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Title: Black Panther: Spellbound Exclusive Excerpt Sets Up a Chilling New Mystery
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Title: Re: Black Panther: Spellbound Exclusive Excerpt Sets Up a Chilling New Mystery
Post by: supreme illuminati on January 22, 2022, 11:39:00 pm
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Brother Ture alluded to this some years ago, right before and right as BP hit in CIVIL WAR and right before and right after BP 1 absolutely merked the universe with its arrival and subsequent cultural movement:

I never thought I'd say that the huge amount of attention that I've always wanted for the character BP would turn into a negative for BP, but it has or can do so in various incarnations, and in the hands of various genres and/or writers. This young adult thing with Black Panther Spellbound? Is one such example.

Not because of the writer per se. But because of the niche it occupies: the preteen-teen categories. The whole Goosebumps/Harry Potter/Katniss Everdeen/Twilight crowd. Bruh. It's madd trash. Madd with two d's. It seems like the writer could do much better but was constrained by the demographics of the limits of a projected preteen and teen readership which is potentially both gargantuan and shall we say as kindly as we can...uh...unsophisticated.

T'Challa. Prince of Wakanda. Which has known magic AND science for over a million years. Whose toys for children which it abandon 800,000 years ago is 100x more advanced than what is available to the most advanced science laboratories now. Whose every layer of society is suffused with the magic of the cosmos, Nature and humanity and the mental prowess of same. Is even remotely bothered by a lightweight spook Stateside?

In a word: BOO!!

PRINCE T'Challa would use the lessons of the Djalia [ since he hasn't yet ingested the HSH ] to commune with the spook in question...or whatever...and have the whole issue resolved during the first page of the first book.

Or. T'Challa could activate the mtaa nguvu ya umchawi...local magic summon the promise of like High John The Conqueror to deal with this mess. Or rock the power of the Orisha to deal with each challenge the [ Whatever The Big Bad In This Book Is ] and handle it with ease.


T'Challa would create a Ghostbuster Box and handle all the bizness. Or a Sumaku ya Nishati ya Kiroho...Magnet of Spiritual Energy...draw Not So Big Bad to him, Ghostbuster Box said baddie, and be back in class before the 10 minute recess break was over.

Or T'Challa would... get the idea.

T'Challa is running the risk of being turned into "generic chocolate covered version of generic, shallow of character angsty White pre/teen".

Narcisse? Save us. Thanks.