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Why I'm Calling Out Grace Randolph's Double Standard Comments

 Randolph on Black Panther 2

Who's Grace Randolph and why should we care?

She is a popular you tube media personality with almost 1 million subscribers.  Recast TChalla

Absolutely recast TChalla. No debate.

This dumb idea to kill TChalla because of one actor is so illogical and emotional over hard facts.  Bluntly this movie franchise is going to bomb without TChalla- no passes.

His side characters are not strong enough to carry a film and if one of the Bat Man 10 plus actors died they would instantly replace him - no debate.

Movie will never make a billion again without TChalla.

Black Panther / Re: NEW BLACK PANTHER COMIC BOOK #1 Finally, it's here!!!
« on: November 30, 2021, 04:09:39 am »
Read it and it was solid but not spectacular or filled with multiple storylines like previous runs.  Thought it would be more complex - it seems solid.  Art was good and pacing was ok.

Black Panther / Re: this forum can be very off putting. Reasons why
« on: May 20, 2021, 08:30:01 am »
My friends......why change the title of a very old thread with a new topic? New readers will get excited and then click on the thread and see a bunch of posts that have nothing to do with the title. What is wrong with creating a new thread with fresh conversation? I just want to know what is the purpose of what I see being done on this forum so often. It makes no sense.

Agree 100%

The fact we do not collectively practice group economics is our fault as Blacks- all parents are responsible to teach their offspring about how America destroyed our businesses in multiple southern cities like Wilmington NC, E St Louis IL, Knoxville TN, Tulsa OK and Florida.

We are owed reparations for the bombing, looting of multiple Black Wall Street business districts and the absolute horror of chattel slavery too.

And we owe all youth the truth - even the part we have to dig up about our history- ignorance is no excuse when you claim to be civilized.

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