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Title: Raptors or Warriors?
Post by: Hypestyle on May 31, 2019, 12:39:33 pm

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NBA Finals 2019 schedule
on: Today at 10:48:39 am
2019 NBA Finals (

Golden State vs. Toronto

Game 1: Toronto 118, Golden State 109
Game 2: Sun, June 2, Golden State at Toronto | 8  ET (ABC)
Game 3: Wed, June 5, Toronto at Golden State | 9 ET (ABC)
Game 4: Fri, June 7, Toronto at Golden State | 9 ET (ABC)
*Game 5: Mon, June 10, Golden State at Toronto | 9 ET (ABC)
*Game 6: Thur, June 13, Toronto at Golden State | 9 ET (ABC)


Is the series normally potentially dragged out over 2 weeks?  I guess I just thought the standard was that there would be a game every other day instead of every three days.
*Game 7: Sun, June 16, Golden State at Toronto | 8 ET (ABC)
Title: Re: Raptors or Warriors?
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on June 01, 2019, 10:24:40 am
Warriors until somebody snatches the crown from them. But I do like Kawhi. And without KD, they're not invincible.

I'm looking forward to the series and especially to game 2. I'm not sure how much of the Warriors offensive problems were due to the Raptors defense and how much to the layoff making them out of sync. I do expect the Warrior to play harder on the defensive end.

Hype, they usually do milk the finals like that. No Saturday games and an extra day for travel compared to the earlier rounds.
Title: Re: Raptors or Warriors?
Post by: Reginald Hudlin on June 12, 2019, 05:43:16 pm
Brutal series!  all those injuries are really catching up to the Warriors.  And the Raptors are incredible.  How is everyone feeling now?
Title: Re: Raptors or Warriors?
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on June 14, 2019, 01:01:42 pm
I think Load Management is here to stay. It's a hard thing to play 100+ games every year over 5+ years. No wonder LBJ spends so much on conditioning and therapy. Everybody says 82 regular season games are too many but nobody wants to take less money.

So now we wait for the off-season to officially begin. KD and Klay will be all right money wise. A salary-capped true superstar is the biggest bargain in basketball. KD is that and probably will be again. Klay isn't quite that level but he's very good and the Warriors can afford it with the new venue.

I didn't start this post intending it to be all about money but yeah, C.R.E.A.M.

None of this lessens the shine around the Raptors. But again, as great as Kawhi was in this playoffs, and he was historically great, the real superstar in the Raptors organization is Masai Ujiri. This brother made it happen with a series of decisions requiring big brass ones along with a raft of other plain old smart ones. So now, he and Kawhi bout to get paid. And we're back to the money...

And let's give the Warriors their due. They lost (one of) their MVP(s) and a perennial all-star to devastating injuries during this series and they were still coming like zombies. If it wasn't for bad luck, they wouldn't have no luck at all this year. Yeah, I know ain't nobody trying to hear that since they have usually had plenty of luck on their side but they battled like the champions they are.

There was lots of good basketball and mad drama in this series and in the playoffs in general, I thought. Kind of a welcome change of pace after fours years of The King vs. The Warriors.
Title: Re: Raptors or Warriors?
Post by: Hypestyle on June 15, 2019, 04:53:02 am
pretty wild. I thought it might go to game 7.  bizarre injuries altered things for sure.

...why the speculation on Mr. Leonard leaving?  He's a free agent now?
... what's the incentive to leave a (newly minted) championship team?  Just wondering..

...what countries do the "Warriors NBA Champs 2019" hats and shirts get sent to?   ;)
Title: Re: Raptors or Warriors?
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on June 15, 2019, 01:37:26 pm
When Steph pulled on that last shot (great inbound play design), I thought it was going in leading to game 7. Oh, well.

Yes, Mr. Leonard is a free agent. One of the big balls moves by Mr. Ujiri was to trade their best player, DeMar DeRozan, for KL in his walk year and hope to a) accomplish something this year (Check) and b) persuade him to stay like Paul George did in OKC (TBD). I don't see how he walks away after winning a chip either but anybody who claims to know Mr. Leonard's thoughts regarding free agency is probably delusional.

I've seen photos of the Not Champions gear in the past, usually in Africa.