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Y’all. I had been so depressed in regards to anything and all thing BP, I practically forgot I was a member here.

How y’all HEFers been?

Here is hoping the relaunch of BP post this ish-storm of a run is a smidgen better.

Other Comics / KFA: Kicking Furry Ass Vol 1
« on: February 22, 2017, 06:12:25 am »

KFA: Kicking Furry Ass
A Furry Convention is overrun by Nephilum Demons in the guise of anthropomorphic animals with the intent of corrupting humanity with a ‘Furry Virus’ to turn humanity into ‘Furry Demons’. A group of unconventional soldiers is sent in to stop them, one way or another.

Okay, so my new comic book, KFA, KICKING FURRY ASS(C) drops today online. Its only available in print at the moment (still awaiting approval from Comixology and Peep Game Comix for Digital Comic Format). It's a 100 page book, with 84 pages of story that I wrote, pencilled and inked. I colored the cover. At the link below there are three or four preview pages.

Black Panther / Re: BP Predictions: The Fate of the Wakandan Monarchy?
« on: September 18, 2016, 03:55:25 pm »
Hm. Here are some of the possibilities I have thought over the past few weeks....

I'm guessing, to keep with some movie connections, since BP just got introduced into the Movieverse, they will keep the Crown around, if only as anything as seen as tradition, kind of like Britian. It's there, it has influence, but what does it actually do these days other than be a figurehead for the 'old days'?

The Crown will always have a seat at the table, but will no longer be at the seat of the table. And as for however sits in the seat of the crown, family linage will have a say perhaps? T'Challa, King since he is living. Shuri, if he dies, will step up as Queen, unless, T'Challa has a heir, and so on and so on, unless he reluinished his hold on the crown?

Him remaining King has to be something Marvel has a say in, to keep in line with the movies. They can say what they want about the movies not influencing the comics, but that's a soft lie. Civil War 2, coming out the same time Civil War the movie drops anyone?

Shuri, restored, will probably be one of several new government bodies to make up this new 'democractic' government. Maybe even the First Lady of the new government, with new 'awakened' knowledge that Coates is shoehorning into Wakanda's past.

Thus, this makes the role of BP, spoke of like that in the movie, a guardian role of Wakanda. And T'Challa, as we know, is the current BP, may have to undergo a normal 'challenge' from other Wakandan Warriors for the Mantle of the Panther.

This will allow T'Challa to be the 'Wondering' science-hero-king. A king with no real duties other than be the figurehead of the once most powerful, technological nation on the planet, now home just to normal any other African rape camps, who allows his younger Sister to run the show, fulfilling all of the Agenda's this writer set out to fulfill.

Damn Coates.

I guess we'll never know. The man came in an agenda, and that agenda was never for T'Challa. It for his anti-man, anti-black futurist mindset he has. He is so stuck to the provertable shackles that he can't see the deservice he's not only doing to BP fans, but to upcoming black readers new and old, and to himself.

We'll probably see something like that in the Ultimates faster than the solo.

That is worse. Wakanda being overan by wack discarded X-villains. Ugh. And Coates is staying on for a second season.....

Ok. I was wondering. I'm not to up to date on Old school X stuff (honestly, nor do I care especially after seeing how racist the X office was in the past and how the X fans can still be). So they were created in X-Nen, but became villains that migrated around in other books. Okay. Less rage.

Not by much. But it's still there, mind you, lol.

Little to late I would say.

So. Issue6.

 These Fenris Twins, are they X-villains? I remember them from the Ultimate X-Men comic (the only X-Men brand I could stomach). Did Coates really write X-Crap into the Black Panther comic, X-villians as the ones behind some of the major ills behind Wakanda?

I mean, we all knew these guy really loves the X-Men. He said so, and said he wasn't excited about BP. Buuuuuuuuut no! Couldn't just just BP lore. Shove it more with X-lore. Cause the X-fans love Panther so much.

Or maybe this was his way of trying to ease out some of the damage he's done? I dunno, but Coates is slowly, slowly moving into the spot that Mayberry holds for me as the most damaging thing to happen to BP.

I bet Civil War 2 is going to end with the inhuman getting a vision of Carol causing something and she flips her stance.

Black Panther / Re: "Flags of Our Fathers" should be an animated film
« on: September 06, 2016, 04:40:40 am »
It would have to be revised to edit out or include Sam Jackson/Nick Fury since all animated and visual Fury' are of that incarnation.

But either way, I'm down.

Meh. I post there from time to time to get in discussions with Spider-Man Ben Rielly fans. Only real place to find them. I'll dip into the BP thread, read the nonsense, but if I want real BP discussion, here is where I want to be.

I will say this, every time Coates opens his mouth, I want him more and more off this book. None of his ideas have been appealing at all. It's as if he's writing an X-Men story since he couldn't write an X book, so he's writting his X-fiction through Panther.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther #5 SPOILERS and Discussion
« on: August 11, 2016, 01:48:31 pm »
I'm.... I dunno. I kinda read like a Priest issue. I dunno. At first I was like cool. I guess now I'm.... Cautiously optimistic after reading issue 5? I dunno. This issue had a lot of positive, but all the negative from the previous 4 still linger.

I'm at least gonna hang on until this "Crew" crossover.

I got more enjoyment honestly though out of Vol.4 of Priests trade which chronicled Kasper's run, which I also picked up yesterday.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther #4 SPOILERS and Discussion
« on: July 27, 2016, 05:48:14 pm »
Hm. Ok. I went to the gym and not my LCS, and they close at 8. I didn't leave the gym til 7:30, so I'll get my copy and be collectively disappointed tomorrow I guess, lol. And never mind the 11 issues. By arch, I was meaning the trade arch. This arch would be 4 issues in a trade I guess, but irbid what it is.

This train can't derail fast enough for me....

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