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Title: Africa - Cradle of Human Spirituality
Post by: michaelintp on December 04, 2018, 07:32:33 pm
In South Africa I was talking with very cool ranger about spirituality. He explained that traditional medicine and spirituality are vibrant. With the belief that if a man or woman is born to be a shaman, but resists it in favor of Western goals, their life will not go well. I responded that such persons are struggling against the Flow. Banging against it. He nodded.

He also mentioned that Pentecostal churches are becoming more and more popular in South Africa. My jaw dropped! Unlike European churches, staid and formal, the Pentecostal churches in the United States originated from African slaves merging African spirituality with Christianity. Trance states, speaking in tongues, ecstatic dancing! This is all purely African. It is like a giant wheel through time, from Africa, through America, and now back to Africa. So ... what need do they have for the Christianity? Strip it away and what is left is pure Spiritual Union. Beyond form.

I told him that I know nothing of African spirituality. In details and forms, this is true. The reverence of ancestors and slaughtering of animals. But the trance, the ecstatic dance, the substance, these I know. And so, in my past meditative vision, I viewed and identified with two black legs and feet emerging from a bed, standing on an ancient floor, to start the day's spiritual work. This was the meditation after which, totally unexpectedly, Absolute Love enveloped and permiated me in pure bliss for over two hours.

Africa is the cradle of humanity and, thus, of human spirituality. 🌍❤
Title: Re: Africa - Cradle of Human Spirituality
Post by: michaelintp on December 05, 2018, 06:47:17 am
By this, I'm not suggesting that anyone "should" live as they did in centuries past, with no change in attitudes or standard of living. But, one can embrace modernity and the essence of spirituality concurrently, drawing on mystical practices, traditional roots, and universal Essence, while at the same time embracing growth and evolution in attitudes. If this means drawing from other traditions, that's fine too. Wisdom emanates from myriad sources. I just sense an incredible Unity when forms are stripped away.