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Post by: KamiKaZee on November 18, 2006, 01:30:53 am
Rapper 'The Game' Arrested
UPDATED: 6:20 pm EST November 17, 2006

NEW YORK -- The rapper known as The Game has been arrested for allegedly impersonating an undercover police officer, authorities said.

At around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, Jayceon Taylor, the hip-hop star known to his fans as The Game, flagged down a Lincoln Town Car at 56th Street and 7th Avenue, police said.

The driver of the taxi, Muhammed Butt, said that The Game claimed to be an undercover policeman and told him to race through several traffic lights on Lexington Avenue, police said.

Police officers pulled over the taxi at 43rd Street and 6th Avenue for driving erratically, at which point the driver told them that his passenger was an undercover officer. After running a check, the officers found that that was not the case.
Post by: GrimSkill on November 18, 2006, 02:00:36 am
Good God >.<

He is not getting any Street Cred for this arrest  :-\
Post by: Redjack on November 18, 2006, 08:32:11 am

I love the phrase "caught a case." Like there's this criminal prosecution flu floating around, you were just minding your own business and -BOOM- you caught it.

Did I say "idiot" already?
Title: Rapper's business partner charged with laundering gang money
Post by: KamiKaZee on November 18, 2006, 08:39:29 am
Rapper's business partner charged with laundering gang money
Friday, November 17, 2006

A partner in an Atlantic City recording studio launched by well-known rapper The Game was charged today with laundering more than a $100,000 for the 9 Tre Gangsters, the state’s bloodiest street gang, authorities said.

John “Johnny Hooks” Abbey, 38, was taken into custody as State Police executed search warrants at the recording studio, Black Wall Street East, and at a construction company and house he owns in Little Egg Harbor, said state Division of Criminal Justice Director Gregory Paw.

Abbey was charged with first-degree racketeering conspiracy and a Superior Court judge ordered him held in lieu of $750,000 bail, Criminal Justice spokesman Peter Aseltine said. If convicted, Abbey faces up to 20 years behind bars.

“The investigation has led us to various financial tools used by the gang to finance their operations and to move proceeds of their crime,” Paw said. “It was a significant issue for us to learn ... how they have infiltrated legitimate businesses and used sophisticated techniques to finance their endeavors.”

The arrest marks the latest chapter in the state’s attempt to stamp out the 9 Tre, a faction of the Bloods street gang that authorities have said deals heroin, cocaine and guns in communities from one end of the state to the other, including Newark, Trenton and Atlantic City. The State Police began their investigation more than a year ago after one of the gang’s alleged enforcers was charged with killing a Newark special police officer and last July arrested 41 alleged leaders of the 9 Tre.

Authorities hope the search warrants executed at the Black Wall Street East studio and Viper Construction, both of which Abbey has a stake in, will turn up business records indicating the exact scope of Abbey’s involvement with the gang, officials said.

Abbey describes himself on his Internet profile on as having more than 20 years of construction and financial management experience, including doing renovations for several national chain stores. In addition, he also has ownership stakes in Black Wall Street East, 16 Bars magazine and Livelihood Entertainment. Black Wall Street East, which rapper The Game opened as an East Coast studio for his Los Angeles-based company, is a customized state-of-the-art facility, according to

The Game, who released a new album this week, hit multi-platinum with his first album, The Documentary, and is well known for his feud with star rapper 50 Cent.
Title: 'Web rage' pickaxe attacker jailed
Post by: KamiKaZee on November 18, 2006, 07:09:31 pm
'Web rage' pickaxe attacker jailed
By David Sapsted
Last Updated: 1:28am GMT 18/11/2006

The first person to be charged with a "web rage" attack was jailed for two and a half years today.    

Tempers flared after Paul Gibbons, 47, and John Jones, 43, exchanged insults in an Internet chatroom, an Old Bailey judge was told.

After tracing Mr Jones to his home address in Clacton, Gibbons armed himself with a pickaxe handle and, accompanied by a man with a machete, travelled 70 miles to the Essex seaside town in December 2005.

When they arrived, Mr Jones, whose girlfriend and three children were in the house, opened the door holding a knife for protection.

A fight broke out in which Mr Jones was disarmed and then beaten with the pickaxe handle and cut with his own knife.

Gibbons fled after Mr Jones's girlfriend called for help. Mr Jones suffered cuts to his head, neck and hands.

An earlier hearing was told that Gibbons, from Southwark, south London, and Mr Jones had encountered each other in a chatroom called Islam 10 because they both had an interest in the Muslim faith.

Things started to go wrong when Gibbons accused Mr Jones of spreading rumours about him.

"There was an exchange of views between the victim and the defendant which were threatening on both sides," Ibitayo Adebayo, prosecuting, said.

Jailing Gibbons, who has a record of violence, Judge Richard Hawkins told him: "It is accepted by the prosecution that Mr Jones taunted you and dared you to go to his house where you would be greeted with weapons."

Gibbons, who is unemployed, pleaded guilty last month to unlawful wounding after the prosecution agreed not to proceed with charges of attempted murder and threats to kill.

After the attack, it was found that Gibbons had boasted about what he was going to do on the Internet.

Jonathan Green, defending, said that Mr Jones had given the impression of being the innocent victim but his web blog "painted a different picture".

He said that Mr Jones had been the first to initiate physical confrontation.

Mr Green added that there was a misconception that anything said in chatrooms was anonymous, leading to people writing things that they otherwise would not dream of saying.

Det Sgt Jean-Marc Bazzoni, of Essex Police, said that the case demonstrated the importance of protecting one's identity on the Internet.

"Mr Jones had posted pictures of his family on the web and had chatted to Gibbons on an audio link," he said.

"It demonstrates how easily other users can put two and two together and also shows how children could also find themselves in danger."
Post by: Jenn on November 18, 2006, 08:12:31 pm
See, you cats think I'm being funny when I talk about people like Guido making threats. I'm not bullsh*tting y'all one bit.
Title: Rocker Doherty arrested again on drugs grounds
Post by: KamiKaZee on November 19, 2006, 10:55:03 am
Rocker Doherty arrested again on drugs grounds
Sun Nov 19, 7:19 AM ET

Troubled rocker Pete Doherty, the boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, was released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of possessing crack cocaine, police have said.

The Babyshambles singer, no stranger to drugs charges, was nabbed by officers after driving his car in an erratic fashion near his east London home at around 8:20 am on Saturday.

Two other people in the vehicle were also arrested on suspicion of drug possession. Police sources said Moss was not involved.

The trio, all released from Bethnal Green police station pending analysis of "substances recovered", must return in December.

Doherty's drug addiction has been well-documented in British newspapers.
Post by: KamiKaZee on November 22, 2006, 08:48:10 am
49ers' Bryant arrested on DUI charges

By KIM CURTIS, Associated Press Writer
Tue Nov 21, 10:29 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Antonio Bryant was arrested on reckless and drunken driving charges after his orange Lamborghini was seen speeding faster than 100 mph on a freeway.

Bryant, 25, was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of misdemeanor charges of reckless driving, driving under the influence and resisting arrest, police Capt. Kevin Raffaelli said.

An officer entering U.S. Highway 101 saw Bryant speed past and tried unsuccessfully to catch him, Raffaelli said. He radioed another officer who pulled over Bryant.

Bryant showed "signs and symptoms" of being drunk, and he was uncooperative, combative and verbally abusive, Raffaelli said. He refused to step out of the car, he said.

The officers were forced to use leather restraints to put Bryant in a seated position with his legs straight and his hands cuffed behind his back, Raffaelli said.

Bryant was booked into the San Mateo County jail early Monday morning and released a few hours later on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 28, according to San Mateo County sheriff's Lt. Lisa Williams.

Aaron Salkin, a spokesman for the 49ers, said the team was aware of the arrest, but declined to comment further.

The arrest came hours after the 49ers recorded their biggest win of the season, a 20-14 victory over the division-leading
Seattle Seahawks.

Bryant signed a four-year, $15 million deal with 49ers in March.

Rumblings about Bryant's testy, prickly nature have followed the Miami native since his days at Pittsburgh, where he won the Biletnikoff Award as the nation's top college receiver.

He infamously blew up at Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells at a preseason practice in 2004, throwing a sweaty jersey at him during an argument. He took anger management classes and was traded to Cleveland a few months later.

Last year with the Browns, he set career highs of 69 catches for 1,009 yards.
Post by: Mastrmynd on November 22, 2006, 12:19:21 pm

for a second, i thought this was an anti- rap thread.
Title: Tracy Morgan's DUIs
Post by: KamiKaZee on November 28, 2006, 10:02:29 pm
'30 Rock' Star Charged With DWI
Nov 28 1:48 PM US/Eastern   
Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK                     

Tracy Morgan, a former "Saturday Night Live" regular who co-stars on NBC's "30 Rock," was arrested Tuesday in Upper Manhattan on drunken driving charges, the district attorney's office said.

The 38-year-old comedian was stopped around 4:30 a.m. while driving a Cadillac Escalade on the Henry Hudson Parkway near West 158th Street, said Edison Alban, a spokesman for District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.

Police reported that Morgan smelled of alcohol and that he later failed a breathalyzer test at the 28th Precinct station house, Alban said.

Alban didn't yet know the name of Morgan's attorney.

Morgan's publicist in Los Angeles didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

Alban said Morgan was to be arraigned later in Manhattan's state Supreme Court on charges of driving while intoxicated and driving while impaired.

Last Dec. 2, Morgan was arrested in Hollywood, Calif., on impaired driving charges after police stopped him for speeding. Authorities there said his blood-alcohol level was 0.13 percent, over the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

On Feb. 17, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of drunken driving. He was sentenced to 36 months' probation, fined $390 and ordered to attend an alcohol education program, authorities said.

Morgan was a "Saturday Night Live" cast member from 1996 to 2003. He left the show to star in the short-lived "The Tracy Morgan Show."
Title: Snoop Dogg again
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on November 29, 2006, 08:46:20 am
Snoop Dogg is arrested
From a Times Staff Writer
November 29, 2006

Rapper-actor Snoop Dogg was arrested Tuesday evening by Burbank police on four felony drug- and weapons-related charges just after he finished taping an appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

The arrest of the performer, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, stemmed from an investigation after his apprehension last month by police at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a gun and of transporting marijuana.

He also was charged earlier this month with knowingly possessing a deadly weapon, a collapsible police baton found in his computer bag, as he was about to board a plane at John Wayne Airport in Orange County in September.

Burbank Police Sgt. Kevin Grandalski said Broadus was served with a search warrant after 6 p.m. in the 400 block of Bob Hope Drive, just outside the NBC studios.

He said investigators searched the suspect, his car and his home in Diamond Bar, prompting them to file charges of his being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana for sale and having a false compartment in a vehicle.

Grandalski said Broadus was expected to post his bail, which was set at $60,000.
Post by: bluezulu on November 29, 2006, 09:13:57 am
Snoop gets arrested at least once a month dealing with drugs and weapons. Hes rich and famous whats the point? And with an entourage the sh*t is always somebody elses. Waste of time to me.
Post by: KamiKaZee on November 29, 2006, 12:18:34 pm

I kinda like Snoop.  But he's gotta be pretty dumb to keep on getting arrested.
What happened to the three strikes and your a$$ is out law?  Don't they have
that out in Cali anymore?  Shouldn't he be on lock-down?

Post by: Redjack on November 29, 2006, 05:45:26 pm
That's okay. they'll both get image awards and hit the vip with R. Kelly afterwards.

Post by: KamiKaZee on November 30, 2006, 02:20:05 am

Talk about stoooooooopid!  >:(

Title: Suge Says Snoop Is A Snitch
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 01, 2006, 01:18:11 am

November 30, 2006 -- SUGE Knight, the founder of Death Row Records, has an explanation for how his archenemy Snoop Dogg keeps avoiding jail, despite his numerous arrests for drugs and gun possession.

"Snoop is a rat. He's a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don't like rats," Knight told Page Six exclusively yesterday.

The latest arrest for Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus) came Tuesday after he taped his performance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Cops who pulled over his vehicle say they found cocaine, marijuana and a gun.

On Nov. 2, Dogg was arrested at the airport in Santa Ana, Calif., with a collapsible baton and was charged with possession of a deadly weapon. On Oct. 26, he was nabbed at the Burbank airport with a gun and a controlled substance.

Dogg might be paranoid about his safety because he is afraid of Knight, especially after trashing the scary record mogul in a cover story in the new Rolling Stone.

Snoop claims Knight threatened his life while Knight was serving five years in jail. And Knight has always been one of the names that comes up in the investigation of the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur.

"I stepped to him [four years ago] at the BET Awards with my n--s, and he [Knight] was more scared than a mother[bleep]er," Snoop brags to Rolling Stone. "That was the scenario when n--s knew the balance had shifted. That's when everybody felt like the floodgates was open on Suge. Snoop dissed him in public, and he didn't do nothing."

When mono-named writer Touré asks Snoop if he is afraid of reprisals, he replies, "[Bleep] nah . . . Never was afraid of him. I was afraid I was gonna have to kill him. That's what I was afraid of."

Knight, a 6-foot-4 behemoth who played football for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, told us: "I don't have to go around and convince people I'm tough. The only being I fear is God. Snoop has never been in a real fight. When there's trouble, he runs to the police. He throws up and starts crying."
Post by: Curtis Metcalf on December 01, 2006, 07:28:10 am

Talk about stoooooooopid!  >:(


This is hilarious.  I almost spit coffee on my keyboard when he dropped in.   ;D ;D
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 01, 2006, 08:27:35 am

Talk about stoooooooopid!  >:(


This is hilarious.  I almost spit coffee on my keyboard when he dropped in.   ;D ;D

I found it funny as hell but it's really sad that anyone would burglarize a liquor store.
What's in there that could possibly help you?  If you're going to coordinate some sort
of a heist, have sense enough to hit a target with a payoff.  And have an escape plan
mapped out before you make your entrance.

Kind of makes me want to drop everything and develop a correspondence course
for criminals  ;)

Post by: Curtis Metcalf on December 01, 2006, 09:02:39 am
Kind of makes me want to drop everything and develop a correspondence course
for criminals  ;)
But how would they raise the funds to pay you before they take the course?  :)
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 01, 2006, 09:14:32 am
Kind of makes me want to drop everything and develop a correspondence course
for criminals  ;)
But how would they raise the funds to pay you before they take the course?  :)

I'm trusting.  They could remit funds after utilizing the knowledge I've imparted upon them  :D

Post by: Curtis Metcalf on December 01, 2006, 09:31:57 am
Kind of makes me want to drop everything and develop a correspondence course
for criminals  ;)
But how would they raise the funds to pay you before they take the course?  :)
I'm trusting.  They could remit funds after utilizing the knowledge I've imparted upon them  :D
I see.  You're willing to extend credit to apprentice criminals.  Now I know you're pulling my leg.   ;)
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 01, 2006, 10:33:45 am
I see.  You're willing to extend credit to apprentice criminals.  Now I know you're pulling my leg.   ;)

Well, obviously I'm not going to pursue this because I'm currently developing another
correspondence course curriculum.  But you see - hypothetically speaking of course, I
would make that first lesson so doggone informative, but it would be just a teaser and
so they would gladly go out and use their newfound skills in order to procure the funds
to pay me for the first lesson and to continue with the remainder of their mastermind
criminal course  :)

Post by: Curtis Metcalf on December 01, 2006, 10:50:32 am
I see.  You're willing to extend credit to apprentice criminals.  Now I know you're pulling my leg.   ;)
Well, obviously I'm not going to pursue this because I'm currently developing another
correspondence course curriculum. 
Well, that and the questionable legality of such an enterprise.
But you see - hypothetically speaking of course, I
would make that first lesson so doggone informative, but it would be just a teaser and
so they would gladly go out and use their newfound skills in order to procure the funds
to pay me for the first lesson and to continue with the remainder of their mastermind
criminal course  :)
It would be interesting to see how many of them would come back for more.  Either because they had success with what they learned from the first lesson or because they didn't.  Hypothetically speaking, of course. 
Title: 4-Year-Old's Sexual Impropriety
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 08, 2006, 03:25:14 pm
4-year-old Accused of Improperly Touching Teacher  ::)
Dec 7, 2006 07:48 PM
by Jennifer Kent

BELLMEAD - A four-year-old hugged his teachers aide and was put into in-school suspension, according to the father.  But La Vega school administrators have a different story.

Damarcus Blackwell's four-year-old son was lining-up to get on the bus after school last month, when he was accused of rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee.

The prinicipal of La Vega Primary School sent a letter to the Blackwells that said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment." 

Blackwell says it's ridiculous that the aide would misread a hug from a four-year-old.  Blackwell wrote to administrators demanding that the whole incident be expunged from his son's academic file because his son is too young to know what it means to act sexually.

David Davis, the executive director of the Advocacy Center in Waco tends to agree with Blackwell.  He says assuming the boy has not had sexual encounters, or been inappropriately exposed to pornography, most four-year-olds are sexually innocent.

Blackwell got a response  from the La Vega administration.  The sexual references on the discipline referral were removed.  But the thing that makes Blackwell most upset is they told him "your request for an apology by the aide and removal of all paperwork regarding this incident is denied."  Now the young student's file will refer to the incident as "inappropriate physical contact."  And Blackwell says he will continue to fight the district.

La Vega I.S.D. administrators told News Channel 25 they couldn't comment on this case because of student privacy issues.
Post by: Magic Wand on December 08, 2006, 09:50:43 pm
So....who believes the pre-schooler was gittin' jiggy wit' the busty teacher?
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 09, 2006, 04:06:55 am

Oh Lawd.  I just saw on CNN the little child is Black.  It's gonna be some SH!T because
the daddy ain't gonna take no mess.  He's not even playin  >:(

Post by: Magic Wand on December 10, 2006, 08:55:32 am
A U.S. Justice Department report released on November 30 showed that a record 7 million people -- or one in every 32 American adults -- were behind bars, on probation or on parole at the end of last year. Of the total, 2.2 million were in prison or jail.

According to the International Center for Prison Studies at King's College in London, more people are behind bars in the United States than in any other country. China ranks second with 1.5 million prisoners, followed by Russia with 870,000.

The U.S. incarceration rate of 737 per 100,000 people in the highest, followed by 611 in Russia and 547 for St. Kitts and Nevis. In contrast, the incarceration rates in many Western industrial nations range around 100 per 100,000 people.

Groups advocating reform of U.S. sentencing laws seized on the latest U.S. prison population figures showing admissions of inmates have been rising even faster than the numbers of prisoners who have been released.

U.S. Imprisons More People Than Any Other Nation

By James Vicini, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Dec. 9) -- Tough sentencing laws, record numbers of drug offenders and high crime rates have contributed to the United States having the largest prison population and the highest rate of incarceration in the world, according to criminal justice experts.

"The United States has 5 percent of the world's population and 25 percent of the world's incarcerated population. We rank first in the world in locking up our fellow citizens," said Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, which supports alternatives in the war on drugs.

"We now imprison more people for drug law violations than all of western Europe, with a much larger population, incarcerates for all offenses."

Ryan King, a policy analyst at The Sentencing Project, a group advocating sentencing reform, said the United States has a more punitive criminal justice system than other countries.

"We send more people to prison, for more different offenses, for longer periods of time than anybody else," he said.

Drug offenders account for about 2 million of the 7 million in prison, on probation or parole, King said, adding that other countries often stress treatment instead of incarceration.

Commenting on what the prison figures show about U.S. society, King said various social programs, including those dealing with education, poverty, urban development, health care and child care, have failed.

"There are a number of social programs we have failed to deliver. There are systemic failures going on," he said. "A lot of these people then end up in the criminal justice system."
Kent Scheidegger, legal director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation in California, said the high prison numbers represented a proper response to the crime problem in the United States. Locking up more criminals has contributed to lower crime rates, he said.

"The hand-wringing over the incarceration rate is missing the mark," he said.

Scheidegger said the high prison population reflected cultural differences, with the United States having far higher crimes rates than European nations or Japan. "We have more crime. More crime gets you more prisoners."

Julie Stewart, president of the group Families Against Mandatory Minimums, cited the Justice Department report and said drug offenders are clogging the U.S. justice system.

"Why are so many people in prison? Blame mandatory sentencing laws and the record number of nonviolent drug offenders subject to them," she said.
Post by: Magic Wand on December 10, 2006, 08:57:04 am
Who among us has spent a night (or more) in the joint?
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 10, 2006, 03:21:50 pm
Who among us has spent a night (or more) in the joint?

I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me
(as if I want Curtis M on my a$$ about that sh!t :-X) 

Post by: Magic Wand on December 10, 2006, 11:00:35 pm
Ain't no thang.
I have.
Interesting people in there.
I wouldn't want any long-term commitment inside, but one night
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 10, 2006, 11:13:48 pm
Ain't no thang.
I have.
Interesting people in there.
I wouldn't want any long-term commitment inside, but one night

I didn't spend the night.  Thank God!!!  :)

Post by: Curtis Metcalf on December 11, 2006, 09:42:57 am
Who among us has spent a night (or more) in the joint?

I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me
(as if I want Curtis M on my a$$ about that sh!t :-X)
Not me.  Presumed innocent and all.  Although I was wondering how you acquired the expertise to teach that on-line course. ;)
Post by: KamiKaZee on December 11, 2006, 10:42:27 am
Who among us has spent a night (or more) in the joint?

I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me
(as if I want Curtis M on my a$$ about that sh!t :-X)
Not me.  Presumed innocent and all.  Although I was wondering how you acquired the expertise to teach that on-line course. ;)

By watching television of course.  And yes, I was innocent.  The case was dismissed and has since been expunged.

Post by: Battle on January 09, 2019, 11:58:55 am
Wednesday, 9th December 2019
Judge issues arrest warrant for man accused in GoFundMe scam
by Associated Press

(MOUNT HOLLY, N.J.) A judge has issued an arrest warrant for a homeless veteran charged with engaging in a GoFundMe scheme after he failed to make a scheduled court appearance.

Johnny Bobbitt was due in a New Jersey court Tuesday to face charges that he violated court-ordered conditions that allowed for his release from jail while awaiting trial.

Bobbitt's lawyer John Keesler says he spoke with his client Friday and expected him to appear in court.

Prosecutors say the 35-year-old conspired with Katelyn McClure and her then-boyfriend Mark D'Amico to concoct a story about Bobbitt giving McClure his last $20 for gas.


Bobbit and the New Jersey couple raised $400,000, which authorities say was spent on luxury items and casino trips.(


Banished To The Phantom Zone!*

GoFundMe says it has refunded everyone who contributed to the campaign.(

*They resemble the villains from the motion picture, Superman II... General Zod, Ursa and--- I forget the third guy's name.

Would You Like To Know More? (
Post by: Battle on January 11, 2019, 01:36:47 pm
Friday, 11th December 2019
Fugitive Nail  Salon Murderer... Nailed!
by Associated Press


(LAS VEGAS) Police say a 21-year-old woman sought for almost two weeks after allegedly skipping out on a $35 manicure and using a stolen car to run over and kill a manicurist in Las Vegas has been arrested in Arizona.

Las Vegas police say Krystal Whipple was arrested Friday in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale by a team of fugitive hunters involving Phoenix-area police, county investigators and FBI agents.

Whipple was identified as the customer-turned-assailant seen on video leaving a nail salon Dec. 29 and driving a black sedan that allegedly ran over 51-year-old Ngoc Q. Nguyen.

Police say Whipple tried to pay with a fraudulent credit card and told Nguyen that she was going to her car to get cash before killing her as she drove away.

Would You Like To Know More? (
Post by: Battle on January 13, 2019, 12:10:58 pm
Sunday, 13th December 2019
Black Mountain man charged with assaulting underage girl at Asheville Mall


(ASHEVILLE, N.C.) A Black Mountain man has been charged after a fight Saturday at Asheville Mall.

Asheville police said a fight involving juveniles broke out at the mall Saturday evening, and, during the fight, David Steven Bell pushed a juvenile as well as hit her.

An off-duty officer arrested Bell, 51, of Black Mountain, and he is charged with assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.

Video of the incident, which is under investigation, has been been making rounds on social media.

In the video, Bell can be seen surrounded by a group of juveniles.

At one point, the camera turned away. Next, a girl came toward Bell, and he shoved her.

When the same girl came back, he can be seen punching her in the face.

News 13 is trying contact the person who shot the video to get permission to use it.

Would You Like To Know More?
Post by: Battle on January 14, 2019, 12:11:00 pm
Monday, 14th December 2019
Murder with a pinch of Underage Kidnapping
by Associated Press


(BARRON, Wis.) The Latest on the case of a kidnapped Wisconsin girl whose parents were fatally shot and the man accused of committing the crimes.

A criminal complaint says a Wisconsin man hid 13-year-old Jayme Closs under a bed for hours at a time and warned her that "bad things could happen to her" if anyone found her there.

Jake Thomas Patterson is charged with kidnapping Jayme and killing her parents in an Oct. 15 attack at the family's home near Barron.

The criminal complaint filed Monday says Jayme was forced to go under a bed in Patterson's remote cabin and that he would stack totes, laundry bins and barbell weights around her so she couldn't move without him noticing. The complaint says Jayme was kept up to 12 hours at a time with no food, water or bathroom breaks.

The complaint says Jayme escaped Thursday after Patterson made her go under the bed and told her he was going to be gone five or six hours. It says she pushed the bins away, crawled out, put on a pair of his shoes and fled the house.

Thirteen-year-old Jayme Closs has told police she tried to hide from the man accused of killing her parents and kidnapping her, but that he dragged her out of her home and threw her in the trunk of his vehicle.

Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint Monday charging Jake Thomas Patterson with two counts of intentional homicide, kidnapping and burglary. Investigators believe Patterson broke into the Closs home near Barron, Wisconsin, in October, killed Jayme's parents and kidnapped her.

The complaint states that Jayme and her mother hid in the bathroom as Patterson came to the front door. They heard a gunshot and knew Patterson had killed her father.

Patterson then broke down the bathroom door, shot her mother and taped Jayme's hands and ankles. He then dragged her to his car and threw her in the trunk.

Would You Like To Know More? (
Post by: Battle on January 16, 2019, 09:22:28 pm
Wednesday, 16th December 2019
To Catch a Predator host becomes Prey
by Nicholas Hautman


To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen was arrested and charged on Monday, January 14, after being accused of issuing bad checks, the Stamford Police Department in Connecticut confirms to Us Weekly.

According to police, the 59-year-old asked Promotional Sales Limited owner Peter Psichopaidas for 355 ceramic mugs, 288 T-shirts and 650 vinyl decals to use at marketing events.

Psichopaidas said the merchandise was delivered in 2017, but Hansen failed to pay the bill of $12,998.05.

Would You Like To know More? (
Post by: Battle on January 17, 2019, 10:08:00 pm
Thursday, 17th December 2019
Cummins* sentenced to 20 years in kidnapping of teen student

by Doha Madani


Former Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison in the 2017 kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl student.

Cummins, 52, pleaded guilty in April 2018 to federal crimes of crossing state lines to have sex with a minor and obstruction of justice.

Prosecutors said in a criminal complaint after his 2017 arrest that Cummins took his victim across state lines in order to engage in "criminal sexual activity."

Cummins faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison for crossing state lines for sex with a minor and up to 20 years for obstruction of justice.

The former teacher in Columbia, Tennessee, was arrested in Northern California in April 2017, more than a month after he and his 15-year-old victim disappeared, sparking a nationwide search.

Authorities found Cummins and his victim after a tip came in saying the pair might being living "in a cabin in a remote area" of Cecilville, California.

Cummins had been suspended from his teaching job at Culleoka Unit School on Feb. 6, 2017, after another student saw him kissing his victim, according to a criminal complaint.

On the morning of March 13, 2017, Cummins left a note for his wife claiming he was leaving to "think" and asked her not to call the police. His victim was reported missing by her father later that evening.

Cummins was fired the day after an Amber Alert was issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. His teaching license was later revoked by the Tennessee Board of Education.

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*the headline said "cummings"(
Post by: Battle on January 21, 2019, 08:37:07 am
Saturday, 19th December 2019
Chicago officer sentenced for murdering black teen Laquan McDonald
BBC news


Video of Van Dyke firing repeatedly at the 17-year-old was released a year later, and led to street protests.

During Friday's hearing, residents told of alleged past mistreatment at the hands of the officer.

One witness told the court Van Dyke, 40, had put him in a stranglehold after he refused to spit out a cough drop.

Another claimed that he had pushed a gun to his head as he was leaving a petrol station, and screamed racist epithets in his face.

Van Dyke's brother-in-law, who is black, also took the stand to say that he had never known the former policeman to be a "racist cop".

After a trial in October, Van Dyke was found guilty of murder as well as 16 counts of aggravated battery - one charge for each shot he fired at McDonald.


Dashcam video of the incident showed McDonald, who was high on the PCP drug at the time, refusing the officer's command to drop a knife as he walked down the street.

Friday's sentence comes one day after three former and current policemen who were accused of helping to cover up the killing were found not guilty by a different Chicago judge.

Before sentencing, Van Dyke's family and friends filed letters telling of his service to the community.(

His 17-year-old older daughter took the stand earlier on Friday to blame the media for criticising "police officers for doing their jobs".(

She told the court she had written a school essay about the "harsh realities" of police work, and said officer do not care about race, "they care about your safety".(

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Post by: Battle on January 28, 2019, 04:07:11 pm
Monday, 28th January 2019
Virginia fugitive, 46, who was featured on 'America's Most Wanted' two decades ago for stabbing his wife 33 times and abducting his daughter is arrested after a three-hour standoff in Florida
by Emily Crane


A fugitive who was featured on 'America's Most Wanted' 20 years ago has finally been arrested in Florida following a three-hour standoff with police.

Michael Eugene Moore, 46, was arrested in Palm Coast, south of Jacksonville, on Saturday.

Moore has had a fugitive warrant for his arrest in Virginia for two decades after he stabbed his wife and abducted their five-year-old daughter back in 1996.
He was caught when Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies signaled for him to stop on Saturday after a license plate reader detected him in a stolen vehicle.

The vehicle had been reported stolen during an earlier armed robbery in Virginia during which Moore allegedly tied up the female victim before fleeing with her car.

Authorities said Moore refused to get out of the vehicle or comply with demands.

Deputies started evacuating homes as SWAT teams secured the immediate area.
Three hours later, Moore surrendered without incident and was taken into custody.

Moore has been on the run since March 1996 when he was featured on 'America's Most Wanted' for stabbing his wife 33 times and abducting his five-year-old daughter.
His wife miraculously survived the attack.

Weeks later, the little girl was found safe in Miami after the child's photo appeared on the show. She was returned to her mother in Virginia.
Moore remained a fugitive and had an active warrant for the assault and battery in Virginia.
'This incident could have had a very different outcome,' Sheriff Rick Staly said.
'This is a guy with an extremely violent history. We will never know what crimes we may have prevented by apprehending him.
'I want to thank our citizens for their patience as we worked through this incident.

I am very proud of our team and thankful that no one was injured and this violent offender is now in jail where he belongs.'
Following his arrest on Saturday, Moore was charged with grand theft and resisting arrest without violence in Florida.

He is also being held as a fugitive from justice for Virginia authorities.

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Wednesday, 30th January 2019
Opera Star David Daniels and Conductor Husband Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

by Karen Mizoguchi


David Daniels, the internationally famous countertenor who has been called one of the worlds greatest opera stars, was arrested on a sexual assault charge, PEOPLE confirms.

On Tuesday, Daniels and husband Scott Walters, who is a conductor, were both arrested in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they live, on warrants issued by the Houston Police Department, according to a spokesperson from HPD.

The Ann Arbor Police Department tells PEOPLE the couple, who were married in 2014 by opera fan and officiant Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is awaiting a hearing on bail and currently being held in Michigans Washtenaw County Jail.

Daniels and Walters face extradition to Texas, where they are accused of raping baritone singer Samuel Schultz in 2010.

In August 2018, Schultz accused the pair of drugging and raping him when he was a 23-year-old graduate student at Rice University.

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Friday, 8th February 2019

What's this? Sportscaster warner wolf arrested?  ;D
Arrested for covering up taking down 'Plantation' sign at his gated community

by Peter Sblendorio


The longtime sportscaster was arrested Thursday for removing letters that spelled out Plantation on both sides of a sign at the private community where he lives in Florida, according to a report from the Collier County Sheriffs Office obtained by the Daily News.

Wolf, 81, removed the word from the sign at the Classics Plantation Estates community in Naples on Nov. 30, according the report, with an official saying they obtained footage showing a man who fits Warners physical profile in the act.

Wolf had been a vocal critic of the name Plantation at board meetings, the report states, and had advocated for the word being taken off the sign.

About two weeks after the letters were removed, a man returned them to a security guard at the communitys vehicle gate.

Wolf turned himself in to authorities on Thursday. The damage he allegedly caused was valued at $1,139.50.

His charge is listed as criminal mischief over $1,000.

He left custody on Thursday on a $5,000 bond, jail records show.
Wolfs lengthy sportscasting career included working on Monday Night Baseball and the Olympics for ABC sports, and serving as a voice on the don imus show.

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Thursday, 14th February 2019
by Jason Murdock


An Ohio judge who was arrested after crashing her car last Sunday told a police officer at the scene that she had been drinking, newly released footage shows. (

Rebecca Doherty, 55, a Portage County Common Pleas Court judge, was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence after being found inside her car at about 9:15 p.m. (

I am absolutely out of my mind...I am so intoxicated Doherty can be heard shouting in the video. (

Bodycam footage of the February 10 incident was obtained from Brimfield Police Department yesterday via a public records request submitted by media outlet the Record-Courier.

The crash took place at Route 43 in Brimfield as weather conditions were cold and snowy.

Mam, you have got vomit down here on your door, have you been drinking? an officer says in the clip. Yes, the judge replied.

Her cell phone was reportedly found in a pool of vomit. (

In a later section of the video, Doherty was seen having difficulty signing her name on forms.

The Record-Courier reported the judge was charged after refusing to give a breath sample.
Do you know who I am? she asked deputies multiple times, the footage seemingly shows.  (

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Tuesday, 12th February 2019
Mass. Woman Sent to Jail for Sending Texts to Teen Boyfriend Urging Him to Kill Himself

by Jeff Truesdell


*sniff*  (

Michelle Carter has begun her 15-month jail sentence one week after a court upheld her involuntary manslaughter conviction for urging her teenage boyfriend to kill himself in 2014 via texts and other statements, according to multiple media reports.(

Deputies put handcuffs on the Massachusetts woman, now 22, on Monday in Taunton District Court after Bristol County Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz withdrew the suspended sentence that had allowed Carter to remain free while her 2017 conviction was appealed, reports, WPRI and the Boston Globe.(

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled on Feb. 4 that the conviction and sentence should stand.

Carters attorneys say they will pursue a further review of her case by the U.S. Supreme Court, reports the Boston Herald.

Carter was 17 when, on July 13, 2014, authorities found her boyfriend, 18-year-old Conrad Roy III, dead in his pickup in a Fairhaven parking lot from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Citing hundreds of texts and statements that came to light after Roys suicide, prosecutors said Carter urged him to kill himself, highlighting her written admission to a friend that she told Roy to get back in the truck as he stepped out and shared his fears with her in a phone call in the moments before he died. (

In finding Carter guilty, Judge Moniz highlighted two revelations from Carters trial.

As Roy expressed his desire to abort his fatal plan by getting out of the truck, Carter told him to get back in. Then she initially failed to tell anyone else about it.

She did nothing, said Moniz. She did not call the police or Mr. Roys family.

Finally, she did not issue a simple additional instruction [to Roy]:

Get out of the truck.

The Massachusetts high court ruling echoed that theme when it rejected Carters appeal. (

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Friday, 15th February 2019
'Melrose Place' actress to serve more time for fatal crash

by Associated Press


(SOMERVILLE, N.J.) A former "Melrose Place" actress was sentenced Friday to more prison time for a fatal 2010 auto accident by a judge who appeared at times reluctant to follow the guidelines set by an appeals court that had ruled her initial sentence and a second sentence were too lenient.

Amy Locane was given five years behind bars, but likely will serve about 20 months if her next appeal fails, her attorney, James Wronko, said afterward.

Locane left court without commenting to reporters and is seeking to be free on bail pending her appeal.

She served about two-and-a-half years of a three-year sentence before her 2015 release and has completed a three-year parole term.

State Superior Court Judge Kevin Shanahan appeared to be sympathetic to Wronko's argument that double jeopardy should apply and void the resentencing, but ultimately he followed the appellate court's instructions.

He praised fellow judge Robert Reed, who imposed the initial sentences, as a respected jurist, but said Reed "made two very serious mistakes here and all have suffered for it."

An appeals court ordered Locane to be re-sentenced after determining the sentences imposed by Reed were insufficient for the crash that killed 60-year-old Helene Seeman and seriously injured Seeman's husband, Fred Seeman.

Locane smashed into their SUV as they were turning not their driveway.

Locane's blood-alcohol level was likely about three times the legal limit for driving at the time of the crash, according to a state expert.

"There is not a day that has gone by that I have not thought of the pain that my actions caused the Seeman family and of course Helene Seeman," Locane said in court Friday.

"I have worked very hard to correct that behavior and not be that person who did that on that day."

Locane, who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and other offenses, had faced up to 10 years on the most serious count.

Fred Seeman sobbed as he told the judge how the crash ripped his family apart and how he nearly died from his injuries.

He lashed out at Reed for "elevating the suffering of defendant's children above what we have suffered and continue to suffer."

Reed had cited Locane's young children, including one daughter diagnosed with Crohn's disease, as a mitigating factor in his sentencing.

Locane's defense contended the crash was an accident and that a third motorist, whose car the actress had bumped into at a traffic light before the accident, distracted her by honking at her and chasing her after being rear-ended.

Though the indictment charging Locane didn't mention intoxication, a state expert testified her blood-alcohol level was likely three times the legal limit for driving, and that she was speeding about 53 mph in a 35 mph zone at the time of the crash.

A jury acquitted her of aggravated manslaughter, but convicted her of the lesser offense of vehicular manslaughter a second-degree crime that carries a maximum 10-year sentence. But Reed downgraded that to a third-degree offense and imposed the lightest sentence available.

That prompted an appeals court in 2016 to order a re-sentencing.

The panel instructed Reed to offer additional justification for his decision to downgrade the charge.

After Reed gave Locane essentially the same prison sentence in 2017, an appeals court wrote last year that the sentence was "a hair's breath away from illegal," and ordered the lower court to try yet again.

Locane acted in 13 episodes of the popular Fox series and also appeared in several movies, including "Cry-Baby" with Johnny Depp.

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Sunday, 17th February 2019
Anthony Weiner released from prison as part of federal re-entry program

by Andrew O'Reilly


Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from prison and is now part of the federal re-entry program in New York as he awaits his full release later this spring.

Weiner, who was convicted for sexting a 15-year-old girl from North Carolina and sentenced to 21 months behind bars, has been transferred from Federal Medical Center in Massachusetts into the care of New Yorks Residential Re-entry Management program.

While a staff member at New Yorks RRM in Brooklyns Sunset Park neighborhood was unable to provide Fox News with Weiners exact whereabouts, it is believed that he is serving the remaining time of his sentence in a halfway house or in home confinement before his official release on May 14.

Good conduct while in prison has shaved off about three months from his sentence.


He will spend three years on supervised release and will have to pay a $10,000 fine as well as register as a sex offender.

Once a prominent star in the Democratic Party, Weiners political career began to unravel in 2011 when he resigned from Congress after admitting to sending an X-rated photo and engaging in inappropriate relationships with women online.

While he attempted a comeback in 2013 when he ran for New York City mayor, that campaign went off the tracks when it was revealed that he had sexted with another woman under the pseudonym Carlos Danger.

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Monday, 28th January 2019
Why a Washington Womans Boyfriend Turned Her in For Murder After a Concerning Facebook Message

by Chris Harris


After learning his girlfriend had been accused of murdering her exs mother, a Washington state man said he called 911 to tell police where they could find her.
Ashley Horning, 25, is being held on $1 million bond after Spokane Police charged her with the second-degree murder of Christina Powell, the 48-year-old mother of her ex and the grandmother of her young daughter.

Zachariah Gardner told KXLY he and Horning had been dating for several weeks when he discovered she was a murder suspect.

She was a good woman, Ill tell you that for sure, Gardner told the station. Obviously, thats hard for some people to see right now.

Police allege Horning fatally shot Powell on Thursday morning before going on the run from police.

Court documents obtained by PEOPLE confirm Gardner received a Facebook message from Horning not long after Powells killing.

In it, she allegedly expressed suicidal thoughts.

Gardner said he went to meet Horning, who was sitting on a bench about a mile from the crime scene.

Long story short, I picked her up because I felt something was off, Gardner told KXLY.

It was then, he said, that Horning showed him a news story about how police were searching for her.

It was a stressful situation and I said, Were going to turn you in, and then she agreed, Gardner recalled.

Gardner told the station police were on the scene within a minute of that call.

He said that Horning was anxious, depressed and wanted custody of her two children who were staying with their fathers.

PEOPLE could not independently confirm KXLYs report that the fathers of Hornings two children had no contact orders against her.

The investigation into the killing continues.

Horning allegedly told police she disposed of the gun used in the killing, tossing it into the Spokane River.

Police do not yet know how she allegedly obtained the gun.

Knowing her personally, that wasnt something that she would normally be capable of, or want to do, said Gardner of the allegations.

It was unclear Monday if Horning had entered a plea to the charge she faces, or if she has retained a lawyer who could comment on her behalf.

Horning, speaking from prison, told KHQ she has no memory of the alleged murder, and only realized she was in trouble when she saw social media postings about her wanted status.

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Wednesday, 20th February 2019
Coast Guard lieutenant is a 'domestic terrorist' who compiled hit list, investigators say


A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and self-identified white nationalist has been arrested after federal investigators uncovered a cache of weapons and ammunition in his Maryland home that authorities say he stockpiled to launch a widespread domestic terrorist attack targeting politicians and journalists.

Christopher Paul Hasson called for "focused violence" to "establish a white homeland" and dreamed of ways to "kill almost every last person on earth," according to court records filed in U.S. District Court in Maryland.

Though court documents do not detail a specific planned date for an attack, the government said he had been amassing supplies and weapons since 2017 at the latest, developed a spreadsheet of targets that included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and searched the internet using phrases such as "best place in dc to see congress people" and "are supreme court justices protected."

"The defendant intends to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country,"

the government said in court documents filed this week, arguing that Hasson should stay in jail awaiting trial.

Hasson, of Silver Spring, is expected to appear before a judge for a detention hearing in federal court in Greenbelt on Thursday.

Hasson was arrested on illegal weapons and drug charges on Friday, but the government says those charges are the "proverbial tip of the iceberg."

Officials with the U.S. attorney's office in Maryland outlined in court documents Hasson's alleged plans to spark chaos and destruction, describing a man obsessed with neo-fascist and neo-Nazi views.

"Please send me your violence that I may unleash it onto their heads," Hasson wrote in a letter that prosecutors say was found in his email drafts.

"Guide my hate to make a lasting impression on this world."

A magistrate judge ordered that the Office of the Federal Public Defender represent Hasson; the office declined comment Wednesday.

Hasson has been working at the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters in Washington since 2016, according to court documents filed by prosecutors.

He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1988 to 1993 and in the Army National Guard for about two years in the mid-90s.

Agents with the FBI field office in Baltimore and the Coast Guard Investigative Service arrested Hasson on Friday, FBI Baltimore spokesman Dave Fitz confirmed.

A Coast Guard spokesman, Lt. Cmdr. Scott McBride, said Wednesday that Hasson no longer works at Coast Guard headquarters.

"An active duty Coast Guard member stationed at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C., was arrested last week on illegal weapons and drug charges as a result of an ongoing investigation led by Coast Guard Investigation Services, in cooperation with the FBI and the Dept. of Justice," McBride said in a written statement.

McBride declined to comment further, citing the open investigation.

Court documents do not detail what prompted federal law enforcement to begin investigating Hasson, but they say Hasson has been studying the 1,500-page manifesto of right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who unleashed two attacks in 2011 that killed 77 in Norway.

They say Hasson's attack preparations resembled Breivik's.

The manifesto outlined how Breivik planned and prepared his attacks with the aim of providing an outline for others planning similar terrorist operations, the U.S. court filings say.

Breivik took steroids and narcotics, believing it would heighten his abilities to carry out attacks.
When law enforcement raided Hasson's apartment, they said they found a locked container loaded with more than 30 vials of what appeared to be human growth hormones.

He has also ordered more than 4,200 pills of the narcotic Tramadol since 2016, along with synthetic urine to allegedly bypass possible random drug screenings at work, they said.

Breivik encouraged identifying targets and traitors.

In recent weeks, they said, Hasson developed a spreadsheet of targets that included top Democratic congressional leaders and media personalities.

The list includes "JOEY," what prosecutors say is a reference to former Rep. Joe Scarborough, R-Fla., who works for MSNBC; "cortez," an alleged reference to freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York; and "Sen blumen jew," presumably about Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.

The filing was first reported Wednesday afternoon by the Program on Extremism at George Washington University.

Authorities seized 15 firearms, including several long guns and rifles, and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition from his basement apartment after executing a search warrant this month.

Over the past two years, he had made nearly two dozen purchases of firearms or related equipment and made thousands of visits to websites that sell weapons or tactical gear.

Authorities said Hasson harbored extremist views for years.

"The defendant is a domestic terrorist," the government said in court filings, "bent, on committing acts dangerous to human life that are intended to affect governmental conduct."

In an email he drafted in June 2017, he contemplated biological attacks and targeting food supplies, according to court filings.

He considered the merits of a "bombing/sniper campaign" and included a "Things to do" list that included purchasing land "out west or possibly NC mtns" for family and researching tactics used during the civil war in Ukraine.

"During unrest target both sides to increase tension," Hasson wrote in the email, according to the court filings.

"In other words provoke gov/police to over react which should help to escalate violence. BLM protests or other left crap would be ideal to incite to violence."

In another letter drafted months later to an American neo-Nazi leader, Hasson called for a "white homeland."

He sent the letter to himself nearly two months after the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where torch-carrying white-supremacists clashed with anti-racist protesters.

"I never saw a reason for mass protest or wearing uniforms marching around provoking people with swastikas etc.," Hasson said in the letter, according to court filings.

"I was and am a man of action you cannot change minds protesting like that.

However you can make change with a little focused violence."

Hasson's commitment to destruction appeared to increase in recent weeks, according to details from prosecutors.

He created a list of "traitors" and targets on Jan. 19 in a spreadsheet on his work computer, they said, which was created two days after he conducted a series of internet inquiries:

8:54 a.m.: "what if trump illegally impeached"

8:57 a.m.: "best place in dc to see congress people"

8:58 a.m.: "where in dc to congress live"

10:39 a.m.: "civil war if trump impeached"

11:26 a.m.: "social democrats usa"

The arrest marks the second time that the Coast Guard has responded to an incident involving alleged white supremacy in recent months.

In September, the service reprimanded a worker who flashed what some people identified as a white-supremacy sign in the background of a televised interview with another officer during the response to Hurricane Florence.

"We are aware of the offensive video on twitter - the Coast Guard has identified the member and removed him from the response," the service said at the time in a tweet.

"His actions do not reflect those of the United States Coast Guard."

That individual was not identified.

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Friday (thank gawd, it's...) Friday, 22nd February 2019
Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution in Florida spa

by Mary Helen Moore


(JUPITER, Fla.) New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution in connection with a Florida spa tied to an international human trafficking ring, police said Friday.

The NFL owner was charged with paying for sexual services at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter.

The spa was among 10 shut down in Orlando, Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast after a several-month investigation revealed women there were in "sexual servitude," according to arrest records.

A detective said the acts were captured on surveillance video.

Kraft, 77, has not yet been arrested on the misdemeanor charges, according to the Jupiter Police Department.

Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994 for $172 million.

He is the head of the Kraft Group, a holding company with investments in a number of industries, including sports and real estate.

He is worth an estimated $6.6 billion, according to  He was able to hoard an estimated $6.6 billion because of his white skin priviledge.

Kraft is a longtime seasonal resident of Palm Beach County, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

Under Kraft's ownership, the Patriots have played in 10 Super Bowls and have won a record-tying six Super Bowl championships.

Women, many of them from China, lived in the spa and were not permitted to leave, according to Martin County Sheriff Will Snyder.

The owner of that spa, Hua Zhang, 58, of Winter Garden, was arrested and charged with deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, keeping and frequenting a house of prostitution and 26 counts of procuring for prostitution.

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Tuesday, 26th February 2019
Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution; one alleged incident on day of AFC title game

by Arthur Weinstein


Patriots owner Robert Kraft was officially charged Monday with two first-degree misdemeanor counts of soliciting a person to commit prostitution, the state attorney for Palm Beach County announced in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the charging documents (warning: graphic content), Kraft was videotaped on two occasions engaging in sex acts with a woman at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida.

One of the alleged incidents happened Jan. 20, the morning of the AFC championship game involving the Patriots and Chiefs.

According to the charges, Kraft was led into a room at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where a woman engaged in oral sex with him.

The act allegedly concluded with a payment of at least $100. Afterward, Kraft left the spa in his Bentley.

The other alleged incident occured the day before.

Kraft, 77, was one of 25 men charged after an investigation into prostitution and human-trafficking that began in October.

The Jupiter Police Department installed cameras in the spa Jan. 17.

If convicted, Kraft faces up to one year in jail for each count, but generally such cases are settled with a fine and community service.

He also would be required to attend a class on the dangers of prostitution and human trafficking.

A summons has been issued for Kraft's court appearance, which is scheduled for April 24.

"It is a summons, so he does not have to make a court appearance," Dave Aronberg, state attorney for Palm Beach County, told reporters Monday.

The NFL issued a statement Monday clarifying how it will respond to to Kraft's situation.

"Our Personal Conduct Policy applies equally to everyone in the NFL," the statement read.

"We will handle this allegation in the same way we would handle any issue under the policy. We are seeking a full understanding of the facts, while ensuring that we do not interfere with an ongoing law enforcement investigation. We will take appropriate action as warranted based on the facts."

The NFL's statement Monday could be viewed as signifying caution on the league's part in waiting for the investigation to finish, while at the same time serving notice that Kraft one of the league's most powerful owners will be held to the same standards as a player or coach.

Kraft's punishment could depend in large part on if he's found guilty, although NFL policy would allow him to be punished whether he's found guilty or not.

Longtime NFL insider Peter King noted in NBC Sports' weekly "Football Morning in America" that if Kraft is found guilty, he could face a significant suspension and large fine that "would show the league taking a stand against the burgeoning American issue of human-trafficking as well as showing the public it wont kid-glove a high-profile owner."

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Monday, 25th February 2019
Mahwah Daycare Director Charged With Child Porn Possession
by Daniel Hubbard


(MAHWAH, NJ) A former township councilman and the director of a children's daycare was charged with possession of child pornography, acting Bergen County Prosecutor Dennis Calo announced Monday.

Charles J. Jandris, 53, of Mahwah who works as a children's daycare finance director, was arrested Friday after a monthslong investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, Calo said.

Members of the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Cyber Crimes Unit received information in September that Jandris "viewed and/or possession child pornography," Calo said.
The investigation that followed showed that Jandris used the internet to "view and possess" digital files showing "nude and sexually explicit prepubescent children," Calo said.

The investigation that followed showed that Jandris used the internet to "view and possess" digital files showing "nude and sexually explicit prepubescent children," Calo said.

Jandris surrendered to county authorities Friday. He was charged with possession of child pornography in an amount of less than 100 files, Calo said.
Jandris' first court appearance is scheduled for March 13 in Bergen County Central Judicial Processing Court.

The Mahwah Police Department assisted county authorities with their investigation.

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Monday, 25th February 2019
Australian Cardinal George Pell Convicted Of Child Sex Abuse
by Richard Gonzales


A high-ranking Catholic official has been convicted of child sex abuse and is due to be sentenced Wednesday.

Australian Cardinal George Pell, a top adviser to Pope Francis who was in charge of Vatican finances until he was accused, was found guilty of five charges of "historical child sexual offenses" that go back decades.

A jury in the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne where Pell, 77, was once archbishop, found the cardinal guilty after two days of deliberation in December.
The judge had imposed a gag order on the case forbidding journalists from reporting on the conviction.
The gag order applied to coverage that was available in Australia.

The order was lifted Tuesday.

The gag order was imposed because Pell was to have faced a second trial on charges of assault at a swimming pool in the 1970s. Prosecutors have dropped those charges.

A day after his conviction in December, a Vatican office announced that Cardinal Pell had been removed from the Council of Cardinals, a papal advisory group, back in October.

Pell was arrested in June 2017 at which time he held a news conference and proclaimed his innocence: "There's been relentless character assassination. I'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. I'm innocent of these charges. They are false. The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me." He took a leave of absence from his post to defend himself.

One of Pell's victims issued a statement through his lawyers.

"Like many survivors it has taken me years to understand the impact upon on my life," he said as quoted by The Washington Post.

"At some point we realize that we trusted someone we should have feared and we fear those genuine relationships that we should trust."

News of Pell's conviction comes days after a historic four-day summit at the Vatican about sex abuse during which Pope Francis called "for an all-out battle against the abuse of minors."

But critics said the pontiff's statements lacked specificity and had offered only "tepid promises."

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Tuesday, 12th March 2019
'Shameless' Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin busted in college admissions cheating scandal
by Lia Eustachewich


TV actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens of people charged with paying bribes to get their kids into top universities in a widespread college admissions scam, according to reports Tuesday.

More than 40 people have been indicted in the scheme that allegedly involved students gaining entrance to schools including Georgetown, Stanford, Wake Forest University, UCLA and Yale as recruited athletes regardless of their athletic ability.

Federal prosecutors in Boston say parents paid an admissions consultant $25 million from 2011 through Feb. 2019 to bribe the coaches and administrators in order to help their kids get accepted.

The California man is accused of steering that money to either an SAT and ACT administrator to help the students get admitted.

Bogus athletic profiles were made to look as though the students were qualified athletes in order to boost the kids chances of getting in when they actually werent involved in sports.

Huffman, who starred in the ABC hit series Desperate Housewives, and Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky on the sitcom Full House, are facing charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, NBC News reported.

In Huffmans case, she and her husband allegedly made a purported charitable contribution of $15,000 in order to weasel her eldest daughter into school, according to court papers cited by ABC.

She allegedly later made similar arrangements for her younger daughter but then backed out.

Huffman has been married to fellow actor William H. Macy, whos earned Emmy nominations for his role on Shameless.

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Friday, 15th March 2019
Mama June arrested for felony drug possession
by Mark Grey

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" matriarch Mama June was arrested for felony drug possession in Alabama earlier this week, according to a new report.
According to TMZ, the reality TV and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, were involved in a "domestic incident" at a gas station on March 13.

After police were called to investigate the incident, Mama June was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Her boyfriend was also arrested on the same charges, but police also charged him with domestic violence/harassment, says TMZ.
Mama June's beau has a history of trouble with the law, having been arrested in the past on crimes such as burglary, theft and criminal damage to property.

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Tuesday, 26th February 2019
white guy casually walks into police station, confesses to killing his girlfriend
by Taylor Williams


A young man walked into an Indiana police department Sunday night and allegedly confessed to killing his girlfriend in 2014, according to local police.

Connor Scott, 24, allegedly admitted to killing 20-year-old Kaylyn Whitaker, who died on Oct. 31 in Martinsville, Illinois, according to the Danville, Indiana, police department.
Whitaker was shot in the head and found at Scott's home, according to Indiana news site

Her death was "originally called a suicide, but later ruled a homicide" after about 10 months, the Danville police said in a statement on Monday.

"This is a homicide case, it has been since 2015. And nothing's being done about it and I am angry," Whitaker's mother, Leslie Roberts, told in Dec. 2018. "We deserve closure. We deserve peace."
The cold case heated up at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, when Scott, who had been living in Danville, Indiana, for about six months, went to the local police department, authorities said.

Police interviewed Scott and allegedly "obtained a taped confession regarding the murder," according to Danville police.
Details on the alleged confession have not been released.
The Illinois State Police did not immediately return a request for comment from ABC News on Monday.
The Clark County State's Attorney's office in Illinois declined to comment.
Scott was taken to the Hendricks County Jail and is expected to be extradited to Illinois, police said.
Illinois State Police investigators have traveled to Danville to meet with Scott, police said.

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Wednesday, 20th March 2019
Mother accused of abusing 7 adopted children to force them into making YouTube videos
by Doha Madani


An Arizona mother is accused of abusing her seven adopted children to get them to perform for her YouTube channel.

Machelle Hackney and her two adult sons were arrested Friday and are facing abuse charges.

Police said Hackney withheld food and water, restricted restroom access, beat and pepper-sprayed the children when they failed to follow direction for YouTube videos, according to a probable cause statement from the Maricopa Police Department.

Hackney, who goes by her maiden name Hobson, denied abusing the children and stated the only forms of punishment she uses is spanking and grounding children and having them stand in the corner, according to police documents.

Hackney has been charged with seven counts of child abuse, five counts of unlawful imprisonment and two counts of child molestation. Jail records show she was arraigned Tuesday and held without bond.

Police did not release the children's ages.

The family's YouTube channel, which has 700,800 followers and more than 242 million views, features the adopted children in different sketch videos.

The children told police they were taken out of school in order to make videos.

They also claimed their adoptive mother abused them whenever they forgot their lines or didn't participate as instructed.

YouTube confirmed the channel was demonetized once they were made aware of the arrest.

Officials performed a welfare check after police were contacted by Hackney's biological daughter, who was informed of the allegations by her adopted siblings.

During the check, officers found one child in an unlocked closet wearing only a pull-up diaper.

"Officers came in contact with the six other children, who appeared to be malnourished, due to their pale complexion, dark rings under their eyes, underweight, and they stated they were thirsty and hungry," according to the probable cause statement.

The Department of Child Services removed all seven children from Hackney's care and has assisted in having the children forensically interviewed and medically examined.

During an examination, a girl told authorities her adoptive mother-pepper sprayed her genitals.

She said that Hackey would "pepper spray all over their face and body, spank them, force them to take ice baths and when resisting would force their head underwater as well as she will make them stand in the corner with their arms raised above their head for several hours at a time."

Hackney's two adult sons, Ryan and Logan, were also charged with seven counts of child abuse each.

Logan told investigators that he had knowledge of some of the alleged abuse and claimed both discussed going to the police.

Logan and Ryan were also arraigned Tuesday and held without bond, according to jail records.

It is not clear whether the mother and sons have lawyers.

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Monday, 25th March 2019
Michael Avenatti Arrested...Again
by Ryan Parker & Ashley Cullins


Michael Avenatti is being charged with federal crimes on both coasts: he's being charged with four counts of extortion in New York and facing federal wire fraud and bank fraud charges in California.
Avenatti was arrested Monday in Manhattan, Nicholas Biase, with the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Before he was taken into custody, Avenatti tweeted, "Tmrw at 11 am ET, we will be holding a press conference to disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by @Nike that we have uncovered.

This criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball."

This purported scandal is the reason for his arrest.

According to the criminal complaint filed Monday, Avenatti told Nike he would only refrain from holding the press conference if it paid his client $1.5 million, and agreed to retain him and an unnamed co-conspirator to conduct an internal investigation for $15-$20 million.

He repeatedly warned the company that he wasn't "fvcking around," according to the complaint.

Nike contacted the U.S. Attorney's Office, who investigated in conjunction with the FBI.

The co-conspirator is described as "an attorney licensed to practice in the state of California, and similarly known for representation of celebrity and public figure clients."

In New York, Avenatti is being charged with conspiracy to transmit interstate communications with the intent to extort, conspiracy to commit extortion, transmission of interstate communication with intent to extort and extortion.

In Los Angeles, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California Nicola T. Hanna announced Avenatti is facing up to 50 years in prison for bank and wire fraud.

Prosecutors allege the lawyer embezzled a client's money to pay his own expenses and debts and defrauded a Mississippi bank by submitting fake tax returns to secure $4.1 million in loans for his law firm and coffee company in 2014.

Professionals, including attorneys, who create elaborate schemes that have no purpose other than to mislead others and defraud both their clients and federally insured financial institutions, run the very high risk of prosecution, said IRS special agent in charge Ryan Korner in a Monday statement.

The criminal complaint unsealed today shows a pattern of selfish behavior that paints Mr. Avenatti as a lawyer who only represents his own self-interests.

Avenatti gained notoriety representing adult film star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against drumphf in connection with an NDA regarding their alleged affair.

He also toyed with the idea of running for the Executive Mansion.

Daniels issued a statement via Twitter.

In February, the office of the Los Angeles City Attorney declined to file charges against Avenatti for an alleged assault that took place last November.

He vehemently denied the accusations and alluded to being set up by Jacob Wohl, the die-hard drumphf supporter who made headlines after his scheme to frame Robert Mueller imploded.

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Tuesday, March 19th 2019
Gambino crime boss' suspected killer once attempted citizen's arrest of NYC Mayor de Blasio

by Lukas Mikelionis


The man accused in the brazen murder of the Gambino crime family's alleged boss reportedly once attempted to make a citizens arrest of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Anthony Comello, 24, was arrested Saturday in New Jersey in the death of Francesco Cali, who was shot dead earlier this month in front of his Staten Island home.

Cali was believed by authorities to be leading one of the countrys most powerful crime organizations.

Comello reportedly told investigators he was high on marijuana during the shooting and claimed he shot the mob boss 10 times, according to the police because he feared for his life, though other reports suggest Comello's alleged motive may have had something to do with the mafia boss barring his niece from dating Comello.

But just a few months ago, Comello wasn't being accused of shooting alleged bad guys, instead; he was trying to arrest the top authority in New York City -- Mayor de Blasio.

Comello showed up outside city hall to protest the de Blasios reign and tried to make a citizens arrest of him, the New York Post reported, citing police sources.

Police told the newspaper that the incident was just one example of Comellos odd behavior and stunts he took part in.

During a court appearance on Monday, the suspect wrote a string of slogans on his hand, including MAGGOT Forever, an abbreviation of acting-president puppetines campaign slogan Make America Great Again.

He also had United We Stand MAGGOT written on his hand.

Cali ascended to the top spot in the Gambino family sometime around 2015, though he was never charged with a crime while leading the group.

Officials havent said the Gambino crime family has posted a bounty on Comello, but the general feeling is that theres an X on this guys back, one source told the New York Post.

Hes going to have some issues in jail, a high-ranking NYPD official told the Post.

Maybe theres some guys who are wiseguys in jail who will show their allegiance to the Gambinos and say, Well take care of this guy.

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Thursday, 21st March 2019
'I don't need to clear my name,' says suspect in killing of mob boss Frank Cali
by Liz Keogh and John Annese

(NEW YORK) I dont need to clear my name, the Staten Island man accused of gunning down Gambino boss Frank Cali told the Daily News in a brief jailhouse interview on Wednesday.

Anthony Comello, 24, who once tried to make a citizens arrest of Mayor Bill de Blasio, wore a green-and-white striped jumpsuit as four officers escorted him to a video phone screen at the Ocean County Jail.

He is accused of pumping a barrage of bullets into Calis chest in the driveway of the mob boss Staten Island home last Wednesday.

Before any questions could be asked of Comello, he blurted out, You shouldnt believe in stories. Dont believe in fairy tales.

When asked if that meant he didnt do the shooting, Comello responded, I dont need to clear my name. Have a good night. Be careful going home.

He stared at the screen for about 20 seconds, saying nothing, then picked up the phone and said, I cant talk to no press. I cant.

He hung up, and the video call screen went black.

Police sources said the alleged killer may have been angry that the 53-year-old Cali had tried to prevent Comello from dating his niece.

Comello waved to reporters at a court appearance in New Jersey on Monday, showing off political slogans scribbled on his hands United We Stand, MAGA Forever, Patriots in Charge and a large, blue Q.

Thats the symbol of the far-right conspiracy theory movement known as QAnon, which believes that acting-president drumphf is fighting a secret war against the deep state and a pedophile ring that includes several prominent Democrat politicians.

In February, he showed up at the federal courthouse in Manhattan, then at Gracie Mansion the next day, asking to make a citizens arrest of several elected officials and the mayor, police said.

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Tuesday, 26th March 2019
Librarian allegedly killed by a worthless Houston cop once filed for divorce, restraining order

by Larry Seward


The HPD sergeant charged with murdering his wife was relieved of duty with pay Monday. Court records show the victim once asked county courts for protection.

Belinda Hernandez filed for divorce from her husband, Hilario February 21, 1990, according to court records online.

The next day her lawyer asked for and received a temporary restraining order.

Less than a month later, at Belindas request, a judge dismissed the entire case, court records showed.

That was decades ago, though. Those who knew the beloved Pearland ISD librarian and her husband told KHOU 11 News they saw no signs of trouble until Saturday.

The couples daughter found Belinda shot to death.

According to prosecutors probable cause document, a friend of the family thinks Hilario was upset with his wifes perceived flirting with another man one day prior to the shooting.

Hernandez told his lieutenant at HPD after the shooting that he would kill himself, according to the probable cause document.

Instead, he fled three hours south to Kingsville.

Police and DPS troopers arrested him and sent Hernandez back to Brazoria County to face a murder charge.

Sgt. Hilario Hernandez had an $800,000 bond.

HPD Chief Art Acevedo tweeted condolences to his relieved officers family.

Our hearts go out to Belinda Hernandez, her children, friends and colleagues, Chief Acevedo tweeted.

Please keep them in your prayers.

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Monday, 18th March 2019
Breastfeeding Louisiana Mom Accused of Murder After Baby Girl Dies from Methamphetamine Ingestion
by Harriet Sokmensuer


A Louisiana mother is accused of killing her infant daughter by breastfeeding her while she had drugs in her system, PEOPLE confirms.

On March 8, Brandi Froeba, 35, was arrested for second-degree murder in the 2018 death of her six-week-old daughter last summer, Kenner police announced in a news release obtained by PEOPLE.

Police began investigating Froeba on August 16, 2018, when she called 911 to report that her young daughter was unresponsive.

According to an online obituary, the girl was named Daisy Marie Froeba.

Responding officers found Daisy had stopped breathing and rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

While officers did not observe anything unusual with the child, they noticed Froeba was allegedly lethargic and slurring her words.

Froeba told officers she had breastfed her daughter earlier that day before the pair fell asleep.

When she awoke hours later, she noticed Daisy was not breathing and called 911.

As part of the death investigation, Froeba consented to a blood sample and allegedly admitted to using marijuana the day before.

An autopsy determined that Daisy had methamphetamine in her system, Kenner police said in the news release.

Additional blood samples were sent out for testing and Froebas allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine.

One month later, in November, Daisys autopsy was complete.

Her cause of death was determined to be methamphetamine toxicity, and her death was ruled a homicide.

Authorities carried out their investigation for months, speaking to witnesses and executing multiple search warrants on health records, which allegedly revealed that in 2016, Froebas third child tested positive for Opiates and marijuana.

At the time, Froeba was provided with informational pamphlets and counseling detailing the dangers of using drugs while pregnant and breast feeding.

Investigators also found text messages sent by Froeba allegedly discussing her use of crystal meth.

Froeba has not yet been charged, a Parrish County District Attorney spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

On Wednesday, Froeba appeared in court, where she broke down in tears, and was given a $250,000 bond, KADN reports.

It is unclear whether she has an attorney.

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Friday, 29th March 2019
'Swatting' gets you 20 years in Cali
by Associated Press



(WICHITA, Kan.) A California man was sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison for making bogus emergency calls to authorities across the U.S., including one that led police to fatally shoot a Kansas man following a dispute between two online players over $1.50 bet in the "Call of Duty: WWII" video game.

U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren sentenced Tyler R. Barriss, 26, under a deal in which he pleaded guilty in November to a total of 51 federal charges related to fake calls and threats.

The 2017 death of 28-year-old Andrew Finch drew national attention to the practice of "swatting," a form of retaliation in which someone reports a false emergency to get authorities, particularly a SWAT team, to descend on an address.

Authorities say an Ohio gamer recruited Barriss to "swat" a Wichita gamer, but that the address they used was old, leading police to Finch, who was not involved in the video game or the dispute.

Barriss admitted he called Wichita police from Los Angeles on Dec. 28, 2017, to falsely report a shooting and kidnapping at that Wichita address.

Finch answered the door, and an officer shot the unarmed man.

Barriss' prosecution in Wichita consolidated other federal cases that had initially been filed against him in California and the District of Columbia involving similar calls and threats he made.

Prosecutors had asked for a 25-year sentence , while the defense had sought a 20-year term.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recognized swatting as an emerging threat as early as 2008, noting it had become commonplace among gamers.

The intended target in Wichita, Shane Gaskill, 20, and the man who allegedly recruited Barriss, Casey Viner, 19, of North College Hill, Ohio, are charged as co-conspirators.

Authorities say Viner provided Barriss with an address for Gaskill that Gaskill had previously given to Viner.

Authorities also say that when Gaskill noticed Barriss was following him on Twitter, he gave Barriss that old address and taunted him to "try something."

Viner and Gaskill pleaded not guilty to charges including conspiracy to obstruct justice, wire fraud and other counts.

Viner has notified the court he intends to change that plea at a hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Gaskill's trial has been delayed to April 23 amid plea talks with federal prosecutors.

Finch's family has sued the city of Wichita and the unidentified officers involved.

Police have said the officer who shot Finch thought he was reaching for a gun because he moved a hand toward his waistband.

Prosecutors declined to charge the officer.

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Monday, April fool's day 2019
Woman From China Carrying Malware Arrested After Entering Marry-Go-Round
by Frances Robles, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Katie Rogers



A 32-year-old woman from China carrying four cellphones and a thumb drive infected with malware gained access to Marry-Go-Round during the puppets visit to the Florida resort over the weekend, federal court records show.

The woman, identified as Yujing Zhang, had arrived at the Palm Beach resort and showed two Chinese passports when she sought to be admitted, saying she wanted to use the pool.

She was allowed to enter by Secret Service agents stationed outside the resort after the Marry-Go Round security manager on duty verified that her last name matched the surname of a member of the club, according to a complaint filed in Federal District Court in South Florida.

When asked if she was the members daughter, she did not give a definitive answer, the complaint said.

It said she was permitted to enter and was escorted to the front desk in a valet-driven golf cart.

Once inside, according to the account filed with the court, the woman said she was there to attend a United Nations Chinese American Association event later in the evening.

But no such event existed, according to the complaint, so the club receptionist alerted the Secret Service.

Though she had initially said she had come to use the pool, she was not carrying a swimsuit, the complaint said.

Ms. Zhang told the agent who questioned her on site that she was there for a United Nations friendship event and had arrived early to see the pool and take photos.

She showed the agent an invitation to the supposed event but it was in Chinese and no one present could read it.

At that point, the Secret Service agent escorted her off the property.

The agent continued to question her, and when the agent suggested that she had unlawfully gained access to the club, she became verbally aggressive and was detained, the complaint states.

From there, she was taken to the Secret Services office in West Palm Beach.

During the second interview, Ms. Zhang told the authorities that a Chinese friend named Charles had told her to travel from Shanghai to Palm Beach in order to attend the United Nations friendship event and said that she should try to speak with a member of the presidents family about Chinese and American foreign economic relations.

The agents were unable to learn more about Charles, as Ms. Zhang told them that she had only spoken to him via the Chinese instant messaging app WeChat.

When the authorities searched her belongings, they found that she was carrying four cellphones, a hard drive, a laptop and a thumb drive that was found to be infected with malware.

She was arrested at that point and charged with lying to a federal agent and gaining access to a restricted area.

At the time of the incident shortly after noon on Saturday, the puppet was off-site, at the nearby drumphf International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

He did not return to the resort until 4 p.m.

The Secret Service said in a statement that determining who gets access to Marry-Go-Round is up to the resorts management; entering the resort does not permit access to areas used by the president, which require additional security screening, it said.

It said agents do conduct a physical screening to make sure no prohibited items enter the property, and did so in the case of Ms. Zhang.

After undergoing screening at the second Secret Service checkpoint the individual, per club protocol, was immediately met by club reception, the statement said.

The Marry-Go-Round reception staff then determined that the individual should not have been authorized access by their staff and Secret Service agents took immediate action resulting in the arrest of the individual.

Ms. Zhangs lawyer, a federal public defender, did not respond to a request for comment, nor did the management at Marry-Go-Round.

Access to the puppet by Chinese nationals became an issue last month, when news media reports surfaced showing that a Chinese-American woman in Florida who once owned a chain of Asian massage parlors that had been investigated for prostitution had attended a number of events there, and had been photographed there with the president and other officials.

The woman, Cindy Yang, collected contributions directed toward the puppets campaign from her friends, family and employees, and had a website on which she advertised that she could provide access to the Trump administration.

Ms. Yang had advertised an event for March 30 the day of Ms. Zhangs arrest called the International Leaders Elite Forum, described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the first event at Marry-Go-Round with the Chinese as the protagonist, The Miami Herald reported.

The event was later canceled.

Ms. Yang worked with an event promoter named Charles Lee, who runs a group called the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association, which is similar to the name of the event that Ms. Zhang cited, the newspaper reported.

The criminal complaint filed Monday did not draw any connection between Ms. Zhang and Ms. Yang or any of the Chinese-American events scheduled over the weekend.

Elaborate security measures are set up around the puppets exclusive, members-only club, which he frequently visits on weekends away from Washington.

When the president is in town, roadblocks are set up in the street leading up to the resort and uniformed Secret Service agents typically establish a large security screening area across the street, with a large sign notifying visitors that they are entering a restricted area.

Marry-Go-Round club members are allowed past the initial screening checkpoint and inside the protective perimeter.

Security breaches surrounding honorably elected-American presidents have been a major issue in recent years.

There have been several cases of intruders scaling the Executive Mansion fence and entering the grounds.

In one episode in 2014, a man carrying a knife, Omar J. Gonzalez, managed to overpower a Secret Service agent inside the North Portico entrance and run through the ceremonial East Room before he was tackled.

Weeks after the puppet took office, another man was able to elude multiple layers of security before being stopped near the entrance at the South Portico.

In that case, Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran, who was carrying a backpack, jumped over a fence and came within several steps of the Executive Mansion while the president was inside the residence.

In perhaps the most notable example, in 2009, a Virginia couple sneaked into a Executive Mansion state dinner and shook hands with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama as they stood in the receiving line.

Known later as the State Dinner crashers, the intrusion by Michaele and Tareq Salahi prompted an internal Secret Service investigation and demands for a congressional inquiry.

Security agents on several occasions in the past have had to turn away people who tried to enter the Marry-Go-Round resort, some with the apparent intention of approaching the acting-president.

In several cases, according to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which reviewed police incident reports, members of the public arrived and told security agents that they had arranged meetings with the puppet.

A 27-year-old Ohio man flew in to Palm Beach International Airport and was flagged to Secret Service agents in April 2018 after he told people he was planning to smoke marijuana with the president; a 32-year-old Georgia man wearing military-style fatigues told local sheriffs deputies in February of that year that he had an important message about the war to deliver to the puppet.

Don Mihalek, executive vice president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, which represents the Secret Service, said the episode showed how much the Secret Service relied on the security at Marry-Go-Round.

He said the fact that Secret Service agents apparently relied on the determination by a Marry-Go-Round security agent that Ms. Zhang was related to a member of the club simply because she shared the members last name was problematic.

Its a hard position for Secret Service to be in to potentially deny a million-dollar committee member, Mr. Mihalek said.

It puts Secret Service in a very difficult position because we dont know who are members and who arent.

Youre depending on them to say this is an employee and this isnt an employee. We work off a list of names, he said.

Our priority is, are you coming in with explosives or not.

Ms. Zhang, who court records say was born in 1986, appeared in court in Palm Beach on Monday, and a bond hearing was scheduled for next week, court records show.

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Wednesday, 3rd April 2019
3 fraternity brothers sentenced to jail in Penn State hazing death

by  Madeline Holcombe


Four former Penn State University fraternity brothers have been sentenced in connection with the death of a pledge during a hazing ritual, with three receiving jail time, according to a source familiar with the case.

Luke Visser, Joseph Sala, Joshua Kurczewski and Michael Bonatucci, former members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, were sentenced on Tuesday in Centre County Court.

Each had pleaded guilty to hazing-related charges in connection with the February 2017 death of 19-year-old Timothy Piazza, a sophomore at Penn State.

Piazza died after drinking large quantities of alcohol during his first night of pledging at Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

According to the source, Visser was sentenced to two to six months in jail and two years of probation.

Kurczewski, who also pleaded guilty to one count of furnishing alcohol to minors, received three to nine months in jail and one year of probation.

Bonatucci was sentenced to 30 to 60 days in jail and a year of probation.

Sala received three to six months of house arrest and two years of probation.

The men must also pay fines and perform community service, according to the source.

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Tuesday, 3rd April 2019
Drunken newlywed passenger earns prison time
by Janine Puhak


"Looks like one of the terrorists in 'Die Hard', right?"

A newly married man has been smacked with prison time and a hefty fine after throwing a drunken tantrum on an Easyjet flight to his honeymoon, during which he went on a homophobic tirade and punched two flight attendants who tried to take away his e-cigarette.

After flying into the violent rage, the passenger and his wife were booted from the plane before takeoff.

It happened back in February, when Michael Cunnett of Epsom, England, boarded an Easyjet flight with his new wife for their honeymoon to Egypt, International Business Times reports.

Soon after settling in his seat, Cunnett reportedly began to act louder than everyone else on the 9 a.m. flight, having allegedly drank four pints of beer before stepping onto the aircraft.

The newlywed proceeded to whip out an e-cigarette that he began to smoke before takeoff, prompting flight attendant Andre Botha to intervene though the situation quickly turned for the worse.

According to the outlet, Cunnett battered Botha with homophobic slurs before punching him twice, in blows that knocked the airline worker to the ground, as per the Mirror.

Flight attendant Christopher Bogley rushed towards Cunnett to mediate, before being punched as well.

The erratic passenger was soon escorted off the plane and arrested by police, according to the Mirror, and his dangerous antics ultimately delayed the planes takeoff by 45 minutes, IBT reported.

"Look at what you've done, you have f----- our honeymoon," his bride reportedly cried out.

Recently the man appeared in court in relation to the incident and he pleaded guilty to four charges, including common assault, criminal damage and interfering with performance of the aircraft crew, IBT reports.

He has been sentenced to spend seven months behind bars and pay $1,316 in compensation to both Botha and Bogley.

Bogley, meanwhile, told those gathered that even though his assailant was not aware of his sexual orientation at the time of the attack, he is proud to be a gay man.

"He didn't know my sexuality, but I am a gay man and proud of it, the veteran flight attendant told the court, according to the outlet.

It is not a lifestyle choice, it is natural and no one deserves to be discriminated against for their sexuality.

Many people struggle with it, and deal with mental health problems on a daily basis. His remarks to me were personal.

If he travels again, my hope is that he will treat people with respect and acknowledge that he lives in a diverse society which is something that should be embraced, not ridiculed, he continued.

Cunnetts lawyer, David Forsyth, said that his client was "fully aware that his behavior was reprehensible" and was "thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed, as per the Mirror.

Cunnett further told the court that he did not harbor any homophobic views.

It was like a child having a tantrum. You chose to drink four pints and to behave in a foul-mouthed, highly abusive manner, presiding Judge David Rennie said at the trial.

Something of your true character did reveal itself An attack on the perceived sexuality of these men was utterly shameful.

People like you find yourself on the edge of society. Only an immediate custodial sentence can be justified, Rennie continued.

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Friday, 5th April 2019
Man who pretended to be missing boy charged
by Faith Karimi, Darran Simon, and Kelly McCleary


Brian M. Rini, who falsely claimed to be missing child Timmothy Pitzen, may face up to eight years in federal prison for lying to federal agents, authorities said on Friday.

The crime involved "lying with respect to a material matter about an investigation that involves sex trafficking of children," said Ben Glassman, US attorney for the Southern District of Ohio.

"On behalf of the United States, my heart goes out to the family of Timmothy Pitzen. I can only imagine the kind of pain that they have been through and that this episode has caused for them," Glassman said.

The man who falsely claimed to be Timmothy Pitzen, a boy who disappeared in 2011, has a history of getting into trouble and using other people's identities, his brother said.

Brian Michael Rini, 23, of Medina, Ohio, said Wednesday he was the missing boy from Aurora, Illinois, and described how he fled from kidnappers and ran across a bridge into Kentucky, authorities said.

Residents who found him roaming a neighborhood in Newport called 911. About 24 hours later, DNA tests showed he is not Timmothy, the boy who vanished at age 6, the FBI said.

Rini is being held at the Hamilton County Jail in Cincinnati, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said Friday.

The FBI is taking the lead in the investigation.

Rini isn't facing any local charges, sheriff's office spokesman Dave Daugherty said, but it's possible he may face federal charges.

Rini was released from an Ohio prison last month after serving time for burglary and vandalism, court records show.

Records from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction indicate he was charged with burglary and vandalism -- both felonies.

The crimes occurred in Medina County in January 2018, and he was sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

He was released March 7 and was supposed to start parole supervision that day for three years.

His brother said Rini was in jail a lot as a child, "just getting into random little bouts of trouble, fights at home."

Jonathon Rini said his brother was "placed on juvenile probation and then he just continuously violated his probation."

Brian Rini's deception dashed relatives' hopes for an end to their long search for Timmothy, who would be 14.

"It's like reliving that day all over again," said Kara Jacobs, Timmothy's aunt. "Timmothy's father is devastated once again."

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Friday, 5th April 2019
Craig Carton, former 'Boomer and Carton' co-host on WFAN, gets 3 1/2 years in prison
by Bob Hille


Disgraced New York sports talk show host Craig Carton greeted in federal court Friday by Judge Colleen McMahon's greeting, Colleen from New York.

First time, long time" was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for a nearly $7 million ticket scam to pay off his gambling debts, the New York Post reported.

Carton, who with former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason hosted the "Boomer and Carton" show on WFAN for a decade, had sought to avoid prison time.

However, McMahon lectured Carton, 50, as he sat expressionless.

Your marriage is over, your kids are terrified reputation in tatters, she said to the father of four.

Craig Carton, you have indeed descended into a hell of your own making.

Carton was found guilty of a Ponzi-like scheme in which he persuaded wealthy investors to spend millions on blocks of tickets to musical shows by performers as diverse as Adele and Metallica, promising them a hefty return on their investments via ticket resales.

Instead, Carton kept about $4.6 million for himself as he said he tried to pay off debts he accrued as a self-described "compulsive gambler."

In arguing for leniency, Carton claimed he fell into gambling as he was trying to get a legitimate ticket-selling business off the ground.

"I'm truly powerless over this disease," said an apparently contrite Carton, who hardly sounded like the brash half of a talk show team who beginning in 2007 rose to fame in the nation's biggest and most competitive radio market.

Carton left the popular sports talk show immediately after his arrest in September 2017.

The Post, citing court papers, reported that he has paid back $50,000 to investors he defrauded.

A jury in November convicted Carton of conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of 5-7 years, but he had faced up to 45 years.

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Friday, 5th April 2019
MAGA hat-wearing swordsman in SF arrested, bail set at $1 million

by Matthias Gafni, Lauren Hernandez and Kevin Fagan


A man who allegedly drew a sword and slashed another man after having his Make America Great Again hat knocked off was arrested near his home in San Franciscos Tenderloin neighborhood, authorities said Thursday.

Officers on Wednesday evening were staking out the low-rent residential hotel at the corner of Eddy and Larkin streets where Leor Bergland, 30, lived, then moved in on the suspect when they saw him at a nearby restaurant, police said.

He surrendered quietly, they said.

Police say the arrest closes the loop, for now, on one of the more bizarre mysteries and attacks to have occurred in the city for some time.

Around 10 p.m. last Friday, a 27-year-old Berkeley man was standing near the intersection of Fillmore and Oak streets by the Church of 8 Wheels roller skating rink when he saw Bergland wearing the red MAGA hat, which is popular among President Trump supporters.

The man swatted the hat off Berglands head, police said and in return, Bergland whipped out a sword and badly slashed the victims left hand.

Despite bleeding profusely, the victim and a witness chased after the attacker, but abruptly backed off when he turned and began advancing toward them, according to a police account.

The victim left a wide pool of blood on the sidewalk as he was taken to a hospital and treated for his non-life-threatening wounds, officials said.

From his cell at the San Francisco City Jail, Bergland on Thursday declined a Chronicle request for an interview.

He was booked on suspicion of attempted murder, mayhem, and weapons and assault charges. His bail is set at $1 million, according to jail records.

According to court records, this is not first time Bergland has been accused of brandishing a blade.

In October 2012, Bergland was charged in two incidents in one week in Multnomah County, Oregon.

According to court records, he was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing, unlawful entry into a vehicle and third-degree theft, along with felony criminal mischief.

All charges were eventually dismissed, though it is unclear why.

The events started on Oct. 13, 2012, shortly before midnight, when a man went to unlock his van on a Portland street and found Bergland hunched over in the backseat, Multnomah County District Attorneys Office spokesman Brent Weisberg said.

The man removed Bergland from the van, threw him to the ground and held him down.

Bergland pulled a knife from his pants pocket, opened the blade and waved it at the man, Weisberg said.

Passersby separated the pair and the knife from Bergland and held him until police arrived, Weisberg said.

Two days later, Portland State University police cited Bergland for trespassing in the second degree, Weisberg said, but he had no details of the events.

The citation had the wrong date, so prosecutors asked the department to re-issue the citation, but that was not done, Weisberg said.

Back in San Francisco, Bergland apparently didnt make many ripples at his home in the Elk Hotel, an 88-unit supportive housing complex for formerly homeless people.

Some at the hotel on Thursday recognized him as a resident, but none said he stood out in any particular way.

Alex Mohamed, manager of the next-door Gladstone Market Deli & Liquor, told The Chronicle that Bergland sometimes would pop in twice a day at his store.

Hes quiet, Mohamed said. If I say hi to him, he barely says hi back.

Last Fridays slashing happened outside the rink as it was hosting its adults-only roller disco night. Scott Sweeney, 24, said he saw a man he thinks is Bergland about 30 minutes before the attack wearing the hat and carrying the sword tucked into the back of his jacket.

Bergland was shouting homophobic slurs at him, Sweeney said.

In my mind, I didnt think it was a real sword until we came out later and police were on the scene and there was blood and the hat on the ground, he said.

David Miles, who goes by the nickname Sk8father and started the skating rink at the former Sacred Heart Catholic Church, said he was inside during the confrontation but came outside to help the victim.

The guy was cut, he was bleeding like you wouldnt believe, Miles said.

He was just gushing blood, so we got the first-aid kit from inside and tried to stop the bleeding.

The violent encounter prompted Miles to consider setting up additional surveillance cameras at the rink.

Even though he didnt come into the church, he could have. This could have been worse, Miles said.

This is the last thing you think is going to happen. Im very, very, very concerned.

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Friday, 5th April 2019
N.Y. man charged for making death threats against Representative Ilhan Omar
by CBS News


A man from upstate New York has been charged with threatening to assault and murder U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Patrick Carlineo, 55, allegedly called Omar's office on March 21 and told a staffer "Do you work for the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are you working for her, she's a (expletive)  terrorist. I'll put a bullet in her (expletive) skull," according to the criminal complaint.

A staffer referred the call to Capitol Police, which launched an investigation.

According to CBS Rochester, New York affiliate WROC, Carlineo initially denied to FBI agents that he had threatened to shoot the Minnesota Democrat.

He told investigators he had said "if our forefathers were still alive, they'd put a bullet in her head."

Investigators reminded Carlineo that lying to the FBI is a crime and there was a recording of the phone calls, WROC reports.

He said he couldn't remember exactly what he said, and it could be something like that.

Carlineo also told agents that he had a .22 caliber firearm and a shotgun in his home.

Carlineo has made his initial appearance before a judge and is being held pending a detention hearing on April 10, CBS Minnesota reports.

Carlineo faces up to ten years behind bars if convicted.

Omar, who is Somali-American and wears a hijab, is one of the most vocal freshman legislators on Capitol Hill.

In March, a West Virginia GOP event featured an anti-Muslim poster of Omar linking her to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The poster featured a picture of planes flying into the World Trade Center with the phrase "never forget, you said" and then under it, a picture of Omar with the words

"I am proof you have forgotten."

Omar, who represents Minnesota's 5th Congressional district, tweeted about the poster:

"No wonder why I am on the 'Hitlist' of a domestic terrorist and 'Assassinate Ilhan Omar' is written on my local gas stations."

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Saturday, 5th April 2019
Minutes after being released from jail, a Florida idiot was arrested in the jail's parking lot for breaking into cars
by Amir Vera


Casey Michael Lewis was a free man for about 15 minutes, not even leaving the grounds of the jail where he'd been locked up before being arrested again.

The 37-year-old had just been released Thursday from the St. Lucie County Detention Facility in Fort Pierce, Florida, where he'd been held on grand theft charges, according to an arrest affidavit.

The affidavit says after he was released, Lewis then began walking around the jail's parking lot "acting suspicious and checking vehicle doors."

Surveillance video showed Lewis looking into cars and opening the door of a silver vehicle, according to the affidavit.

The report says Lewis entered the vehicle from the driver's side and sat in the car for about two and a half minutes.

He then exited the vehicle and walked around the length of the lot, checking vehicles along the way by either looking into the windows or lifting door handles to see whether they were unsecured, the affidavit said.

While Lewis was in the parking lot, he was approached by an officer. He told the officer he was "waiting for his girlfriend," according to the affidavit.

The arresting officer said in the affidavit that when Lewis was approached, questioned and finally arrested he gave the officer a brown paper bag with items from a vehicle.

The items included an iPhone 7, four packs of cigarettes, a lighter, one Visa bank debit card, a Florida driver's license and $547 in cash.

Lewis was arrested on charges of burglary, grand larceny and possession of stolen property and taken back inside the jail.

CNN reached out to an attorney who represented Lewis in a previous case but got no immediate response.

It could not be determined whether Lewis was being represented by that attorney or another lawyer in the latest case.

Maria Entner, a spokeswoman for the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, said Lewis was released -- again --

-- the same day, but this time deputies made sure a person was there to pick him up.

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Tuesday, 9th April 2019
White Guy accused of stealing from Kmart days after buying $8 million private island

by ABC News


A Florida man was arrested on Saturday for shoplifting at a Kmart, just days after he purchased a multi-million-dollar private island off Key West.

Andrew Lippi, 59, was accused of stealing about $300 worth of household goods from a Kmart in Key West, where police said he purchased various items between March 30 and April 4, replaced them with cheaper items and returned them for a refund.

Lippi made headlines last week when he purchased Thompson Island, a private estate formerly owned by the philanthropist and developer Edward B. Knight, for $8 million, according to ABC Miami affiliate WPLG.

Lippi also owns a 12-bedroom resort compound in Key West that MTV used to film a season of "The Real World" in 2006.

That property rents for about $1,800 a night on Airbnb, WPLG reported.

Lippi stands accused of stealing multiple items, including LED light bulbs and a $55 Hamilton Beach coffee maker, which he allegedly "replaced with a much older coffee maker" and returned for a full refund, according to the Key West Police Department.

Police said Lippi also bought a $150 Keurig coffee machine on March 30, returned it and received a full refund a day later.

Kmart employees notified the store's loss prevention officer after realizing the coffee machine box instead contained a basketball, according to police.

Lippi denied denied stealing the items, according to a police report.
"Lippi stated he did not change out any items prior to returning them," the arresting officer wrote in the report.

"I asked Lippi about the Keurig coffee machine being replaced by a basketball, and he stated the clerk should have realized there was no coffee machine by the weight of the box.
"I asked Lippi about the light bulbs, and he stated he returned the light bulbs because he paid too much money for them and did not know how they were switched."

ABC News could not reach Lippi for comment late Monday night, but he told the Miami Herald that the situation "has to do with a commercial dispute."

"It's very complicated and Id rather not get into it," Lippi told the Herald in a phone interview.

"I will say this, that the way it was handled by Key West police and the Monroe County Sheriffs Department was wonderful. Some of the finest people Ive ever dealt with who were kind throughout the whole process."
Lippi was arrested on grand theft charges and released the following day.

Jail records show he posted no bond for his release.

He's scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment on April 18.

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Saturday, 7th April 2019
Dumb white guy arrested after selling gummy bears with marijuana to minors



An Oroville man was arrested Friday after selling gummy bears with concentrated marijuana at an area high school, the Butte County Sheriff's Office said.

Jacob Murray, 20, was arrested after school resource officer Deputy Jesse Nicholaw conducted a traffic stop and located dozens of individually wrapped gummy bears with marijuana in Murrays car, officials said.
Officials said Nicholaw was on patrol at Plumas High School when he noticed a vehicle in the staff parking lot that matched the description of a vehicle known for selling edible gummy bears laced with marijuana.

After conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle, Nicholaw noticed dozens of individually wrapped gummy bears that had labels consistent with drugs packaged at marijuana dispensaries, officials said.

Officials said that the gummy bears were next to several loose dollar bills.
Murray was arrested and charged with the sale of concentrated marijuana to a minor.

He was then booked into the Butte County Jail.

Officials believe Murray may have been selling narcotics to other minors in the area.

Anyone with information regarding the case is encouraged to call Nicholaw at 530-538-7321.

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Tuesday, 9th April 2019
Two idiots caught vandalizing a University of North Carolina memorial
by Keith Allen and Jason Hanna


A man and a woman were arrested this week on suspicion of vandalizing a University of North Carolina memorial that is dedicated to slaves and other African-American workers who helped build the university.

Ryan Francis Barnett, 31, and Nancy Rushton McCorkle, 50, were arrested Monday by UNC police, accused of vandalizing the Unsung Founders Memorial on the early morning of March 31 on the university's Chapel Hill campus, the school said.

The memorial was defaced with "racist and other deplorable language," CNN affiliate WRAL reported, citing an email from interim Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz. The memorial has since been cleaned, WRAL reported.

Barnett also is accused of vandalizing an outdoor art installment near the university's Hanes Art Center, police said.

The vandalism comes during a school year in which a separate statute on campus -- a Confederate monument called "Silent Sam" -- was toppled by protesters.

Barnett, of Sanford, North Carolina, and McCorkle, of Newberry, South Carolina, were arrested on initial charges of vandalism and ethnic intimidation, UNC police arrest reports say.

Barnett also faced a preliminary charge of public urination, the reports say.

The arrest reports do not say how Barnett and McCorkle came to be suspects in the Unsung Founders Memorial vandalism.

Police investigating the incident had been reviewing surveillance footage, WRAL reported.

CNN's attempts to reach Barnett and McCorkle for comment weren't immediately successful.

Barnett is scheduled to appear in court on April 22, and McCorkle is scheduled to appear on April 25, according to their arrest reports.

The Unsung Founders Memorial, a gift from the class of 2002, has as its base sculptures of men and women with arms raised, essentially holding up the rest of the piece.
Its inscription reads:


"The Class of 2002 honors the University's unsung founders -- the people of color bond and free -- who helped build the Carolina that we cherish today."

The school says the Unsung Founders Memorial is meant to be a counterpoint to the "Silent Sam" Confederate memorial, which made its own headlines in the past few months.

Protesters knocked over the Silent Sam statue in August, amid a larger national conversation about the purpose of and need for Confederate monuments.

The statue was not returned to its original spot, and in January, the university removed the rest of the Confederate monument, taking its base and commemorative plaques to an undisclosed location.

The university chancellor at the time said the monument's presence was too controversial and caused too much disruption.

Silent Sam is the nickname of the statue of a Confederate soldier, which was erected at the request of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

It was dedicated in 1913 to remember the "sons of the university who died for their beloved Southland 1861-1865," UNC's website says.

The university system's board of governors has given the Chapel Hill campus until May to decide what to do with the Silent Sam statue, the News & Observer newspaper in Raleigh reported last month.

That deadline came after the board in December rejected a proposal to build a $5.3 million home for the Confederate monument.

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Friday, 5th April 2019
Man arrested in road rage killing of 10-year-old girl

by ABC News


A 20-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly gunning down a 10-year-old girl in what police called an apparent road rage killing, authorities said.

Joshua Gonzalez was booked on one count of first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault in connection with the slaying of 10-year-old Summerbell Brown, Phoenix police announced Friday.

Gonzalez has an extensive criminal history, Phoenix Police Sgt. Vince Lewis said at a news conference.

A composite sketch of the suspect and images of his truck were circulated on Thursday before the arrest. A tip led investigators to Gonzalez, police said.

The truck and weapon believed to be involved in the shooting were also recovered.

The suspect "did try to alter the truck's appearance," Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said.

The shooting unfolded at about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, when 10-year-old Summerbell was in the car with her sister and parents on their way home, according to police.

The suspect's white truck cut off the Browns in traffic, Lewis said.

Then the truck followed the family's car very closely, Lewis said.

"As soon as the truck was behind the victim, he stayed relatively close, as if he was intentionally following the victim," Lewis said.

As the family turned into their driveway, the truck stopped behind them, Lewis said.

"I got out of my vehicle," Summerbell's father, Dharquintium Brown, later told reporters. "I asked him, 'What's going on?' And he just got to firing."

The suspect, who never exited his car during the shooting, fled the scene.

Summerbell, who had been sitting directly behind her father, was shot and pronounced dead at the hospital, police said.

Dharquintium Brown on Thursday told reporters he "watched her eyes roll in the back of her head. And I pray nobody has to experience that."

"She died in front of me," he said.

Dharquintium Brown was also shot and suffered a non-life-threatening injury, police said. Summerbell's mother and sister were not hurt.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego on Friday called the killing a "senseless tragedy."

"This is heartbreaking ... that I lost my baby like this," Summerbell's mother, Taniesha Brown, told reporters Thursday, overcome with emotion.
"There was no reason for her to be taken like this. I wish it was me instead of my baby," Taniesha Brown said.

"This nightmare's going to be playing in my head every day," she said.

"I just really hope she's at peace."

Lewis said the suspect and victims likely did not know each other.

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Thursday, 11th April 2019
2 poachers pay steep price for illegal bear kill

by Pete Thomas


A father and son from Indiana will pay a steep price for illegally killing a 400-pound bear near Aspen, Colorado, in 2016.

Dan Roe, 55, of Tipton, Indiana, will serve a 20-year hunting and fishing suspension, while his son Alex Roe, 27, will serve a 15-year suspension.

Furthermore, under the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact agreement, these suspensions will be enforced in 47 states.

Pablo Gutierrez, 54, an accomplice from Aspen, received a one-year suspension.

The suspensions were administered last year by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife hearing officer, after the men had pleaded guilty.

They had through the end of March 2019 to appeal, but failed to complete their applications in time.

"I don't know why they didn't follow through with their right to appeal but either way, in my opinion, the length of the suspensions are warranted in this case," Kurtis Tesch, a district wildlife officer from Aspen and a primary investigator, stated in a Clorado Parks and Wildlife news release issued Wednesday.

"These individuals not only took the bear illegally, they concocted an elaborate story in an attempt to hide their crime."

According to the Aspen Daily News, the men pleaded guilty to illegally killing the bear on private property near the Pitkin County Landfill in February 2016, and leaving the meat to waste while taking only the head and hide.

CPW explained that by law, bear hunters are required to prepare bear meat for human consumption and deliver the head and hide to a field office for inspection within five days of the kill.

Hunters must also reveal the location of the kill, and this is where the poachers' story became suspect.

The men brought the bear's head to a CPW office in Glenwood Springs and told a series of what turned out to be lies, picked up on by a costumer service representative.

"She noticed right away that things were not adding up and needed further investigation," Tesch said.

"While the hide was being inspected, the Roes talked about how they had killed the bear off a Forest Service road they couldn't identify, how tough it was to pack out the large animal but they didn't have the meat because they had donated it to nearby campers.

"In reality, we discovered they killed the bear at the Pitkin County landfill. They took only the hide and wasted the meat, then falsified documents. Even after we began looking into the situation, they continued to lie about it."

The men returned to Indiana, not knowing that CPW was working with Indiana authorities, who served warrants and found incriminating evidence at both mens' homes.

Ultimately, the men agreed to plead guilty to willful destruction of wildlife, a class-five felony.

They also pleaded guilty of illegal possession of wildlife, hunting on private property without permission, and waste of edible wildlife, all misdemeanors.

The Roes agreed to pay $2,500 each to the CWP, with the money earmarked for the states's wildlife violation tip hotline.

Gutierrez was found guilty of assisting the men by driving them to the landfill, and convicted for hunting on private property without permission. Besides the one-year suspension, he was ordered to pay $139.50.

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( :-[ "Yep, you too!"
Friday, 12th April 2019
'Trivago Guy' Timothy Williams arrested for driving while intoxicated

by Dave Alsup


Timothy Williams, best known as the pitchman for travel site "Trivago," was arrested this week after Houston police say they found him passed out behind the wheel of a car in a moving lane of traffic.

"He was passed out with his foot on the brake in a moving lane of traffic," said Houston Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva.

Police got the call Wednesday afternoon.
Williams failed a field sobriety test and submitted to a blood drawer, she said.
He was charged with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and his bail was set at $100.

When asked about Williams' arrest, a Trivago spokesperson told CNN in a statement:


"At this stage, we do not have the full details of the situation, but we want to make clear that Trivago treats such incidents very seriously and strongly condemns drinking and driving which poses a risk to others and goes against the Trivago culture."
CNN has has also reached out to Tim Williams and is waiting on a response.

Williams has had acting roles on "Cosby Show" and "Law and Order."

But he shot to fame as the rough-and-tumble pitchman for "Trivago."

In later ads, he came across as more polished -- his hair nicely tousled and a fashionable touch of facial stubble.

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Friday, 12th April 2019
White Woman wanted in Pennsylvania who taunted police on Fakebook, arrested!

by Brett Molina


A woman's Facebook comments taunting local police ultimately led to her arrest.

On March 27, the Greene County Sheriff's Office in Pennsylvania posted an updated most wanted list to their Facebook page.

Among those listed was Chloe Jones, wanted for simple assault.

That's when Jones decided to make a comment taunting officers.

"Do you guys do pick up or delivery??" Jones wrote, followed by four crying-laughing emojis.

After arguing with other commenters on Facebook, Jones revealed she was at a hospital in Morgantown, W.Va.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Greene County Sheriff's Office said Jones had been captured, taken into custody by police in Morgantown.

"Ms. Chloe Jones and her witty comments are taking a hiatus from our Facebook comments section due to the jail not having internet for her to use," wrote the sheriff's office.

Court records did not say whether Jones has a lawyer to comment on her behalf.

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Thursday, 21st March 2019
K-pop star Jung Joon-young arrested in sex video scandal

by Associated Press


(SEOUL, South Korea) South Korean police on Thursday arrested K-pop singer Jung Joon-young over allegations that he illegally shared sexually explicit videos of women taken without their knowledge or consent.

The Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for Jung hours after he appeared at a hearing and apologized to the victims and to "everyone who has showed affection for me."

He was later escorted to a police station in downtown Seoul in handcuffs.

People involved in scandals in South Korea often issue public apologies even as they maintain their innocence.

Jung was first questioned by police last week about allegations that he secretly filmed his sexual encounters and shared them in private group chats with his friends.

Police are also investigating another K-pop star, Seungri, who soared to international stardom as a member of the group Big Bang, over suspicions that he attempted to arrange unlawful sexual services for his business investors.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency requested an arrest warrant for Jung on Monday through state prosecutors.

The scandal has caused an uproar in South Korea, where women are increasingly speaking out against what they describe as a culture of misogyny with the rampant spread of intimate photos and videos taken by hidden cameras, which they say have women living in constant anxiety and distress.

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Wednesday, 20th March 2019
Police said a millionaires murder was a robbery. The truth led to an international hunt for The Black Widow.
by Kyle Swenson


A figure slinks out of the late-night shadows, stepping onto the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, the historic district of the Puerto Rican capital city.

In the orange glow falling from nearby street lamps, a long knife flashes from his hand.

The figure jams the blade into Adam Anhang, a 32-year-old Canadian real estate developer and recent transplant to the island.

As the vicious attack continues the figure stabs Anhang again and again before crashing a loose cobblestone over his head Anhang manages to call out to his nearby wife, Aurea Vazquez Rijos, a former Puerto Rican beauty queen.

Run baby, run! Anhang shouts, law enforcement would later say.

When San Juan authorities eventually rushed onto the scene on Sept. 22, 2005, Vazquez Rijos was loaded into an ambulance with cuts and bruises.

Anhang, however, was already dead.

Blood was spilling across the island that year.

In 2005, Puerto Rico notched 766 homicides, a murder rate that was three times higher than New York, NBCs Dateline reported in 2008.

Anhangs death was originally thought to have been another part of this violent wave, a robbery gone bad until the victims family realized the young mans money was still on his body.
The curtain was only rising on a saga that would play out across the globe for more than a decade.

An innocent man would be arrested and convicted of the murder. Private investigators would snoop through European cities.

The complex red tape of international extradition law would cause endless delays.

And a clever trap would be sprung by authorities, leading to more red tape and court dates and waiting.

But finally, the contorted criminal case stemming from Anhangs death came to an end last week.
On Friday, Vazquez Rijos, 38, her sister, Marcia Vazquez Rijos, and an ex-boyfriend, Jose Ferrer Sosa, were all sentenced to life in prison for their part in a complex murder-for-hire plot, the Associated Press reported.

According to federal prosecutors, Vazquez Rijos plotted her husbands death in a greedy gambit to grab his millions.

But it was Vazquez Rijoss globe-trotting exploits after her husbands murder and the Anhang familys tireless pursuit that earned the case international attention.

The European press dramatically dubbed her The Black Widow.
Years after the murder, her pregnancies would take on critical legal importance for judges weighing international treaties.

But in the beginning, a surprise pregnancy is what threw Vazquez Rijos told Anhang together.
Anhang had come to Puerto Rico after a remarkably successful career.

The son of an attorney in Winnipeg, Anhang had always seemed pointed toward the business world he showed up to his first day of kindergarten with a briefcase, just like his dad, his mother, Barbara Anhang, told Dateline in 2008.

I never remember him as a little boy, his father, Abe Anhang, said in the same interview.

He was a little man.

Anhang graduated from the University of Pennsylvanias Wharton School of Business.

He found early success running a number of start-ups, including a gambling software company.

With the financial windfall from those ventures, he moved to Puerto Rico in 2004 with an eye toward developing condo and hotel projects on the island, according to Global News.

Early in his time on the island, Anhang met Vazquez Rijos, a widow and former beauty contestant who had once been crowned Miss Puerto Rico Petite, Global News reported.

The two quickly became an item, moving in together in late 2004.

Then, in early 2005, Vazquez Rijos hit Anhang with a surprise: she was expecting a child.

A devout Catholic, she and her family reportedly told her boyfriend that marriage was the only option.
Anhang and Vazquez Rijos wed in a small ceremony that March. Anhang did not even tell his family up north he was getting married.
Soon after, Anhang learned there was no pregnancy.

He felt the baby had been a ploy to force a wedding.

He told me that there was no baby and that he felt like hed fallen for the oldest trick in the book, a friend told Dateline.

Anhang made a go at his new union. He reportedly bought Vazquez Rijos a nightclub to run called the Pink Skirt.

But the relationship nose-dived within a few months.

Anhang told his wife he wanted a divorce.

She reportedly resisted a split.

Anhang began to worry for his safety, and even hired a bodyguard.
Adam had expressed that he had fear of her underworld knowledge, another friend told Dateline.

I guess she had these shady characters that are in some way drug related that would come down to her business.

Those tensions appeared to lift on Sept. 22, 2005, when Vazquez Rijos asked Anhang to dinner to finalize a divorce settlement.

He went alone without his bodyguard and dined with his wife at a restaurant in Old San Juan. As the couple strolled the cobblestone streets, the killer pounced.
Following the murder, Anhangs father traveled to the island.

Three weeks after the death, police arrested a 22-year-old restaurant dishwasher named Jonathan Roman Rivera who matched an eyewitness description of the attacker, the National Post reported at the time.

Two years later, Roman Rivera was convicted of Anhangs death and sentenced to 105 years in prison.

But as Anhangs family began to learn more details about their sons crashing marriage, they were convinced the man implicated by Puerto Rican authorities was innocent.

No physical evidence linked Roman Rivera to the crime.

If robbery had been the motive, why wasnt Anhangs money taken?

I knew there was a terrible miscarriage, Abe Anhang told Global News.

This young man had no reason to do what he did. She had every motive in the world.

Money was that motive, the family felt.

Under the terms of the couples prenuptial agreement which valued Anhangs wealth at more than $24 million Vazquez Rijos was entitled to a maximum $360,000 in a settlement, the National Post reported.

As a grieving widow, however, she had a better claim, and six months after the murder, Vazquez Rijos sued the Anhang family for $8 million of the estate, Dateline reported.

After Roman Riveras conviction, Anhangs father approached the FBI with his doubts.

The agency dispatched a team of agents to reexamine the crime, and eventually federal authorities found witnesses placing Alex El Loco Pabon Colon at the scene.

A dealer who reportedly sold drugs to customers at the Pink Skirt, he confessed that he had killed Anhang after Vazquez Rijos agreed to pay him $3 million.

The payment never materialized after the crime. He pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.
A federal grand jury indicted Vazquez Rijos for orchestrating Anhangs death in 2008. Roman Rivera was exonerated and freed.

But by then, Vazquez Rijos had split.
Unwilling to let their sons killer slip away, the Anhangs hired a private investigator, who tracked Vazquez Rijos to Florence.

The destination was likely not an accident.

The Italian government will not extradite fugitives to the United States who are facing the death penalty.

Vazquez Rijos lived openly in the European city as a tour guide.

She had access to three or four identity cards, she was using three or four different names, different hairstyles, different hair colorings, Abe Anhang told Global News.

The Anhangs paid a private investigator nearly $1,000 a day to track her movements.
From these reports, the family learned Vazquez Rijos was attempting to keep herself farther outside the reach of U.S. law.
Safe for the time being, she needed to obtain permanent residency to completely protect herself.

In 2008, Vazquez Rijos became romantically involved with an Italian air-conditioning contractor and gave birth to twin daughters.
As the mother of Italian citizens, she was even less likely to face extradition, Global News reported.

American authorities went to unique lengths to finally grab the wanted woman in 2013.

That year, American and Spanish law enforcement, posing as members of a fictitious Spanish travel agency, contacted Vazquez Rijos with a job offer in Madrid.

On June 30, 2013, she boarded a plane for Spain.

At the Madrid airport, while she waited for her luggage, Interpol agents took her into custody.

I got a call 10 minutes after she landed, Abe Anhang told Global News.
But more surprises further delayed Vazquez Rijoss return to U.S. soil.

According to the BBC, as she waited in a Spanish prison, she became sexually involved with a male inmate, an Italian national serving a sentence for a drug offense.

Vazquez Rijos again became pregnant, and petitioned a Spanish judge to block her extradition because she was now the mother of a Spanish citizen.

After two years of court dates, and after U.S. prosecutors promised not to seek the death penalty, Vazquez Rijos and her 1-month-old daughter boarded an FBI jet for Puerto Rico in September 2015.

On the island, Vazquez Rijos was taken into custody and her baby was placed in state care.

(Vazquez Rijoss twin daughters remained in Italy with their father.)
Vazquez Rijos and her two accomplices, her sister, Marcia, and her ex-boyfriend, Sosa, went to trial last August.

Federal prosecutors showed how the three orchestrated the crime, offering Pabon-Colon money for the murder, while Anhangs wife set the trap by asking him to dinner.

Witnesses recounted how after Pabon-Colon stabbed and beat Anhang, Vazquez Rijos had him knock her to the ground, so as to avert suspicion.

On Oct. 3, 2018, a jury found all three defendants guilty of murder-for-hire.

Last Friday, 12 years of ugly suspicions and painful delays and thorny international legal fights ended with a federal judges decision to send the three defendants to prison for life.

The sentencing was announced in a San Juan courthouse not far from the cobblestone street where Anhang bled out, the AP reported.

"Are you happy now? Vazquez Rijos reportedly called to Abe Anhang as he left the hearing.
Shut up, the grieving father replied.

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Monday, 25th February 2019
2 plead guilty in case of body found entombed in concrete

by Associated Press


(FULTON, Mo.) Two people have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors in the death of a developmentally disabled Missouri man whose body was found encased in concrete after he was reported missing from a supported living home.

KMIZ reports Anthony R.K. Flores and Shaina Osborne pleaded guilty Monday to making a false report in the death of 61-year-old Carl DeBrodie.

DeBrodie's body was discovered in a storage unit in April 2017.

Investigators believe he went missing months before his disappearance from the Second Chance home in Fulton was reported.

Flores was sentenced to eight months in jail.

Osborne was sentenced to 30 days in jail that was suspended while she serves two years of probation.

Flores' father, Anthony R. Flores, and Sherry Paulo, who operated the Second Chance home, are charged with involuntary manslaughter.

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Monday, 15 April 2019
MAGA bomber pleaded guilty to mailing 16 package bombs appears in court
by ABC News


Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man who pleaded guilty to mailing 16 package bombs to critics of puppetine, is due back in federal court in Manhattan Monday after he claimed certain things he said at his plea hearing were inaccurate.

In a handwritten letter to Judge Jed Rakoff, Sayoc said extreme emotional circumstances influenced his answer when asked whether he knew his devices could harm.

During the March hearing Sayoc said he made devices designed to look like pipe bombs and with the intent to injure but his letter to the court said "the intention was only to intimidate and scare."


He called what he sent to former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robert De Niro and others "hoax, decoy devices" that were not ever meant to work.

From South Florida Sayoc sent letters to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Robert De Niro, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Rep. Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris, Thomas Steyer and CNN.

None of the recipients were hurt but the packages could get Sayoc a life sentence when he is sentenced in September.

I was not in right state of mind, Sayoc said in a second letter to the judge.

I was overwhelmed, high anxiety, very nervous condition when he answered affirmatively about knowing the risks posed by his actions.

The devices would never explode or worked, Sayoc said.

The fireworks was a sparkler and not capable to explode.

It wasnt immediately clear how Judge Rakoff would handle Sayocs assertions but ordered the parties into court, writing that he found it necessary to hold an in person hearing to address these issues.

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Monday, 15 April 2019
Next school shooter admits fatally shooting elderly couple he knew
by GRETCHEN EHLKE, Associated Press


(MILWAUKEE, Wisc) A 17-year-old told investigators that he fatally shot an elderly couple and was planning to cause harm at his high school in eastern Wisconsin, police said Monday.

Police officers responding to a 911 call for assistance found the bodies of the man and woman at their home in Grand Chute about 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Officer Travis Waas said.

He declined to release details of the call.

Waas said police arrested Alexander M. Kraus, who lives in nearby Neenah, at the couple's home. Kraus admitted that he shot the two, whom he knew, Waas said.

Kraus was being held in the Outagamie County Jail and has not yet been charged.

Police said in a news release that he could be charged as an adult with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

Police have not identified the couple or their relationship to Kraus.

Waas said a long gun, believed to have been used in the crime, was recovered at the home.

No information has been provided on why Kraus shot the couple.

Kraus also told investigators about his plan to cause harm at Neenah High School, where he was a junior, Waas said.

He said investigators recovered documentation related to that plan, but declined to comment on the nature of the plan or the severity of the threat.

The school district released a statement Monday saying police determined there was no danger to students and staff at the high school and that the school day would proceed as normal.

Additional counselors were available to students and there was an extra police presence at the high school, the district said.

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Monday, 15th April 2019
The Minnesota registered nurse sentenced to six months in jail for killing someone
by Paul Walsh


A driver from Oronoco, Minn., who killed a woman in a 2016 distracted driving crash has been ordered to visit the grave of the woman as part of her sentence.

Lori J. Hoefs, 57, was sentenced Friday in Dakota County in connection with the collision in Hampton Township that killed 78-year-old Brenda K. Travis of Rochester, Minn., and seriously injured her brother, Glen Travis.

Along with making two visits to the Bear Creek Lutheran Church cemetery northeast of Grand Meadow, Minn., where Travis was buried, Hoefs was sentenced by Judge Jerome Abrams to six months in jail and put on probation for two years.

If she qualifies, Hoefs can serve part of that time on work release.

She also must perform 30 hours of community service, where she is required to speak about distracted driving, and she must attend a driving improvement clinic and pay $1,429 in fines and fees.

Hoefs was charged in June 2018 with felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide and criminal vehicular operation.

Her plea agreement called for those charges, which likely would have resulted in prison time if she were convicted, to be dismissed in exchange for admitting to the lower-level counts.

Glen Travis, who suffered rib fractures and a broken pelvis, told the Star Tribune last fall that terms of the plea deal were satisfactory to the family.

He said he didn't want the sentence to cost Hoefs her license as a registered nurse, which she has held for more than 35 years and continues to hold.

He did add, however, "We do wonder why she didn't assist" his sister at the crash scene, "but I guess she was in total shock."

Hoefs told authorities immediately after the crash that she had the phone on speakerphone but was holding it while talking to a friend as she drove west on County Road 88 into the intersection at Hwy. 56, the criminal complaint said.

She passed a sign warning her of a stop sign ahead at the intersection and drove over pavement painted with the words "STOP AHEAD," the complaint added.

Her SUV struck the passenger side of the Travises' car.

Brenda Travis received an education degree from St. Olaf College in Northfield and a master's degree from the University of Minnesota before embarking on a teaching career that lasted decades and covered several continents.

After teaching high school for two years in Morgan, Minn., Travis taught business for 32 years through the Department of Defense Overseas Dependent Schools.

In that role, she worked in Germany, Turkey, Morocco, Japan and the Philippines.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019
North Carolina white guy gets life for triple murder of neighbors

by Associated Press


(RALEIGH, N.C.) A North Carolina man has been sentenced to life in prison for the triple murder of his neighbors who had accused him of child molestation.

News outlets report Jonathan Sander was sentenced Monday for the 2016 deaths of Sal Mazzella's wife, adult son and daughter-in-law.

Before the sentence was handed down, Mazzella said he has forgiven Sander.

Sander sarcastically applauded that announcement and launched into a nearly 30-minute rant that blamed and insulted other people.

He began to threaten jurors and was cut off by Judge Graham Shirley, who said Sander would die in obscurity despite his crimes.

Sander was friends with Mazzella's son Sandy, and the family accused him of child molestation in 2016.

Evidence says he burst into their home with a shotgun while screaming, "Child molester? Really, Sandy?"

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Friday, 19th April 2019
House of Horrors Parents Sentenced to Life in Prison for Torturing Children
by Minyvonne Burke


David and Louise Turpin, the California parents who beat, starved and held 12 of their children captive inside their home, were sentenced Friday to life in prison.

The husband and wife pleaded guilty in February to 14 counts each of torture, dependent adult abuse, child endangerment and false imprisonment.

During their sentencing, both cried and wiped away tears as some of their children addressed the courtroom.

The judge ruled the couple will be eligible for parole after 25 years.

"My parents took my whole life from me, now Im taking my life back," one of the couple's daughters said.

Life may have been bad, but it made me strong. I saw my dad change my mom, they almost changed me. Im a fighter, Im strong.

Disturbing details of the abuse came to light in January 2018 after one of the daughters, who was 17 at the time, escaped their home in Perris, California, and used a cellphone taken from the house to call 911.

The girl, who officers initially thought was a child because she was so emaciated, told police that her brothers and sisters were being held by her parents and some of them were chained, investigators said.

When authorities entered the house, they found the children aged 2 to 29 being held in "dark and foul-smelling surroundings," authorities said.


Some were bound to their beds and furniture by chains and padlocks and many of the children told police they were "starving," according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

"I love both of my parents so much," a statement read in court from another daughter said.

God looks at the heart and I know he sees theirs. Ive prayed often for them."

Louise Turpin read a statement in court, apologizing to her children.

"I'm sorry for everything I've done to hurt my children. I love my children so much," she said.

"I want them to know that mom and dad are going to be OK."

David Turpin was so emotional, he had his lawyer read parts of his statement.

"I never intended for any harm to come to my children I hope the very best for my children in the future," the lawyer read.

Prosecutors said the Turpin children were given only one rationed meal a day and allowed to shower once a year.
Their parents would bake pies and not let their hungry children eat them, and would buy toys but forbid the children from opening or playing with them.

The children were forced to spend most of their time in the house.

Neighbors told NBC Los Angeles last year that they knew the couple had a lot of children but weren't sure how many because "the kids didn't come out very often."

There were times the family was all out together, like on trips to Las Vegas where the Turpins renewed their vows.

Videos showed the girls in pink dresses, white tights and heels.

The boys wore dark suits with white shirts and red ties.

Kent Ripley, an Elvis impersonator who renewed the couple's vows at a Vegas chapel, said the children were always quiet and well-behaved.

Louise Turpin's sister, Teresa Robinette, said during an interview that the family gave the impression that they were "living the perfect life."

She recounted how her sister would tell her about the Vegas trips and vacations at Disneyland.

Investigators, however, painted a very different picture.

Only one of the children a son was allowed to leave home to attend classes at a community college but was always accompanied by his mother.

The siblings would also get in trouble for things like "playing with water" while they washed their hands.
Prosecutors said the punishment ranged from being beaten and choked to being shackled to their beds with no access to the bathroom for months at a time.

One of the daughters was allegedly the victim of a lewd act by her father, prosecutors said.

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said in January 2018 that the abuse "started out as neglect" during the 17 years the family lived near Fort Worth, Texas, and intensified when they moved to California in 2010.

The couple's youngest child was the only one of the 13 total who appeared to have not been abused.

Despite the horrific torture authorities said the children endured, some of them told the courtroom Friday how much they loved their parents and said they did their best to raise them.

"I cannot describe in words what we went through growing up," one of the sons said.

"Sometimes, I still have nightmares from things that have happened. But that is the past and this is now. I love my parents and have forgiven them."

A statement from another daughter stated:

"I want the court to know that our parents loved each other and loved each of their children. ... I believe with all my heart that our parents tried their best to raise all 13 of us and they wanted to give us a good life."(

During a news conference after the sentencing, Jack Osborn, who represents seven of the adult children, said that his clients are working very hard toward forgiveness" and said it was a "miracle" that they are thriving.

"Our clients are most of all survivors, they are not victims," he said.

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Friday, 19th April 2019
Two White Women plead guilty to crimes related to New York sex cult, pyramid scheme case

by Amir Vera and Sonia Moghe


Two women who were part of an alleged pyramid scheme that involved sex trafficking and racketeering each pleaded guilty to related charges Friday in a New York federal court.

Clare Bronfman, an heiress to the Seagram's liquor fortune, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor people who were not in the United States legally for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification.

Kathy Russell pleaded guilty to one charge of visa fraud.

Bronfman and Russell were indicted in March on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges as part of the cult-like organization known as Nxivm, founded by Keith Raniere, who also was indicted and is now in federal custody.

He faces sex trafficking and forced labor charges.

Bronfman was a member of the Nxivm executive board, according to a US Justice Department news release, and faces between 21 and 27 months in prison.

Russell is Nxivm's former bookkeeper and faces between six and 12 months in prison.

Bronfman, who will be sentenced July 25, tearfully read a statement in court during her plea hearing.

"Your honor, I was afforded a great gift by my grandfather and father. With the gift comes immense privilege, and more importantly, tremendous responsibility," Bronfman said.

"It does not come with an ability to break the law, it comes with a greater responsibility to uphold it. I failed to uphold the following laws set forth by this country, and for that I am truly remorseful."

Russell, who will be sentenced July 31, said in court that she knowingly provided visa documents with false information in order to bring a woman into the US for work.
"I know what I did was wrong and I am very sorry for the trouble that I've caused," Russell said, tearfully.

Five Nxivm members were indicted and charged last year for crimes that included identity theft, extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

Bronfman, Russell and actress Allison Mack were among the five indicted and charged last year.

Prosecutors allege Raniere created the organization Nxivm (pronounced NEX-ium), which touted itself as a professional business providing coaching and educational services to "corporations and people of all walks of life."

The organization, prosecutors say, actually operated like a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme, and encouraged its members to continue taking pricey classes and recruiting other members in order to rise in the ranks of the organization.

The organization also acted as an umbrella for other groups like "The Source," described as a private arts academy, and the secret society DOS, which was founded in 2015 and is the subgroup where sex trafficking activities allegedly took place.

Under the sub-group DOS, prosecutors allege.

women were designated as "slaves" until successfully recruiting others, at which time they became "masters."
All so-called slaves were at the service of their own masters as well as those above them in the pyramid.

The indictment claims many so-called slaves were branded on their pelvic areas with a symbol which, unbeknownst to them, incorporated Raniere's initials.

Documents describe "branding ceremonies," in which women were held down by others while naked and filmed as they were branded with a cauterizing pen.

Raniere was the only male in DOS and the leader, according to court filings.


Prosecutors believe Mack, known for her 10-season run on the television series "Smallville," was near the top of the pyramid with Raniere and "directly or implicitly required" her slaves to engage in sexual activity with Raniere.

She also allegedly received financial and other benefits from Raniere in exchange for the women's cooperation with their demands.

Mack was released from jail on $5 million bond after being indicted last week.

She pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering relating to her alleged role in a sex trafficking case.

Raniere remains in federal custody in Brooklyn.
If convicted, Raniere and Mack each face mandatory minimum sentences of 15 years imprisonment, and up to life imprisonment.

His attorney, Marc Agnifilo, had no comment on the remaining co-defendants.

"We're going to trial," Agnifilo said.

The trial begins May 7.

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Friday, 19th April 2019
Slain Domestic Terrorist Leader's Wife Admits Killing Him
by Associated Press


(FARMINGTON, Mo.) The wife of a Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader admitted Friday to fatally shooting her husband.

Malissa Ancona was sentenced to life in prison Friday under a deal in which she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, tampering with evidence and abandonment of a corpse in the February 2017 death of Frank Ancona Jr., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Ancona, who had identified himself as a KKK imperial wizard, had recently asked his wife for a divorce, according to officials and court records.

Malissa Ancona initially reported her husband missing, and a family fishing in southeast Missouri found his body near a river days later.

She later claimed her son, Paul Jinkerson Jr., shot him while he was sleeping.

Jinkerson faces the same charges as his mom, but she said Friday that he had no role in the shooting.

She said he did help clean up the crime scene and helped dump the body.

"I fired both shots that killed my husband," she told Circuit Judge Wendy Wexler Horn.

She said she cleaned the walls of their bedroom and disposed of bloody bedding to try to hide the crime.

Asked how the plea would affect Jinkerson's trial, his lawyer, Eric Barnhart, responded, "I mean the true killer..." before having his sentence finished by Jinkerson's father:

"admitted her guilt today."

Ancona originally told police that her son shot her husband with a 9 mm handgun and agreed to testify against him last year.

She reversed herself in a letter from jail, writing to Horn that she was "under the influence" and couldn't recall what happened when her husband was shot.

During Friday's court hearing, Frank Ancona's father, Frank Ancona Sr., told the judge that he was forced to identify his only son's body, and said his son had "no face left."

Ancona Sr. said his son was killed because he was planning on leaving Malissa Ancona, whom he called a "terrible wife."

Ancona's daughter, Carolyn Ancona, through tears, said, "He didn't deserve this. No one deserves this."

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Thursday, 18th April 2019
White Man Arrested With Gas Cans and Lighters at St. Patricks Cathedral Is a Philosophy Teacher

by Ali Watkins


Marc Lamparellos story seemed off from the start.

It was near 8 p.m. Wednesday when Mr. Lamparello, a 37-year-old adjunct philosophy lecturer, entered St. Patricks Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan toting two gallons of gasoline, lighter fluid and lighters, the police said.

Stopped by ushers, he explained he was trying to take a shortcut through the iconic sanctuary to reach his vehicle, which had run out of gas, the police said.

Mr. Lamparellos minivan, though, was not out of fuel, the police said, and a stroll through St. Patricks was hardly a shortcut.

Spooked, church security officers flagged police officers as Mr. Lamparello turned to leave, sloshing gasoline on the floor.

Mr. Lamparello, who lives in New Jersey, was taken into custody Wednesday night for questioning, the police said, but has not been charged with any crime.

He has had prior run-ins with law enforcement and had previously been arrested in New Jersey for trespassing, the Fire Department said.

His arrest came just before Easter and two days after a devastating fire tore through the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris.

His basic story was that he was cutting through the cathedral to get to Madison Avenue, that his car had run out of gas, said John Miller, the Police Departments deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism.

We took a look at the vehicle. It was not out of gas, and at that point he was taken into custody.

Mr. Lamparello is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the City University of New York.

He was a 2004 graduate of Boston College and was listed as teaching courses at Brooklyn College this spring.

A philosophy academic, he had written and published his first book, Reason and Counterpoint, in 2016.

Mr. Lamparellos history with the church is murky, but his work suggests at least a baseline interest in questions of religion and higher powers.

In 2016, his author biography on indicated he was working on a book-length project about wrestling with the existence of God.

At least one of the courses he has taught, Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy, touched on the idea of religion.

The course included such topics as the nature and scope of knowledge, meaning and verification, the existence of God, determinism and free will, the mind-body problem, and the nature of moral judgments, according to an online course description for Brooklyn College.

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Sunday, 21st April 2019
Illegal Militia Group Detained For Bullying Unarmed Mexicans
by Associated Press


A member of an armed civilian group that has detained migrants near the US-Mexico border who was arrested on Saturday reportedly faced similar charges in Oregon 13 years ago.

In Sunland Park, Texas on Saturday, FBI agents and local police arrested Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, on suspicion of being a felon in possession of firearms.

In Klamath county, Oregon in 2006, Hopkins was accused of impersonating a police officer and claimed to be a fugitive bounty hunter, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.

In his guilty plea, Hopkins acknowledged he had given the impression to others that I was a peace officer while unlawfully carrying a firearm as a convicted felon.

Hopkins latest arrest came after federal authorities warned private groups to avoid policing the border.

Videos circulated on social media have shown armed civilians detaining large groups of Central American families in New Mexico.

Armed civilian groups have been common on the US border for years, especially when large numbers of migrants are present. But many of the migrants crossing now are children.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has called for an investigation into pro-Trump, anti-immigrant men who have been patrolling the border, calling themselves the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP).

The ACLU in New Mexico described the group as an armed fascist militia organization made up of vigilantes and said they were working to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum, making illegal arrests and holding migrants at gunpoint.

Hopkins was booked into the Dona Ana county detention center in Las Cruces.

It was not known if he had an attorney.

The FBI said he was from Flora Vista, a rural community in New Mexico about 353 miles north of Sunland Park, a suburb of El Paso.

Frank Fisher, an FBI spokesman in Albuquerque, said additional information would not be released until after Hopkins appeared in federal court on Monday.

In the 2006 incident in Oregon, a sheriffs office report said Hopkins was found at a gas station in Keno showing firearms to youth and telling them he was a police officer.

Hopkins displayed a badge that said special agent and had numerous medals pinned to his shirt, according to the report obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican.

The newspaper said the court records were uncovered by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and extremists in the US.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Mexicos foreign ministry expressed profound concern at the activities of intimidation and extortion of migrants on the part of militia groups on the border of New Mexico.

These types of practices, it said, can lead to the trampling of human rights of people who migrate or who solicit asylum or refuge in the United States.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019
Hey DJ, Don't Play That Song

by Katie Dowd


Australian media are reporting a man charged in the attempted kidnapping of a boy in San Francisco is a "prominent Perth DJ and community radio presenter."

Roscoe Bradley Holyoake, 34, was arrested Friday after police say he grabbed a 2-year-old boy from his mother's arms near Market and 17th streets.

Bystanders said he ran half a block with the boy until Good Samaritans tracked him down.

One witness told KTVU that after Holyoake drew a crowd, he allegedly "gave the boy back to the mom and then he turned and smiled at us and took off running down the street."

Roscoe Bradley Holyoake, 34, was arrested on April 12, 2019 after San Francisco police say he attempted to kidnap a 2-year-old boy.

Holyoake was detained by witnesses until police arrived on the scene.

A view of the corner of Market and 17th St in the Castro neighborhood.

A kidnapping occurred there Friday after a man allegedly tried to take a 2-year-old child from his mother, police said.

According to the Australia Broadcasting Company, Holyoake goes by the name DJ Roski professionally and is a "well-known DJ" in the local scene.

Perth community radio station RTRFM confirmed to ABC he occasionally worked as their presenter on the All Things Queer program.

He was also a resident DJ at Perth's Connections Nightclub, and formerly served on the board of Pride Western Australia.

San Francisco police are holding Holyoake on kidnapping and child endangerment charges; his bail was set at $500,000.

The boy suffered non-life threatening injuries, police said, and the family refused medical treatment.

The San Francisco Sheriff's Department inmate locater indicates Holyoake is due in court Tuesday afternoon.

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Monday, 22nd April 2019
White Woman In Coachella Was Arrested After She Was Seen On Camera Tossing 7 Puppies In A Dumpster
by Tanya Chen


A 54-year-old woman suspected of tossing seven puppies into a trash can in Coachella, California, was arrested Monday after authorities linked her to disturbing security footage of the act, authorities said.

Deborah Sue Culwell was identified as the woman seen in the security camera footage that was released Friday.


In the video, a woman driving a white Jeep is caught quickly chucking a bag with the puppies inside trash can. (

Officials at the Riverside County Animal Services worked with the local sheriff's department to identify and take the woman into custody Monday.

She was arrested at 5:30 p.m. at her home in Coachella, a spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animals Services said.

In a second video released Monday by Riverside County Animal Services, Culwell can be seen being handcuffed just outside the door of her home.

"Debbie, why did you do that?" someone can be heard asking her in the video. Culwell does not appear to respond.

"Where they your puppies?"

On Friday, the center received a call from an employee of a local auto parts store that a man had discovered a trash bag in on of their dumpsters that contained seven newborn puppies. (

Animal services officials estimated the terrier mix puppies were about three days old. (

An officer was then able to obtain surveillance footage from the store that showed a woman driving up to their trash site with a bag.

A man in the area whom described as a transient was rummaging through the dumpsters when he came across the bag of puppies and brought them into the auto parts store.(

John Welsh, a spokesman for animal services, told BuzzFeed News that because the puppies were dumped in a sealed plastic bag, had they not been discovered as soon they had, they would not have survived.

Temperatures in Coachella that day were in the mid-90s, he added.

"Thats a window of 15 minutes had he not called us, those dogs are dead," Welsh said.

"That guy is a hero in our mind."

The puppies have since been transported to a local rescue group, where they're being bottle-fed.(

"There is no excuse for dumping puppies, especially in todays age, when we or other shelters would be willing to get these animals to foster parents or rescue partners," Riverside County Animal Services Commander Chris Mayer said in a news release. (

"This was a shameful act."

Officials said they were planning to pursue a felony charge of animal cruelty against the woman.

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Friday, 19th April 2019
Trial set for Indiana white woman charged in 3 students' bus stop deaths

by WLWT (NBC affiliate)


A judge has set a trial date for a northern Indiana woman accused of striking and killing three children with a pickup truck as they crossed a highway to board a school bus.

Fulton County Prosecutor Michael Marrs tells WSBT-TV the October 5th 2019 trial date for Alyssa Shepherd of Rochester was set during a closed pretrial hearing.

Shepherd has pleaded not guilty to three counts of reckless homicide, criminal recklessness and a misdemeanor count of passing a school bus when an arm signal device is extended.

The October 2018 collision killed 6-year-old twin brothers, Xzavier and Mason Ingle, and their 9-year-old sister, Alivia Stahl.

Shepherd has told authorities she didn't realize she was approaching a stopped school bus, despite the activated stop arm and flashing lights.

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Wednesday, 4th April 2019
2 idiots put on bulletproof vest, then shot each other
by ABC News


Deputies arrested two Rogers men accused of putting on bulletproof vests and shooting each other.

Charles Eugene Ferris, age 50, was on his back deck drinking with his neighbor, Christopher Hicks, age 36, on Sunday, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

Ferris was wearing a bulletproof vest and told Hicks to shoot him with the vest on.

Hicks shot Ferris in the chest one time with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, according to the report.

The bullet hit him the top left corner of the chest, and the vest stopped the bullet.

The shot still hurt Ferris and left him with a red mark on the chest.

Ferris then took the vest off, and Hicks put it on.

Charles Ferris was "pissed" about getting shot and how much it hurt, so he "unloaded the clip into Christopher's back," according to the report.

None of the rounds penetrated the vest, but Christopher Hicks suffered bruises.

Ferris went to Mercy Hospital, which notified law enforcement.

Ferris initially told deputies a story about being paid $200 to protect an "asset" and that he was shot guarding the "asset" from a man wearing a white suit near at the Wan Winkle trailhead.

Ferris later told deputies about drinking with Hicks and how they shot each other with bulletproof vests on after deputies spoke with Ferris' wife.

Both Charles Ferris and Christopher Hicks were arrested on suspicion of Aggravated Assault.

They were given a court date of May 13, 2019 at 8 a.m.

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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019
Ex-CEO charged in New York, becomes 1st drug executive indicted in opioid crisis
by WABC News


(NEW YORK CITY) -  One of the nation's largest distributors of opioids has entered into a non-prosecution consent decree with the US Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York, which accused the company, Rochester Drug Cooperative (RDC), of failing to properly report thousands of suspicious orders of oxycodone, fentanyl and other controlled substances.

At the same time, the company's former chief executive, Lawrence Doud, has been placed under arrest by federal drug agents.

Doud is the first pharmaceutical executive associated with the nation's opioid crisis to face a criminal charge of diverting drugs for an illegitimate purpose.

The indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges Doud ordered subordinates to ignore red flags about certain pharmacy customers to maximize company revenues and his own pay, which more than doubled between 2012 and 2016 as the company's sales of drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl skyrocketed.

RDC agreed to a deferred criminal prosecution agreement, admitted to a detailed statement of facts, and consented to three years of independent compliance monitoring by an expert who will report regularly to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Additionally, RDC will pay a $20 million fine to the federal government over a five-year period.

If RDC complies with the terms of the agreement, it will not be prosecuted for its conduct during the relevant period.

"We made mistakes, and RDC understands that these mistakes, directed by former management, have serious consequences," RDC spokesperson Jeff Eller said.

"We accept responsibility for those mistakes. We can do better, we are doing better, and we will do better."

In the nation's opioid epidemic, RDC is a middleman that buys controlled substances from manufacturers and sells them to individual pharmacies.

As one of the nation's 10 largest drug distributors, it delivers to more than 1,300 pharmacies.

Along the way, federal prosecutors said it ignored certain pharmacies that were placing suspicious orders.

"RDC was well aware that many of its largest pharmacy customers exhibited red flags associated with the diversion of controlled substances, but failed to report these customers or their orders to the DEA as required," court records said.

RDC was among the drug distributors named last month in a civil lawsuit by the New York Attorney General's office, which alleged fraud, willful misconduct, and gross negligence.

Between 2010 and 2018, the company sold more than 143 million oxycodone pills to customers in New York alone, the attorney general's lawsuit said.

The DEA has been investigating for years whether RDC failed to comply with pharmaceutical reporting laws.

The company has previously paid to resolve claims it failed to properly report the theft of opioids.

According to court records, from 2012 to 2016, RDC filled more than 1.5 million orders for controlled substances from its pharmacy customers but reported just four suspicious orders to the DEA.

In reality, federal prosecutors said, there were at least 2,000 suspicious orders in those four years.

"During this period, RDC shipped large quantities of opioids to pharmacies that RDC knew exhibited dispensing patterns that suggested the pharmacies were dispensing controlled substances for illegitimate medical purposes," court records said.

"They did not report suspicious orders or pharmacy customers to the DEA because they did not want to risk losing revenue from these customers."

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Wednesday, 24th April 2019
White Woman Arrested, Accused of Faking Cancer Diagnosis for Money



The Randolph County Sheriff's Office has charged a second woman in a matter of weeks for faking cancer in order to get money.

The Sheriff's Office said officials at a local recreational club told them that they suspected Hannah Hume was falsely claiming to have kidney cancer after talking to her about her medical bills.

Deputies said the club had planned a June 15 benefit and charity ride in her honor.

Hume was interviewed by Investigators and admitted she did not have kidney cancer.

She was arrested Tuesday and charged with a felony for attempting to obtain property by false pretense.

Hume is being held on a $5,000 bond and is expected in court May, 13 2019.

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Wednesday, 24th April 2019
Parents face charges in death of 5-year-old Crystal Lake boy after remains found
by Mike Ewing, Marcella Raymond, Julian Crews, Mike Lowe and Tom Negovan


(CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill.) Nearly a week after they reported 5-year-old Andrew "AJ" Freund missing, his parents are now facing multiple charges in his death, after investigators found his apparent remains in a remote area near Woodstock, Ill.

"It is with heavy heart that the Crystal Lake Police Department has located what we believe to be the body of Andrew 'AJ' Freund earlier this morning,"

Crystal Lake Police Chief Jim Black said during a press conference Wednesday.

Black said information discovered through "forensic analysis of cell phone data" led investigators to speak with both AJ's father, Andrew Freund Sr., and his mother, JoAnn Cunningham, overnight Tuesday.

During their interviews, Black said the parents separately shared details that led investigators to search a rural area near Woodstock, IL Wednesday morning.

"Investigators located what they believe to be AJ's body buried in a shallow grave, wrapped in plastic in a remote area of Woodstock, Illinois," Black said.

The McHenry County Sheriff and Coroner said the remains were found in a "makeshift grave" near a farm access road west of Dean Street in unincorporated Dorr Township.

The location is about 15 minutes away from Freund's Crystal Lake home.

The McHenry County Coroner's Office and FBI Recovery Unit removed the remains from the scene, and will work to definitively identify the body and determine a cause of death during an autopsy tentatively scheduled for Thursday morning.

Both parents now face multiple counts of First-Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery, and a count of Failure to Report a Missing Child or Death.

In total, Cunningham is charged with 12 counts, while Freund faces 11, including additional charges of Concealment of Homicidal Death.

Both are in police custody, and will be taken to McHenry County Jail to await a bond hearing Thursday morning.

During a Wednesday press conference, FBI Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey Sallet expressed condolences to AJ's family while praising the joint law enforcement effort, saying they were working "24 hours a day" on the investigation.

"It was apparent to me that nobody was going to sleep, and nobody will sleep until justice is brought for AJ," Sallet said.

As the search was ongoing, details emerged about the family's history with DCFS and Crystal Lake Police, including multiple reports of abuse, neglect and drug use.

DCFS involvement with AJ dated back to 2013, when he was born with opiates in his system.

He was taken into protective custody less than a month later, and spent seven months with a foster family before being returned to his mother.

He was involved with DCFS "on and off" through the end of 2018, according to the agency.

Freund Sr. was formerly Cunningham's divorce attorney. While the two never married, they were said to be living together with their children and no longer dating.

Their other son has been in protective custody since AJ was reported missing.

DCFS Acting Director Marc Smith said in a statement that AJ's younger sibling will remain in their custody, and the agency plans on reviewing its practices and potential improvements in a "transparent" manner.

"Protecting vulnerable children who come to our attention is at the core of our mission at DCFS. All of us feel this loss," Smith said.

"The Department is committed to conducting a comprehensive review of the entirety of our work with Andrews family to understand our shortcomings."

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Thursday, 25th April 2019
Bridget 'Bridgegate' Anne Kelly Goes To Prison
by Mike Kelly


(NEWARK, NJ) Courtrooms are supposed to offer answers. Or perhaps guidance, solace and insight on complicated questions of life and justice.

But once again, as another chapter in the Bridgegate case unfolded on Wednesday in a federal courtroom in Newark, we were left with a sense that the full story has still not been told about the alleged political payback plot to create traffic gridlock in Fort Lee near the George Washington Bridge.


The occasion was a hearing to resentence Bridget Anne Kelly, the former deputy chief of staff for Gov. Chris Christie and author of the infamous email, Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee, which touched off the massive jams on Fort Lees streets during portions of five days in September 2013.

After her conviction in 2016, with former Port Authority deputy executive Bill Baroni, on multiple charges for their roles in the Bridgegate scheme, Kelly was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison by U.S. District Judge Susan D. Wigenton.

On Wednesday, Wigenton reduced Kellys prison time to 13 months, citing a ruling by a three-judge federal appeals panel in December that dismissed several counts against Kelly and Baroni but left intact the most serious charges.

Kelly, 46, who lives in Ramsey and is a single mother of four children, is being allowed to remain free on bail while she appeals her case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Baroni, 47, opted to enter a federal prison in Pennsylvania this month, after Wigenton shortened his sentence from two years to 18 months.

Such are the facts in this latest chapter. (

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Friday, 19th April 2019
White Woman In Jail for Threatening Someone by Text Messages

by Perry Vandell


A woman accused of sending a man more than 159,000 text messages and breaking into his Paradise Valley home wants her case to go to trial, believing a jury will find her innocent while also ordering her and the man she's accused of stalking to wed.

Those were among the comments made by Jacqueline Ades in a recent phone interview with The Arizona Republic from Maricopa County's Estrella Jail, where she has been held since May 2018.

Ades' case has garnered national attention after authorities said she continued to stalk a Paradise Valley man after a single date, broke into his home and sent thousands of text messages to him over the course of 10 months including some in which she threatened to wear his flesh and devour his organs, according to Maricopa County Court records.

Ades was incredulous that her actions warranted incarceration.

"I just think it's ridiculous," Ades said. "I can't believe that it turned into this. I can't believe that I'm actually in jail over some text messages."

She maintained that her threats against the man's life were jokes that she would never act on.

She said the man responded to her texts for three months but stopped after she sent the threats.

Ades said she threatened the man after a fight with her mother and took out her anger on him.


"I said, 'If I had a perverted imagination, what would I think?' " Ades said.

"And then I wrote all these weird things. Just, like, I was literally playing with my imagination and it turned out that that scared him."

Her attorney, Matthew Leathers, requested a Rule 11 hearing in January to evaluate her mental competency to  ensure she understood the charges and the proceedings against her and to assist in her own defense.

Ades was deemed mentally incompetent at a Rule 11 hearing in March.

Leathers told The Republic that two of the three mental-health professionals who met with Ades found her mentally incompetent to stand trial, but restorable.

One diagnosed her as being mentally competent.

He said the trial was ordered delayed by at least 60 days earlier this month as psychologists attempt to restore her to competency.

"The idea is to get her restored to competency so she's able to assist in her own defense," Leathers said.

Ades, who is being held in a Maricopa County jail without bond for nearly a year, has pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking and criminal trespassing.

Ades could have walked out of jail several months ago by accepting a plea deal that called for her release with time served, Leathers said.

The catch is she would have been on probation for 10 years and barred from contacting the man at the center of her obsession.

But Ades told The Republic she refused to take the deal because she didn't believe it was real.

She thought it might be the victim's way of testing her resolve, she said.

Ades said she wants to go to trial, where she's positive the jury will not only find her not guilty, but will order her and the man she's accused of stalking to marry her.

"They're going to say, 'You're not guilty and on top of it we, like, demand that you two get married,' " Ades said.

Leathers made the motion for a Rule 11 hearing after her decision not to accept the plea deal.

The Republic spoke to Ades as she was being evaluated but before she was found not competent.

She claimed she had been abducted by Walt Disney, whom she believes is a member of the Illuminati and manned a spaceship, "Does that sound crazy?" Ades asked.

"It sounds like I'm crazy. My mom says, 'They're going to put you back in Rule 11 court if you go around telling people.' But this is a true story I'm not lying."

Ades lamented the jail's living conditions, saying she slept on a thin yoga mat and wasn't allowed to go outside.

Though Ades is certain she will be found not guilty, she said she'd be fine with prison time if the jury felt otherwise.

Ades said she most likely would move back to Florida once she was released and go to school to become a Pilates instructor.

She said she wouldn't contact the man again because she believes he would reach out to her on his own.
Stalking became more intense, records say.

The victim has not been identified in court records.

According to the documents, Ades met the man on a dating website and began stalking him soon after, flooding him with text messages, sometimes as many as 500 in a single day.

The man called police after he found her parked outside his Paradise Valley home, records say.

Police, in a statement submitted to court, said she began sending more-threatening messages after that, including death threats.
"Oh what would I do w ur blood! ... Id wanna bathe in it," was an example listed in court documents.

Police later found her taking a bath in the man's home, with a large butcher knife in her car, court documents said.

Ades' next hearing is scheduled for May 21 in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Amanda Steele, a spokeswoman with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, told The Republic that Ades had been placed into the Restoration to Competency program where an appointed psychologist will oversee the restoration process.

The psychologist will have up to 21 months to restore Ades to competency or deem her not restorable, Steele said.
Ades' case will go back to trial if she's deemed restored.

It will be dismissed without prejudice if found not to be restorable.

Leathers and the prosecutor can request an additional hearing should one disagree with the psychologist's conclusion.

If Ades is ultimately deemed to be mentally incompetent and unrestorable, Steele said the court could commit her to a mental institution, appoint her a legal guardian or simply dismiss the charges and release her.

Leathers said the psychologist will likely walk his client through the legal process, explaining to her what a prosecutor is and the charges against her among other things.

Some experts consider this to be a flawed approach.

Joel Dvoskin, a clinical and forensic psychologist who teaches at the University of Arizona, said any belief that most people are deemed incompetent because of ignorance of the legal system is a myth.

"The reason they're incompetent has much more to do with being acutely psychotic than it does with not knowing about courts," Dvoskin said.

"And so for those people, the main way they need to be restored to competency is by having their acute psychotic situation resolved."

Though Dvoskin said he wasn't familiar with Ades' case, he noted that problems can arise when those deemed mentally incompetent receive treatment while incarcerated.

"It's expensive to keep people in a psychiatric hospital," Dvoskin said.

"So what Arizona did some years ago was that they would keep people in jail while they were being purportedly restored to competency and there's a lot of problems with that."

Dvoskin questioned the adequacy of mental health services, conditions and safety of inmates suffering from mental illness within jails compared with a dedicated treatment facility.

"All of those things are relevant to what a person's circumstances (are) in a jail and the degree to which it's realistic for them to be restored to competency in a jail."

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Thursday, 25th April 2019
Massachusetts Judge & Court Officer Charged with Obstruction of Justice
by WCVB (ABC News affiliate)


(BOSTON, Mass) Federal authorities are charging a Massachusetts District Court judge and a trial court officer with obstruction of justice and other crimes, according to an indictment obtained by 5 Investigates. (

Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph was suspended without pay Thursday, just hours after the federal indictment was announced.

Joseph and Wesley MacGregor, the trial court officer, are accused of conspiring to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement from taking an immigrant into custody at Newton District Court on April 2, 2018.

Both were allowed to surrender themselves to face the charges, U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling's office said.

They appeared in federal court for a hearing Thursday afternoon. Both pleaded not guilty and were released without bond.

The immigrant, who had been deported twice before, was arrested four days earlier for narcotics possession and being a fugitive from justice in Pennsylvania.

When his fingerprints were taken, ICE became aware of the arrest.

ICE issued an order for a federal immigration detainer and sent an officer to the courthouse.

In the courtroom, Joseph ordered the courtroom recording device to be turned off for 52 seconds in order to conceal a conversation about getting the immigrant out of the courthouse, the indictment said.

According to the indictment filed by Lelling's office, MacGregor agreed with the immigrant's defense attorney to release the immigrant through a rear door in order to evade the federal officers.

Joseph participated by creating a pretext for the immigrant to be brought downstairs for "further interview" so he could be released through that door, the indictment said.


Joseph and MacGregor face charges of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of a federal proceeding, the indictment said. MacGregor is also charged with perjury on suspicion of giving false testimony to a federal grand jury that was reviewing the case.
The allegations in todays indictment involve obstruction by a sitting judge, that is intentional interference with the enforcement of federal law, and that is a crime," Lelling said.

"We cannot pick and choose the federal laws we follow, or use our personal views to justify violating the law."
Gov. Charlie Baker had previously called for Joseph to be removed from the bench.

"Today's indictment is a radical and politically-motivated attack on our state and the independence of our courts," Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said in a statement about the case.

"It is a bedrock principle of our constitutional system that federal prosecutors should not recklessly interfere with the operation of state courts and their administration of justice. This matter could have been appropriately handled by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Trial Court. I am deeply disappointed by U.S. Attorney Andrew Lellings misuse of prosecutorial resources and the chilling effect his actions will have."

"The Department of Justices decision to bring this case is preposterous, ironic, and deeply damaging to the rule of law," Carol Rose, of ACLU of Massachusetts, said in a statement.

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Friday, 26th April 2019
Texas Border Mayor Charged With Trying To Rig Own Election

by Associated Press


(AUSTIN, Texas) A Texas mayor on the U.S.-Mexico border was charged Thursday with trying to cheat his way into office through an illegal voting scheme in a region long plagued by public corruption scandals.

The arrest of Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina also comes at a time of heightened tension over voting in Texas, where Republicans in the coming weeks want to toughen penalties for election crimes over opposition from Democrats.

Meanwhile, a bungled search in January for non-citizens on Texas' voter rolls set off lawsuits and questions from Congress.

Edinburg is a city of about 90,000 people and is headquarters for U.S. Customs and Border Protection operations in the Rio Grande Valley.

Molina unseated the city's longtime mayor by about 1,200 votes in 2017, and prosecutors say Molina tried to tip the scales by having voters change their addresses to places they didn't live, including an apartment complex he owned.

Molina was charged with engaging in organized election fraud, a first-degree felony, and two counts of illegal voting.

He surrendered to authorities Thursday along with his wife, Dalia Molina, who was charged with one count of illegal voting.

City spokeswoman Cary Zayas told reporters outside the courthouse in Edinburg that the mayor "very adamantly" denies wrongdoing.

"Voter fraud is an affront to democracy and places the decision-making authority of the Texas electorate in the hands of those who have no right to make those choices," Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement.

"Voter apathy is caused by rigged elections with guaranteed outcomes."

Paxton's office, which investigated the case, declined to say whether the number of allegedly fraudulent votes affected the election's outcome.

Municipal elections in Texas are nonpartisan, and Zayas said she does not know whether Molina has a party affiliation.

Eighteen people have been arrested in connection with the alleged scheme.

South Texas has long carried a reputation as a hotbed of bad-behaving officials at all levels of government, and in 2013, the Justice Department reported there were more public corruption convictions in the state's southern district than anywhere in the U.S.

The charges against Molina mark a high-profile arrest for Paxton, who has made prosecuting illegal voting cases a priority and has touted tough prison sentences handed down in election fraud cases.

His office prosecuted nearly three dozen people in 2018 for election fraud violations and asked lawmakers this year for more funding and staff.

A federal judge in February said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Texas after the state wrongly questioned the U.S. citizenship of thousands of voters.

Republicans are also trying to get a bill on Gov. Greg Abbott's desk before the end of May that would, among other things, make it a felony to put false information on a voter registration form.

Democrats say the bill could punish people for making honest mistakes.

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Tuesday, 16th April 2019
Louisiana white man charged with 100 counts of first-degree rape

by Associated Press


(PINEVILLE, La.) A 71-year-old Louisiana man has been charged with 100 counts of first-degree rape over allegations of criminal sexual conduct involving minors.

The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office tells news outlets the allegations against Harvey Joseph Fountain date to the 1970s.

The sheriff's office says deputies received a tip on April 1 that Fountain was sexually involved with juveniles, and an investigation found evidence supporting the allegations.

Fountain was arrested on 50 counts of first-degree rape on April 9.

Days later, additional victims were identified -- the sheriff's office isn't saying how many -- and 50 more counts were added.

Deputies say the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible.

It's unclear if Fountain has a lawyer.

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Saturday, 14th April 2019
Minnesota White Woman with 64 Dead Cats, 43 live Cats Sentenced

by Associated Press


(FARMINGTON, Minn.) A Minnesota woman who was found to have 64 dead cats, 43 live cats, a 400-pound pig and other animals on her property has been sentenced.
Twenty-five-year-old Caycee Bregel, who ran an animal rescue nonprofit out of home south of the Twin Cities, pleaded guilty Friday to 13 counts of animal cruelty.
Bregel was ordered to serve 200 hours of community service, two years of probation and 90 days of electronic home monitoring.
She must also receive a psychological examination.
Court documents say complaints about the pig running loose led investigators to the house.
They found numerous cats and dogs in poor health and said they emitted an "overpowering smell of urine and feces."

Dead cats were found in shallow graves across the backyard, in freezers and refrigerators, and in the garage.

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Tuesday, 16th April 2019
Deputy Killer was half-brother of Man who shot Oregon Chief

by Associated Press


(KALAMA, Wash.) A gunman who authorities say shot and killed a sheriff's deputy in rural Washington state was the half-brother of a man who killed an Oregon police chief eight years ago.

Brian Butts, 33, was shot to death Sunday by law enforcement officers as he emerged wet and dirty from woods following a manhunt.

Investigators say Butts killed Cowlitz County Deputy Justin DeRosier on Saturday night.

Butts was the half-brother of Daniel Butts, 29, who pleaded guilty last month to killing Police Chief Ralph Painter in 2011 in Rainier, Oregon, just across the Columbia River from Cowlitz County, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

Daniel Butts is serving a life sentence with parole possible after 49 years. He grabbed Painter's sidearm and shot him in the head during a struggle at a car stereo shop.

Daniel Butts' father, Mikel Butts, confirmed the relationship, the news outlet said. He said Daniel and Brian had the same mother.

Mikel Butts said he hadn't seen Brian Butts in years.

DeRosier, 29, had been a Cowlitz County deputy since 2009 and was the married father of a 5-month-old daughter.

He responded alone Saturday night to a motorhome blocking a road near the tiny southwestern Washington city of Kalama and reported over police radio that someone was shooting at him.

Matthew Veatch, 25, an acquaintance of Brian Butts, was arrested after the shooting for investigation of helping Butts escape.

He told investigators he heard a gunshot from his home and that Butts showed up there minutes later, The Daily News of Longview reported , citing a police statement filed in court in support of Veatch's arrest.

Butts "appeared dirty and stated he needed to get out of there," and he gave Veatch a handgun to "get rid of," the statement said.

Veatch put the gun in a locked gun cabinet in his room, he told officers, and he led Butts on foot through the dark woods for several hours until they reached an abandoned barn, where they separated.

Along the way, Butts told Veatch he shot an officer, the document said.

The deputy died during surgery at a hospital in Vancouver, across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

Veatch is being held on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned April 30.

Brian Butts served five years in prison beginning in September 2012 for drug-related convictions, the Washington State Department of Corrections said. He was then on a year of post-prison supervision, ending in October.

Butts also had convictions for assault, burglary and marijuana possession, the Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

An autopsy for was set for Butts Tuesday night.

Investigators said he was armed as he emerged from the woods, but they didn't know yet if he shot at officers during the manhunt.

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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019
California Lawyer Allegedly Uses Shoe Camera To Look Up Girls Dress At Apple store

by Danielle Wallace


A 66-year-old licensed Bay Arealawyer was arrested Sunday after he allegedly taped a camera to his shoe and then moved his shoe so that the camera was under a female juveniles dress at an Apple Store in Walnut Creek, Calif., police said.
("I'LL SHOE!!!"
Jacques Bloxham, who is a personal injury attorney, was reportedly confronted by the girls father and fled the store.
("I'LL SHOE!!!"
Officers said they found various cameras and recording devices in the suspects car in addition to the one attached to his shoe.
("I'LL SHOE!!!"
Bloxham was arrested around 3 p.m. and booked into Contra Costa County Jail on suspicion of using a camera to secretly record the undergarments of another person, along with annoying or molesting a child under 18, San Francisco Chronicle reported.
"I'LL SHOE!!!"(
He later posted bail.
("I'LL SHOE!!!"
Police are investigating whether Bloxham recorded others and urge anyone with information to call the Walnut Creek Police Department.
Bloxham was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1986.
"I'LL SHOE!!!"(
He founded the Injury Law Center "in response to the public's need for a personal injury attorney with honesty, integrity and a new understanding of the needs of injured clients," according to his Yelp business profile.

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Friday, 26th April 2019
Straight Outta Siberia
by Sharon LaFraniere and Eileen Sullivan


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) The Russian graduate student who tried to infiltrate conservative, influential Republican circles during the last presidential campaign was sentenced on Friday to 18 months in prison for serving as an unregistered Russian agent in the United States.

The student, Maria Butina, 30, pleaded guilty late last year to working on the Russian governments behalf in the United States from 2015 to 2017 without registering with the Justice Department, as required.

Her defense lawyers cast her as an ambitious, well-meaning young woman who hoped to foster better relations between the United States and Russia.

In a tearful voice, Ms. Butina told Judge Tanya S. Chutkan of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, I just didnt register because I didnt know to.

But prosecutors argued that Ms. Butina forged links with National Rifle Association officials and other influential Republicans, aiming to create back channels of communication that could pay off if Republicans seized the White House.

They said a senior Russian official directed her activities and shared some of her reports within the Russian government.

A counterintelligence expert said her reports would have helped Russian intelligence spot and assess potential American recruits.

Judge Chutkan accepted the prosecutors sentencing recommendation, calling Ms. Butinas conduct a threat to our countrys democratic institutions.

This was no simple misunderstanding by an overeager foreign student, she said.

The conduct was sophisticated and penetrated deep into political organizations.

Ms. Butina, a gun-rights enthusiast, began what she called her diplomacy project to infiltrate the Republican political scene in early 2015.

She attended N.R.A. conventions and arranged for prominent members of the group to travel to Moscow to meet Russian officials.

After obtaining a students visa in 2016 to study for a masters at American University, she expanded her efforts.

She met the governor of Wisconsin at the time, Scott Walker, on the day he announced his presidential bid; posed for a photo with Donald Trump Jr., the presidents eldest son, at an N.R.A. dinner in 2016 in Louisville, Ky.; and questioned President Trump at a news conference in Las Vegas.

In early 2017, she helped set up meetings for a Russian delegation to the high-profile National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

Ms. Butina reported to Alexsandr P. Torshin, then the deputy governor of Russias central bank, who had been attending N.R.A. conventions in the United States since 2011.

Prosecutors said her boyfriend, Paul Erickson, a longtime Republican operative, helped her build her network of political contacts.

While her case did not arise from the special counsels investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, that inquiry hung over it.

Judge Chutkan noted that Ms. Butina was funneling political reports to Russia at the same time that Russian intelligence operatives were waging a covert campaign to illegally influence the 2016 race.

Her case also caused reverberations in Moscow.

The Russian Embassy claimed she was falsely accused, and the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the prison term was politically motivated.

Our countrywoman was sentenced only because she is a citizen of Russia, it said.

After Ms. Butina pleaded guilty in December, an American businessman was arrested on espionage charges at an upscale Moscow hotel in what some American lawmakers suggested was a retaliatory move.

The businessman, Paul Whelan, is being held in solitary confinement in Moscows notorious Lefortovo Prison.

Erik Michael Kenerson, an assistant United States attorney, said that although Ms. Butina did not seek to obtain or transmit any classified information, her case really shows how easy it can be for a foreign government to target individuals in the United States.

In a statement filed in court by the prosecution, Robert Anderson Jr., a retired F.B.I. counterintelligence official, said he believed that Ms. Butina was a part of a spot and assess Russian intelligence operation aimed at identifying Americans who later might be susceptible to recruitment efforts.

Butina provided the Russian Federation with information that skilled intelligence officers can exploit for years and that may cause significant damage to the United States, Mr. Anderson wrote.

He said efforts like hers helped Russians identify midlevel targets who lacked direct access to classified or sensitive information but had government or political connections that might later prove valuable.

Ms. Butinas lawyers said she cooperated with prosecutors for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and with Senate investigators scrutinizing Russias efforts to influence the 2016 election, including providing copies of her communications with Mr. Torshin.

In return for her cooperation, prosecutors said, they shaved six months off their recommended sentence.

She will be given credit for the nine months she has already served much of it in solitary confinement and deported once her prison term ends.

Ms. Butina, clad in a green inmates jumpsuit, told the judge that she never intended to harm the American political process, but was a victim of her own ignorance of the law.

The United States has always been kind to me, she said.

Her defense team had argued for probation, saying Ms. Butina was not accused of espionage or any crime other than failing to register with the Justice Department.

Nothing about Maria has been secret, said one of her lawyers, Alfred Carry.

He sought to distinguish her from Russians who carried out the Kremlins plan to interfere in the 2016 race.

While we feel wronged and we should feel wronged about the attacks on our democracy, he said,

she is not a proxy for the Russian government.

Robert Driscoll, another defense lawyer, said the governments expert did not name anyone who was spotted or assessed by Ms. Butina.

Anyone who thinks that someone who wasnt Russian would be in this situation is fooling themselves, he said.

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Monday, 2nd April 2019
No License Plate, Stolen Car Ended With Meth Charges in Lexington County

by Armanda Hurley


What began as a simple traffic stop became a drug arrest for one part of this Lexington County duo.

Deputies came across a car with no license plate on South Lake Drive Monday.

When they pulled the car over, deputies discovered it was actually stolen.

A search of the car revealed meth and drug paraphernalia stashed under the passenger seat.

Both the driver and passenger were arrested.

Rozalynd Clare Cawood, 42, is charged with possession of a Schedule I narcotic; while Michael Jeremy Knox, 39, is charged with driving under suspension-third offense.

Both are awaiting a bond hearing at the Lexington County Detention Center.

Deputies are still working to find the owner of stolen car.

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Thursday, 4th April 2019
California Engineer Poisoned his Colleague for 18 Months, Charged with Attempted Murder

by N'dea Yancey-Bragg


An engineer in California has been arrested on suspicion of trying to kill a co-worker by poisoning her for more than a year.

Berkeley police arrested David Xu, 34, last week on charges of premeditated attempted murder resulting in great bodily injury and two counts of felony poisoning, according to jail records.

Xu is accused of poisoning the food and drink of Rong Yuan, a fellow engineer at Berkeley Engineering and Research, on multiple occasions over the course of 18 months, according to court documents.

Prosecutors have not specified a motive for Xu's actions.

Yuan noticed a strange taste or smell coming from her water and food left unattended in her office, the documents said.

After consuming the food and drink, she reported immediate and significant health problems that sometimes required emergency care.

In November and December of last year, two of Yuans relatives, who were not identified in the documents, also experienced health problems after drinking water from a bottle Yuan brought home from work.

Blood samples from all three showed elevated levels of cadmium.

Ingesting food or water with high levels of cadmium, a silver-white metal found in the Earths crust, severely irritates the stomach, leading to vomiting and diarrhea, and sometimes death according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Prolonged exposure can also lead to kidney damage and bone fragility, the agency noted, and the EPA has labeled it a probable carcinogen.

Cadmium was also one of the toxic substances found at the home of a German man who police believed may have fatally poisoned up to 21 of his co-workers.

Yuan was eventually able to view surveillance footage from her office in which she says she saw Xu putting a substance into her water bottle in February and March, according to court documents.

Water samples taken from her bottles on those days contained a "toxic amount of cadmium."

Xu has a plea hearing set for Thursday.

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Tuesday, 26th March 2019
Utah Man Charged with Killing His Mother and Hiding Body in Bedroom Closet

by Jessica Schladebeck


A Utah man accused of killing his mother and then hiding her body in the bedroom closet of their mobile home has been arrested, police said.

Uriah Lee Scott was being held at the Oakland County Jail on a murder charge in the death of Cynthia Scott and was denied bail during his initial court appearance over the weekend, according to a press release from the Troy Police Department.

Authorities in Troy responded to the home in Shelley on March 20 after a relative called them to perform a welfare check, claiming they had not seen or heard from Cynthia Scott since March 18.

Over the course of their investigation, officers found the 61-year-old mother dead in a bedroom in the home, concealed under some items and partially in a closet, according to the police press release.

According the Oakland County Medical Examiner, her cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Authorities said 42-year-old Scott had recently moved in with his mother, but that he was arrested at a residence in Oak Park that hed been sharing with a friend.

He reportedly had been staying there since March 18.

Another resident at the Shelley home was also arrested, but has since been released without charges.

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Wednesday, 20th February 2019
Man Who Tipped $22K at Nashville Hotel Bar Arrested on Public Intoxication Charge

by Natalie Neysa Alund


Metro police on Monday arrested a Bellevue man on public intoxication charges after he tipped servers $22,000 at a downtown hotel bar.

It all started when friends of Joel Boyers called police after they said they received strange texts from him about taking drugs that "increased his intelligence" and drinking while carrying a gun.

"He also made bizarre statements about giving away his child on Facebook," according to his arrest affidavit.

Police said when officers found Boyers at the JW Marriott hotel on Eighth Avenue South, he admitted to drinking all day and smoking marijuana while carrying his firearm.

Hotel staff told police he'd also caused a disruption at the bar because he made several high-dollar tips amounting to $22,000 and waitresses were competing to serve him, something hotel management said interfered with the operation of the bar.

Boyers eventually gave police his firearm, which was in his right front pants pocket.

Officers said because he had bloodshot, watery eyes and smelled of alcohol, they arrested him on charges of public intoxication and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

Davidson County Sheriff's Office records show Boyers was booked into the jail just after 6 p.m. and posted bond several hours later.

He's due in court next month on the matter.

Hotel management could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Wednesday, 13th February 2019
Journalist And Duterte Critic Maria Ressa Posts Bail After Arrest In Philippines
by Sasha Ingber


Award-winning journalist Maria Ressa was freed on Thursday in the Philippines after posting bail.

"What we're seeing is death by a thousand cuts of our democracy," Ressa told reporters at the Manila court Thursday, according to The Associated Press.

She accused the government of using the law to silence criticism.

She was arrested on Wednesday at the headquarters of Rappler, the news outlet she runs in the Philippines, the latest in a deluge of legal attacks on the journalist by President Rodrigo Duterte's government.

Ressa, 55, is a former CNN bureau chief.

She was among four journalists, including the murdered Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, named by Time magazine as Person of the Year for 2018.

Since starting Rappler in 2012, Ressa has not been afraid to cast criticism on the government as a result of the news website's investigations into impunity and corruption.

Plainclothes officers from the National Bureau of Investigation, an agency within the Department of Justice, arrived at Rappler's offices in Manila around 5 p.m. local time Wednesday.

As law enforcement served the warrant, staff were told to stop taking photos and videos.
"We'll go after you too," an officer told reporters, according to Rappler.

Ressa was charged with cyber libel by the Philippine's Department of Justice.

"These legal acrobatics show how far the government will go to silence journalists, including the pettiness of forcing me to spend the night in jail," Ressa said in a statement.
The charge traces back to a story published in May 2012, months before the country's cyber crime prevention law was approved in September.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017
Las Vegas Fire Captain Paid 15-year-old Girl For Sex
by Joyce Lupiani & Katherine Jarvis


According to the arrest report, Capt. Richard Loughry contacted a 15-year-old girl through

In addition, police said the teen had been sex trafficked and a black adult male had posted the ad.

But the advertisements said the girl was 22 years old.

Police said Loughry paid the teen $300 for an hour in exchange for sex inside his dorm at the fire house.

According to police, Loughry never asked the teen about her age.

According to the arrest report, Loughry admitted to having sex with women at the fire house many times but was unaware that the girl was 15.

He told police he would not have done what he did if he had known her age.

A Las Vegas fire captain has been arrested for lewdness with a child under 14, statutory sex seduction and soliciting or engaging in child prostitution.

46-year-old Richard Odell Loughry was arrested on Monday and booked into Clark County Detention Center.

Loughry has been employed by Las Vegas Fire & Rescue since May 1997.

No other information is available at this time.

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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019
Alabama Sets Execution for 1997 Quadruple Killing

by Associated Press


(MONTGOMERY, Ala.) Alabama has scheduled a lethal injection for a man convicted in the 1997 deaths of four people, including two young girls.

The Alabama Supreme Court set a May 16 2016 execution date for Michael Brandon Samra.
("Be there or be square!"
Samra was convicted of helping his friend Mark Duke kill his father Randy Duke, his father's girlfriend Debra Hunt and her 6 and 7-year-old daughters.

Authorities say Mark Duke killed his father, Hunt and one of the girls, and Samra slit the throat of the other child.

Prosecutors said the slayings happened after Duke became angry when his father wouldn't let him use his truck.

Both of them were sentenced to death.

Duke's death sentence was reversed because he was 16 at the time of the crime.

Samra was 19 at the time of the crime.

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Thursday, 25th April 2019
Dumb Florida Policeman Gets 25 years in Prison for Killing Black Motorist
by Reuters


(West Palm Beach, Florida) -  A former Florida police officer was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday for fatally shooting a black motorist who was awaiting a tow truck in October 2015.

Nouman Raja, 41, was fired from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department shortly after he killed Corey Jones, 31, while on plainclothes duty, and was convicted last month by a jury of manslaughter and first-degree murder.

The conviction was unusual in a country in which police officers kill roughly 1,000 people each year, a disproportionate number of them black men, usually without facing prosecution, according to a Washington Post database on police shootings.

Jones' relatives asked Judge Joseph Marx to give Raja the maximum sentence of life in prison during the sentencing hearing.

The judge said it was a "heartbreaking" case before handing down the sentence of 25 years, the minimum required under state law, for both counts, to run concurrently.

Police said Raja was in plainclothes and driving an unmarked van when he encountered a car he thought was abandoned on a West Palm Beach highway exit ramp on Oct. 18, 2015, a few hours before sunrise.

Jones was in the car, waiting for a tow truck. Prosecutors said Raja never identified himself as a police officer and that the officer acted aggressively in a way that likely led Jones to mistake him for a robber.

Police said Jones pulled out a handgun that he had legally purchased three days earlier before Raja fired at him six times within 13 seconds.

Raja hit Jones three times and Jones died of a gunshot wound to his chest.

Raja's defense team has argued that their client feared for his life when Jones drew his gun.

Jones' relatives read statements describing Jones, a professional drummer, as a religious man and dedicated musician.

Raja's wife and other relatives pleaded for leniency for what they said was a bad decision in a difficult moment doing a dangerous job.

His lawyers condemned the notion that Raja, as a Muslim man of Asian descent, was motivated by racial prejudice.

Sheila Banks, Jones' godmother and aunt, called Jones a "gentle soul," and choked back tears as she pictured his dying moments.

"No one was there to hold his hand, to comfort him, to save his life," she told the court.

"The person we trusted to serve and protect did not."

Raja appeared in prison overalls, his head bowed and his hands clasped during testimony from both his relatives and the victim's.

His lip trembled with emotion as his wife described how he had sent three letters a day from prison, one each for her and their two children.

Raja's elder brother, who continues to work as a police officer, apologized to the Jones family and complained that Raja had been unfairly treated for what he called "a bad decision."

"Yes, it has something to do with race," Anand Raja told the court.

"As proud American Muslims, we're not light enough, we're not dark enough."

Raja's lawyers have appealed to have the conviction overturned.

In a news conference after the sentencing, Benjamin Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney who represented Jones' family, listed a string of high-profile shootings of black men by police in recent years in which officers were not charged.

"Today we can tell many of those families that there's hope for America," Crump said,

"because a jury in Palm Beach, Florida, looked at all the evidence and said a black man killed by the police can get equal justice."

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Thursday, 25th April 2019
Fake German Heiress Anna Sorokin Found Guilty in Fraud Trial

by Pilar Melendez


Anna Sorokin, the fake German heiress accused of swindling friends and businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to bankroll her lavish Manhattan lifestyle, was found guilty on Wednesday.

According to the New York Post, Sorokin was found guilty on eight counts including first-degree attempted grand larceny. She reportedly faces 15 years behind bars and will be sentenced on May 9.

Known in New Yorks social scene as Anna Delvey, Sorokin reinvented herself when she arrived in the United States from Germany in 2016, posing as a wealthy socialite when she was in fact the daughter of a Russian truck driver, prosecutors said.

After traveling the world and living in expensive boutique hotels, the 28-year-old was arrested in October 2017 and charged with grand larceny and theft of services for allegedly stealing about $275,000 in a 10-month spree.

During her three-week trial in Manhattan Supreme Court, Sorokin declined to take the stand on her behalf, and her attorney, Todd Spodek, didnt put on a defense case.

The SoHo grifters case garnered national attention followingNew York Magazine and Vanity Fairarticles last year that detailed the lengths Sorokin went through to convince close friends, banks, and financial institutions she was a foreign heiress with unlimited funds.

Manhattan prosecutors alleged Sorokin told lie after lie to maintain the lavish lifestyle she couldnt afford, often providing forged financial records and bank statements to persuade others she had millions of euros overseas.

Sorokin, who told friends shed moved to New York to start a private art club, lived out of hotels with an overdrawn account, dined at trendy restaurants without paying the tab, and even hired a personal trainer for $300 a session, prosecutors said.
She knew if she told people she had this money, they would trust her, that eventually she would be good for the deal, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Catherine McCaw said in her closing arguments.

In fact, she had no ability to pay and no intention to pay.

To prove Sorokins disregard for money, prosecutors detailed in court how she once spent $40,000 in just eight days.

While staying at the W Hotel in Manhattan, she allegedly barricaded herself in her room and refused to let anyone inside, eventually spending $679 in miscellaneous expenses.

Thats an awful lot of M&Ms, McCaw said. She knew she couldnt pay for it.

To fund her private art club, the 28-year-old allegedly created bogus bank statements while applying for a $22 million loan, creating a team of imaginary assistants in an effort to expand her credit line.

Sorokin blamed this team when there were problems with wire transfersat which point her plan begin to unravel, prosecutors said.

All of the defendants wire transfers are merely a figment of her imagination, McCaw said. These are not white lies. These are lies that help you understand that the defendant, in fact, had criminal intent in this case.

Prosecutors called more than two dozen witnesses to provide damning testimony against Sorokin, including Rachel Williams, a former friend whom she invited on a supposedly free trip to Morocco.

Williams said she was forced to pay the $70,000 tab when Sorokin couldnt cover the bill.

I wish I had never met Anna. If I could go back in time and not be where I am today, you bet I would, Williams, a former Vanity Fair photo editor and author of the 2018 article, said last week. In hindsight, its easier to figure out the times where there were red flags. But at the time, I did not find it strange.

The defense, however, argued that Sorokin was just living by the old adage fake it till you make it, like New York musician legend Frank Sinatra.

Sinatra made a brand-new start of it in New York, just as Miss Sorokin did, her lawyer, Todd Spodek, told jurors in court on Tuesday.

She was ambitious, she was persistent and she was determined to make her business a reality, he said.

Admitting her lifestyle may have been unethical and unorthodox, Spodek insisted in his closing arguments that Sorokin was enabled every step of the way by a system that favors people with money.

Though Sorokin did not speak, the trial was delayed several times over wardrobe concerns.
As previously reported by The Daily Beast, Sorokin hired former Glamour magazine editor Anastasia Walker to dress her for court appearances, a move her lawyer said was important since her style is a driving force in her business, and life, and it is a part of who she is.


Her courtroom outfits have even inspired an Instagram account, Anna Delvey Court Looks, which has currently amassed over 3,000 followers.

Theres a little bit of Anna in all of us, Spodek concluded.

This is the life she chose to live.
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Monday, 29th April 2019
Mom of Affluenza Teen Back In Jail For Failing Drug Test

by David Matthews


The mother of Ethan Couch, who crashed a car while driving drunk killing four people, is back in jail after failing a drug test, documents show.

Tonya Couchs son, Ethan Couch, gained infamy when his defense attorneys cited affluenza, the idea that his wealth kept him from learning right from wrong, when he was on trial.

He was sentenced to five years probation but was jailed for two years after violating that probation.

He was released in 2018 but is still on conditional release.

Tonya Couch is still awaiting trial for helping her son flee to Mexico in 2015.

Tonya Couch has been in and out of jail for the last year, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

She was arrested numerous times for drug-related offenses and ordered by a judge to abstain from any substances.

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Thursday, 18th April 2019
Florida Man Pulls Over Undercover Cop & Gets Arrested For Impersonating Law Enforcement
by Richard Tribou


A Florida man was arrested for impersonating a police officer after reportedly pulling over an undercover cop.

Matthew Joseph Erris, 26, of Dade City was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on Tuesday and released on bond, charged with impersonating a public officer.

Erris was arrested after sheriffs deputies say he used red and blue lights installed on his vehicles grill to pull over an undercover detective, according to a report from WFLA, an NBC affiliate in Tampa.

WFLA reports the undercover detective then called 911 to report the traffic stop, and Erris was apprehended by real law enforcement shortly after.

In the ensuing search, deputies found an airsoft pistol and a law enforcement light bar installed atop the Chevy Trailblazer he was driving.

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Tuesday, 23rd April 2019
Upstate Cemetery Manager, Employees Chase & Capture Truck Thief
by WYFF (NBC affiliate)


A 59-year-old cemetery manager and two of his employees chased a truck that had been stolen from the cemetery and blocked it in until a deputy arrived and arrested the man accused of stealing it, according to a police report.

The manager of Floyds Greenlawn Memorial Gardens spotted the truck Monday afternoon that had been reported stolen from the cemetery.
The manager followed the truck as other employees joined the pursuit, the report said.

When the truck pulled into a gravel lot near the intersection of Gossett and Campground roads, the employees blocked it in.

A deputy said he found the only occupant of the truck was 45-year-old Kenneth Ray Bradley.

The deputy said Bradley refused to speak because he did not want to incriminate himself.
The deputy said there was a large amount of property in the truck that the cemetery manager said did not belong to the business.

The police report said the items seized from truck included tools and a large number of vehicle keys.

The deputy said there was a paper license plate on the truck, and the proper tag was found inside the vehicle.

The truck was returned to the cemetery manager, the police report said.

The deputy said a background check found that Bradley had multiple convictions for property crimes, so he was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle with enhancement.

Anyone with two prior property crime convictions within the previous 10 years in South Carolina can be charged with felony property crime with enhancement.

A conviction carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

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Wednesday 1st May 2019
Doctor arrested for wife's murder after saying she died falling down stairs

by ABC News


A Southern California doctor has been arrested for the murder of his wife, years after he said she died falling down stairs.

When officers responded to Dr. Eric Sills' San Clemente home on Nov. 13, 2016, the doctor told deputies he woke up to find his wife, 45-year-old Susann Sills, dead at the bottom of the stairs after an apparent fall, the Orange County District Attorney's office said.

Eric Sills is the medical director of a fertility clinic co-founded by Susann Sills, according to The Orange County Register.

The Sills were married for over 10 years and had children together, Eric Sills' father told the Southern California News Group.
In November 2017, Susann Sills' death was ruled a homicide by the coroner's office.

Prosecutors have not said how she died.

Her family declined to comment to ABC News on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office would not elaborate on what led to Eric Sills' arrest, but said "there was additional investigation that was needed."

The 53-year-old doctor was on his way to work when he was arrested April 25 on suspicion of murder, prosecutors said.

The prosecutor's office has not disclosed any evidence or possible motive.

Sills was booked into the Orange County Jail and posted a $1 million bail on Tuesday.

His arraignment is set for May 23 2019.

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Thursday, 2nd May 2019
Best Buy 'Geek Squad' finds child porn on customer's laptop; white man arrested

by ABC News


An Iowa man was arrested this week after Best Buy workers discovered child pornography on his broken laptop.

Robert Watson, 54, of Des Moines, brought his gravy-soaked laptop into a local Best Buy back in August and asked workers to transfer his files onto his new device, according to police.

That's when employees with the store's "Geek Squad" said they found several inappropriate images of underage girls, police said.

"During this file transfer process employees at Best Buy 'Geek Squad' observed multiple images they believed contained child pornography," police said in a complaint.

"Once this transfer was complete both computers were collected by Des Moines police as evidence."

Watson told investigators in an interview that he was the only person who used the password-protected computer, police said.

He also described several of the images discovered on the device and admitted to labeling the files as 13 year old and 14 year olds, according to the complaint.

When detectives asked him to explain himself, he said he downloaded the images "to tell other people about them," according to the complaint.

Best Buy did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment, but a company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that its "Geek Squad" discovers suspected pornography on devices nearly 100 times each year.

"They dont search for the material, but inadvertently discover it in the normal course of repairing a computer," Best Buy public relations director Paula Baldwin told BuzzFeed.

"When we do find what appears to be child pornography, we have a legal obligation to notify law enforcement and we inform our customers of this prior to doing any work. Law enforcement determines a course of action based on the evidence, as they did in this situation."
Watson was arrested on Tuesday and charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

He was being held at the Polk County Jail on a bond of $50,000 as of Thursday.
He has not entered a plea and it was unclear if he had retained an attorney.

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Thursday, 9th May 2019
White guy seeks new trial over man's death in bunker fire
by Associated Press


(ROCKVILLE, Md.) A wealthy stock trader is seeking a new trial after his murder conviction in the fiery death of a man who was helping him secretly dig tunnels for an underground nuclear bunker beneath a Maryland home.

Daniel Beckwitt's attorneys asked a Montgomery County judge on Monday to schedule a hearing for their written request for a new trial.

On April 24, a jury convicted Beckwitt of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the September 2017 death of 21-year-old Askia Khafra.

The 27-year-old faces up to 30 years in prison at sentencing set for June 17 2019.

Beckwitt's lawyers argue the evidence presented to jurors was insufficient "as a matter of law" to support his convictions.

They also claim prosecutors improperly used photographs of extreme hoarding conditions in Beckwitt's suburban Washington home.

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Friday, 10th May 2019
4 children removed from Louisville home infested with cockroaches; 2 arrested



Two people are facing criminal abuse charges after police reported finding four children living in a home that was severely infested with cockroaches and bedbugs.

Jessica Downs, 31, and Sean Landrey, 38, were arrested Thursday on charges of second-degree criminal abuse and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Police were sent on a welfare check after receiving a tip on the abuse hotline stating a 7-year-old girl arrived at school with a cut on her lip.


According to the arrest report, police found a cockroach infestation and "a severe amount of clutter and trash" inside when they arrived at the residence in the 5400 block of Tracy Way.
Authorities said they found cockroaches, cockroach feces and bedbugs on furniture, along the baseboards throughout the home, and inside and around kitchen appliances.

Officers also found filth from the infestation in three beds where four children slept.

In one room, police said they found a 4- and 5-year-old sharing a twin bed that was too small for them and a 7-year-old's bed that were covered with dead and living cockroaches, cockroach feces and bedbugs.


The children told police "they have bugs crawl on them and bite them" when they sleep.

Officers found a crib where a 2-year-old slept in the suspects' bedroom that had a severe infestation, noting they saw hundreds of baby roaches and feces of an estimated 1,000 roaches.

Police said they found a cockroach under the child's head when they removed him from the crib.

All four children were reportedly found wearing extremely dirty clothes and had dirty fingernails.

Police said there was already an ongoing investigation with child protective services.

Landrey is reportedly the biological father of one of the children and caretaker of the other three.

The children were released to the grandmother, who is fully cooperating with law enforcement.

Downs and Landrey are being held at Metro Corrections on $10,000 bonds.

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Friday, 10th May 2019
Ohio Burglary Suspect Pet The Dog & Washed The Dishes

by fox news


An Ohio woman was arrested after she allegedly broke into a home on Monday.

But once inside, she did things many others would pay her to do, according to officials.

Cheyenne Ewing snuck into a home in Hamden, a city roughly 80 miles south of Columbus, around 9 a.m. and sat down on the couch, the Vinton County Sheriff's Office wrote online.

Ewing then allegedly started to pet the family dog inside the home and proceeded to wash the dishes before leaving.

The person who reported Ewing to investigators said they didn't know Ewing and didn't invite her into their home, and said she "was acting very strange."

The sheriff's office said that deputies later found Ewing as she was knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

Ewing appeared to be "under the influence of narcotics," and claimed to have been awake for two days.

She allegedly provided a responding deputy with a fake name.

She was taken to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail and charged with burglary, officials said.

A bond hearing was scheduled for Tuesday.

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Friday, 10th May 2019
Elizabethtown day care worker fired after biting 5-month-old



A child care worker has been fired after she told investigators she bit a child, Elizabethtown police said.
Investigators were called Thursday to Kinderplay Child Care on Corporate Drive after bite marks were found on a 5-month-old's left arm.

Police said the child had been in the care of employee Crystal Beck, 31, of Hardinsburg.

She initially denied knowing anything about the bite, but after talking more with investigators, she eventually admitted she bit the child out of frustration after the child scratched her face during a feeding.

The bite left a clear, red bite mark but did not break the skin, police said.

Beck acknowledged that she knew she was supposed to report any work-related abuse or injuries to her supervisor but did not do so, police said.

She is charged with criminal abuse and failure to report child dependency, neglect or abuse, and was immediately fired by Kinderplay.

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Saturday, 11th May 2019
Killer Airline Pilot Indicted For Three 2015 Murders
by WBKO (ABC affiliate)


A pilot for an American Airlines subsidiary was arrested Saturday in the 2015 deaths of three people in Pembroke, Kentucky, after being indicted by a Christian County grand jury.

On Friday, Christian Richard Martin was indicted on three counts of murder in relation to the deaths of Calvin and Pamela Phillips, and Edward Dansereau.

He was also indicted for one count of arson; one for attempted arson, burglary in the first degree; and three counts of tampering with physical evidence.


Martin was arrested early Saturday morning at the Louisville International Airport.

According to the Associated Press, American Airlines said in a statement it is cooperating in the investigation.

The airline said Martin has been a pilot for subsidiary PSA Airlines since January 2018.

Martin's jail mugshot shows him wearing a pilot's uniform.

Back in November of 2015, Calvin Phillips had been found shot to death in his home in Pembroke, Kentucky.

The body of his wife, Pamela, and their neighbor, Edward Dansereau, were found a few miles away in a burned up car in a corn field

In a statement, family members said the three were "brutally extinguished beyond recognition from family. Every day, we are haunted by what was done to them and haunted further that someone was still free to do as they wish, beyond the civility of mankind or laws of our nation."

They said they looked forward to justice in court.

In the time following the murders, Martin moved from Christian County, Kentucky, and was living in North Carolina at the time of the indictment.

Martin is currently booked in the Christian County Detention Center, awaiting trial.

Christian Circuit Court Judge John Adkins has ordered the defendant held without bond.

The case will be prosecuted by Attorney General Andy Beshears Special Prosecutions Unit.

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Sunday, 12th May 2019
by CBS News


Correspondent Tracy Smith and "48 Hours" go deep inside the investigation into the search for a multimillionaire real estate investor accused of killing his wife and staging a kidnapping plot, in "#FindPeterChadwick", airing Saturday, May 11 at 10/9c on CBS.

Peter Chadwick and his wife, Q.C. Chadwick, seemed to have the perfect life. College sweethearts, they were married for 21 years and had three sons.

They lived in a gated community in Newport Beach, California.

That dream life collapsed one day in 2012 when neither of the Chadwicks turned up to pick up their sons from the bus stop.

Investigators had little idea that day the search for the couple would lead them on an international manhunt.

The next morning, San Diego authorities got a 911 call from Chadwick, claiming a house painter named Juan murdered Q.C. and forced Peter Chadwick to get her body out of the house.

He said a man helped Juan and they were planning to cut up his wife's body and dispose it south of the border.

Law enforcement didn't believe Chadwick, and he was arrested and charged with Q.C.'s murder.

He was released on $1 million in bail.

Then he vanished.

"We had no idea this was going to become the logistical monster that it has," says U.S. Marshal Craig McCluskey.

"48 Hours" gained exclusive insight into the U.S. Marshals' search for Chadwick, who was charged with killing his wife and then jumped bail.

Members of the U.S. Marshals team reveal to "48 Hours" they've had some key clues to where he is.

Chadwick is one of the U.S. Marshals' 15 most-wanted fugitives.

"What makes him so difficult to find is the fact that he fled with a decent amount of money," McCluskey says.


"Approximately a million dollars."

The U.S. Marshals have been getting a lot of leads about Chadwick, many from around the globe, and at least one from a scammer.

"Once you find a string, you've got to start pulling on it," says McCluskey, who is counting on help from the public. 

"And we found a couple strings."

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Friday, 10th May 2019
White Woman Accused Of Torturing Adoptive Daughters
by KCRA (NBC affiliate)


A Placerville woman, who fostered and adopted several children, was arrested in connection with torturing children and child sex abuse, the El Dorado County Sheriffs Office said Friday.

Patricia Taylor, 63, was taken into custody after a weekslong investigation into claims of years of child abuse, the sheriffs office said.

The investigation began in mid-April when Taylors 14-year-old adoptive daughter ran away from her home and to her older sisters home, the sheriffs office said.

The teen feared she was going to be punished by Taylor and continued to describe years of prior abuse.

Deputies and El Dorado County Child Protective Services were called to the scene and began interviewing Taylors other adopted daughters.

The sheriffs office said Taylor was an adoptive parent to four girls, ages 11 to 16, at the time.

Previously, Taylor fostered and adopted several other children, who have since become adults and moved out.

While talking to the girls currently living at Taylors home, officials learned about years of child abuse, torture, false imprisonment, as well as lewd and lascivious behavior at the hands of Taylor, the sheriffs office said.

Taylor was arrested on charges of torture, five counts of child abuse likely to cause injury or death, three counts of false imprisonment, two counts of willful cruelty to a child and one count of lewd and lascivious conduct on a child under 14, the sheriffs office said.

She was booked into El Dorado County Jail, with bail set at $1.4 million.

The children in this case are all safe and are in protective custody, the sheriffs office said.

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Monday 6th May 2019
Serial Killer Bobby Joe Long Will Be Given Lethal Injection

by Chelsea Tatham


Infamous Florida serial killer Bobby Joe Long will be executed this month by lethal injection, a judge ruled Monday.

Attorneys for Long had previously questioned anesthesiologists and clinical pharmacists about the drugs used in lethal injection.

His team argued that Long suffers from seizures and a traumatic brain injury and the drugs used in lethal injection would cause too much pain.
His defense team said it would be "cruel and unusual punishment."


A Hillsborough County judge, however, ruled Monday and denied Long's request to vacate his conviction and death sentence.

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Friday, 10th May 2019
Miami Doctor Charged In Overdose Death, Drug Trafficking Appears Before Judge

by CBS Miami


(MIAMI, Fl) A Miami doctor facing manslaughter charges in the overdose death of a Florida Keys woman made her first appearance in court.

48-year-old Dr. Marta Elena Farinas was charged in the death of a Key Largo patient.

That woman overdosed on oxycodone prescribed by Dr. Farinas.

The doctor operated out of Pinecrest Medical Group, often prescribing oxycodone to patients and then taking a cut of the pills for her own personal use.

According to police, from June 2017 through Jaguar 2018, Dr. Farinas prescribed a total of 2,665 opioid pills. Dr. Farinas is an addict herself.

Farinas was also charged with conspiracy to traffic Oxycodone and delivery of Oxycodone.

Investigators said deputies found large amounts of prescription bottles and pills at Milazzos home, including evidence that Farinas was prescribing 180 Oxycodone pills a month to Milazzo on top of a litany of other prescription drugs.

On May 5th Dr. Farinas boyfriend overdosed on Percocet that she had prescribed.

Police came to her home and found that Dr. Farinas appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic.

Her boyfriend died later in the day.

Justin Miller, Intelligence Chief for the Miami office of the DEA says opioid deaths are down in the last several years due to public awareness, education and targeting criminals.

There are a lot of rouge doctors and pharmacies out there who unfortunately providing medicines to people who dont have a medical necessity for it, said Miller.

We are targeting those doctors, those pharmacies involved in illegal distribution of drugs.

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Thursday, 9th May 2019
Husband Lied, Faked Crying to Police After Bludgeoning Wife At Delaney Park Home
by WESH (NBC affiliate)


Officials released new details in the case of a Central Florida woman found bludgeoned at the bottom of her bathtub.
David Tronnes was in tears as Orlando Police Department detectives began questioning him on the day of his wife's murder.
Tronnes is accused of killing Shanti Cooper-Tronnes in their East Copeland Drive home in Delaney Park on April 24, 2018.
According to a 123-page investigative report, Tronnes faked crying and lied about Cooper-Tronnes being alive in the morning.
The report said Tronnes was the only person with her when she was murdered.
According to the report, Tronnes told Orlando Police and Fire his wife was not breathing and was passed out in the shower.
Shanti Cooper-Tronnes' father met with Tronnes several days after his daughter's death.
Police said Tronnes described Cooper-Tronnes' head injuries, which were not visible to police, the medical examiner or investigators at the scene, to her father.
The police report says Tronnes told his father-in-law Cooper-Tronnes had a huge cut and blood all over her body.
Tronnes told her father he found her, picked her up, got blood all over himself and called the police, according to the report.
The medical examiner concluded Cooper-Tronnes died of blunt force trauma and strangulation.
The examiner said Cooper-Tronnes had been struck on the left side of her head and slammed into a hard surface with enough force to cause cranial fractures.
The examiner ruled her death a homicide.

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Monday, 13th May 2019
Pastor Arrested Again, Accused of Molesting 7 Children Between the Ages of 5 and 15
by KTLA-TV, Los Angeles


(Orange County, Ca) - A Fullerton man who was a pastor at several churches in Southern California has been charged with 11 felonies in connection with the sex abuse of seven children after being arrested for a second time, authorities announced Monday.

John Rodgers McFarland is seen in a photo released by the Fountain Valley Police Department following his arrest in Escondido on Dec. 18, 2018.

The charges against John Rodgers McFarland include seven counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under 14 years old, and four counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor between 14 and 15, according to the Orange County District Attorneys Office.

McFarland, 67, faces up to 179 years in prison if convicted as charged, a news release from the DAs office stated. His bail was set at $2 million.

The defendant was previously arrested on suspicion of child molestation in Escondido last December after a girl came forward to report the alleged abuse, according to the Fountain Valley Police Department.

During the investigation into that case, police said they uncovered evidence that McFarland abused other victims.

He was arrested against last Thursday, according to the DAs office.

McFarland is suspected of abusing the children between 2003 and 2017, during which time he served as a pastor at several churches in Orange and San Diego churches, prosecutors said.

Most recently, McFarland was the head pastor at Orangethorpe United Methodist Church in Fullerton, a position hes held since 2016, according to the release.

From 2011 to 2106, he served as a pastor at Surf City Church in Huntington Beach, and from 1988 to 2016, he was the senior pastor at Fountain Valley United Methodist Church.

His first appointment as a senior pastor came while he was at Calexico United Methodist Church in San Diego County, between 1981 and 1988.

Prior to that, he was a youth pastor at the San Dieguito Methodist Church in Encinitas, where he served for about three years.

While there, he also attended Christian youth camps, prosecutors said.

He was also a volunteer chaplain for the Fountain Valley Police and Fire departments, although the DAs office did not provide any dates.

No additional information about any of the incidents was released.

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Monday, 13th May 2019
White Man Attacked Hikers On Appalachian Trail With Large Knife, Killing One

by Jami Ganz


A Massachusetts man allegedly stabbed two hikers on the Appalachian Trail, killing one, injuring the other.

James Louis Jordan, 30, was arrested Saturday after attacking a male and female hiker with a large knife.

Hes been charged with murder and assault with intent to murder.

The victims names have not been released, but the man was confirmed dead, and the woman suffered severe stab wounds, according to authorities.

Reports surfaced of a man with a large knife and a dog who had threatened a group of four hikers on Friday night, according to The Washington Post.

Two of the hikers fled north and, after losing Jordan, reported the attack to local sheriffs deputies.

In the meantime, Jordan reached the two victims who ran south, stabbing them.

The male victim was able to send off an SOS signal on his phone, sending his location to deputies before he died, while the woman escaped.

She pretended to be dead and when [Jordan] walked away after his dog, she took off running, explained Wythe County Sheriff Keith Dunagan.

The woman made it 6 miles before she stumbled upon another group of hikers who helped get her to the nearest trauma center.

Jordan, who authorities believe is also known as Sovereign, was apprehended after authorities spotted his dog.

The animal led them back to Jordan, and authorities subsequently located a 20-inch knife on the trail before finding the male victim.

Sovereign was no stranger to hikers.

Recent reports cite incidents in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, describing a similar machete- or knife-wielding man.

He had a reputation because of his belligerence with other hikers in Tennessee and Georgia, said Brian King, spokesman for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Jordan was reportedly sentenced to probation, fined, and eventually released from custody after pleading guilty to multiple charges in late April, following threats he made against hikers, using his weapon.

The FBI is one of several agencies investigating the case, but was not immediately available for comment.

The Wythe County Sheriffs Office was also not immediately available for comment.

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Monday, 13th May 2019
White Man Hit with 20 Charges and Nearly $2M Bond After Police Chase

by WFMY News 2 Digital (CBS affiliate)


A Randolph County man was dealt 20 charges following a police chase Saturday afternoon.

Bobby Ray Wood was arrested by Randleman Police after a chase.

Wood, 36, was charged with Felony Flee/Elude Arrest with a Motor Vehicle, Misdemeanor Child Abuse and Misdemeanor Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.

Wood also had several outstanding warrants in Guilford County.

In total, Wood's charges resulted in a total secured bond of $1,943,000. 

Wood was given a $1,643,000 secured bond on the charges from Randleman Police Department.

At the Randolph County Detention Center, officers found a smoking device and lighter in Wood's possession, prompting a deeper search.

Tobacco, methamphetamines and a schedule II controlled substance was found.

Wood was charged with Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Prison/Jail, Felony Possession of Methamphetamine, Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Misdemeanor Tobacco in a Jail, and Misdemeanor Simple Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance.

He received a $50,000 secured bond from those charges.

His first court appearance was set for May 13 in Randolph County District Court for all charges in Randolph County.
Randleman Police also served Wood his outstanding Guilford County Warrants for Arrest for Felony Robbery with Dangerous Weapon, Felony Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with Dangerous Weapon, and Felony First Degree Kidnapping out of Guilford County.

He was given a $250,000 secured bond for Guilford County charges and his first appearance in Guilford County Court is May 16.

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Wednesday, 15th May 2019
8-year-old boy accidentally shoots mother at baseball game, white gun owner charged
by Minyvonne Burke


A Tennessee mother was hospitalized in critical condition after her 8-year-old son accidentally shot her at a college baseball game, police said.
The gun's owner, Charles McFarland Jr., was arrested and faces charges of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.
The mother and son were at the annual Babe Howard Classic game Tuesday night at the U.S.A Baseball Stadium in Millington, about 30 minutes north of Memphis, when the boy found a loaded gun while playing inside an antique World War II jeep belonging to McFarland, authorities said.
The jeep had been on display as part of a celebration the stadium holds for veterans, the Millington Police Department said in a press release.
The child, thinking the gun was a toy, pulled the trigger, shooting his mother.

She was taken to a Memphis hospital in critical condition, police said.

Authorities said at a news conference Tuesday that the mother, who is not being named, was conscious when she left the stadium.

A bond has not been set for McFarland, 76.

The game between the University of Memphis and the University of Tennessee at Martin was suspended because of the shooting.

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Wednesday, 15th May 2019
Ald. Proco Joe Moreno Charged With Felony Insurance Fraud, Obstruction Of Justice

by CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) Ald. Proco Joe Moreno has been charged with insurance fraud and obstruction of justice, both felonies, police said Wednesday.

Police on Tuesday night confirmed Moreno was in police custody after an arrest warrant was issued for filing a false police report.

Moreno is expected in bond court at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

Recently Moreno had been in the news for filing a police report on a stolen car.

Moreno later admitted it was a misunderstanding between himself and a girlfriend who said she was allowed to borrow his vehicle.

Moreno lost his seat to Danial La Spata, who will be sworn in as the 1st Ward alderman May 20 2019.

Moreno has been the 1st Ward alderman since 2011.

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Wednesday, 15th May 2019
White Woman Smothers Mom & Places Bottle Of Gin On Body

by Stephen Sorace


An Arizona woman had contemplated killing her mother years before smothering her with a pillow on Monday and setting a bottle of gin on the dead body, according to court documents. (

After Holly Brennan, 46, had used a pillow to suffocate 79-year-old Sharon Simmons, she walked to a convenience store and bought two bottles of liquor vodka for herself and gin for her mother, Arizona Central reported, citing court documents.

Police found Simmons in a bedroom with the alcohol bottle on her stomach and a pillow partially covering her face.


The documents claimed Brennan had called Scottsdale police twice around 2 p.m. after her mothers death.

"My name is Holly, and I need police here," she initially said.

Brennan then called a second time and reportedly said, "I killed my mom."

When police asked Brennan how her mother died, she allegedly admitted to "smothering" her.

Brennan threatened to kill her mother on at least two occasions once in a 2017 Facebook post, which later led to her arrest, and again in 2018, according to the documents.

At that time, however, she sought treatment.

The 46-year-old reportedly detailed her actions in an interview with police after being taken to the Maricopa County Jail.


Brennan said she pushed the 79-year-old onto her bed, climbed on top of her and pressed a pillow to her face, according to Arizona Central.

She said she had decided to kill her mother mere minutes before doing so, according to the documents.

Brennan will face a charge of second-degree murder, the paper reported.

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Thursday, 16th May 2019
Constable Allegedly Stole Over $3,200 From Woman Fighting Custody Battle

by CBS Pittsburgh (KDKA)


(MOUNT WASHINGTON) A local constable is facing charges after allegedly stealing thousands from a woman embroiled in a custody battle.

He just took complete advantage of a desperate woman looking for help, says victim Tiarra Reardon.

She claims shes out $3,200 after trusting Anthony Cioppa Jr., 47.

Anthony Cioppa Jr. is facing charges after allegedly stealing money from a woman dealing with a custody battle.

Reardon says she met Cioppa when he was her Uber driver back in March.

She says Cioppa said he was a constable, so she told him she was trying to get custody of her 13-month-old son and get her brother out of jail.

Cioppa offered to help, Reardon says, so she paid him.

He has told me he was giving this money to an attorney and he was her investigator, says Reardon.

The Karen Myers Law Office in North Versailles is where Cioppa claimed to work.

But, according to attorney Karen Myers, Cioppa has never been employed as an investigator for our office. Hes never been employed by our office.

Myers says she told Rearden to contact the police.

Ryan Tutera is representing Cioppa.

The defense attorney says Cioppa has been a constable for around 15 years and there are two sides to every story.

Theyre merely accusations, Tutera says.

I think that her version of what happened is a little bizarre. My client does, in fact, work as an Uber driver. Why would she spill her guts about her personal life to an Uber driver?

Reardon says shes glad she kept the receipts after she gave Cioppa cash on the several occasions he visited her home.

At one point, Reardon says, Cioppa wrote and signed a note that said he would return the money on April 14.

But, she says, he never did.

He really seemed like he was trying to be helpful and I guess it was a con to get into my pocket, says Reardon.

I feel stupid for trusting him.

Reardon is hopeful she will her money back.

Tutera says Cioppa is not allowed to serve as a constable while on bail.

He says constables are allowed to be hired by private citizens and lawyers and can also take part in security and custody exchanges.

Cioppas preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 29 2019.

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Friday, 17th May 2019
White Woman Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison For Fatal DUI Crash
by Kassidy Vavra


A Florida woman who smiled in her mugshot was sentenced to 11 years in prison Thursday following a fatal DUI crash last year.

Angenette Marie Welk pled no contest last month for when she drove with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit in Florida and crashed into another car at 73 mph on May 10, 2018, killing 60-year-old Sandra Clarkson, Ocala-News reported.

Welk, 45, was sentenced to 11 years in prison plus four years of probation, as reported by the Ocala-Star Banner.

She also must write a letter every May the anniversary month of the crash detailing what she has learned from the events.

Welks drivers license will be permanently revoked once she is released from prison.

She told a Florida Highway Patrol trooper she dropped her phone while driving, and when she looked up, was about to collide with a car driven by 18-year old Shiyanne Kroll of Seattle, Ocala-News reported.

Krolls mother, Clarkson, was sitting in the passenger seat.

After being struck by Welks car, Kroll and Clarksons vehicle was pushed part way underneath a horse trailer pulled by a semi-truck.

Both the car driven by Kroll and the semi-truck were at a red light when Welks car made impact and caused the 3-car collision.

Clarkson died four days later in the hospital from critical injuries following the crash.

Kroll told the court when her mother died, Welk took everything from me, Ocala-Star Banner reported.

She wanted Welk to serve 17 years in prison.

Id like to start by saying how terribly sorry I am for the tragic loss that you are suffering, Welk sobbed as she addressed Clarksons family before sentencing, Ocla-News reported.

I hope and pray that one day youll find it in your heart to start to forgive me.


Welk faced charges including DUI manslaughter and two counts of DUI with property damage, which she pled no contest to last month.

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Friday, 17th May 2019
Former government sniper admits he shot former girlfriend to death on Manhattan street

by Alec Tabak & Leonard Greene


A former government sniper pleaded guilty Thursday to gunning down his former girlfriend on a Manhattan street in a deal that will see him serve at least 18 years for the murder.

Vincent Verdi, 63, a former federal intelligence officer, admitted that he fatally shot his ex in outside Cooper Union on Nov. 1, 2017.


Verdi told a judge he was remorseful for killing Elizabeth Lee-Herman, a woman he met on

These words come of a heavy heart, Verdi said in Manhattan Supreme Court.

On November 1st, 2017, I intentionally caused the death of Elizabeth Lee-Herman by shooting her with a firearm on Astor Place in Manhattan.

My sorrow for what I did has no limit, and is also true of my regret for the pain and anguish I have caused to many, many people.

After decades of serving my country as an Army officer in war zones around the world and comporting myself with honor and discipline, I dont know how I arrived at this place where I could commit this act, nor how I can ever atone for the damage I have caused.

After shooting Lee-Herman, Verdi turned the murder weapon on himself in a gory public display.

He survived a bullet wound to the head.

Verdi, who did stints on special projects with the CIA and Defense Department in Afghanistan, was charged with murder, weapons possession, aggravated criminal contempt and stalking.

Sources told The News he was a military sniper and was employed by the Drug Enforcement Agency in the 1990s but was fired.

Verdi was previously arrested for obsessively following the victim even tracking Lee-Herman, 56, to the dentists office and to a theater.

Authorities said he stalked her for months at her home, her workplace, and even while she was out on other dates.

The mother of two filed a restraining order against Verdi, and gave his mug shot to security personnel at Grace Church High School on Cooper Square, where she worked as a school secretary.

But Verdi ignored the court order, and confronted Lee-Herman after her daily bike commute from her Upper East Side home.

Lee-Herman was shot in the stomach and chest at point-blank range.

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Saturday, 18th May 2019
Argument over fishing results in possible battery charge for white woman
by Pete Thomas


A Florida woman faces a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for allegedly striking the father of her 7-month-old baby in the head with a kitchen pot because he spent too much time fishing.  :o

Katie Gottlich, 25, was arrested Wednesday following an argument with the man, identified as her boyfriend.(

Investigators said the argument centered around the man fishing too often, instead of helping to care for the infant. (

WFLA reports that deputies with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office met with the boyfriend at the woman's Wesley Chapel residence and were told that Gottlich threw the pot at his head when he wasn't looking. (

The unidentified man also acknowledged that he had been fishing during the past few days. (

Gottlich has denied throwing the pot. (

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Saturday, 19th May 2019
Anonymous tip leads Modesto police to homicide suspect
by WCRA (NBC affiliate)


A Modesto man who was considered a person of interest in connection with a womans death was arrested Friday night, police said.

Joseph Chapman, 37, was identified by an anonymous tip after investigators released video of him at a convenience store, Modesto police said.

Investigators were searching for Chapman after 47-year-old Christina Hill was found dead Monday in a private driveway of a business complex in the 700 block of 18th Street.

Police then released surveillance video and photos of Chapman on Thursday, asking for the publics help.

The video was recorded Monday afternoon at a store near Burney Street and La Loma Avenue.

After getting the tip, officers found Chapman around 9:20 p.m. Friday and pulled him over at Orangeburg and Trombetta avenues, police said.

Chapman was then booked into Stanislaus County Jail on homicide-related charges, police said.

Hills cause of death has not been released.

Police are waiting for all medical evidence to be examined and processed.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636.

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Saturday, 19th May 2019
Harrisburg search for white woman who they say hit ex-boyfriend with her car

by WGAL (NBC affiliate)


Harrisburg Police are looking for Betty J. Carr.

Police say she struck her ex-boyfriend with her vehicle during an incident, around 10 a.m., Saturday.

According to investigators, it happened in the 1600 block of Elm Street, behind Lincoln School.

Police say Carr also struck an occupied vehicle several times.

A warrant for Carr has been issued for the following charges:

two counts each of aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person, and one count each of criminal mischief and terroristic threats.

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Betty Carr, please contact the Harrisburg Bureau of Police at (717) 558-6900 or submit a tip through CrimeWatch.

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Friday, 17th May 2019
Former employee arrested for stealing $14K Disney costumes from Magic Kingdom, Epcot
by David Harris


A former Disney employee was arrested Friday after he stole about $14,000 worth of costumes and memorabilia from the back rooms of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, according to an arrest affidavit.

Patrick Allen Spikes, 24, is facing burglary, grand theft and trafficking in stolen property charges, the Orange County Sheriffs said.

Deputies began investigating in August after the animatronic Buzzy and its clothing including a bomber jacket, headphones and green hat, went missing from the closed Cranium Command attraction at Epcot.

Spikes became a suspect when he started posting pictures of Buzzy on his Twitter account @backdoordisney, the affidavit said.

He denied stealing the items when he talked to investigators in November and became combative, resulting in a resisting arrest charge.

In December, detectives learned Spikes sent pictures of other stolen items to another employee which allowed detectives to get warrants to search his home and seize his phone.

They found numerous photos of stolen Disney items and transactions over PayPal, the affidavit said.

The stolen items include wigs, skirts and jackets, the affidavit said.

Time stamps from the phone and employee entrance logs show Spikes and a family member went to the Magic Kingdom on July 31, the affidavit said.

They used underground tunnels to get backstage at the Haunted Mansion attraction where they stole the items, according to the affidavit.

Investigators said they went to a nearby 7-Eleven where they took pictures of themselves wearing the items.

Records show Spikes received about $30,000 via PayPal from two people between July and September, the affidavit said.

The items are worth much more on the black market than in actuality, detectives say.

Detectives identified one of the buyers who said he sent about $9,000 from Spikes for 18 unspecified items.

The mans name is redacted from the report, but he was was cooperative during the investigation and said Spikes told him he got the items legally, according to investigators.

Detectives are still investigating and trying to track down all the stolen items.

Spikes has since bonded out of the Orange County Jail.

Since bonding out, hes posted several tweets making light of the situation.

He could not be reached for comment.
scrollwheel up, please.

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Sunday, 19th May 2019
Woman charged with murder in South Bexar County shooting
by Liz Teitz


A woman has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of a man who was shot in South Bexar County on Friday, according to authorities.

Venetta Jean Oneill, 59, was arrested Saturday and charged with murder in the death of 53-year-old Danny Kennedy, according to Bexar County records.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office identified Kennedy on Sunday.

He was found unresponsive with a gunshot wound to his chest in a home on the 4300 block of Hardy Road around 8:30 p.m. and later died, Bexar County officials say.

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Monday, 20th May 2019
White Man Charged in Toddler Stepson's Death

by WTAE (ABC News affiliate)


A Beaver County man is charged in the death of his 2-year-old stepson, police said Monday.

Ty Lucente, 37, of Freedom, was being held in the county jail without bail on a homicide charge, according to an online docket.

The Freedom police chief said Lucente told officers that he fell asleep with the toddler on the sofa after taking suboxone.

Police said Lucente did not have a prescription for the drug.

Lucente called 911, and medics performed life-saving procedures but could not revive the child, police said.

Three other children -- ages 2, 7 and 12 -- were home at the time, police said.

Lucente is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in front of District Judge Douglas Loughner on May 30 2019

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