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Title: Batman Confidential #17
Post by: Hypestyle on May 15, 2008, 09:56:16 am
Batgirl vs. Catwoman Year One

script- Fabien Nicieza; art- Kevin Maguire

Catwoman steals a journal of police secrets written by Commissioner Gordon, and Barbara-- Batgirl for a few months now-- gives chase across Gotham's rooftops, bridges and alleys...

The climax finds Catwoman seeking refuge at a nudists' club gathering.  stalled at the entrance (after running 30+ flights of stairs), Batgirl debates internally whether to go bat-commando to catch the thief. To be continued...

the art is excellent, but the journal, so far, is a MacGuffin, giving reason for Batgirl to chase the cat.. Selina is incredulous at first-- "are you a groupie?"