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T.C. Carson? 

Interesting choice. :)

Found out he does the voice for Mace Windu on the Clone Wars Animated series. :)

4sake:  Thanks for the clarification on cast and actors.:)

Ross... I"m recalling Neil Patrick Harris' roles in the movie  "Under Cover Brother" as well as "Harold and Kumar"
He'd be an interesting Ross if he shows up.  ;D

Voodoochild:  Thanks for taking a look at the updated iteration. :)

Left to right:

Zuri - Michael Clarke Duncan

S'Yan - I don't know who you picked to play him

Not sure who the character is - John Amos

T'Challa - Djimon Hounsou

Everett K. Ross - Neil Patrick Harris

W'Kabi-Malcolm Jamal Warner

4sake: Nice choice pics! :) Please post names for some who won't recognize all the faces.:)

Then offer a casting suggestion. ;)  Cast suggestions aren't a matter of debate in this thread, in my opinion,  post some names and faces. :)

Found some pretty awesome choices for cast suggestions.

Some interesting picks.

Michael Jai White : Erik Killmonger

Denzel Washington : T'Chaka.

Kerry Washington : Storm

Voodochild:  Thanks. :) Good points.  There's about 9 variations on my hard drive for the costume.

Lindy Hemming led the costume design team for Batman Begins and the Dark Knight.  Her breakdown of how her and her team made the suit led me to search out some real life source material as well. 
The cape would be dropped in some situations .:)

I liked the Dark Knight.  All that I saw when I was watching it was, "This is Black Panther".  Batman: Begins.  Not sure if any of you heard Priest's interview where he mentions that when he was an editor at DC he proposed a story that has Bruce Wayne climb a mountain to get a rare flower to help with his physical powers.  It was rejected at the time, yet years later shows up in Batman Begins: 

Now compare that to T'Challa and Shuri needing to climb a mountain to get a rare herb that enhances their physical powers. 

Blanks: Thanks. :)  Definitely like the Ultimate retractable claws.:)  They're there, just retracted into his knuckles.:)  Contrast Shuri's claws to his fist/knuckle claws.

AfroSamurai:  Thanks.:)

All the above faces I found on

Shuri: Tremika Sellers

Shuri: Natasha Polk

(Young)T'Challa:  Mike Dwight

Or JamalTheMan (his ModelMayhem name tag)

Kasper Cole: Matt Acton 

He's gotta be in the movie some how.  Chris Holland, possibly young T'Challa

Ture: Many thanks. :)  Hmmm, didn't consider the consider the contrast between the two costume wise.  It's a great suggestion.  
I was thinking that T'Challa would have a variety of suits depending on the situation.  I recall the storyline when he fought vampires with Blade and he (T'Challa) wore a special suit.

Another reason I chose to armor TíChalla up was that when he shows up in the Avengers movie heís going to be standing next to Thor and Iron Man.

When it comes to casting I think Harry Potter and Twilight, relative unknown actors, and yet, their talent and the property they are involved with catapults their careers and name recognition.  BP can do the same for up and comers, in my opinion.

isaiah_bradley:  Please, elaborate.  

Something I did for fun. Spent some time making a Black Panther (Panthers) rendition.  I hope T'Challa and Shuri do show up in the upcoming "Avengers" movie, or even a movie of their own. :)

Who do you think should play T'Challa and Shuri?  

For T'Chaka, I'm thinking Eamonn Walker  T'Challa and Shuri? I found lots of awesome faces and bodies on the site ModelMayhem that
look like they could play an awesome Shuri and T'Challa.

(Update: August 4, 2010) Newly added iteration

Directing / Re: great filmmaking opportunity
« on: August 02, 2010, 09:32:38 am »
Awesome!!!  Thanks for the heads up! :)

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