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Title: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 06, 2020, 06:20:42 pm
Elections have consequences. 

When poor, rich & greedy uninformed voters choose stupidity over experience in American politics... this is the result.
A topic of DEFCON level proportions!
I call it, How Many Caught A Case of Covid-19?

Can't have pandemonium without a pandemic, eh?  O.K.?   Here goes...

Friday, 6th March 2o2o
Death toll from Covid-19 rises to 14 in the United States


New York, Washington and Maryland declare state of emergencies as death toll in the United States rises to 14.


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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 07, 2020, 07:22:30 am
Saturday, 7th March 2o2o

It's more than co-incidence that history has a strange way with repeating itself. (
Saw a few posts on Twitter that reveal a few facts from the past indirectly connected to what is happening today.



"As some of you have heard me say before, the flu devastated my family. My grandfather lost his 27 yr old wife on October 13, 1918 and his 22 yr old brother two days later." ~ Jennifer Mendelsohn


Think that's something?  Check out these two entries; one on drumphf's grandfather plucked from The Department of Health of The City Of New York and the other WikiPedia around that same time. (


"On May 29th, 1918 while walking with his son Fred, trump suddenly felt extremely sick and was rushed to bed.

The next day, he was dead.

What was first diagnosed as pneumonia turned out to be one of the early cases of the Spanish flu, which caused millions of deaths around the world.

He was 49 years old."

Make of this piece of useful information what you will! (
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 07, 2020, 07:53:23 am
Saturday, 7th March 2o2o
70 people trapped in collapsed Chinese quarantine hotel

by Samuel Shen, Brenda Goh, Pei Li, Kevin Liffrey & David Clarke


(SHANGHAI, China) - About 70 people were trapped on Saturday after a hotel being used for Covid-19 virus quarantine collapsed in the Chinese city of Quanzhou in Fujian Province, the city's authority said on its website.

Video posted online showed orange-clad rescue workers clambering over mounds of rubble.

It was not clear how tall the building had been before it collapsed, but there appeared to be commercial properties at street level.

The building collapsed at about 7:30 p.m. (1130 GMT) and 34 people were rescued in the following two hours, the Quanzhou authorities said.

The official People's Daily said the hotel had opened in June 2018 with 80 rooms and was being used to quarantine people during the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

The Fujian provincial government said that as of Friday, the province had 296 cases of Covid-19 virus and 10,819 people had been placed under observation after being classified as suspected close contacts.


No reason was given for the collapse of the hotel.

The official Xinhua News Agency said the committee responsible for working safety under the State Council, China's cabinet, has sent an emergency working team to the site.

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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 07, 2020, 03:50:47 pm
Saturday, 7th March 2o2o
‘didn’t know people died from the flu.’

It killed his grandfather.
by Gillian Brockell


In Atlanta on Friday, drumphf talked about the number of people infected with the novel Covid-19 in other countries vs. the United States.

He also compared COVID-19 virus with influenza.

“Over the last long period of time, you have an average of 36,000 people dying” a year, the acting-president said, gesturing toward National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony S. Fauci, who nodded confirmation.

drumphf continued:

“I never heard those numbers. I would’ve been shocked. I would’ve said, ‘Does anybody die from the flu? I didn’t know people died from the flu.’ … And again, you had a couple of years where it was over a 100,000 people died from the flu.”

The person pretending to be a president is correct.

Seasonal influenza has killed 12,000 to 61,000 people in the United States every year since 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There have been several years where more than 100,000 Americans were killed by particularly nasty influenza strains.

One of those episodes was the 1958 pandemic, which killed 116,000 in the United States.

Another was 1918.

That is the year drumphf’s paternal grandfather died.

He died of the flu.

In 1918, friedrich drumphf was a 49-year-old businessman, husband and father of three living in Queens, according to Gwenda Blair in her 2001 book:

“The drumphfs: Three Generations That Built an Empire.”

One day in May, he came home from a stroll feeling sick.

He died almost immediately.

He was a victim of the first wave of the Spanish flu pandemic.

A second, deadlier wave hit in the fall.

All told, the pandemic killed at least 50 million people worldwide and 675,000 in the United States, according to the CDC.

friedrich’s eldest son, frederick, was only 12 when his father died, but he and his mother would pick up the family business.


It would be another 28 years before Fred and his wife would have their fourth child, an annoying little boy they named donald.

This same grandfather’s biography has come up as a sticking point before.

friedrich came to the United States at 16 from Germany and today would be classed as an “unaccompanied alien child,” experts told The Washington Post in 2018.

drumphf has come under fire for his administration’s treatment of unaccompanied minors and other children from Central America trying to enter the country via the southern border.

In his 20s, friedrich drumphf made his way to the Pacific Northwest, where he made his fortune opening taverns, restaurants and hotels, usually in red-light districts, in Gold Rush-era mining towns.

He also attempted a return to Germany in his 30s but was deported because he had avoided the military draft as a teenager.
("Apparently, morons run in this guy's family DNA!"
The person pretending to be a president is at least partially aware of his grandfather’s biography.

As recently as February 2019, he said,

“My grandfather was up in Alaska for a long time. He was looking for gold. He was searching for gold. He didn’t find it, but he started opening up little hotels for those looking for gold. And it worked out.”

At other times, he has said erroneously that his father, not his grandfather, was born in Germany.

His father was born in New York.

At the same news conference Friday where drumphf appeared unaware of his grandfather’s cause of death, he cited another family member — a “super-genius uncle,” his grandfather’s youngest son — as having given him the family genes to understand the science of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“People are really surprised I understand this stuff,” he said.

“Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.”

Please note: an earlier version of this story said friederich died the very next day.

Actually, he died almost immediately.

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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 11, 2020, 06:31:40 am
Wednesday, 11th March 2o2o
An estimation chart of global infections caused by Covid-19.



"The yellow line now shows Japan. Numbers are small and the doubling timescale is 8 days!!  Impressive.  I had planned to cancel a trip to Japan.  Might now go as it is the safest place of this analyses!" ~ Andreas Burkert
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 11, 2020, 01:28:30 pm
Wednesday, 11th March 2o2o
It's Official: World Health Organization Declares Pandemic as Number of Infected Countries Grows
by Elisabetta Povoledo, Steven Erlanger, Alissa J. Rubin, Andrew Kramer, Joanna Berendt, Marc Santora, Megan Specia, Iliana Magra, Elian Peltier, Jason Horowitz, Emma Bubola, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Jorge Arangure, Elaine Yu, Amy Qin, Alan Rappeport, Emily Cochrane, Sheri Fink, Mike Baker, Monika Pronczuk, Joanna Berendt, Benjamin Novak, Benjamin Mueller, Melissa Eddy, Roni Caryn Rabin, Donald G. McNeil Jr. and Andrew Keh.


This is a global pandemic, the W.H.O. says.

The spread of the Covid-19 across more than 100 countries now qualifies as a global pandemic, World Health Organization officials said on Wednesday, confirming what many epidemiologists have been saying for weeks.

Until now, the W.H.O. had avoided using the term to describe the epidemic leapfrogging across the world, for fear of giving the impression that it was unstoppable and countries would give up on trying to contain it.

The organization had said earlier in the outbreak that it no longer officially declared when an epidemic reaches pandemic proportions, preferring instead to declare global public health emergencies.

“Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly,” Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, chief of the W.H.O., said at a news conference in Geneva.

“We cannot say this loudly enough or clearly enough or often enough,” he added.

“All countries can still change the course of this pandemic.”

But now there is evidence on six continents of sustained transmission of the virus, which has infected more than 120,000 people and killed more than 4,300, and by most scientific measures the spread qualifies as a pandemic.

The designation itself is largely symbolic, but public health officials know that the public will hear in the word elements of danger and risk.

According to the W.H.O., an epidemic is defined as a regional outbreak of an illness that spreads unexpectedly.

In 2010, it defined a pandemic as “the worldwide spread of a new disease” that affects large numbers of people.

The C.D.C. says it is “an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people.”

The W.H.O. had not declared a pandemic since 2009, when it gave that designation to a new strain of H1N1 influenza.

A top federal health official gave lawmakers a stark warning on Wednesday that Covid-19 would continue to spread in the United States, and said that fans should be barred from big gatherings like National Basketball Association games.

“The bottom line: It is going to get worse,” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the House Oversight Committee.

“We would recommend that there not be large crowds,” he added.

“If that means not having any people in the audience as the N.B.A. plays, so be it.”

The committee hearing quickly devolved into a partisan fight over the puppetine empire’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak, with Democrats ripping into top health officials and Republicans defending drumphf.

The meeting began with a jarring announcement from the chairwoman, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, Democrat of New York.

She said the hearing would end early, before noon, because the witnesses had been summoned to the White House for an emergency health meeting.

But Executive Mansion officials said their meeting was routine.

The effort to stem the economic fallout of the coronavirus took on new urgency around the world on Wednesday as ever more sweeping restrictions on the free movement of people threatened to upend daily life in more than 100 countries dealing with the public health crisis.

The puppetine empire is considering extending the tax filing deadline from all Americans beyond April 15th, while lawmakers are discussing a stimulus package.

Democratic lawmakers are drafting their own relief plan.

Stocks on Wall Street tumbled on Wednesday and the volatile trading across global markets signaled that investors remained concerned about how governments would deal with the economic consequences of Covid-19.

Britain’s government promised on Wednesday nearly $39 billion in stimulus to its economy as its new chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, outlined plans to boost public spending and bury the austerity politics of the last decade.

Among the pledges he made was about $9 billion to support the self-employed, businesses and vulnerable people and about $6.5 billion for Britain’s frayed National Health Service and other public bodies.

“We are doing everything we can to keep this country and our people healthy and financially secure,” Mr. Sunak told Parliament adding “we will get through this together.”

In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy announced that his government was developing a plan to spend about $28 billion to confront the coronavirus emergency.

Italy is the hardest hit country outside of China.

But China’s new cases have dwindled, while Italy’s are escalating.

“We will do everything necessary,” Mr. Conte said at a news conference.

The plan is expected to include broader unemployment benefits and tax relief for companies, as well as the possibility of parents taking time off work or receiving a “babysitter voucher.”

The Prime Minister of Israel announced about $2.8 billion spending to counter the economic fallout.

Israel has imposed a mandatory 14-day isolation of anyone entering the country, abruptly choking off tourism.
At Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that the coronavirus was likely to infect about two-thirds of the German population.

“Given a virus for which there is no immunity and no immunization, we have to understand that many people will be infected. The consensus among experts is that 60 to 70 percent of the population will be infected,” she said.

In her first public appearance to address the epidemic, which has already infected more than 1,200 people in Germany, Ms. Merkel said that her government was following the advice of medical experts. She urged citizens to do the same.

“We are at the start of a development that we cannot yet see the end of,” Ms. Merkel told reporters.

“But we as a country will do whatever is necessary to do, working within the European bloc.”

That readiness includes flexibility on spending, to help especially the small and midsize enterprises that are losing business, she said.

“This is an exceptional situation, and we will do whatever is needed,” Ms. Merkel said.

“We won’t ask every day, ‘What does this mean for our deficit?’”

The chancellor urged Germans to accept that it was important to stay home whenever possible and take precautions to ensure that the health system would be able to withstand the high number of people who could fall seriously ill.

Major events, including all large cultural performances in Berlin, Munich and elsewhere, such as many soccer games, have either been canceled or will take place without spectators.

“How we respond matters,” Ms. Merkel said.

“We are playing for time.”
At Wall Street, USA

Stocks on Wall Street tumbled on Wednesday, as topsy-turvy trading across global markets signaled continued investor concern about how governments would deal with the Covid-19 fallout.

In Europe, major indexes in Frankfurt, London and Paris fell, giving up early gains that had come after the Bank of England said it would cut interest rates to help British businesses.

Shares in Asia also fell.

Investors are vacillating between the threat that the coronavirus poses to the global economy and the hopes that governments will unveil a series of measures to help businesses.

drumphf has signaled that he will consider ways to stimulate the economy.

Options include cutting payroll taxes and extending the American tax filing deadline past April 15th.

But so far, the Executive Mansion has yet to announce any specific measures, and most experts say a payroll tax cut is not an effective way to combat the problems facing the economy.

The S&P 500 fell more than 2 percent in early trading on Wednesday.

Stocks tumbled nearly 8 percent on Monday, and rose nearly 5 percent on Tuesday.

Other markets signaled persistent investor jitters.

Futures for gold, a traditional haven, edged higher.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury bond fell, another indicator of investor nervousness.

Oil prices fell after the Saudi Arabian state oil company said for the second time this week that it would expand production capacity.

The announcement signaled no let up in Saudi Arabia’s clash with Russia over supplies, which sent crude prices crashing this week.

Other European countries

The speed of the Covid-19 spread across Europe has left countries scrambling to come up with a coordinated containment plan.

At the end of February, European nations other than Italy had reported just a few dozen cases.

Now, Italy has more than 12,460 cases, jumping more than 2,000 in a day.

France, Germany and Spain have well over 1,000 cases each.

Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland each have at least 400 confirmed infections.

Denmark and Belgium have both reported more than 250 cases, and Sweden has more than 350.

Belgium reported its first death on Wednesday.

Even the island nation of Iceland has not escaped, with 81 infections in a population of about 364,000, one of the highest number of cases per capita worldwide.

Italy, with more than 800 deaths linked to the virus and more than 6,800 people hospitalized, has imposed strict travel limits across the entire country and banned public gatherings.

Matteo Renzi, a former prime minister, said Italy’s sacrifices would serve the entire continent.

“Today, the red zone is Italy,” he said, but if containment measures fail, “the red zone will be Europe.”

Some of the countries with the fewest cases are taking the most drastic actions.

Greece and Ukraine announced this week the closing of all schools, universities, and kindergartens.

In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government declared a “state of emergency” on Tuesday, granting his administration special powers to address the Covid-19 outbreak, including closing universities and theaters.

Poland, which on Wednesday had 25 confirmed cases, will also shut down theaters, museums and art galleries for two weeks starting Friday.

Denmark has suspended naturalization ceremonies because a handshake is officially required for their completion.

In an unusual three-hour teleconference on Tuesday night, the European Council, which comprises the heads of government of the European Union states, decided to set up a $28 billion investment fund and to relax rules governing airlines.

But the leaders failed to overcome disagreements among bloc members about sharing medical equipment like face masks and respirators, given that health issues are the responsibility of national governments.

After the meeting, President Emmanuel Macron of France said:

“What we are living is a true world crisis.”

In late January, the first confirmed American case of Covid-19 had been reported in the Seattle area.

Had the man infected anyone else?

Was the virus already spreading?

Dr. Helen Y. Chu, an infectious disease expert in Seattle, had a way to monitor the region.

As part of a research project into the flu, she and a team of researchers had been collecting nasal swabs for months from residents experiencing symptoms.

To repurpose the samples for Covid-19 testing, they would need the support of state and federal officials.

But officials repeatedly rejected her idea, interviews and emails show, as weeks crawled by and outbreaks emerged outside of China.

By February 25th, Dr. Chu and her colleagues could not wait any longer.

They began performing tests without government approval.

What came back confirmed the worst: a teenager with no recent travel history was infected.

In fact, officials would later discover through testing, the virus had already contributed to the deaths of two people.

It would kill 20 more in the Seattle region over the following days.

Federal and state officials said the flu study could not be repurposed because Dr. Chu’s lab did not have explicit permission from research subjects; the lab was also not certified for clinical work.

While acknowledging the ethical questions, Dr. Chu and others argued there should be more flexibility in an emergency.

The failure to tap into the flu study was just one in a series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more testing during the early days of the outbreak.

Even now, after weeks of mounting frustration with federal agencies over flawed test kits and burdensome rules, states are struggling to test widely for Covid-19.

The continued delays have made it impossible for officials to get a true picture of the scale of the growing outbreak.

The Times is answering some of the most common questions that readers are asking about how they can prepare for the Covid-19, how they can boost their immune systems and how they should react to the market.

(Don’t, probably.)

As the United States scrambled to understand the scope of the escalating public health crisis, the number of known U.S. cases of Covid-19 infection jumped by more than one-third on Tuesday, passing 1,000.

As of early Wednesday, people in 37 states and Washington, D.C., had tested positive for the virus.

There were at least 31 related deaths.

Officials around the country took increasingly drastic measures to try to slow the virus’s spread.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State planned to announce on Wednesday a prohibition on community gatherings of 250 or more people in the Seattle area, according to a person involved in the discussions.

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky urged churches to cancel worship services this weekend, a significant measure in a deeply religious state.

“I know that’s a big step,” Mr. Beshear said.

“I know that some won’t agree with it.”

New York plans to shut down schools and other gathering places in a suburban town with one of the country’s biggest case clusters.

In California, second only to Washington State in the number of cases, passengers continued to disembark from the Grand Princess, a cruise ship on which about two dozen people had tested positive for the virus.

As of Tuesday evening, about 1,406 people had been able to leave the ship, going into a mandatory two-week quarantine.

And across the country, more colleges canceled in-person classes, including Michigan State University and Georgetown University.

Some told students not to return after their spring breaks.

Among the newly announced cases are those of three Transportation Security Administration agents who work at Mineta San Jose International Airport.

The Treasury Department is considering delaying tax payments beyond the April 15th deadline, according to a person familiar with the plans, as taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service brace for economic disruption from the spread of the Covid-19.

Treasury and Executive Mansion officials have been discussing the idea of extending the tax deadline over the past week as the administration considers measures to relieve financial pressure on individuals and businesses struggling with fallout from a virus that has closed schools, kept workers at home and disrupted supply chains.

The I.R.S. could extend the tax payment deadline or waive penalties and interest for late payments.

The plan, which was reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal, came as Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee wrote to Charles Rettig, the I.R.S. commissioner, to ask for an update on the effect of the outbreak on tax filing season and for an evaluation of whether the agency needed to re-evaluate the traditional April 15th deadline.

On Monday, as stock markets plunged, drumphf said the empire would consider economic stimulus options, including a payroll tax cut and other relief.

Larry Kudlow, pretending to be the director of the National Economic Council, said on Tuesday that the administration could use executive authority to help individuals and businesses, noting that “we have leverage on tax deferral.”

Delaying tax day would also ease logistical problems that the I.R.S. could face if more government workers were forced to work remotely.

The tax collection agency has service centers across the country that require staff to have face-to-face contact with the general public.

Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 11, 2020, 01:35:28 pm
In Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo, still recovering from a major Ebola outbreak, reported its first case of the Covid-19 on Tuesday evening, officials announced.

Ivory Coast did the same on Wednesday.

While cases of Covid-19 in sub-Saharan Africa have been limited so far — the World Health Organization reported fewer than 20 cases in the region as of Wednesday, with the largest cluster in South Africa — global health officials worry about the impact a potential outbreak could have on the already stretched health care systems in many nations.

Eteni Longondo, the Congolese health minister, announced in a televised address to the nation that a 52-year-old national who had been in France had tested positive for the virus after arriving in the capital, Kinshasa, last week.

“We are working at tracing and identifying all the people who have had contact with the patient,” Dr. Longondo said, and urged citizens not to panic.

The country just last week announced that its final Ebola patient from an outbreak that began in August 2018 had been released from the hospital, and was preparing to declare itself Ebola-free in the coming weeks.

Health officials warned that continued vigilance will be needed to ensure the virus does not re-emerge.

Ivory Coast’s first patient is a 45-year-old Ivorian man who had recently traveled to Italy, Reuters reported, citing the country’s health ministry.
The Middle-East

Iraq announced Wednesday the cancellation of Friday Prayer for a second week, as did Lebanon, while travel restrictions were stepped up across the Middle East.

Any doubt about the religious justification of such a decision was laid to rest by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani of Iraq, a Shiite leader, who posted his views on his website.

“Whenever and wherever such gatherings are prohibited in order to mitigate the outbreak of the virus, then you must adhere to those instructions,” he said.

Iraq has 71 confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far and seven deaths, but with a major outbreak in neighboring Iran, there are fears that the illness could spread rapidly.

In larger mosques, Friday Prayer can bring several thousands of people together in a small space.

Sunni Muslims in Iraq have received mixed messages about the precautions to take, with some of their religious leaders still urging people to participate in Friday Prayer.

But the Sunni Endowment Office — a government body that administers religious sites and real estate in Iraq — has encouraged people to avoid the services and in some provinces has suspended them.

In neighboring Iran, Friday Prayer has been canceled for the past two weeks.

Syria on Wednesday joined the list of countries to have closed land borders with Iraq, following Iran, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey.

People in Iraq can now only leave the country by air, and even those options are dwindling.
In Asia

Organizers of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo on Wednesday sought to dispel confusion over whether the Games would proceed, after a member of the local organizing committee said he would recommend a postponement because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The chairman of the organizing committee, Yoshihiro Mori, held a news conference to reiterate the position of local organizers and the International Olympic Committee that the Games remain on track for late July.

“I think there is an impact,” he said.

“But now, experts are discussing the response to it and the W.H.O. will present its basic thoughts soon. Unless there is any such proposal to change the plan, it is a matter of course for us, the organizing committee, to proceed with the games as planned.”

At his side was Haruyuki Takahashi, the member of the local committee who had caused a stir by telling The Wall Street Journal that a delay of one or two years would be the most prudent option if the Olympics could not go on as planned this July.

He apologized for his comments.
The Japanese Olympic minister, Seiko Hashimoto, said in Parliament that it was “impossible” that the Games would be delayed.

But later in the day, adding to the confusion, Kyodo News released an interview with Mr. Takahashi in which he stated that he would propose a delay at the next committee meeting in April.

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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 12, 2020, 08:54:38 pm
Thursday, 12th March 2o2o
Center for Disease Control website regarding Covid-19


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Post by: Battle on March 13, 2020, 07:17:02 pm
Friday, 13th March 2o2o


"BREAKING: Brazil's Charge d'Affaires in Washington, who had dinner with drumphf and Bolsonaro last Saturday at Mar-a-Lago, tested POSITIVE for Covid-19.

Ambassador Nestor Forster will extend his quarantine for another two weeks." ~ Rachuel Krahenbuhl
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 14, 2020, 08:32:53 am
Saturday, 14th March 2o2o
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 15, 2020, 06:13:56 am
Sunday, 15th March 2o2o
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Vic Vega on March 15, 2020, 09:47:35 am
A lot of my friends in the hospitality industry are gonna take a financial beating because of this as everyone seems to be
saying an Italian style shutdown is probably the way to go.

It doesn't help any that our medical system on a local basis can't handle 100,000 new patients of any kind if a majority of them can't pay for treatment.
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 15, 2020, 10:24:40 am
It doesn't help any that our medical system on a local basis can't handle 100,000 new patients of any kind if a majority of them can't pay for treatment.

As always, Vic Vega, you_do_have a point. ("Mm-Hmm...Yep!"(

Let me also add that this calamity became an official global problem once it affected a specific ethnic group.

If you don't know, I'll give you a hint: the late, great Richard Pryor joked about this in his stand-up routine where the punchline was,


Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 19, 2020, 12:25:46 pm
Thursday, 19th March 2o2o
City of Miami Beach Expands Emergency Measures

In an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19:

(Miami Beach, Florida) - As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the City of Miami Beach has added the following summary of changes to their State of Emergency Declaration, effective Friday, 20th March 2o2o at 12:01 a.m.
Closure of all publicly owned and privately-owned parks, beaches and recreational facilities
Restricted use of beach walks and bay walks to pedestrians only (no bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, or similar devices except for wheelchairs used by disabled persons)
Closure of Monument Island until further notice
Closure of all museums, memorials and cultural institutions
Closure of all private schools and educational institutions in the City, except as necessary to facilitate online or distance learning
Require religious institutions to reduce their occupancy to no more than 10 persons
Require restaurants providing take-out services to maintain a distance of 6 feet among individual patrons to enforce social distancing

Please read the revised Declaration of Emergency measures effective Friday, 20th March 2o2o.

Any violation of the aforementioned emergency measures would subject the individual or business entity to criminal penalties.

Non-essential businesses are closed effective 9 p.m. today pursuant to Miami-Dade County Emergency order 07-20.

Please read the County's order on all non-essential retail and commercial establishments and their order closing all parks, beaches and recreational facilities in the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County.
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 20, 2020, 05:57:28 pm
Friday, 20th March 2o2o

Rumored in an article:

If the United States can maintain severe control measures, we can keep the infection rate of Covid-19 at a minimal.


If not, the United States will have an infection rate of Covid-19 that will be unmanageable by July 1st.
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Post by: Battle on March 21, 2020, 07:58:42 pm
Saturday, 21st March 2020
Age Distributions of Covid-19 Cases


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Post by: Battle on March 22, 2020, 10:54:41 am
Sunday, 22nd March 2o2o


Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan under quarantine right now.

Photograph posted by Mara Gay through Twitter.

Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 23, 2020, 05:35:08 pm
Monday, 23rd March 2o2o
Broadcasting drumphf’s Covid-19 Briefings Live Is a Danger to Public Health
by Andy Kroll


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — It took practically the entire 2016 presidential campaign for many in the media, including the powerful TV networks, to realize that drumphf’s casual attitude toward truth and facts required a new approach to covering him.

The first step was obvious:

Stop airing his rallies live.

The drumphf rally was — and remains — a uniquely dangerous blend of misinformation, fear-mongering, grievance-airing, schoolyard taunting, and the occasional incitements to violence.

(“And you know what? The audience swung back. And I thought it was very, very appropriate. He was swinging, he was hitting people, and the audience hit back. And that’s what we need a little bit more of.”)

And during the 2016 campaign, TV networks and other news outlets broadcast drumphf’s rallies as they happened, in the moment, without filter or editing

By one measure, during the 2016 campaign, drumphf received $6 billion of the best kind of free media a candidate could ask for.

Eventually, media organizations came to their senses and put in place any number of creative approaches to countering drumphf’s lies and bluster.

They cut away from his rallies to correct misinformation.

They used their chyrons (those text boxes at the bottom of the TV screen) to fact-check him in real-time.

In some cases, they stopped airing his rallies altogether.

Now, in the middle of the new Covid-19 pandemic, news organizations risk making the same mistake all over again.


Instead of the drumphf campaign rally, it is the acting-president’s daily press briefing about the pandemic that poses a unique threat to reliable information and public trust in the middle of a global and fast-spreading crisis.

drumphf’s Friday press briefing put this circus on full display.

Asked a straightforward question about how he would assure fearful Americans in this moment, drumphf attacked the reporter who asked the question, calling him “terrible” and his question “nasty.”

Asked about a possible coronavirus treatment called chloroquine, drumphf said:

“It may work, it may not work. … I feel good about it. It’s just a feeling. I’m a smart guy.”

Afterward, Dr. Tony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, corrected drumphf’s remarks when he explained that the government didn’t know if chloroquine was safe, adding,

“I like to prove things first.”

Asked about news stories that revealed how republican senators richard urr (R-N.C.) and kelly loeffler (R-Ga.) dumped millions of dollars in stocks just before the Covid-19 pandemic tanked the stock market, drumphf responded by calling the republican senators “very honorable people” and mentioning by name the only Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who sold stock in the same time period.


When asked a follow-up question about why he seemed to think the republican senators should not face investigations, drumphf snapped at the reporter for questioning him about the Republicans and not Feinstein.

drumphf denigrated the State Department by calling it the “Deep State Department.”

He complained that he and his coronavirus task force “haven’t been given the credit we’ve deserved.”

He complained that his administration had “inherited” from the Obama administration “an obsolete, broken system.”

To be clear, all of that happened in just one briefing.

It’s gone that way with many of drumphf’s briefings.

He cuts off and snarls at reporters who ask him questions about whether the economy is headed for a recession or even a depression.

He contradicts public-health experts who’ve spent their lives preparing for a crisis like this one.

His statement downplaying Covid-19 at a February 26th briefing — “We’re going to be pretty soon at only five people, and we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time” — will go down in history as one of the most infamously misleading presidential statements.

A parade of complaints, insults, and factually-challenged information: Sound familiar?

It should.

The media has been here before.


Then, it was his rallies; now, it’s press briefings.

By some measures, the stakes are even higher now.

Every day — every hour, really — of delay in the response to Covid-19 can mean lives lost and livelihoods destroyed.

Broadcasting the president’s words unfiltered out to a population that is largely stuck at home and watching TV won’t do anything to accelerate the response to the pandemic.

drumphf’s misinformation and chaotic leadership may in fact hinder that response.

drumphf’s showing on Friday makes this much clear to any media outlet looking to do well by its audience:


It’s time to stop carrying his Covid-19 briefings live.

Cover them, edit out the bad information, and give the American people only the essential information (such as Dr. Fauci’s warnings and updates) that they need to deal with the crisis.

To continue to air them in real-time, unedited, is to actively confuse and mislead the American public.


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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 23, 2020, 05:57:18 pm
Monday, 23rd March 2o2o
drumphf, as usual, is just making things worse
by Eugene Robinson


The nation is suffering through a terrible crisis.

Day by day, tweet by tweet, unhinged briefing by unhinged briefing, the acting-president is making it worse.

That is a hard conclusion to reach, even for someone like me who has long considered drumphf one of the worst persons pretending to be a president in our history.

The covid-19 pandemic is the definition of a moment when everyone should hope and pray for strong, smart, steady presidential leadership.

Indeed, the restrictions drumphf imposed against travel from China and Europe, where the novel Covid-19 was running rampant — whether his motives were scientific or xenophobic — had a good impact.

He bought us some time.

But then he squandered it.

If you can bear to watch drumphf’s performances during the daily Executive Mansion update briefings, you can only conclude that any effective federal response is happening not because of him, but despite him.

The essential problem, of course, is the president’s unshakable view that everything is always, always about him.

As Alice Roosevelt Longworth once said about her father, President Theodore Roosevelt, drumphf insists on being “the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening.”

This is a moment for selflessness, but drumphf has shown no capacity to think of anything other than himself.

We are asked to stay home and avoid one another, at great economic and psychological cost, to keep the covid-19 pandemic from overwhelming the nation’s health system.

The crisis calls for shared sacrifice.

Yet at Sunday’s briefing, drumphf went on and on about why he will not make the commitment to sacrifice any potential bailout funds for which his hotel properties might qualify.

“You know, every time I do it, like, for instance, I committed publicly that I wouldn’t take the $450,000 salary [as acting-president],” he said.

“It’s a lot of money. Whether you’re rich or not, it’s a lot of money. And I did it. Nobody cared. Nobody — nobody said thank you. Nobody said thank you very much.”

There are others who deserve that “thank you very much” and more:

the front-line health-care workers who are dangerously reusing protective masks and gowns because such vital gear remains in desperately short supply; the millions of workers in the restaurant and hotel industries who have lost their jobs and in many cases have no savings or benefits to tide them over; the millions of retirees who have seen their 401(k) balances evaporate; the millions of parents who are trying to work their office jobs from their kitchen tables while home-schooling their children while keeping tabs on their elderly relatives who are most vulnerable to the virus.

It is not too much to expect a president to show his gratitude for the sacrifices his citizens are making by doing everything he can to support them, rather than whine that the nation is not thanking him.

Yet who believes, at this point, that we will ever see such moral leadership from drumphf?


Since that’s not coming, I’d settle for practical leadership.

But we aren’t getting that from drumphf, either.

He could have compelled the production of protective medical gear and lifesaving ventilators.

He could have ordered the military to distribute these supplies.

He could have spelled out a national “social distancing” policy rather than allow a patchwork of different rules in different jurisdictions.

And he could have called in the leaders of both the House and the Senate and insisted that they work together to quickly pass the massive trillion-dollar bailout package that is sorely needed to keep what is left of the economy afloat.

Instead, drumphf refuses to talk to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and busies himself retweeting political attacks against likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

We are basically on our own.

And, all things considered, across much of the country, we’re doing pretty well given the circumstances.

Governors, notably Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, have stepped up to exercise the kind of political leadership we need and provide calming day-to-day narration of the crisis.

Medical experts — led by the ubiquitous and irreplaceable Anthony S. Fauci, whom I’d like to encase in bubble wrap to protect his health — politely correct drumphf’s pseudoscience with real science.

In my immediate community, few people are ignoring the social-distancing mandates.

Congress is grinding its way, messily, toward a relief package.

“I want America to understand, this week, it’s going to get bad,” Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams said on Monday.

drumphf has the power and the platform to make us confident that things will eventually get better, but he either can’t or won’t.

We must continue to comfort and reassure ourselves.
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Tuesday, 24th March 2o2o
How Long COVID-19 Can Live On Common Surfaces



4 Hours


24 Hours


Stainless Steel
2 - 3 Days

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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 24, 2020, 05:56:48 am
Tuesday, 24th March 2o2o

From Worldometer on Twitter:
Total confirmed Covid-19 cases in USA ranked by state:


New York  20,875
New Jersey  2,844
Washington  2,221
California  2,065
Michigan  1,328
Illinois  1,285
Florida  1,227
Louisiana  1,172
Texas  788
Massachusetts  777
Georgia  772
Colorado  720
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on March 24, 2020, 09:06:23 am
Although this might be a little bit macabre, given the state of testing in the US, I'm watching the death counts/rates instead of the total number of cases stats. Specifically, I'm keeping an eye on the growth rate in doubling time (How long did it take for the number of confirmed deaths to double?) We're at 3 days according to this source. ( If that goes up, it's an indication that the social distancing might be working to slow down the spread of the virus. If it doesn't, well, draw your own conclusions.
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 24, 2020, 10:14:58 am
If it doesn't, well, draw your own conclusions.

I have already concluded what the endgame can be, however, doesn't have to be.

We need to remove 2 individuals from power right now to reverse this catastrophe.

Just 2. 

We all know who these 2 individuals are.

Then... seriously consider re-inventing an entirely new standard of living; the world has just changed before our very eyes within a matter of months.

I'm open to any ideas from you, Curtis Metcalf.  :)
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Vic Vega on March 24, 2020, 10:10:56 pm
Although this might be a little bit macabre, given the state of testing in the US, I'm watching the death counts/rates instead of the total number of cases stats. Specifically, I'm keeping an eye on the growth rate in doubling time (How long did it take for the number of confirmed deaths to double?) We're at 3 days according to this source. ( If that goes up, it's an indication that the social distancing might be working to slow down the spread of the virus. If it doesn't, well, draw your own conclusions.

I'm afraid you may have something there.

The New York Governor states that we are testing more than any other area, but that may only be people with visible symptoms. Since they don't have enough test kits to go around. Last I checked if you were asymptomatic  you couldn't get tested here even if you wanted to.

So the numbers are somewhat worthless.
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
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Wednesday, 25th March 2o2o
Latest Estimation Chart of Global Infections Caused By Covid-19


Please note: this chart was taken earlier this week Monday, 23rd March 2020
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Post by: Battle on March 25, 2020, 07:27:20 am
Wednesday 25th, March 2o2o
During the Covid-19 pandemic at a Fox News town hall, the acting-president panders to his evangelical Christian base.


The Easter dummy
Drawing by Ann Telnaes
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on March 25, 2020, 09:18:35 am
Although this might be a little bit macabre, given the state of testing in the US, I'm watching the death counts/rates instead of the total number of cases stats. Specifically, I'm keeping an eye on the growth rate in doubling time (How long did it take for the number of confirmed deaths to double?) We're at 3 days according to this source. ( If that goes up, it's an indication that the social distancing might be working to slow down the spread of the virus. If it doesn't, well, draw your own conclusions.

I'm afraid you may have something there.

The New York Governor states that we are testing more than any other area, but that may only be people with visible symptoms. Since they don't have enough test kits to go around. Last I checked if you were asymptomatic  you couldn't get tested here even if you wanted to.

So the numbers are somewhat worthless.
Exactly. The cases detected might tell us something about the availability of testing but certainly nowhere near an accurate representation of how widespread the virus is. We would need a regimen of randomized testing across the country to really know that. Which would require general availability of the test for antibodies that can tell if you've already had it and recovered as well as if you're currently infected. Until then, it seems to me that deaths due to CV is the most reliable stat we have.
Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
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Wednesday, 25th March 2o2o
How the Covid-19 Pandemic Will End
by Ed Yong


Please note: this article posted is a truncated version of the original.

Three months ago, no one knew that SARS-CoV-2 existed.

Now the virus has spread to almost every country, infecting at least 446,000 people whom we know about, and many more whom we do not.

It has crashed economies and broken health-care systems, filled hospitals and emptied public spaces.

It has separated people from their workplaces and their friends.

It has disrupted modern society on a scale that most living people have never witnessed.

Soon, most everyone in the United States will know someone who has been infected.

Like World War II or the 9/11 attacks, this pandemic has already imprinted itself upon the nation’s psyche.

A global pandemic of this scale was inevitable.

In recent years, hundreds of health experts have written books, white papers, and op-eds warning of the possibility.

Bill Gates has been telling anyone who would listen, including the 18 million viewers of his TED Talk.

In 2018, I wrote a story for The Atlantic arguing that America was not ready for the pandemic that would eventually come.

In October, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security war-gamed what might happen if a new coronavirus swept the globe.

And then one did.

Hypotheticals became reality.


“What if?” became “Now what?”

So, now what?

In the late hours of last Wednesday, which now feels like the distant past, I was talking about the pandemic with a pregnant friend who was days away from her due date.

We realized that her child might be one of the first of a new cohort who are born into a society profoundly altered by COVID-19.

We decided to call them Generation C.

As we’ll see, Gen C’s lives will be shaped by the choices made in the coming weeks, and by the losses we suffer as a result.

But first, a brief reckoning.

On the Global Health Security Index, a report card that grades every country on its pandemic preparedness, the United States has a score of 83.5—the world’s highest.

Rich, strong, developed, America is supposed to be the readiest of nations.

That illusion has been shattered.

Despite months of advance warning as the virus spread in other countries, when America was finally tested by COVID-19, it failed.

I. The Next Months


Having fallen behind, it will be difficult—but not impossible—for the United States to catch up.

To an extent, the near-term future is set because COVID-19 is a slow and long illness.

People who were infected several days ago will only start showing symptoms now, even if they isolated themselves in the meantime.

Some of those people will enter intensive-care units in early April.

As of last weekend, the nation had 17,000 confirmed cases, but the actual number was probably somewhere between 60,000 and 245,000.

Numbers are now starting to rise exponentially: As of Wednesday morning, the official case count was 54,000, and the actual case count is unknown.

Health-care workers are already seeing worrying signs: dwindling equipment, growing numbers of patients, and doctors and nurses who are themselves becoming infected.

Italy and Spain offer grim warnings about the future.

Hospitals are out of room, supplies, and staff.

Unable to treat or save everyone, doctors have been forced into the unthinkable: rationing care to patients who are most likely to survive, while letting others die.

The U.S. has fewer hospital beds per capita than Italy.

A study released by a team at Imperial College London concluded that if the pandemic is left unchecked, those beds will all be full by late April.

By the end of June, for every available critical-care bed, there will be roughly 15 COVID-19 patients in need of one.

By the end of the summer, the pandemic will have directly killed 2.2 million Americans, notwithstanding those who will indirectly die as hospitals are unable to care for the usual slew of heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents.

This is the worst-case scenario.

II. The Endgame


Even a perfect response won’t end the pandemic.

As long as the virus persists somewhere, there’s a chance that one infected traveler will reignite fresh sparks in countries that have already extinguished their fires.

This is already happening in China, Singapore, and other Asian countries that briefly seemed to have the virus under control.

Under these conditions, there are three possible endgames: one that’s very unlikely, one that’s very dangerous, and one that’s very long.

The first is that every nation manages to simultaneously bring the virus to heel, as with the original SARS in 2003.

Given how widespread the coronavirus pandemic is, and how badly many countries are faring, the odds of worldwide synchronous control seem vanishingly small.

The second is that the virus does what past flu pandemics have done: It burns through the world and leaves behind enough immune survivors that it eventually struggles to find viable hosts.

This “herd immunity” scenario would be quick, and thus tempting.

But it would also come at a terrible cost: SARS-CoV-2 is more transmissible and fatal than the flu, and it would likely leave behind many millions of corpses and a trail of devastated health systems.

The United Kingdom initially seemed to consider this herd-immunity strategy, before backtracking when models revealed the dire consequences.

The U.S. now seems to be considering it too.

The third scenario is that the world plays a protracted game of whack-a-mole with the virus, stamping out outbreaks here and there until a vaccine can be produced.

This is the best option, but also the longest and most complicated.

It depends, for a start, on making a vaccine.

If this were a flu pandemic, that would be easier.

The world is experienced at making flu vaccines and does so every year.

But there are no existing vaccines for Covid-19 — until now, these viruses seemed to cause diseases that were mild or rare—so researchers must start from scratch.

The first steps have been impressively quick.

Last Monday, a possible vaccine created by Moderna and the National Institutes of Health went into early clinical testing.

That marks a 63-day gap between scientists sequencing the virus’s genes for the first time and doctors injecting a vaccine candidate into a person’s arm.

“It’s overwhelmingly the world record,” Fauci said.

But it’s also the fastest step among many subsequent slow ones.

The initial trial will simply tell researchers if the vaccine seems safe, and if it can actually mobilize the immune system.

Researchers will then need to check that it actually prevents infection from SARS-CoV-2.

They’ll need to do animal tests and large-scale trials to ensure that the vaccine doesn’t cause severe side effects.

They’ll need to work out what dose is required, how many shots people need, if the vaccine works in elderly people, and if it requires other chemicals to boost its effectiveness.

“Even if it works, they don’t have an easy way to manufacture it at a massive scale,” said Seth Berkley of Gavi.

That’s because Moderna is using a new approach to vaccination.

Existing vaccines work by providing the body with inactivated or fragmented viruses, allowing the immune system to prep its defenses ahead of time.

By contrast, Moderna’s vaccine comprises a sliver of SARS-CoV-2’s genetic material—its RNA.

The idea is that the body can use this sliver to build its own viral fragments, which would then form the basis of the immune system’s preparations.

This approach works in animals, but is unproven in humans.

By contrast, French scientists are trying to modify the existing measles vaccine using fragments of Covid-19.

“The advantage of that is that if we needed hundreds of doses tomorrow, a lot of plants in the world know how to do it,” Berkley said.

No matter which strategy is faster, Berkley and others estimate that it will take 12 to 18 months to develop a proven vaccine, and then longer still to make it, ship it, and inject it into people’s arms.

III. The Aftermath


The cost of reaching that point, with as few deaths as possible, will be enormous.

As my colleague Annie Lowrey wrote, the economy is experiencing a shock “more sudden and severe than anyone alive has ever experienced.”

About one in five people in the United States have lost working hours or jobs.

Hotels are empty.

Airlines are grounding flights.

Restaurants and other small businesses are closing.

Inequalities will widen: People with low incomes will be hardest-hit by social-distancing measures, and most likely to have the chronic health conditions that increase their risk of severe infections.

Diseases have destabilized cities and societies many times over, “but it hasn’t happened in this country in a very long time, or to quite the extent that we’re seeing now,” says Elena Conis, a historian of medicine at UC Berkeley.

“We’re far more urban and metropolitan. We have more people traveling great distances and living far from family and work.”

After infections begin ebbing, a secondary pandemic of mental-health problems will follow.


At a moment of profound dread and uncertainty, people are being cut off from soothing human contact.

Hugs, handshakes, and other social rituals are now tinged with danger.

People with anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder are struggling.

Elderly people, who are already excluded from much of public life, are being asked to distance themselves even further, deepening their loneliness.


Asian people are suffering racist insults, fueled by someone pretending to be a president who insists on labeling Covid-19 the “Chinese virus.”

Incidents of domestic violence and child abuse are likely to spike as people are forced to stay in unsafe homes.

Children, whose bodies are mostly spared by the virus, may endure mental trauma that stays with them into adulthood.

One could easily conceive of a world in which most of the nation believes that America defeated COVID-19.

Despite his many lapses, drumphf’s approval rating has surged.

Imagine that he succeeds in diverting blame for the crisis to China, casting it as the villain and America as the resilient hero.

During the second term of his so-called presidency, the U.S. turns further inward and pulls out of NATO and other international alliances, builds actual and figurative walls, and disinvests in other nations.

As Gen C grows up, foreign plagues replace communists and terrorists as the new generational threat.

~ or ~

One could also envisage a future in which America learns a different lesson.

A communal spirit, ironically born through social distancing, causes people to turn outward, to neighbors both foreign and domestic.

The election of November 2020 becomes a repudiation of “America first” politics.


The nation pivots, as it did after World War II, from isolationism to international co-operation.

Buoyed by steady investments and an influx of the brightest minds, the health-care workforce surges.

Gen C kids write school essays about growing up to be epidemiologists.

Public health becomes the centerpiece of foreign policy.

The U.S. leads a new global partnership focused on solving challenges like pandemics and climate change.


In 2030, SARS-CoV-3 emerges from nowhere, and is brought to heel within a month.

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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 25, 2020, 09:10:41 pm
Thursday, 26th March 2o2o

According to MSNBC commentator, Joy Reid, "The Senate has passed the Coronavirus Relief Act, which is called H.R. 748 - the CARES Act.  Vote was 96 - 0.  Per NBCNews the House will take up the bill on Friday when they come back."

Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
Post by: Battle on March 26, 2020, 06:45:23 am
Thursday, 26th March 2o2o
CAPAC Applauds Introduction of Resolution to Denounce Anti-Asian Discrimination Caused by COVID-19


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – In response to rising anti-Asian sentiment caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Representative Grace Meng (NY-06), who serves as the First Vice Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), introduced a resolution to denounce anti-Asian sentiment related to COVID-19.

CAPAC Chair Representative Judy Chu (CA-27) and CAPAC First Vice Chair Meng released the following statements:

“Global health experts from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned against associating a disease with a geographic region or ethnicity due to the stigma it causes. Despite these warnings, we have seen President Trump and other Republican leaders fan the flames of xenophobia by repeatedly referring to COVID-19 as the ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘China virus,’ and ‘Wuhan virus,’” said Representative Chu. 

“Unfortunately, this inflammatory rhetoric has led to an unprecedented number of attacks on Asian Americans and Asian-owned businesses all across the country. This is a danger we must speak out against, and it is why I am grateful to Representative Meng for introducing this important resolution. Stoking anti-Asian bigotry and xenophobia does nothing to help our nation's disaster response efforts. This is the time to come together, and we will not allow Asians and Asian Americans to be used as scapegoats for this global pandemic.”

“The increased use of anti-Asian rhetoric, particularly from our nation’s leaders such as the President, and their use of terms like ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus,’ and ‘Kung-flu,’ is not only irresponsible, reckless, and downright disgusting, it threatens the safety of the Asian American community; such language demeans, disparages, and scapegoats Asian Americans,” said Representative Meng.

“Asian Americans, like millions of others across the nation, are worried about the coronavirus; however, so many Asian Americans are also living in fear following the dramatic increase of threats and attacks against those of Asian descent. During this time of heightened anxiety and fear surrounding COVID-19, we cannot lose sight of protecting the health and safety of every single person – no matter their race, ethnicity, or background. The House must take a strong stand against the sickening intolerance, bigotry, and violence that is leaving a terrible stain on our nation’s history, especially during this moment of an unprecedented public health crisis. I am grateful to my colleagues who introduced this resolution with me today, and for joining me in saying loud and clear: xenophobia and discrimination is absolutely unacceptable. I strongly urge all of my House of Representatives colleagues, to support this measure, and its passage.”

The resolution has 124 co-sponsors.

They include:

Representatives Chu, Pressley, Castro, Pascrell, Malinowski, Speier, Watson Coleman, Brown, Takano, Cisneros, Schakowsky, Velázquez, Pingree, Lieu, Napolitano, Correa, Haaland, Huffman, Torres, Blumenauer, Fudge, Cárdenas, Omar, Schrader, Moulton, Suozzi, Lynch, Dingell, Connolly, Case, A. Green, Bonamici, Trone, C. Maloney, Khanna, McGovern, Thompson (CA), Larson, Foster, E. Johnson, Jayapal, Kilmer, Jackson Lee, Lofgren, Porter, Raskin, Lowenthal, DelBene, Castor, Jeffries, Trahan, Smith (WA), Rose, Beyer, Rouda, Costa, Serrano, DeFazio, Krishnamoorthi, Ocasio-Cortez, Cicilline, Kim, Sanchez, Soto, Bustos, McCollum, Pocan, Welch, Sablan, Schiff, Larsen, Higgins, Yarmuth, McEachin, DeLauro, Quigley, Clark, Grijalva, DeGette, Engel, Butterfield, Rush, Deutch, Allred, Eshoo, S. Maloney, Kennedy, D. Davis, Bass, Boyle, Nadler, Lee (CA), Norton, Lewis, Mucarsel-Powell, Bishop, Evans, “Chuy” García, Schneider, Horsford, Carson, Wild, Tlaib, Casten, Craig, Frankel, Meeks, Brownley, Spanberger, Wexton, Vargas, S. Garcia, Hastings, Escobar, Cohen, Vargas, Sherman, Waters, McNerney, Cox, McNerney, Lawrence, Tlaib, and Gallego. 

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Thursday, 26th March 2o2o
Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus
by Sky Palma


One of the first deaths in Virginia from Covid-19 was a 66-year-old Christian “musical evangelist” who fell ill while on a trip to New Orleans with his wife.

As the Friendly Atheist’s Bo Gardiner points out, Landon Spradlin had previously shared opinions that the pandemic was the result of “mass hysteria” from the media.

On March 13th, Spradlin shared a misleading meme that compared Covid-19 deaths to swine flu deaths and suggested the media is using the pandemic to hurt drumphf.

In the comments, Spradlin acknowledged that the outbreak is a “real issue,” but added that he believes “the media is pumping out fear and doing more harm than good.”


“It will come and it will go,” he wrote.

That same day, he shared a post from another pastor that told the story of a missionary in South Africa who “protected” himself from the bubonic plague with the “Spirit of God.”

“As long as I walk in the light of that law [of the Spirit of life], no germ will attach itself to me,” read a quote from the post.

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Post by: Battle on March 27, 2020, 10:50:59 am
Friday, 27th March 2o2o
Mysteriously Four Dead Onboard Cruise Ship Heading to Fort Lauderdale
by Marc Freeman & Lisa J. Huriash


Four passengers have died aboard a Holland America cruise ship that is making its way to Port Everglades, the liner announced Friday.

Holland America said “four older guests" died on the Zaandam, but didn’t say whether the new Covid-19 was the cause.

The ship has had dozens of people become sick, including some with respiratory symptoms.

On Thursday, several were tested for Covid-19 and two people tested positive.

The company didn’t say whether the two who tested positive were among the four passengers who died.

The ship was prohibited from disembarking in Chile and is now making its way to Fort Lauderdale, drawing the wrath of Broward’s county commission which is considering turning it away.

Cliff Kolber and his wife Doris, who left on their South America cruise in early March, said the captain on the Zaandam said at 11 a.m. that healthy people over age 70 will be evacuated to a second cruise line.

Nobody is allowed to contact guest services to ask about themselves, the couple said.

Also Friday, Miami-Dade County recorded its first death from Covid-19 as the total documented cases in Florida climbed to 2,900 infections.

The state says 488 people with Covid-19 are in the hospital.

Overall, deaths across Florida jumped from 29 to 35 overnight.

Miami-Dade has 763 residents who have tested positive for the disease, which is the most of any county in the state.

Broward is second with 614 cases.

The official death toll in Broward climbed to five, according to state data released Friday.

But the state figures are lagging behind reports of more local deaths.

A Fort Lauderdale assisted-living facility, Atria Willow Wood, has said six of its residents have died from Covid-19.


And South Florida’s first medical professional to die of the disease was a Broward doctor, bringing the county’s total to at least seven deaths.

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Title: Re: How Many Caught A Case Of Covid-19?
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Friday, 27th March 2o2o

According to CNN news reporter Ana Cabrera, "51 Italian doctors who tested positive for #coronavirus have died - Italian Association of Doctors"
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Saturday, 28th March 2o2o
Televangelist Jim Bakker sued for selling fake Covid-19 cure
by Caitlin O' Kane


Televangelist Jim Bakker is being sued by the state of Missouri for selling fake Covid-19 cures on his website.

On Monday, the Jim Bakker Show and six other companies were warned by the the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to stop selling unapproved products and treatments.

Bakker's website offered products like "Silver Sol Liquid," that claimed to be able to diagnose or cure the Covid-19 illness, COVID-19.

In a letter to the Jim Bakker Show, the FDA said the products are in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

"The Secretary of Health and Human Services ... has determined that a public health emergency exists nationwide as a result of confirmed cases of COVID-19. Therefore, FDA is taking urgent measures to protect consumers from certain products that, without approval or authorization by FDA, claim to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID 19 in people," the agency wrote.

The letter ordered Bakker to take immediate actions to correct the violations and gave him 48 hours to take the products off of his site.


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Saturday, 28th March 2o2o
King Felipe of Spain's Relative, 86, Becomes First Royal to Die from Covid-19
by Peter Mikelbank


Covid-19 has claimed its first royal, Spain’s Maria Teresa de Borbon-Parma.

The 86-year-old cousin to Spain’s King Felipe IV, who was dubbed the “Red Princess” because of her outspoken views, has died, according to her family.

The princess-activist’s passing was announced late Thursday by her brother Prince Sixto Enrique de Borbon, the Duke of Aranjuez.

“On this afternoon… our sister Maria Teresa de Borbon Parma and Borbon Busset, victim of the coronavirus COVID-19, died in Paris at the age of eighty-six,” he wrote.

A mass was organized in her honor in Madrid on Friday.

A longtime advocate of women’s rights and socialist ideas, Maria-Teresa, who never married, was born in Paris in 1933.

She was the second daughter of the Carlist pretender to Spain’s throne.

Following the forced exile of Spain’s King Alfonso, the Carlist movement claimed her father, Francisco Javiar de Borbon y Barganza the rightful heir to Spain’s crown, vying against the Alfonsists who eventually won favor and restoration from Franco’s regime.

Educated in France, a graduate and distinguished professor at Paris’ Sorbonne and an outspoken professor of Sociology at Madrid’s Complutense University, she held a variety of challenging ideological positions.

She was also an early supporter of CIVIS (the open university system linking schools in eight European nations) and was fascinated by Islam, becoming an expert in its study, particularly as it applied to evolving women’s rights in Arab nations.

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Saturday, 28th March 2o2o

Holland America's Zaandam cruise ship will be allowed to pass through the Panama Canal. Panama made the announcement ab 30 min ago.

The ship is planning to travel to Port Everglades with sick passengers suspected of having COVID-19.

It's unclear if they will be allowed to dock.
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Sunday, 29th March 2o2o
Joe Diffie, ’90s Country Music Singer Dies of Covid-19 at 61
by Chris Williams


Joe Diffie, an icon to many country fans for his string of No. 1 hits in the 1990s, has died from complications related to Covid-19, a spokesperson revealed Sunday afternoon.

He was 61.

“Grammy-winning country music legend Joe Diffie died today, Sunday, March 29th, from complications of COVID-19,” the statement read simply.

“His family respects their privacy at this time.”

On Friday, Diffie became the first country singer to go public with a Covid-19 diagnosis.

“I am under the care of medical professionals and currently receiving treatment,” a statement attributed to him read.

“My family and I are asking for privacy at this time. We want to remind the public and all my fans to be vigilant, cautious and careful during this pandemic.”

Diffie, a member of the Grand Ole Opry for 25 years, is a household name to any country fan who came of age listening to the format in the 1990s.

Part of a neotraditionalist wave that thrived during that decade, he had more than 20 top 10 country hits, five of which went to No. 1 (“Home,” “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets,” “Third Rock from the Sun,” “Pickup Man” and “Bigger Than the Beatles”).

Two of his 13 albums went platinum and another two were certified gold.

Upon learning about his death, fans inevitably began posting a song that only went to No. 3 in 1993, but was destined to be his most revived song upon his death:


“Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die).”

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From Twitter:
According to Just Ann American, "Here is a refrigerated truck in NY at a hospital holding victims who died from COVID-19. While trunk Tweets about the TV ratings from his disinformation briefings."




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Monday, 30th March 2o2o
Choir Practice Turns Fatal
by Richard Read

(MOUNT VERNON, Washington) —  With Covid-19 quickly spreading in Washington state in early March, leaders of the Skagit Valley Chorale debated whether to go ahead with weekly rehearsal.

The virus was already killing people in the Seattle area, about an hour’s drive to the south.

But Skagit County hadn’t reported any cases, schools and businesses remained open, and prohibitions on large gatherings had yet to be announced.

On March 6th, Adam Burdick, the choir’s conductor, informed the 121 members in an email that amid the “stress and strain of concerns about the virus,” practice would proceed as scheduled at Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church.

“I’m planning on being there this Tuesday March 10th, and hoping many of you will be, too,” he wrote.

Sixty singers showed up.

A greeter offered hand sanitizer at the door, and members refrained from the usual hugs and handshakes.

“It seemed like a normal rehearsal, except that choirs are huggy places,” Burdick recalled.

“We were making music and trying to keep a certain distance between each other.”

After 2½ hours, the singers parted ways at 9 p.m.


Nearly three weeks later, 45 have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or ill with the symptoms, at least three have been hospitalized, and two are dead.

The outbreak has stunned county health officials, who have concluded that the virus was almost certainly transmitted through the air from one or more people without symptoms.

“That’s all we can think of right now,” said Polly Dubbel, a county communicable disease and environmental health manager.

In interviews with the Los Angeles Times, eight people who were at the rehearsal said that nobody there was coughing or sneezing or appeared ill.

Everybody came with their own sheet music and avoided direct physical contact.

Some members helped set up or remove folding chairs.

A few helped themselves to mandarins that had been put out on a table in back.

Experts said the choir outbreak is consistent with a growing body of evidence that the virus can be transmitted through aerosols — particles smaller than 5 micrometers that can float in the air for minutes or longer.

The World Health Organization has downplayed the possibility of transmission in aerosols, stressing that the virus is spread through much larger “respiratory droplets,” which are emitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes and quickly fall to a surface.

But a study published March 17th in the New England Journal of Medicine found that when the virus was suspended in a mist under laboratory conditions it remained “viable and infectious” for three hours — though researchers have said that time period would probably be no more than a half-hour in real-world conditions.

One of the authors of that study, Jamie Lloyd-Smith, a UCLA infectious disease researcher, said it’s possible that the forceful breathing action of singing dispersed viral particles in the church room that were widely inhaled.

“One could imagine that really trying to project your voice would also project more droplets and aerosols,” he said.

With three-quarters of the choir members testing positive for the virus or showing symptoms of infection, the outbreak would be considered a “super-spreading event,” he said.

Linsey Marr, an environmental engineer at Virginia Tech and an expert on airborne transmission of viruses, said some people happen to be especially good at exhaling fine material, producing 1,000 times more than others.

Marr said that the choir outbreak should be seen as a powerful warning to the public.

“This may help people realize that, hey, we really need to be careful,” she said.

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Democratic Lawmakers Call for Racial Data in Virus Testing
by Aaron Morrison of The Associated Press


Democratic lawmakers are calling out an apparent lack of racial data that they say is needed to monitor and address disparities in the national response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In a letter sent Friday to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ayanna Pressley, both from Massachusetts, said comprehensive demographic data on people who are tested or treated for the virus that causes COVID-19 does not exist.

Over the weekend, cities with large black and nonwhite Hispanic populations emerged as new hot spots for the spread of the virus.

“Any attempt to contain COVID-19 in the United States will have to address its potential spread in low-income communities of color, first and foremost to protect the lives of people in those communities, but also to slow the spread of the virus in the country as a whole,” the lawmakers wrote to Azar.

“This lack of information will exacerbate existing health disparities and result in the loss of lives in vulnerable communities,” the letter warned.

Senators Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey and Representative Robin Kelly of Illinois also signed the letter.

It was shared exclusively with The Associated Press on Monday.

The lawmakers urged the HHS secretary to direct the department’s sub-agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, to work with municipalities, states and private labs to ensure that racial and ethnic data are being collected.

Spokespeople for HHS and CDC did not immediately respond to the AP’s requests for comment on Monday.

“Decades of structural racism have prevented so many Black and Brown families from accessing quality health care, affordable housing, and financial security, and the COVID-19 crisis is blowing these disparities wide open," Warren said in a statement.

“We need the government to step up in a big way to ensure that communities of color have equal access to free testing and treatment. Congresswoman Pressley and I aren't going to let up until we see solid data and real progress."

According to the CDC’s website, the agency had run 4,760 COVID-19 tests, while U.S. public health labs had run 128,684 tests as of Monday.

The CDC data doesn't include tests processed by private labs, which have been ramping up their work.

U.S. cities with large black and brown populations such as Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and New Orleans have emerged as hot spots of the COVID-19 outbreak.

New York City remained the national epicenter of the outbreak, reporting more than 36,000 confirmed cases and 790 deaths on Monday.

COVID-19 has caused a global pandemic that has sickened more than 775,000 and killed more than 36,000 globally.

It has crippled economies and forced restrictions on the movement of millions of people in an effort to stop the virus from spreading farther and overwhelming health care systems.

For most people, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, that clear up in two to three weeks.

But for some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.

In the letter, the U.S. lawmakers cited chronic health conditions and health care access disparities between white people and people of color “that experts have identified as risk factors for complications from COVID-19.”

According to the CDC, black and nonwhite Hispanic adults are more likely to be obese and are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than non-Hispanic white adults are.

Asthma is more prevalent among nonwhite adults and children, the lawmakers noted.

People of color and immigrants are also less likely to be insured, leaving many without access to quality health care providers, the lawmakers said.

“Furthermore, a history of discrimination and marginalization has left some people of color distrustful of the medical system, making them less likely to seek out timely care,” they wrote in the letter.

On Friday, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported that about half of the state's deaths and total cases were in Milwaukee, a city of 600,000 residents that is more than a third black.

All eight people who have died from COVID-19 in Milwaukee County were black, and seven of them lived in the city.

“The severity of this disease in the African American community is a crisis within a crisis,” Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a Democrat, said Friday.

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Tuesday, 31st March 2o2o
Statewide Stay At Home Orders In Place




100,000-200,000 American deaths estimated (actually, I've read 2.2 million American deaths estimated, give or take a million).
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Tuesday, 31st March 2o2o
by Matthias Gafni and Joe Garoli


The captain of a nuclear aircraft carrier with more than 100 sailors infected with the virus pleaded Monday with U.S. Navy officials for resources to allow isolation of his entire crew and avoid possible deaths in a situation he described as quickly deteriorating.

FPO AP 96632


30 Mar 20

BLUF: If required the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT would embark all assigned Sailors, set sail, and be ready to ?ght and beat any adversary that dares challenge the US or our allies.

The virus would certainly have an impact, but in combat we are willing to take certain risks that are not acceptable in peacetime.

However, we are not at war, and therefore cannot allow a single Sailor to perish as a result of this pandemic unnecessarily.

Decisive action is required now in order to comply with CDC and NAVADMIN 083/20 guidance and prevent tragic outcomes.

1. Problem Statement.

With the crew embarked, TR is unable to comply with CDC protocols or NAVADMIN 083/20 guidance.

Based on CDC guidelines and TR observations, the only effective method to preserve an individual?s health is total isolation for 14+ days in accordance with the NAVADMIN Individual hotel/barracks rooms with separate heads).

Due to a warship?s inherent limitations of space, we are not doing this.

The spread of the disease is ongoing and accelerating.

2. Inappropriate Focus on Testing. Testing has no direct in?uence on the spread of the COVID - l9 virus.

It merely con?rms the presence of the virus.

Due to the close quarters required on a warship and the current number of positive cases, every single Sailor, regardless of rank, on board the TR must be considered ?close contact? in accordance with the NAVADMIN.

Testing will only be useful as the ship returns to work a?er isolation or quarantine to con?rm the
effectiveness of the quarantine period.

Our focus now must be on quarantine and isolation in strict compliance with CDC and NAVADMIN guidance.

The COVID-19 test cannot prove a Sailor does not have the virus; it can only prove that a Sailor does.

As an illustration, of the ?rst 33 TR Sailors diagnosed with COVID-19, 21% (7 of those 33) infected Sailors were negative on a test, then subsequently presented with of COVID-19 infection within 1-3 days post-test.

Based on data since ?rst case, approximately 21% of the Sailors that tested negative and are currently moving into group restricted movement ashore are currently infected, will develop over the next several days, and will proceed to infect the remainder of their shore-based restricted group.

3. Inappropriate Quarantine and Isolation. With the exceptions of a handful of senior of?cer staterooms, none of the berthing onboard a warship is appropriate for quarantine or isolation.

Thousands of ?close contact? Sailors require quarantine in accordance with guidance.

TR has begun to move personnel off ship into shore-based group restricted movement locations.

Of the off ship locations currently available, only one complies with the NAVADMIN guidance.

Infected Sailors reside in these off ship locations.

Two Sailors have already tested positive in an open bay gymnasium equipped with cots.

Although marginally better than a warship, group quarantine sites are not a solution and are not in accordance with current guidance.

In order to stop the spread of the virus, the CDC and the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center both recommend individual quarantine.

They both recommend against group quarantine.

They recommend limited or no contact with other exposed individuals and no use of the same facilities or items exposed individuals have touched.

NAVADMIN 083/20 echoes this guidance.

The environment most conducive to spread of the disease is the environment the crew of the TR is in right now, both aboard ship and ashore:

a. Large amounts of Sailors in a confined space

b. Open, shared berthing

c. Shared restroom facilities

d. Con?ned, shared workspaces and computers

e. Shared messing for large numbers

f. Meals cooked food provided by exposed personnel

g. Mandatory watch/operational tasks demanding consistent close contact (food preparation, service cleaning, TFCC watches, unavoidable meetings to plan execute COVID response actions, etc.)

h. Movement about the ship requires consistent close contact with other exposed individuals (con?ned passageways, previously touched ladder railings/hatch levers/door knobs etc.)

4. Ineffectiveness of Current Strategy:

Based on current limitations (lack of appropriate quarantine and isolation facilities, inability to effectively achieve social distancing), TR has instituted limited measures to slow the spread of the disease.

We have moved a small percentage of the crew off ship, increased the frequency of thorough cleaning and attempted some social distancing.

The current strategy will only slow the Spread.

The current plan in execution on TR will not achieve virus eradication on any timeline.

5. Lessons Learned from the Diamond Princess:

From an epidemiological research article on the infection onboard Diamond Princess (the only comparable situation encountered thus far) (Roklov et a1.) titled outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship:

estimating the epidemic potential and effectiveness of public health countenneasures:?

?Cruise ships carry a large number of people in con?ned spaces with relative homogeneous mixing.

On 3 February, 2020, an outbreak of COVID-19 on cruise ship Diamond Princess was reported following an index case on board around 21-25 January.

By 4 February, public health measures such as removal and isolation of ill passengers and quarantine of non-ill passengers were implemented.

By 20 February, 619 of 3,700 passengers and crew were tested positive.

We estimated that without any interventions within the time period of 21 January to 19 February, 2920 out of the 3700 would have been infected.

Isolation and quarantine therefore prevented 2307 cases.

We showed that an early evacuation of all passengers on 3 February would have been associated with 76 infected persons.?

(As opposed to 619)

The ?nal sentence of the abstract:


The cruise ship conditions clearly ampli?ed an already highly transmissible disease.

The public health measures prevented more than 2000 additional cases compared to no interventions.

However, evacuating all passengers and crew early on in the outbreak would have prevented many more passengers and crew from infection.?

The Diamond Princess was able to more effectively isolate people onboard than TR, due to a much higher percentage of individualized and compartmentalized accommodations onboard for paying customers.

Their measures still allowed hundreds of people to become infected.

best-case results, given the current environment, are likely to be much worse.

6. Proposed New Strategy:

There are two end states TR could achieve:

a. Maximize war?ghting readiness and capacity as quickly as possible.

No timeline necessary.

We go to war with the force we have and ?ght sick.

We never achieve a COVID-free TR.

There will be losses to the virus.

b. Achieve a TR.

Requires strict adherence to CDC guidelines and a methodical approach to achieve a clean ship.

This requires immediate and decisive action.

It will take time and money.

As war is not imminent, we recommend pursuing the peace time end state.

TR has two primary goals in order to achieve that end state:

a. Prevent unnecessary deaths, reduce the number of Sailors that contract and eliminate ?lture virus spread.

b. Regain and maximize war?ghting readiness and capacity as quickly as possible.

In order to achieve these goals, a clean ship is required.

Every Sailor onboard must be guaranteed virus-lice and the ship environment must be disinfected.

One infected Sailor introduced to the ship will spread the virus.

Off ship lodging in compliance with CDC and NAVADMIN guidance is required for over 4,000 Sailors to achieve a clean ship and crew.

7. Conclusion.

Decisive action is required.

Removing the majority of personnel from a deployed US. nuclear aircraft carrier and isolating them for two weeks may seem like an extraordinary measure.

A portion of the crew (approximately 10%) would have to stay aboard to run the reactor plant, sanitize the ship, ensure security, and provide for contingency response to emergencies.

This is a necessary risk.

It will enable the carrier and air wing to get back underway as quickly as possible while ensuring the health and safety of our Sailors.

Keeping over 4,000 young men and women on board the TR is an unnecessary risk and breaks faith with those Sailors entrusted to our care.

There are challenges associated with securing individualized lodging for our crew.

This will require a political solution but it is the right thing to do.

We are not at war.

Sailors do not need to die.

If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset our Sailors.

Request all available resources to ?nd NAVADMIN and CDC compliant quarantine rooms for my entire crew as soon as possible.



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Tuesday, 31st March 2o2o
From Twitter:
Anyone remember that cruise ship where 4 passengers mysteriously died?


That ship is still out-to-sea.

Now the passengers have become sick.

Florida Governor DeSantis' response:

"We cannot afford to have people who are not even Floridians dumped into South Florida using up those valuable resources."
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From Twitter, a letter from Democratic Senators & Representatives dated March 2017.


March 2017:
According to Nico Pitney,  @SenWarren, @PattyMurray and 3 House Dems write HHS Secretary Tom Price to raise concerns about the nation’s ability to respond to infectious disease threats. No response received.

An excerpt:


We write regarding a report earlier this month about "a surge in human infections of a deadly bird flu in China [that] is prompting increasing concern among health officials around the world...[and that] poses the greatest risk of a pandemic threat if it evolves to spread readily from human to human."

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would lead the federal government response to a pandemic flu.

Before leaving the CDC in January 2017, the former Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, stated his concerns about such a pandemic, noting that the greatest health threat we face is "always for an influenza pandemic,"  and that "If the resistant organisms emerge in one part of the world, they will inevitably come to other parts of the world... [A] pragmatic approach will rely on proven programs that protect Americans."
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Wednesday, 1st April 2o2o

trunk Covid-19 response

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Thursday, 2nd April 2o2o

An open letter to fox corporation chairman rupert murdock and fox corporation ceo lachlan murdock

Americans consistently rate the fox news channel as one of the must trusted TV channels. 

The average age of fox news viewers is 65.

It is well established that this population incurs the greatest from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other words, fox news viewers are at a special risk from the virus.

But viewers of fox news, including drumphf, have been regularly subjected to misinformation relayed by the network - false statements downplaying the prevalence of COVID-19 and its harms; misleading recommendations of activities that people undertake to protect themselves and others, including casual recommendations for untested drugs;  false assessments of the value of measures urged upon the public by their elected political leadership and public health authorities.

The misinformation that reaches the fox news audience is a danger to public health.

Indeed, it is not an overstatement to say that your misreporting endangers your own viewers -- and not only them, for in a pandemic, individual behavior affects significant numbers of other people as well.

Yet by commission as well as omission --- direct, uncontested misinformation as well as failure to report the true dimensions of the crisis --- fox news has been derelict in its duty to provide clear and accurate information about COVID-19. 

As the virus spread across the world, fox news hosts and guests minimalized the dangers, accusing Democrats and the media of inflating the dangers (in sean hannity's words) to "bludgeon drumpf with this new hoax." 

Such commentary encouraged drumphf to trivialize the threat and helped obstruct national, state, and local efforts to limit the virus.

The network's delinquency was effective. 

According to a YouGov/Economist poll conducted March 15 - 17, Americans who pay the most attention to fox news are much less likely than others to say they are worried about the virus. 

A Pew Research poll found that 79% of fox news viewers surveyed believed the media had exaggerated the risks of the virus. 

63% of fox viewers said they believed the virus posed a minor threat to the health of the country. 

As recently as Sunday, 22nd March, fox news host steve hilton deplored the accurate views of the pandemic, which he attributed to "our ruling class and their TV mouthpieces --- whipping up fear over the virus."

fox news reporters have done some solid reporting.

And the network has given some screen time to medical and public health professionals. 

But fox news does not clearly distinguish between the authority that should accrue to trained experts, on the one hand, and the authority viewers grant to pundits and politicians for reasons of ideological loyalty.

There is a tendency to accept (or reject) them all indiscriminately, for after all, they are talking heads who appear on fox news, 'a trusted source of news'.

When the statement of knowledgeable experts are surrounded by false claims made by pundits and politicians, including drumphf --- claims that are not rebutted by knowledgeable people in real-time  --- the overall effect is to mislead a vulnerable public about risks and harms. 

Misinformation furthers the reach and the dangers of the pandemic. 

For example, the days after tucker carlson touted a flimsy French study on the use of two drugs to treat COVID-19, drumphf touted  "very, very encouraging early results" from those drugs, and promoted a third as a possible "game changer."

The basic purpose of news organizations is to discover and tell the truth.  This is especially necessary, and obvious, amid a public health crisis. 

Television bears a particular responsibility because even more millions than usual look there for reliable information.

Inexcusably, fox news has violated the elemental canons of journalism. 

In doing so, it has contributed to the spread of a great pandemic. 

Urgently, therefore, in the name of good journalism and public health, we call upon you to help protect the lives of all Americans --- including your elderly viewers  --- by ensuring that the information you deliver is based on scientific facts.


Todd Gitlin, Professor, Chair, Ph. D. Program in Communications, Columbia Journalism School
Mark Feldstein, Eaton Chair of Broadcast Journalism, University of Maryland
Frances FitzGerald, Pulitzer Prize-winning author
Adam Hochschild, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley
Edward Wasserman, Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley
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Thursday, 2nd April 2o2o
U.S. Navy relieves commander of virus-hit aircraft carrier
by Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — The U.S. Navy announced on Thursday it had relieved the commander of the U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, who sent a distress message that leaked to the public asking Navy leadership for stronger measures to control a virus outbreak onboard.

Reuters reported earlier on Thursday that the commander, Captain Brett Crozier, was expected to be relieved.

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Friday, 3rd April 2o2o
Hobby Lobby closing all stores

by Bethany Biron


After quietly reopening stores across the country in defiance of virus-related state lockdown orders, Hobby Lobby is closing all stores nationally and furloughing employees without pay.

In a statement posted on the company website on Friday afternoon, Hobby Lobby announced it will furlough "nearly all store employees" without pay and "is ending emergency leave pay and suspending use of company provided paid time off benefits and vacation."

"As the country continues efforts to manage and mitigate the devastating health and economic impacts of COVID-19 virus, Hobby Lobby will, after careful consideration, close the remainder of its stores, and furlough nearly all store employees and a large portion of corporate and distribution employees, effective Friday, April 3rd, at 8:00 p.m," Hobby Lobby posted on its website.

"The stores will remain closed until further notice."

According to three employees, each speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, managers at their stores called teams into a meeting to deliver the news on Friday afternoon.

"The line our manager gave us was, 'The employees got what the employees wanted, the stores were closed,'" a Hobby Lobby employee in Indiana said.

"My question was did God tell them they needed to closed the stores and not pay us?"

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Friday, 3rd April 2o2o
Mexican brewery halts production of Corona beer amid virus outbreak
by Ronnie Koenig


Corona beer, which is not in any way related to the virus, may be harder to find soon.

Grupo Modelo, the brewer of Corona and other beer brands including Pacifico and Modelo, will suspend production as breweries have been deemed as nonessential by the Mexican government amidst the ongoing virus pandemic.

“Grupo Modelo announces that this Sunday it will complete the process of suspending its production and marketing operations for beer,” read a press release, which was translated into English, shared by Grupo Modelo on Twitter.

Grupo Modelo's parent company, Anheuser Busch InBev, has already slowed production of its beers (which it exports to 180 countries around the world) in the United States.

This week, the Mexican government declared a national health emergency as cases of virus continued to climb.

As of Thursday, Mexico reported at least 1,510 cases of COVID-19 and 50 deaths.

All nonessential activities, including the production of beer, have been suspended.

However, Grupo Modelo, which operates 11 breweries in Mexico, cited the fact that 15,000 families and 800,000 grocers rely on beer sales for their income, so halting production entirely could have a devastating economic effect.

“If the federal government considers it appropriate to issue some clarification confirming beer as an agro-industrial product, at Grupo Modelo we are ready to execute a plan with more than 75% of our staff working from home and at the same time guaranteeing the supply of beer,” the statement said.

Since agriculture and food production are considered essential activities, an adjustment to the ban would allow the breweries to resume production.

In many U.S. cities, liquor stores have been deemed as essential businesses so they have been permitted to remain open as other food businesses, like restaurants, have closed.

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After that Duke & Duchess of Sussex debacle, it seems as if the Queen of England is starting to feel a checkmate coming or else she would not have submitted this speech through YouTube:



"...and those who come after us, will say the Britons of this generation were just as strong as any."


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UK Prime Minister boris johnson hospitalized with virus
by Jill Lawless


(LONDON, Eng) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to a hospital Sunday for tests, his office said, because he is still suffering symptoms, 10 days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

News of Johnson’s admission to hospital came an hour after Queen Elizabeth II made a rare televised address to the nation, in which she urged Britons to remain “united and resolute” in the fight against the virus.

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Nine states still refuse to issue stay-at-home orders
by Jorge L. Ortiz and Grace Hauck

The governors of the nine states without some form of a stay-at-home order have offered different reasons for their refusal to issue the kind of directives implemented across most of the nation, covering more than 300 million Americans, to combat the virus pandemic.

Some say the specific circumstances of their state doesn’t merit such a mandate, others have advocated social responsibility instead, and yet others have expressed a preference for following the advice of their state officials.

The governors do have one significant trait in common: They’re all republican.

Of course, so is trunk, who has resisted calls for a national mandate that might send the strongest, most unambiguous message about the importance of social distancing to curb spread of the virus.

It’s doubtful the acting-president can actually supersede the governors’ authority in this area, but he could strengthen federal guidelines that stop short of directing citizens to remain at home except for essential activities.

In the absence of such a command, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming continue to allow their residents relatively free movement.

Why hasn't there been a national lockdown?

Legal experts have said trunk doesn’t have the authority to impose a national lockdown as the heads of countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Britain have done.

But he does have some tools at his disposal, including the bully pulpit and the ability to restrict air travel between COVID-19 hot spots.

trunk has pointed out some states haven’t had a large number of cases.

Those tend to be sparsely populated states in the middle of the country, such as Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

As of Sunday, none of them had more than 215 cases, although their numbers were rising.

What do stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders mean?

While some states call for shelter-in-place orders, others are calling their directives stay-at-home orders.

The directives differ by location but generally require people to avoid all nonessential outings and stay inside as much as possible.

They allow residents to continue performing tasks essential to the health and safety of family and pets.

It's still fine to buy groceries, go for a run, walk the dog, pick up medicine, visit a doctor or get supplies to work from home.

Federal guidelines give state and local authorities leeway in what they consider "essential" businesses during an emergency.

But in general, those industries include grocery stores and food production, pharmacies, health care, utilities, shipping, banking, other governmental services, law enforcement, emergency services and news outlets.

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Pastor who decried 'hysteria' dies after attending Mardi Gras
by Aleem Maqbool


"He loved to laugh. He loved to play guitar. He played guitar even when he wasn't supposed to," says Jesse Spradlin of her father, Landon.

"He was just the best man in the world."

One day when this is all over, the wife and five children of Pastor Landon Spradlin hope to hold a large celebratory memorial for him.

For now they have had to make do with a funeral at which there were just a handful in attendance, including the blues guitarist who played at the graveside.

A little over a month ago, Pastor Spradlin, who was 66, drove with his wife Jean the 900 miles (1500 km) from their home in Virginia to Louisiana for Mardi Gras.

He viewed the festivities as an opportunity, through music, to save the souls of some of the hundreds of thousands of people that would attend.

He was joined by two of his daughters who came over from Texas.

"His mission was to go into pubs, clubs and bars, play the blues and connect with musicians and just tell them that Jesus loved them," says Jesse Spradlin, 28.

"Mardi Gras is like Times Square in New York during New Year's Eve. It's a sea of people just drinking and partying," she says.

"He was loud and laughing and in his element."

Over recent years Pastor Spradlin had realised a dream of using the preaching he had honed in churches across three states and taking it to the streets through the medium he loved.

He had been playing instruments since the age of four and in 2016 was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, but it was religion that he felt had saved him from alcoholism and drug addiction in his twenties.

Those dark years are why he now had a particular affinity for those who felt down and out, something he could relate to.

At Mardi Gras, the family band played in New Orleans' busy Jackson Square, unaware of the threat they faced.

"I don't even remember us talking about the virus," says Naomi Spradlin, 26.

"With what's happened we keep looking back, and we didn't talk about it once."

They were not the only ones.

Even though it had been more than a month since the first virus case in the US, Mardi Gras went on as planned.

Officials in the city now blame government inaction for what appears to have been a large spike in cases that followed.

Pastor Spradlin was one of those who became ill, but tested negative for Covid-19.

Even as he was sick, he posted on social media about "hysteria" surrounding the virus.

On the 13th of March Pastor Spradlin shared on Fakebook a misleading post comparing swine flu and virus deaths.

It suggested that Barack Obama and trunk respectively had been treated very differently by the media and that it was a politically motivated ploy to harm trunk.

Earlier the very same day, the acting-president himself had insinuated something very similar at a news conference.

Pastor Spradlin's son, Landon Isaac, 32, told me that he and his father had talked and agreed about what they felt was an irrational frenzy and fear mongering about the virus, perhaps because it was an election year.

"I want to say outright though, dad didn't think it was a hoax, he knew it was a real virus," says Landon Isaac.

"But he did put up that post because he was frustrated that the media was propagating fear as the main mode of communication," he told me.

By mid-March though, Pastor Spradlin's health suddenly took a turn for the worse.

He and his wife decided to make the long drive back from New Orleans to their home in Virginia.

"I spoke to him five minutes before he collapsed in North Carolina," says Landon Isaac.


"I could tell his breathing was getting bad. And I just said that you've got to get home. But he didn't make it."

Pastor Spradlin was taken to hospital in North Carolina where they discovered he had developed pneumonia in both lungs and he now also tested positive for the virus.

After eight days in intensive care, Pastor Spradlin died.

"It's a lot like Dad was our support column and somebody kicked out that support column. It feels like the roof is falling down on all of our heads right now," says Landon Isaac.

For days, he and his four siblings had to communicate with their mother through the glass door of her home.

The funeral that has just taken place happened the day after Jean Spradlin's quarantine finally ended.

"We just never thought our father would pass away because of this. But he wasn't the type of person to just live in fear and let it rob him of the joy of the life that he had," says Jesse Spradlin.

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Candorville by Darren Bell


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Tyler Perry Pays for All Groceries for the Elderly at 73 Stores Amid Virus Pandemic
by Alexia Fernandez


Tyler Perry surprised elderly shoppers across two states Wednesday morning by covering the cost of their groceries, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

The TV and movie mogul, 50, paid for the groceries of all elderly shoppers at 44 Kroger stores in Atlanta, Georgia, his hometown state, as well as 29 Winn Dixie stores in his native New Orleans during the hour reserved for older customers amid the virus pandemic.

A number of stores are opening their doors early to older people so that they can get their shopping done without the fear of large crowds amid the virus outbreak.

His act of kindness comes after Perry gave $21,000 in tips for workers at an Atlanta restaurant while picking up takeout, PEOPLE confirms.

Perry has often famously given a helping hand to those in need.

In November, Perry came to the aid of a couple from Atlanta who was forced to seek medical treatment while on vacation in Mexico and then were prevented from leaving when they could not afford their $14,000 medical bill.

A source told PEOPLE the star paid the couple’s medical bill and also covered their travel expenses as soon as they were cleared to leave.

“Today I am thankful for and will always be thankful for Tyler Perry,” Austin wrote on Fakebook at the time.

“My mom was also a huge fan of his.”

In December 2018, Perry spread the holiday cheer by saying he would cover all layaways at two Walmarts in Atlanta.

(A layaway allows customers to reserve items at a store by making a deposit and paying the balance later at pick-up.)

LeMia Jenkins, a spokesperson for Walmart, told PEOPLE at the time that the Acrimony director paid about $434,000 in layaway items — products that were ordered by 1,500 people ahead of the holiday season.

“Tyler Perry’s generous donation is making an unbelievable difference for so many families, and we can’t thank him enough for his kindness,” she said in a statement.

“The heartfelt excitement and joy we’re seeing from our customers as a result of his holiday gift has been touching.”

The company responded to the actor’s act of kindness, in a response posted on Twitter,

“Anonymous or not, we hope you know that you just made Christmas for so many families. You went above and beyond. Thank you #SparkKindness.”

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COVID-19 In The United States
Data as of 8:11p.m. EST, April 16


Cases/ Total 667,649 / April 16th/ +31,451 (+5%)

Deaths/ Total 32,917 / April 16th/ +4,591 (+14%)

Since the first virus case was confirmed in the United States on January 21st, over a half million people in the U.S. have confirmed cases of COVID-19.

In the last week, the U.S. became the nation with the most deaths globally, but there are early signs that the U.S. case and death rate may be leveling off, as the growth of new cases and deaths plateaus.

The pattern isn't consistent across the country, as new hotspots emerge and others subside.

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COVID-19 has disproportionately affected black people

African Americans account for more than one-third of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. where the race of victims has been made publicly known.

Data from states, cities and counties show black people are regularly overrepresented compared to their share of the population:

When the race of COVID-19 fatalities were known in states, black people accounted for:

O denote % of population
O denote % of deaths

District of Columbia (61 of 80 deaths)


Mississippi (85 of 129 deaths)


Louisiana (524 of 805 deaths)


South Carolina (46 of 82 deaths)


Georgia (319 of 583 deaths)


Alabama (74 of 136 deaths)


Maryland (153 of 313 deaths)


Michigan (858 of 1,821 deaths)


Missouri (52 of 118 deaths)


Illinois (441 of 1,011 deaths)


Wisconsin (76 of 195 deaths)


North Carolina (46 of 123 deaths)


Virginia (66 of 188 deaths)


New Jersey (560 of 2,491 deaths)


Indiana (94 of 448 deaths)


Florida (123 of 615 deaths)


New York (449 of 2,534 deaths)


Connecticut (148 of 912 deaths)


Ohio (51 of 349 deaths)


California (85 of 769 deaths)


Massachusetts (47 of 503 deaths)


Colorado (27 of 310 deaths)


Minnesota (3 of 79 deaths)


Arizona (4 of 112 deaths)


Washington (15 of 517 deaths)



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Racial Toll Of Virus Grows Even Starker As More Data Emerges

As a clearer picture emerges of COVID-19’s decidedly deadly toll on black Americans, leaders are demanding a reckoning of the systemic policies they say have made many African Americans far more vulnerable to the virus, including inequity in access to health care and economic opportunity.

A growing chorus of medical professionals, activists and political figures are pressuring the federal government to not just release comprehensive racial demographic data of the country’s coronavirus victims, but also to outline clear strategies to blunt the devastation on African Americans and other communities of color.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first breakdown of COVID-19 case data by race, showing that 30% of patients whose race was known were black.

The federal data was missing racial information for 75% of all cases, however, and did not include any demographic breakdown of deaths.

The latest Associated Press analysis of available state and local data shows that nearly one-third of those who have died are African American, with black people representing about 14% of the population in the areas covered in the analysis.

Roughly half the states, representing less than a fifth of the nation’s COVID-19 deaths, have yet to release demographic data on fatalities.

In states that have, about a quarter of the death records are missing racial details.

Health conditions that exist at higher rates in the black community -- obesity, diabetes and asthma -- make African Americans more susceptible to the virus.

They also are more likely to be uninsured, and often report that medical professionals take their ailments less seriously when they seek treatment.

“It’s America’s unfinished business -- we’re free, but not equal,” civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson told the AP.

“There’s a reality check that has been brought by the coronavirus, that exposes the weakness and the opportunity.”

This week, Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the National Medical Association, a group representing African American physicians and patients, released a joint public health strategy calling for better COVID-19 testing and treatment data.

The groups also urged officials to provide better protections for incarcerated populations and to recruit more African Americans to the medical field.

Jackson also expressed support for a national commission to study the black COVID-19 toll modeled after the Kerner Commission, which studied the root causes of race riots in African American communities in the 1960s and made policy recommendations to prevent future unrest.

Daniel Dawes, director of Morehouse College’s School of Medicine’s Satcher Health Leadership Institute, said America’s history of segregation and policies led to the racial health disparities that exist today.

“If we do not take an appreciation for the historical context and the political determinants, then we’re only merely going to nibble around the edges of the problem of inequities,” he said.

The release of demographic data for the country’s virus victims remains a priority for many civil rights and public health advocates, who say the numbers are needed to address disparities in the national response to the pandemic.

The AP analysis, based on data through Thursday, found that of the more than 21,500 victims whose demographic data was known and disclosed by officials, more than 6,350 were black, a rate of nearly 30%.

African Americans account for 14.2% of the 241 million people who live in the areas covered by the analysis, which encompasses 24 states and the cities of Washington D.C., Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — places where statewide data was unavailable.

The nation had recorded more than 33,000 deaths as of Thursday.

In some areas, Native American communities also have been hit hard.

In New Mexico, Native Americans account for nearly 37% of the state’s 1,484 cases and about 11% of the state’s population.

Of the 112 deaths where race is known in Arizona, 30 were Native Americans.

After Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation this week to try to compel federal health officials to post daily data breaking down cases and deaths by race, ethnicity and other demographics, the CDC released only caseload data that — similar to the AP’s analysis of deaths —show 30 percent of 111,633 infected patients whose race is known were black.

African American patients in the 45-to-64 and 65-to-74 age groups represented an even larger share of the national caseload.


The lawmakers sent a letter last month to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar urging federal release of the demographic data.

And Joe Biden, the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, also called for its release.

Meanwhile, some black leaders have described the trunk’s response to COVID-19 as inadequate, after what they said was a hastily organized call with Mike Pence and CDC Director Robert Redfield last week.

According to a recording of the call obtained by the AP, Redfield said the CDC has been collecting demographic data from death certificates but that the comprehensiveness of the data depends on state and local health departments, many of which are overburdened by virus response.

No plan was offered to help health officials in hard-hit communities collect the data, leaders who were on the call said.

Kristen Clarke, president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which took part in the call, said African Americans “have every reason to be alarmed at the administration’s anemic response to the disproportionate impact that this crisis is having on communities of color.”

Mistrust runs deep among residents in many communities.

St. Louis resident Randy Barnes is grappling not just with the emotional toll of losing his brother to the virus, but also with the feeling that his brother’s case was not taken seriously.

Barnes said the hospital where his brother sought treatment initially sent him home without testing him and suggested he self-quarantine for 14 days.

Five days later, his brother was back in hospital, where he was placed on a ventilator for two weeks.

He died April 13.

Barnes’ brother and his wife also were caring for an 88-year-old man in the same apartment, who died from the virus around the same time.

“Those people are not being tested. They’re not being cared for,” Barnes said.

Eugene Rush lives in one of the areas outside large urban cities that have been hit hard with virus cases.

He is a sergeant for the sheriff’s department in Michigan’s Washtenaw County, west of Detroit, where black residents account for 46% of the COVID-19 cases but represent only 12% of the county’s population.

Rush, whose job includes community engagement, was diagnosed with COVID-19 near the end of March after what he initially thought was just a sinus infection.

He had to be hospitalized twice, but is now on the mend at home, along with his 16-year-old son, who also was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I had a former lieutenant for the city of Ypsilanti who passed while I was in the hospital and I had some fraternity brothers who caught the virus and were sick at the hospital,” Rush said.

“At that point, I said, ‘Well, this is really, really affecting a lot of people’ and they were mostly African American. That’s how I knew that it was really taking a toll a little bit deeper in the African American community than I realized.”

Stafford and Morrison are members of the AP’s Race and Ethnicity team.

Stafford reported from Detroit, Morrison from New York and Hoyer from Washington.

Associated Press writers Noreen Nasir in Chicago, Claudia Lauer in Philadelphia, Regina Garcia Cano in Washington, Chris Grygiel in Seattle and Kimberlee Kruesi in Nashville, Tennessee, contributed.

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Eight states haven't issued stay-at-home orders to fight the COVID-19 outbreak
by Arit John


California became the first state to issue a stay-at-home directive, effective March 19th, and 41 states and the District of Columbia have followed.

Eight states have not.

The leaders of Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming have taken steps to limit the size of gatherings, close schools and some nonessential businesses, and prohibit on-site dining at restaurants.

But they have stopped short of directing all residents to stay home except for essential business.

The Republican governors in those states have defended their decisions, arguing that their hospitals aren’t overrun and their rural states haven’t been hit as hard as others with denser urban centers, such as New York, Washington or Louisiana.

The governors have said they don’t want to hurt small businesses or infringe on individual freedoms.

At the same time, several of the states are dealing with outbreaks at meat processing plants, senior homes and long-term care facilities, and prisons that have raised concerns about the absence of stricter regulations.

A lack of widespread testing, experts say, makes it difficult to gauge the full extent of the outbreak.

Two studies in California suggest official counts have missed thousands of cases as a result of a slow start to testing and shortages that prioritized people showing symptoms.

Several states have sought to increase testing or are focusing testing in areas with growing outbreaks, but for now official tallies offer only an estimate.

Here’s what those governors have done so far, and why they don’t plan to issue a stay-at-home order.


Governor Asa Hutchinson has closed schools and fitness centers, banned on-site dining at restaurants and prohibited indoor social gatherings of more than 10 people.

But he has stopped short of a stay-at-home order and has blocked local leaders, including the mayor of Little Rock, from issuing stricter orders.

Hutchinson said his administration has worked with mayors on targeted responses, but he wants to take a “long-term approach” to combat the outbreak.

“You’re not going to win simply by a lockdown because there’s no such thing as a true lockdown where everybody stays at home and does not go out,” he said April 12th on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“The most important message is you wear your mask, you do your social distancing. And the people of Arkansas have embraced that.”

The state of 3 million people has more than 2,270 confirmed virus cases and 43 COVID-19 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

There has been a massive outbreak at the Cummins Unit state prison, where 670 inmates tested positive as of Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

The governor said Sunday that he’d asked the state parole board to identify and review nonviolent offenders not convicted of sex crimes who are near the end of their sentences to be considered for early release.


Governor Kim Reynolds has stopped short of issuing a stay-at-home order, but she has closed schools and some businesses and banned public gatherings of more than 10 people.

In the northeast region of the state, which includes Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, she’s issued stricter rules that limit “social, community, recreational, leisure and sporting gatherings” to only people who live in the same household.

Weddings, funerals and religious gatherings of no more than 10 people are allowed if participants practice social distancing measures.

The move followed virus outbreaks at long-term care facilities and meat processing plants in the region.

The state has had more than 3,740 confirmed cases and 90 COVID-19 deaths.

About 3.2 million people live in Iowa.

Reynolds has argued that her approach is equivalent to a stay-at-home order.

“We’re gonna continue to look at metrics and we’ll make decisions based on that, but the end result is the same,” she said at a March 25th news conference.

At an April 6th Executive Mansion briefing, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the actions taken by Iowa and neighboring Nebraska are “functionally equivalent” to a stay-at-home order.

“I want to make sure people understand that just because they don’t have a very strict stay-at-home order, they have in place a lot of things that are totally compatible with what everyone else is doing,” he said.


On April 3rd, Gov. Pete Ricketts announced that the state was under a “directed health measure,” closing schools, limiting bars and restaurants to takeout or delivery, banning large public gatherings and elective surgeries.

The order doesn’t close nonessential businesses, including malls, though some counties have issued stricter measures.

Ricketts closed salons, indoor theaters and tattoo parlors on April 10th.

Hall County, Nebraska’s fourth-largest, has become the epicenter of the state’s cases.

There were 558 confirmed cases in the county as of Tuesday afternoon, 237 of which were tied to the JBS meatpacking plant in Grand Island, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

In the state of 1.9 million people, there have been more than 1,720 confirmed cases and 38 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.


Governor Doug Burgum has also argued that the measures he’s taken add up to a stay-at-home order.

In a series of executive orders signed between mid-March and early April, he closed schools, gyms, movie theaters and personal grooming businesses such as salons and tattoo parlors.

Visitors are banned from long-term care facilities.

People who test positive for COVID-19 must quarantine at home for 14 days along with family members.

“This isn’t as much about what government says, it’s more about what individuals do,” Burgum said this month.

About 762,000 people live in the state, which has seen more than 670 confirmed cases and 14 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.


“South Dakota is not New York City,” Governor Kristi Noem said April 1st.

Though schools have been closed since March 16, Noem has not closed businesses or banned public gatherings.

She has ordered residents older than 65 or with underlying health conditions in two counties to stay home, limited government gatherings and directed businesses to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on social distancing, all while emphasizing the importance of protecting civil liberties.

“I believe in our freedoms and liberties. What I’ve seen across the country is so many people give up their liberties for just a little bit of security and they don’t have to do that,” Noem said during a Fox News interview last week.

“If a leader will take too much power in a time of crisis, that is how we lose our country.”

The state of 884,000 people has had more than 1,850 confirmed cases and nine deaths.

South Dakota now has one of the largest outbreak hot spots in the country, at a Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Sioux Falls.

Smithfield announced April 12th that the factory, one of the biggest in the country, would close indefinitely.

More than 700 employees at the facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

Noem argued that a stay-at-home order wouldn’t have prevented the outbreak because the facility is an essential business.

“Let’s be perfectly clear: a shelter-in-place order would NOT have prevented Smithfield from happening,” she Tweeted April 15th.

“They are a critical infrastructure business.”

On March 26th, Sioux Falls, the state’s largest city, passed a “no lingering” law limiting the number of patrons who can visit a business at one time to 10 or fewer in a bid to encourage social distancing.
Republican Mayor Paul TenHaken issued a voluntary proclamation encouraging residents to stay home.

TenHaken asked Noem to issue a stay-at-home order, but she declined.


Nearly 4 million people live in Oklahoma, which has more than 2,800 confirmed cases and 170 COVID-19 deaths.

The state has closed schools and nonessential businesses, but Governor Kevin Stitt has issued stay-at-home orders only for at-risk populations such as the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

Mayors in the state’s biggest cities, including Oklahoma City and Tulsa, have issued blanket stay-at-home orders.

“Unlike the safer-at-home order issued earlier this week by the governor, for which I am very grateful, this safer-at-home order applies to everyone in Tulsa, not just those over 65,” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said at a March 29th news conference.


Governor Gary Herbert has issued a series of guidelines encouraging people to stay home and practice social distancing and good hygiene.

Schools and nonessential businesses such as fitness centers are closed.

On Friday, Herbert announced plans to slowly begin to reopen the state as soon as May.

“We don’t want to go too fast, but we also don’t want to go too slow either,” Herbert said.

“It not just only about health care; it’s also concern about the livelihood of those we represent too.”

About 3.2 million people live in Utah, which has more than 3,440 confirmed virus cases and 32 COVID-19 deaths.

Some counties have issued strict stay-at-home orders.


Governor Mark Gordon closed schools and some businesses and prohibited gatherings of 10 or more people.

During an April 3rd news conference, Gordon said he and his administration have encouraged people to stay home, wash their hands, go to the store only when necessary and not gather in large groups.

“That is essentially what a stay-at-home order is,” he said.

“And if you’re waiting for me to issue a ‘shelter in place’ order when … I’m telling you to stay home, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for ‘Mother, may I?’ or are you taking care of yourself and practicing the common sense that we expect? One of our Wyoming values is talk less and say more. Our orders talk less and say more.”

About 579,000 people live in Wyoming, which has had more than 440 confirmed cases and six deaths.

Jackson, a town of about 10,000 people, issued a stay-at-home order March 28th.

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2 guards at ICE jail die after contracting COVID-19
by Nomaan Merchant


(HOUSTON, TX) — Two guards at an immigration detention center in Louisiana have died after contracting the virus, raising new questions about whether the U.S. government is adequately protecting 30,000 immigrants in custody and the staff guarding them.

Relatives of both Carl Lenard, 62, and Stanton Johnson, 51, said the Richwood Correctional Center in Monroe, Louisiana, had at one point prevented them from wearing masks as the virus spread through the facility.

Lenard died early Saturday, according to his family.

He tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, though his cause of death is still undetermined.

His widow, Margarette Lenard, said she now has COVID-19 as well and several relatives have symptoms of the virus.

Johnson died Tuesday, according to his mother, Joyce Johnson, who also said that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Both families believe the men contracted the virus working at Richwood, which has 45 detainees confirmed to have COVID-19.

There are 425 confirmed cases among detainees nationwide in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody, a figure that has steadily risen in recent weeks.

No detainee deaths from COVID-19 have been reported at Richwood or other ICE facilities.

ICE has about 30,000 people detained and tested just 705 detainees, according to its publicly released figures.

The agency recently said it would receive 2,000 tests a month from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to ramp up testing of detainees.

LaSalle Corrections, the private prison company that operates Richwood, did not immediately respond to a question for comment about the guards.

It also did not say how many guards at its immigration facilities are sick.

ICE referred questions about jail guard deaths to LaSalle.

“As an employer, if you employ a person, you have a mandate to protect them,” said Margarette Lenard, the widow of Carl Lenard.

She added that she also blamed the national shortages of protective equipment and the re-use of masks and other gear.

A Richwood employee told The Associated Press in early April that guards were being told not to wear their own masks or gloves to avoid spreading panic among detainees, as many have pleaded for their release to avoid contracting the virus and more than 20 lawsuits have been filed against ICE.

The employee was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.
Two days after the Associated Press asked LaSalle Corrections about its personal protective equipment policy, the jail staff was told on April 8th they could start to wear masks and other equipment, according to the Richwood employee.

LaSalle executive Scott Sutterfield told the AP that protective equipment “is provided as necessary and employees can bring and wear masks.”

In the meantime, detainees were being brought in from other facilities in Texas and Louisiana to Richwood, the employee said.

Some of them were suspected of having the virus.

One detainee, Salomon Diego Alonzo, was hospitalized shortly after being required to dial into an immigration court hearing where he struggled to speak, according to his attorney, Veronica Semino.

A guard standing near Alonzo told the judge during the hearing that the 26-year-old from Guatemala “does not have the lung capacity.”

Margarette Lenard confirmed that her husband was concerned about being around detainees without the necessary protective equipment.

She eventually obtained three cloth masks for him to wear.
Carl Lenard died unexpectedly in his home about 2 a.m. Saturday, she said.

He started having a fever Monday, six days before his death, she said.

She gave him Tylenol and called a medical clinic, which had him come in Wednesday for a virus test.

His fever eventually broke, though he had a small cough.

He woke at about 1 a.m. Saturday and was talking to his wife and grandchildren.

About 1:45, according to his widow, he started praying.

Shortly afterward, he gave a single cough, then stopped breathing, she said.
A nurse practitioner, Margarette Lenard, tried to resuscitate him until the paramedics arrived but was unsuccessful.

Joyce Johnson, the mother of Stanton Johnson, said he died Tuesday.

He initially started to have a fever and other symptoms last week, she said.

Both men had diabetes, their families said.

For most people, the new virus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks.

For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia and death.

On Tuesday, lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana and Southern Poverty Law Center called on ICE to improve conditions at Richwood.

"The ballooning number of positive COVID-19 cases at Richwood, and the reports of poor medical care that accompany this outbreak, demand your immediate attention to the conditions in that facility," the lawyers said.

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Thursday, 30th April 2o2o
California governor intends to close all state beaches and parks
by Madeline Holcombe and Paul Vercammen


California Governor Gavin Newsom intends to order the closure of all state beaches and parks starting Friday, according to a copy of a memo provided to CNN by a senior law enforcement official.

"We wanted to give all of our members a heads up about this in order to provide time for you to plan for any situations you might expect as a result, knowing each community has its own dynamics," the memo says.

The closures are expected to be announced Thursday, and state park personnel will help in local efforts to close the sites, the memo said.

Newsom's office did not respond to CNN's request for comment.

The memo cited overcrowding of thousands of people at Southern California's beaches over the past weekend in the decision to announce closures.

Earlier Wednesday, the governor said at a press conference that of about 100 beaches along the state's coastline, about 5% saw large crowds.

Orange County and Ventura County beaches were packed as visitors looked for relief from a heat wave.


Newport Beach in Orange County saw about 90,000 beachgoers last weekend despite the urging of officials to follow the state's stay-home order.

On Tuesday, Newport Beach's City Council voted to keep its beaches open, with additional enforcement of physical distancing.

An Orange County board of supervisors member pushed back on Newsom's expected announcement, calling it an "overreaction."

In a statement late Wednesday, Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner acknowledged Newsom has the authority to shutter the state's beaches, but called the decision "not wise."

"Medical professionals tell us the importance of fresh air and sunlight in fighting infectious diseases, including mental health benefits," he wrote.

"Moreover, Orange County citizens have been cooperative with California state and county restrictions thus far. I fear that this overreaction from the state will undermine that cooperative attitude and our collective efforts to fight the disease, based on the best available medical information."

Though authorities in those counties reported that beachgoers largely observed social distancing rules, Newsom chastised beachgoers and warned that defying the state's stay at home order could delay its reopening.

"This virus doesn't take the weekends off. This virus doesn't go home. We have to manage and augment our behavior," Newsom said Monday.

"The only thing that will set us back is people stopping practicing physical distancing."

The state announced a plan Tuesday to phase in reopening, though the state is not rushing back to normalcy.

Newsom said the state is now in the first stage, staying home, and opening retail businesses and schools is still "weeks away."


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Tuesday, 5th May 2o2o
Chris Christie Says People ‘Are Going To Have To’ Accept More Deaths To Reopen Economy
by Josephine Harvey


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday joined the tally of conservatives saying it’s crucial to restart the U.S. economy, even if that means losing thousands of more lives to COVID-19 as a result.

In an interview on “The Daily DC” podcast, CNN’s Dana Bash asked about new internal government projections that nearly 3,000 people will be dying daily by June 1st.

He answered that people “are going to have to” swallow the idea of losing thousands of more lives.

As social distancing restrictions ease in several states, another model often cited by the Executive Mansion this week revised fatality projections to more than 134,000 by August 4th, almost double the previous estimate.

Christie claimed the “economic devastation” caused by widespread stay-at-home measures due to the pandemic was “equally sad.”

“Of course, everybody wants to save every life they can ― but the question is, towards what end, ultimately?” Christie asked.

“Are there ways that we can  thread the middle here to allow that there are going to be deaths, and there are going to be deaths no matter what?”

He suggested keeping the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems at home, and limiting large public gatherings like concerts and sports events while letting others get back to work.

Asked for his message if he were in the Oval Office, Christie, who ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, said that “the message is that the American people have gone through significant death before” and compared reopening the country to the “sacrifice” made by American soldiers in World War II.

“We sacrificed those lives. We sent our young men during WWII over to Europe, out to the Pacific, knowing, knowing that many of them would not come home alive,” he said.

“And we decided to make that sacrifice because what we were standing up for was the American way of life. In the very same way now, we have to stand up for the American way of life.”

It’s not the first time Christie has pushed for the country to reopen before public health experts say it’s safe to do so, and he is one member of a growing list of conservatives who insist that widespread death from Covid-19 is a justifiable price to pay for reviving the nation’s economy.

Last month, Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-Ind.) claimed the government should “always choose” the economy over American lives, and Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said that “there are more important things than living” in his own push to reopen businesses.

Despite noting the dramatically increased death projections that same day, trunk declared Monday that “we have to reopen our country” as quickly as possible.


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Tuesday, 19th May 2o2o
Oregon Supreme Court reinstates COVID-19 restrictions
by ABC News


A pandemic of the novel virus has now killed more than 318,000 people worldwide.

Over 4.8 million people across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new respiratory virus, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

The actual numbers are believed to be much higher due to testing shortages, many unreported cases and suspicions that some governments are hiding the scope of their nations' outbreaks.


Since the first cases were detected in China in December, the United States has become the worst-affected country, with more than 1.5 million diagnosed cases and at least 90,369 deaths.


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Wednesday, 20th May 2o2o
Black Americans dying of Covid-19 at three times the rate of white people
by Ed Pilkington

The racial wound at the center of the virus pandemic in the US continues to fester, with latest data showing that African Americans have died from the disease at almost three times the rate of white people.

New figures compiled by the non-partisan APM Research Lab and released on Wednesday under the title Color of Coronavirus provide further evidence of the staggering divide in the Covid-19 death rate between black Americans and the rest of the nation.

Across the country, African Americans have died at a rate of 50.3 per 100,000 people, compared with 20.7 for whites, 22.9 for Latinos and 22.7 for Asian Americans.

More than 20,000 African Americans – about one in 2,000 of the entire black population in the US – have died from the disease.

At the level of individual states, the statistics are all the more shocking.

Bottom of the league table in terms of racial disparities is Kansas, where black residents are dying at seven times the rate of whites.

“This is a call to action for our county commissioners, our state and our city officials,” the Kansas state representative Gail Finney told local TV channel KWCH12 recently.

In other states, the gulf is almost as extreme.

In the nation’s capital, Washington, the disparity in death rate between blacks and whites is six times, in Michigan and Missouri five, and in major hotspots of the disease – New York, Illinois and Louisiana – three.

Despite the glaring gulf, the trunk continues to be sluggish in responding to the crisis.
Uché Blackstock, an urgent care physician and CEO of Advancing Health Equity, said that the federal reaction had been anemic.

“The disparities are continuing to be reflected in the data, yet we still have a complete lack of guidance from the federal government about how to mitigate these divisions. There is no real plan how to deal with it,” Blackstock said.

Senior trunk officials have blamed the disparities on the high incidence among black people of underlying health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

On Sunday the health secretary, Alex Azar, pointed to their “greater risk profiles”, and was criticized for blaming the victims of the virus.

While co-morbidities are a factor, there is mounting evidence that black Americans are disadvantaged in terms of access to diagnostic testing and treatment for the disease.

Gathering data on the racial gulf in deaths has itself been hampered by an absence of federal action, compounded by slow and in some cases non-existent reporting by many states.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only produced its first set of death statistics by race this week, despite mounting calls for basic information.

In the absence of government data, APM Research Lab has stepped into the breach.

It now gathers statistics from 40 states, covering almost 90% of the total of 92,128 deaths in the US recorded by Johns Hopkins.

Andi Egbert, senior researcher at APM Research Lab, said she was astonished that it was left to an independent organization to produce nationwide statistics that should be coming from the federal government.

“I won’t speculate about motive, but I can’t believe in a modern economy that we don’t have a mandated, uniform way of reporting the data across states. We are in the midst of this tremendous crisis, and data is the best way of knowing who is suffering and how.”

Among the states that are still failing to produce any data on deaths by racial group are Montana, Nebraska, Utah and North and South Dakota.

The racial disparities in the US death figures became apparent relatively early on in the pandemic, particularly in large cities where black neighborhoods were hit much harder than wealthier white areas.

When New York City produced its first racial breakdown of Covid-19 deaths in April it showed that Latino and black New Yorkers, especially in the outer boroughs including Queens and the Bronx, were experiencing death rates that were at least twice those of whites and Asians.

New figures from the city’s health department released this week and reviewed by the New York Times found that when death rates are ranked by zip code, eight out of the top 10 have majority black or Latino populations.

As the pandemic unfolds, some states including Michigan and New York have begun to convene specialist taskforces to grapple with the disproportionate suffering in black communities.
But Blackstock said that there remained no sign of the trunkstepping up to tackle the crisis.

“At this point we have to assume that the clear lack of guidance from the federal government is going to continue, and that states are going to have to do it for themselves,” she said.

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By The Numbers:

5,007,840+ cases, 327,310+  deaths globally

Infections rising in South America

93,260+ deaths in the U.S., 35,7000+ in the UK

36.83% of patients have recovered

***  Updated May 20th, 10:18 p.m.  EST  ***