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Black Panther / Re: Revisiting DoomWar
« on: July 07, 2019, 06:36:23 am »

T'Challa hasn't been Black Panther long enough to start the legacy agenda.

Yeah, I'd rather see her get her own legacy.  I could even see her as a "second" BP at the same time, as long as she's not running around in the same costume doing the same things he does.  Make it unique.

However, the one except is this is if, Chadwick B., decides he's leaving the series, then she can be THE BP.  But only because he chooses to leave (Or can't continue for a personal reason).

Black Panther / Re: Revisiting DoomWar
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:26:28 am »
Doom and Doomwar are simply unnecessary for the cinematic Black Panther. Secret Invasion would be a workable context in which to encapsulate phase four, though even that is problematic. BP's chapter of Secret Invasion could be cinematically done as a major thread running through the Avengers (possibly the Ultimates) movies not as a narrative for a solo BP movie especially not his sequel. BP solos should remain insular and stand alone.

Actually now that you say that--it's not needed to be part of BP mythos--the proper place for a movie named DoomWar is the FF movies.

Black Panther / Re: Revisiting DoomWar
« on: July 04, 2019, 07:33:08 am »
Considering how much they change things for the movies (ex. Civil War comics vs Civil War movie), if the movie was DoomWar, the only things it would have in common is Doctor Doom, T'Challa, and maybe some guest stars that were in the comic.  And given MCU love of third act wars, it probably ends with a way between Wakandan army vs a thousand Doommade robots.

Black Panther / Re: Shuri gets her own series
« on: June 28, 2019, 07:03:50 am »

When you don't have a writer on the book because the main writer has walked off AND you don't have a replacement? That book IS CANCELLED. Period.

Unless Marvel decides it is, Iíll take a Shuri solo over the mutant folks want pushed as the premier black woman at Marvel.

To some people, that would start a war, but I haven't seen him post around here in a long time.

Black Panther / Re: Agents of Wakanda series
« on: June 18, 2019, 03:03:57 pm »
Shouldn't there be more Wakandans on "Agents of Wakanda"?  Yeah, sure outsiders make sense but I want more Wakandans Super-Agents.

Latest Flicks / Re: X-Men: Dark Phoenix
« on: June 16, 2019, 02:20:20 pm »
The movie was blah... No emotional impact whatsoever. The villains were like, huh, wha?.  I almost put the Last Stand ahead this movie.  They said, they had rewrites everyday---I can believe it.

I don't think they were any closer to the original story than Last Stand.

Black Panther / Re: The HEF creates... "The Black Avengers"
« on: June 02, 2019, 12:02:28 pm »
I'd give it to RedJack, after seeing what he did on Black Panther series on TV. 

The artist has to high name recognition and for my own tastes, I want the classic larger than life Marvel style, like Perez (sadly retired), Alan Davis or Phil Jimenez. 

Funny thing about the advance civilization having a king complaint; the thing I find funny about that is that in Science-Fiction, most Star nations have Kings, Queens, or some kind of singular head (Supreme Intelligence, Brood Queen) And true democrasies are rare.

Black Panther / Re: The HEF creates... "The Black Avengers"
« on: June 01, 2019, 06:17:21 am »
I definitely still wish this could come out as a comic series.

I absolutely second that.

And even though this should go without saying, but given the comics we see on the stands: only with the right writer and artist. 

I'm with Supreme's point of view on this. I just can't stomach it. Even though the covers for a lot of the books look awesome and some of the artwork within has, I don't like the messages they are sending. And I wonder just who actually likes these books as stories? Perhaps the agendas they push are more important to them, but I wonder who is eagerly waiting each month for the next issue for purely entertainment reasons? (Granted not every story has to be for enjoyment, but still, how many of these stories are thrilling, suspenseful, and you can't wait to see what happens next? And as for any educational/informative aspects, how much do these stories even do that? Now, when it comes to indoctrination, that's another matter, but that's not necessarily education).

As for why they deconstruct T'Challa, I feel they feel that black heterosexual men are bad and 'problematic' or the 'real problem' and are in the conundrum of having to write a series that on the surface is supposed to center (one of the intersectionalists' favorite terms IMO) a black heterosexual male character. If they could fully do away with T'Challa and still sell books, they probably would. Then again, maybe the temptation to have T'Challa as a punching bag is just too strong. Punching T'Challa (as a proxy for straight black men) also could ingratiate them with white liberal/feminist bosses, colleagues, and friends.

Also, I think that Coates shows his limitations, despite his seemingly impressive knowledge of some history and African traditions (at least names for stuff) when it comes to political imagination. Perhaps his Wakanda is a stand-in for America or Europe, but instead of being real about it and exploring the history of colonialism and racism, he tries to be too smart-for his own-good and use Wakanda as the proxy for that to touch on in a safer way, or so he thinks. He knows his lane.

I wonder if he looks at it as a way to show the world that is, rather than show Wakanda as the world we want it to be.  He's missing the point that Wakanda is the goal, not the past.  Then again, I think that can be a problem. He point blank said, he doesn't accept the idea that an ideal society would have a King or Queen. He thinks the Monarchy is a flaw of the past.  And I think (he didn't say this), he has a problem with the religious elements of Wakanda. (Maybe he's like Rodenberry who thought human advancement would lead to a religion free society.)  So, the perhaps the reason he doesn't see Wakanda as the goal, because his "perfect society" looks nothing like Wakanda.  Maybe the idea of a spiritual, warrior society with royalty is undesirable.    But that's just my guessing.

SI asked which Warlock would make for a good fight....I think I've decided that the best battle would be BP vs the original Starlin version of Magus.  In many ways, that Magus is the Evil Black Panther.  Warlock/Magus is the superior man, who is incredibly shrewd, a plotter on the level of Thanos or T'Challa.  (That shrewd brain took over an interstellar empire.)  Plus, like the BP, he's the center of a religion.
He has access to advance tech and magic, plus he has the Soul Stone.  Thanos found that the only way to beat him was to stop Warlock from becoming Magus.

The issues isn't how Ewing wrote Tchalla or Foreman drawing him in action. The issue is how he designed him. The whole second season was lacking compared to Rocaforts beautifully drawn first season.

Compared to this:
I would except that... The only problem is that the artists would need to get on board with it which is where the problem has always arisen. One artist you get a detailed habit, like Rocafort, Marquez, or Acuna, then the next you get this:

For cosmic stuff the difference was night and day.

Travel did fine on the mk knights mini, but cosmic os not his forte

No argument from me, brother Ezyo.

Guess a matter of taste here, because I'm not actually a fan of Rocaforts' design of the mask.  But that might be because I'm not a big fan of his art on the book.  (And I like the other guy's art even less.)

But I think your point would be more fair, if you compare action shot to action shot or face shot to face shot.  I think a lot of artists would favor the less detailed mask in a full body action shot over a talking-head shot.

You may see so many variations, because some artists (not all, but some) have a philosophy that they want to leave a mark on character's look, so they change something to make it "theirs."  The old days of keeping everything "on-model" aren't as prevalent as They were.  That's both good and bad.

Well again that's how I would go about making thing's easy to identify, color code then so it's bot confusing. But the problem is that many artist subscribe to the same basic all Black with white eyes balls look as shown in the image I posted above. Sometimes that can work, if you use shading to give the finer details, something David Marquez pulls off (and then when he activated the solar flare with Tony we saw the finer details of how intricate the habit is when it lit up) the it's fine.

But Travel Foreman's version generally becomes the standard and it's a problem because it often times comes off as lazy and a lack of care to Tchallas detail. Artists have no issue with Spider-Mans costume But can't be bothered to give Tchalla more details.

That's why I respect artists like Acuna, Marquez and Rocafort so much for their attention to his appearance

Yeah, Ultimates' artist just wasn't a good artist at all.  Lots of substandard art in that book.

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