own fault!