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Title: Ultimate Black Panther
Post by: Frostbite883 on March 27, 2011, 09:41:40 pm
Anyway, how would things go if Regnald Hudlin's Black panther series took place in the Ultimate Marvel Universe?

How many comic readers and non-comic readers react towards the series if it was part of the UMU?

What would happen if the mini-series still became an on-going series during
it's interception and after it's released like in our reality?

How different would the Black Panther tv series be if this scenario happened?

Finally, how long do you think the comic will last if this happened?

Note: Just so you guys and gals know, I'm not starting any controversy or anything here.

I'm just placing this as a what if/conversation thread (and please keep it civil, folks).
Title: Re: Ultimate Black Panther
Post by: supreme illuminati on April 29, 2011, 04:55:29 pm
I think that they're destroying the ULTIMATE line or whatever.I recall ULTIMATE SPIDEY and THE ULTIMATES referring once to THE WAKANDAN WARS.It was made crystal clear that ULTIMATE TCHALLA is NOT as good in h2h as ULTIMATE CAP and lacks the uberbrilliance of our own TCHALLA.

But I needs me my Hardcore BLACK Panther RH BP TChalla fix.I'd love to see more of the ruthless uberprep scarily uber-brilliant "man with the plan" cunning misdirection employing never -say-die unstoppable unflappable supah cool of CJP BP,the brilliance,spirituality,uberprep and acrobatics in action combo of Jason Aaron BP+Ultimate Jeph Loeb BP,the martial artist and willingness to "go all the way to the extreme in tech,magic and resources" in Maberry's BP,the RH+COWAN FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS BP,and even the tremendous swifter than the eye can follow sudden quickness,blinding speed,nobility and unending courage of Cowan's BP displayed when TCHALLA took down the avatar of TPG and wouldn't yield even to TPG in pursuit of what he thought was right.This BP is the man that we need.He's too big for street stories,but almost weirdly TCHALLA has to prove that to most of the LCB-RD by first being written as a street leveller in this day and age to maximize whatever slim chance there is that the LCB-RD will annoint TCHALLA with the status of premier A-LEVEL FIRST LISTER UBERSTAR that he deserves.He should hold the same position in the MU that Batman holds in DC...except that TCHALLA is clearly smarter,richer,the better fighter,with superior resources,etc. etc. etc.