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If this new guy is more along the lines of Kasper and less along the lines of Ayo and Aneka then we’re good.

Does anyone remember when I...years back...stated that in almost all likelihood the best foil for T'Challa in this kind of story is...THE GREAT KING T'CHAKA? This challenge would bring incredible conflict to Wakanda and T'Challa, and it would further delineate the differences and distinctions in title and function regarding the Chieftain Black Panther and the King. There would be unending emotional potential here. Ramonda has her one true love returned to her. Hunter has his father back. Wakanda is made all the more fearsome. T'Challa has his father back.

But then? There would definitely be clashes. T'Chaka would insist that Wakanda return to her isolationist policy...and half if not most of Wakanda would agree. What ramifications would that hold? Hunter and the Hatut Zeraze would be reinstated as Secret Police. How would T' Emperor and King of the with that? T'Chaka and T'Challa would slowly, inexorably bump heads as each realizes that they are monarchs with very different...and even in some instances diametrically opposed...visions.

This story writes itself. And could easily span 12,15, even 24 issues broken down into 3 issue arcs or 6 8 or12 issue mega arcs where needed.

And yes. This will be the topic of my next fanfic.


10.17.2021 7:00 AM

This article is edited for just the BP content. Full article here.


But superheroes and sci-fi have never been beyond Ridley’s grasp. He’s written episodes of shows like Justice League and Static Shock and was briefly working with Marvel on a series, which was shelved before ever being announced. In 2021, he wrote comics for both DC and Marvel. Currently, he is working within the Batman universe and will soon take over for Ta-Nehisi Coates on Marvel’s current run of Black Panther.

Needle in a Timestack offers a preview of ideas Ridley will explore on Black Panther. “It’s a story of the past,” Ridley says of the Marvel comics storyline he’ll pursue. “I want to do as much as I’ve done with Needle, which is to take this extraordinary character in this amazing space and say, ‘What makes him human?’ If heavy is the head that wears the crown, what makes T’Challa’s head heavy?”

As he spun a movie from Silverberg’s story, Ridley aims to build upon foundations laid by Black Panther writers Coates and Reginald Hudlin. “You say [their] names, and you know what they did with Black Panther,” he says, “I want to build on those stories. You can look forward to a very human, very grounded take on what it’s like to be Black Panther. It’s the story of regret, in many ways.”

Well this interview didn't give away much. What makes him human? It's a story of regret. So we might get another sad and broken, naval gazing T'Challa. While he did mention building on not just Coates but also Hudlin it remains to be seen how he will integrate the two very different approaches and iterations of the Black Panther.


Ridley's interviews continue to worry me. Why didn't he choose to build on Priest, Hudlin, McDuffie? This triumvirate of writers have crafted the definitive T'Challa as T'Challa and T'Challa as BP...with Aaron and Liss rockin important Honorable Mentions. Anybody saying "TurnCoates BP" in such a way that implies such an experience as GOOD, immediately gets the "frown face" from me.

How can you be a serious writer of BP and overlook the 5 I listed above and go straight to Coates? That doesn't bode well for either T'Challa or we the true BP Faithful.

BP doesn't need yet ANOTHER "regret" and "Wakanda could be destroyed!" story. Where's the originality, here? Wakanda has been undefeated for more than a million years. WAKANDA HAS NOTHING TO BE REGRETFUL ABOUT!! Improve upon? Sure. Secrets galore? Mandatorily so. But "regret"? Unless it's: "...I regret not stompin on [ various bad guys ] sooner than I just did..."? Stop it!

T'Challa is Emperor of Five Galaxies. There are 5 galaxies worth of stories to be explored. We the readers would "regret" having a author who didn't write about those incredible opportunities to plumb the depths of a hypercapable T'Challa facing these literally intergalactic threats.

 On Earth? T'Challa was chair of The Avengers, led them against the all new and utterly amazing threats that Aaron chronicled. Are you legitimately telling me that Mephisto, Khonshu, Dracula, et al won't try to get some get back on T'Challa for his major role in thwarting their aims?  Those collection of villains alone would try their darndest to make T'Challa "regret" crossing their paths, and we the readers would "regret" not having a writer who didn't explore that!

I'm filled with "regret"...once again...that our own Redjack or R to the H or Priest or SOMEBODY with actual obvious zest and gusto and love for the character who is wholly invested in forever obliterating even the memory of the Coates run and any notion of our Brother Ture put it..."navel-gazing" T'Challa.

Ridley. Give us our powerful, Black Power, Man With The Plan, The Most Dangerous Man Alive T'Challa back. If you do? We'll keep your sales numbers at stupendous levels. Praise your name. All that other good stuff.

If you don't? You'll "regret" it.

I dunno man, all this stuff around BP 2 just doesn't feel Right. Complete opposite of the first on everything from hype, excitement,
news... This time everything is all negative.

Mrs Steel is just another addition to the list of bad stuff around the movie. Another thing, and maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that comment she made in that interview
Steel said the women of Wakanda ruled ‘Black Panther.’ “We have power and it’s time for us to step up and take over. That’s what we have to do and take over,” she said

I dunno why but that statement bothers me. Because it should not be a thing of "It's out time to shine" why is it that the women are taking over and taking power? It should be about unity, black men and women are always placed at odds with one another and it's time for them to come together and achieve greatness TOGETHER. Enough with the taking turns

I cannot cosign or emphasize enough how much I agree with the entire post, but the bolded segment most especially.

Black Panther & Storm Can Finally Have an Equal Relationship
The King of Wakanda and the Regent of Arakko have loved each other for years, and their new roles could be just what their relationship needs.


As one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic romantic pairings, the relationship between Black Panther and Storm is one for the ages, but their dynamic wasn’t always entirely equal - until now. The King of Wakanda and the newfound Regent of Arakko have always been a valuable part of each other's lives. And a reunion between T’Challa and Ororo Munroe is exactly what fans have been waiting years for.

Now that they’re both occupied with responsibilities on a cosmic scale, the pair have a better understanding of each other than ever before. And while Storm and Black Panther haven’t been an official item since way back before Avengers vs. X-Men, plenty of readers still see them as soulmates. And if recent developments in both characters’ lives are any indication, those readers just may be right.

S.W.O.R.D. #8 by Al Ewing and Guiu Vilanova cements Storm’s new reign as the leader of the planet Arakko. With an entire world of highly advanced mutants looking to her for leadership, she knows better than ever the weight of the crown T’Challa wears. Meanwhile, his crown has only gotten heavier as Black Panther #25 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and more cemented his rule as the leader of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda.

But despite their fancy new titles, the duo is still very much in love. Throughout Black Panther #25, they still refer to each other as “beloved,” and in the King In Black: Black Panther one-shot by Geoffrey Thorne and Germán Peralta, the King of Wakanda finds himself torn between doing everything he can to protect his people from the Symbiote invasion and rushing to Storm’s aid. The pair’s feelings for each other are clearly still incredibly strong, and with their newfound roles, there’s never been a better time for them to reunite.

Storm has always been incredibly powerful on every level, and she was even treated as a goddess before her time with the X-Men, but her recent political upgrade has taken her to a whole new level. As an iconic X-Man, and even a member of the Avengers for a brief time, Storm had her fair share of responsibilities both as a hero and as Wakanda’s Queen. But despite all her duties and titles, Storm’s various influential roles still created a dynamic that was very different from the relationship between her husband and his people.

Now, T’Challa’s Wakandan expansion has forever changed the mantles of king and Black Panther. It was never a question that Black Panther and Storm’s relationship was one based on love, but their separation in Avengers vs. X-Men proved that the Black Panther's duty to Wakanda came first. And as the leader of the intergalactic Wakandan Empire, T’Challa’s responsibilities have only grown.

But with her new position as the Regent of Arakko, Storm’s responsibilities have grown as well. As the ruler of a planet of superpowered beings, she’s become the default voice for the Sol system in the cosmic corner of Marvel Universe, making her every bit as politically powerful as her beloved. And were they to finally reunite as recent events have hinted, they would both have incredible responsibilities to ground them and keep their love in perspective.

In the eyes of the fans, Storm and Black Panther belong together. And their recent promotions just further prove that point. With their new responsibilities occupying even more of their time, Marvel Comics would be smart to reunite these two separated lovers before they’re literally star-crossed.

It has never been a question of equality to me but one of respect. Even in this article there remains a slant towards Storm's new responsibilities while knowing full well that T'Challa's emperorship of an intergalactic empire literally dwarfs Ororo's regency of a planet or even the solar system. The Black Panther and Wakanda have always shown much (perhaps too much) respect for Storm, can the X-Men and mutantkind say the same?

Properly written T'Challa and Ororo would recognize their love and fidelity for one another and seek a union that would consummate in a new royal family and herald a new leadership throughout the cosmos. Ororo would petition for Arakko to become a member of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda and together the Black Panther and Storm would face the challenges of the universe lightening charged hand in vibranium powered glove.


Masterful post! I competely agree with all the above. Nothing to add! Cosign!!

May you find peace with the ancestors Mrs. Steel. Wakanda Forever.


General Discussion / Re: The 9 Lives of Marion Barry
« on: October 16, 2021, 04:46:11 pm »
Yooooo! Y'all memba this? Ay R to the H...what happened to my two verses responding to FLEX? I had 3 verses in this joint...

... what's that you say, RH? T'Choro haters erased my bars?!

They done messed up now...

...who wanna keep this going?
FLEX, if you still here? Holla! Let's finish this .. which I mean? I'll finish you off. Again. Lol.

All in good competition, yo. Who else wanna get annihilated by your very own Supreme Illuminati?

The trailer inspired some interest but the nation devastated made me side eye a little. But still I will try it out. On his one interview so far Ridley has expressed he likes T'Challa so that already outs him above Coates in the bare minimum. Really issue 3 with Storm is going to be the big test and probably the make it or break it part for most fans I bet

I am. Sick. To. Death. Of Wakanda being threatened with being destroyed.

I agree with the props concerns wishes and criticisms of my HEF brethren thus far.

Who else has noticed that the shape of T'Challa's head in the new art...and his eye slits colors...are unusual when compared to previous renditions? I actually don't mind the green color that his eye slits sometimes have, because that's actually a throwback to the Old Skool Marvel Knights T'Challa. I mentioned his emerald orbs before...

...I like the cover art renditions, but not so much the in page renditions.

Regarding Wakanda The Intergalactic Empire? I think that Wakanda has been exploring colonizing and seeding the stars ever since the Vibranium meteor landed in Wakanda. There's no way. No. Way. That Wakanda would let the source of Vibranium be undiscovered and unprotected by them. Zero possibility. Furthermore, Wakanda would be the defender of Earth from conquest by homegrown races and gods as well as extraterrestrial and extradimensional menaces of all kinds. This position of mandatory defender would compel Wakanda...isolationist policy or no...into being Earth's primary defender vs all comers. In fact, this role of primary defender would go a long way towards explaining the otherwise very difficult to reconcile adoption of the Wakandan Isolationist Policy. Because the extraterrestrial threats could be inveighed to fall upon each other if they were both signally trounced by a hyperpotent menace which they believed Earth lacked but which the allies or enemies of these extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional would be conquerors already knew that their current enemies posed.

I specifically mentioned this in the same fanfic that inspired Coates to snag my idea of Wakanda Mfalme Ya Nyota...Kingdom of The Stars. Which became Himaya Ya Nyota...EMPIRE of The that same fanfic.

Anybody agree with the above?

Marvel Reveals New Design for Black Panther’s M’Baku in The Last Annihilation: Wakanda

The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda enters the cosmic battle against Dormammu in The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1 from writer Evan Narcisse and artist Germán Peralta. But T'Challa, the Black Panther, can't do it alone. He needs the help of M'Baku, once known as the Man-Ape, leading Wakanda's forces against the endless hordes of Dormammu's Mindless Ones. Marvel Comics provided with an exclusive first look at Peralta's updated designs for M'Baku as he becomes a leader in this conflict of space-operatic proportions. Narcisse also provided with some insight into what his goals are with this T'Challa and M'Baku tale.

“One of the things I wanted to do in Last Annihilation: Wakanda was take stock of where T'Challa and M'Baku find themselves after the events of the 'Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda' storyline," Narcisse says. "They—and, by extension, Wakanda—are reckoning with an even more complicated history and a new status quo that stretches across the cosmos. T'Challa still has to be a king and an Avenger on Earth while all sorts of chaos is happening in space. At the same time, M'Baku is grappling with his sense of self and where he belongs, now that the battles he's fought have been won. Last Annihilation: Wakanda was really fun to write because T'Challa and M'Baku have butted heads before. They come from very divergent backgrounds and have extremely different relationships to institutional power. T'Challa needs to figure out what to do with this ethically compromised empire he's in charge of now and M'Baku is questioning what kind of relationship he can have with Wakanda.”

Keep reading to see M'Baku's new design and preview pages from The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1. The issue goes on sale on September 15th.

M'Baku designs by Germán Peralta

The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1 Preview

The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1
(W) Narcisse, Evan (A) German Peralta (CA) Philip Tan
With the universe itself at stake, Black Panther enlists the might of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda to help stop the dreaded Dormammu! And leading the Wakandan forces is none other than the legendary M'Baku! Will T'Challa and M'Baku be able to defeat Dormammu's army of Mindless Ones? Don't miss this critical chapter of the LAST ANNIHILATION event as a new hero emerges!
Rated T+
In Shops: Sep 15, 2021
SRP: $4.99

It seems like T'Challa the Black Panther and his intergalactic empire are requiring too much help, just saying. Speaking of just saying, Narcise said "T'Challa needs to figure out what to do with this ethically compromised empire he's in charge of now..." What is there to figure out. T'Challa is an emperor and his ruler-ship of an empire spanning five galaxies will prosper and help maintain truth, justice and the Wakandan way. Don't sell T'Challa the Black Panther short.


Seeing Narcisse on this book just transformed it into a "must buy" for me. Brother Ture, I have zero doubts about Narcisse penning T'Challa and T'Challa being written both very well and packing some cool and probably entirely new feats. I think that Narcisse had to bring a sense of suspense tension and doubt in his interviews in order to sell interest in his miniseries. There's no doubt that T'Challa can and will handle his Empire with aplomb.

The concerns should be squarely focused on Editorial.

They're the ones who shafted CJP and his jaw dropping Panther when they could have raised the price point a dollar and kept the book running another couple years. CJP's core cult following would have paid the difference to keep the book running. They're the ones who allowed the racist X-Office to take shots at R to the H BP and they're the ones who completely dissed T'Choro to such an extent that even brilliant heads here were burnt so bad by their actions that the very idea of T'Choro receives their rejection and doubt...instead of aiming wrath and demon fire at the X-Office and Marvel 616 Editorial for delving into their ancestral Klan DNA and reverting to disrespecting T'Challa via depictions they would never allow to be spun about A-List White characters.

Quick: when was the last time that a major office in Marvel wrote stories showing the wife of a married major character having dalliances with other men? When was the last time a major female superhero married a major male superhero and said that he was a wife beater [ with inferential echoes of him taking advantage of her after he battered her unconscious; thus making him also one of the most vile forms of the already irredeemably repulsive rapist subhuman creatures...Stokely Carmichael notwitshtanding ]? When was the last time these two...former husband and wife...was written in a major crossover event as having come to ferocious fisticuffs, culminating in the wife soundly thrashing hand to hand the husband who is the greatest non-cosmic h2h combatant on Earth and probably the 616 in its entirety?


It's the racist 616 Editoral that has the real problem with BP blowing up in the comic books. They cannot mitigate or eliminate their imperialist colonizer impulses  to undercut and deeply disrespect T'Challa instead of letting him blow up as he's written by utterly amazing talent...paging Redjack...and elevated in all corners of the 616.

The traditional, usual Editors in Marvel Editioral? Would find a way to diminish the grandeur of the notion and reality of The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. Won't take 3 years. The only reason they wouldn't walk it back before next year ended is because BP the movie is coming out, and they want to experience the sales bump.

These guys are the spiritual brethren of Marvel Studios CEO and Chairman Ike Perlmutter, who famously didn't want to produce either Black Panther OR Captain Marvel.

I don't think we can rely on Kevin Feige to intervene on the comics side of things in any way we consider meaningful. I mean...CJP should be brought back to finish his series with Sam Wilson as Falcon. Or let him run hog wild with BLADE. You know who else CJP can rock?

Winter Soldier. And pretty much everyone else. But I think that we would get the very best CJP if he was given a shot at a 3 or 5 year contract writing...


R to the H should rock BP, but they won't let they should let him get busy with LUKE CAGE. Or let him write what's essentially THE BLACK AVENGERS. But none of that is happening. That's The Perlmutter Effect, The Marvel Editorial Klan Mandate.


Zanda & The King

courtesy of Redjack at CBR


Redjack...the true modern scribe for T'Challa who should have been given the reigns instead of TurnCoates...can ALSO DRAW? What CAN'T this man do?

Yeah the sequel definitely has a anti hype vibe around it as opposed to the first which felt like everything was just falling into place

Ugh I know. Literally the only ones excited are yasss Queen Twitter. But outside of it there’s just mostly uncertainty IME. With the first Black Panther movie it’s almost as if the planets aligned but with this one it’s just red flag after red flag, from multiple script rewrites while filming to know one of the actors getting injured.

I’m starting to think Martin Freeman was trying to warn us when he joked “hopefully it won’t be terrible”.

Okay, everyone. We know that this sequel won't be world shaking because our King is gone. However, the trailers that will be relased? WILL make BP 2 another billion dollar monster. And the hype campaign? May resonate powerfully with the women, feminism, and less so but still powerfully with the more conscious community...because of the absolute need to still make all things BP and Afrikan a powerful financial success.

Also? Coogler will NOT write or produce anything less than magnificent. It won't be a cultural movement, which derails the whole franchise from the insane heights it would have reached if our King was still with us; but it WILL be important. Recall that it's absolutely CERTAIN that...between the ever more lethal forms of COVID, racist wazungu attacking us, the relentless Stealth Apartheid of White and corrupt Chinese power elite against our the time BP 2 arrives? We will have a fire lit benath us that's more significant than what we're facing now.

Imo much of the current ambivalence that we [ sensibly and justifiably imo ] see now, will change into a groundswell of support after we have the flames of our fury and passion fanned by the certain to come in ever greater number future outrages...and our certain to be shortening fuse and increasing displays of laying violent hands on the Karens and Darrens of the world fueling the hunger we have for BP 2. But likely not The Return of The Ogdoad that we saw when our King was with us.

I like how we see T'Challas super prep with the plans upon plans being 2 step's ahead of his enemies and 3 step's ahead of his friends. I still would of liked to see his super genius in action. I am still annoyed it's been so ambiguous. But I felt a great Sense of happiness all throughout the episode... Then sad at the end, a feeling that this may be the last of T'Challa through the what ifs. And anger at Marvel for so stupidly announcing they won't recast so soon after his passing

All of this up in here^^^

Black Panther / Re: Fan Fiction
« on: August 09, 2021, 05:13:29 am »
 This is GOOD, my friend! I enjoyed the read, the creative POV, the fleshing out of Nakia's personal history and background; etc. I have more thoughts to share, but I have to handle other matters now. I will be back today or tomorrow.

This brief piece is a bajillion times btter than the reprehensible drivel of turnCoates, and a very welcome change. I hope the new BP scribe doesn't disappoint.

Apologies for the strikethrough above; Idk how to remove it...

Try editing your post; remove the brackets inside your paragraphs; the HTML engine 'thinks' you are sending a strikethrough command.

Hope my suggestion helps, Supreme.

Thank you, sir! Worked like a [ WAKANDAN ] charm!

I actually chose Atandwa Kani, since he already played a young T'Chaka in the first BP movie.

I thought about him, too...but Idk how well he handles action. Does anybody have any information about that? Also...I like the idea of WESLEY SNIPES playing a Variant T'Challa. Like I said maybe this Variant is the Herald of Eternity like in the 616, this Variant becomes aware of the dangers befalling our 616 Wakanda and both abdicates his post as Herald AND initiates whatever temporal shenanigans necessary to send a Variant of himself back to Wakanda.

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