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Title: Music Video/ MOBY- Wait For Me
Post by: Battle on April 12, 2010, 09:14:02 am
Milestone guy,  Joe Illidge has just completed work on a music video. 
Check it out at
Please, show your support by voting for its popularity.  ...and check out some cool alternative music in the process.


MOBY - Wait For Me
Directed by: lulu & Julia Mintz
Assistant  Director: Joseph Phillip Illidge
Compositing & Animation: Jean-Paul Cummings
Produced by: Shugah Films

It's easy...  Just  click on "Vote" under the embedded video. Put an email address in. Uncheck the box to become a member (unless you want to) and then confirm from your email address. The deadline is Monday April 12th at 8pm.  Which is today!

...and thanks  HEF.