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Title: Doomwar and Civilization vs Primitive
Post by: True Father Sankofa on April 04, 2012, 05:13:05 am
I asked Maberry on facebook if T'challa and Doom's encounter in Astonishing Tales 6-7 influenced his story in Doomwar and he replied he never read it but I would still recommend anyone who dug Doomwar to seek this classic encounter. The climax kinda mirrors the one in Doomwar as T'challa threatens to destroy all of Wakanda before allowing Doom to enslave his people. But that's not really what raised my eyebrow. One of the author's makes a reference at one point in the story of T'challa leaving civilization (the metropolis of NY) to go to "primitive" Wakanda (even Doom refers to T'challa's people as wild primitives which makes me think in the marvel universe folk just are ignorant of Wakanda being the most technologically advanced society) reality a civilization prospers after stealing resources from other places and acts like the virus Agent Smith spoke of in the Matrix. Wakanda comes off more like a socialist society and protects their resources like vibranium or at least is responsible in it's distribution of the metal and is self reliant. So who is really civilized and who is not? Derrick Jensen explores the idea of how big industrial civilization has to die in order for nature and those who wish to preserve it to survive in his book Endgame: The Problem with Civilization. You can also check the vid End: Civ on youtube that is inspired by the book. Highlight of the story though is a classic Doom moment where he takes out a "poacher" that aimed to take out his mechanized Falcon when he saw it flying in the air thinking it was fair game. Doom is the illest.
Title: Re: Doomwar and Civilization vs Primitive
Post by: Metro on January 03, 2013, 09:23:00 am
would love to invert this topic and consider the 'west' primitive and the 'global south' civilized.
Title: Re: Doomwar and Civilization vs Primitive
Post by: supreme illuminati on July 25, 2014, 04:59:54 pm
That would be a VERY interesting spin, Metro.