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Iím afraid that this interview with Coates, has merely confirmed that he really doesnít have a clue as to what heís currently doing with the Black Panther mythos.

TíChalla has never in the entirety of his pre-Coates existence, been solely portrayed as this uber-unstoppable or infallible protagonist that many of the characters detractors have been fond of mischaracterising him as being.

This is a character who prior to Priest revitalizing him, had been in creative limbo for just under sixteen years and who prior to that, had spent more than a few years languishing at the back of the proverbial bus, shouting out warnings to the Avengers just before getting knocked unconcious by whichever threat said Avengers were facing at the time.

TíChalla was that noble negro, stalwart in friendship and long in flowery prose, that appeared occasionally in a few books as a guest whilst the rest of the MU marched merrily on.

All that changed with Priest bringing TíChalla back in style and when his run ended, Reginald Hudlin took up the gauntlet, and delivered a TíChalla and Wakanda that were extremely confident and fully capable of dealing with all threats on some straight up, in your face 10,000 year old advanced civilization (unsullied by Western imperialism) ish.

Reginald Hudlin treated TíChalla and his world as the A-list concepts that Lee and Kirby launched all the way back in 1966 and for that, he recieved crazy amounts of pushback from readers more invested in TíChalla and his people being portrayed as chumps.

To me, the fact that post Jonathan Hickmanís Secret Wars II, all of TíChallaís best ANAD MU appearances have occured outside of his own solo book whilst Coates has filled said solo with rape camps and rampant misogyny within Wakanda, tells me all I need to know about this writers agenda laden approach to TíChalla as a character and Wakanda as an intellectual concept.

I somehow doubt, that he would have been so quick to introduce rape camps and rampant stereotypical misogyny into an X-Men or Spiderman centred book but I suppose itís much easier to push Boko Haram inflected aesthetics through the most technologically and spiritually advanced nation on MU Earth as opposed to actually showing them being an advanced and resilient in the face of adversity.

Coates is a complete and utter idiot as far as writing the BP mythos goes.

Quoted for 100 % truth

I'm still wondering why anyone is suprised at what Coates has done to the BP mythos?

I said this was going to happen even before the first Coates penned BP issue dropped.

A lot of heads called me out for supposedly being a negative nancy.

What say you now?

To many people Cooning, instead of calling him on his bullsh*t. Is Ike P his mentor or something? Smh

I've been banned by those idiotic mods over at CBR.

Was that from your post to random4? I didn't see anything ban worthy with your post???


The reason they gave for banning me was allegedly for uncivil behaviour in the BP thread so it was definitely to do with Random4.

Has he been banned as well?

It's a week long ban for me but I'm debating not wasting my time posting on that forum in future.

You have racist individuals like Random4 popping into the BP thread posting disingenuous nonsense and getting away with it but the minute they get called on their bullsh*t, heads like Mind of Shadow and myself get banned.

Do the math.

You remember what happened to me! There is a lot of double think that goes on.

Also, Coates sucks.

Coates T'calla aint got no super powers, so he needs dat dare HGH and Dbol!!!


Is that the suicide bomber dude int he pic there? gonna use him to track Tetu?

This is just terribly wrong. Not feeling this guy at all.

Black Panther / Re: No Black Panther issue 4 discussion thread?
« on: August 16, 2016, 06:20:03 pm »
It's whack like all the issues before...

Black Panther / Re: New Storm Ongoing Title
« on: May 02, 2014, 07:25:11 pm »
I like Pak just fine (loved his work on the Hulk), but I just don't trust Marvel when it comes to Storm. Conflicted!

I think Pak is going to knock it out of the ball park. I'm thinking of buying two of each issue that gets published to support the title.

As will I. And if Pak writes something that I think paints Storm (or Black Panther) in a bad light, I'm definitely going to write him a letter.

If I'm ever disappointed by something written or drawn by Marvel, I'm definitely going to let them know about it...especially since they are always asking for feedback anyway.

Money, write that letter now. Don't wait. Tell him the exact points you have stated and if he's as what people are saying, he will not go there. But like others have said. I just don't trust Marvel. They way they put this book out and the price tag isn't helping the book.

Though the editor David K. never seem like a hater. He seemed like he liked that Storm was Queen of Wakanda. I just don't think he had much power at the time. That might have changed, especially since he is co-editor of Uncanny Avengers with Brevoort and the addition of Mike Marts.

Black Panther / Re: CBR forums purged and rebooted
« on: May 02, 2014, 05:27:57 pm »
Interesting stuff. But Maxine is pretty much spot on. Genki and I were talking about his and another situation before this went down on how they treat certain members, yet when Hudlin was writing the Panther and Panther was married to story, there were a lot of nasty post and attacks (personal) made toward Mr. Hudlin and black posters in general. So the fact that it's now being dealt with is good, but also sad because it took that to make it stop where there has been stuff just as bad, blatant and common place that never got any attention?

For example, I know for a fact that Black Panther fans are targeted and watched like we are on some terrorist list, while racist can make post using subtext being racist and they allow it?

Money Spider, I saw that. :smh:

Latest Flicks / Re: New Star Wars Movie Series
« on: April 29, 2014, 06:10:09 pm »
EU is totally out. I get it. Disney now owns SW and a lot of the EU stuff occurred under others.
It doesn't mean the EU is nothing. Just similar to comics and movie cannon.,

Black Panther / Re: IGN deems Panther/Storm Marriage bad
« on: April 29, 2014, 06:06:53 pm »
Personally, the I feel right now with Storm getting her own title, I don't think she needs to be with anyone now. The marriage is over and now she needs time for herself. With her title, it promises to show Storm as the massive powerhouse that she is (promises the writer) and really playing a huge role in the MU causing a ruckus! Just the kind of thing I've always wanted to see. :)

You really have a lot of nerve posting this rubbish here.

Post AvX, Storm has been cooling her jets in the X-books doing nothing other than being Wolverines convenient bed wench and acting like a bitter bitch blaming everyone else but herself for how things ended with T'Challa so please peddle your X-book worshipping BS elsewhere.
I'm happy for them. But I would not hold my breath. Genki is right about Pak saying AXM was Storm solo, then pulling some of the crap he pulled, while the X-office pulled their typical black male hating bs. We will see how much the X-office support this title, that is dropping during a summer event (OS and then AXis), with no tie-in for OS announced and also #3.99, on top of the SDCC and NYCC new titles. They should have just waited to the SDCC or NYCC. Marvel is flooding the market with books and some are decent, this is where LCB start to control the destiny of certain books.

As long as Panther is not featured in this book, i'm good. I personally don't want to read that bs "bitter bitch blaming" every issue, when Storm is the one who choose (and written) to follow massa (Cyclops) and attack her husband, because well he said so.

It's pretty clear now why Kymera was created. This was the freaking entire reason.
I'm going to check it out, but I would have been better if they actually put it in a better position. They didn't announce it as part of wave 3, at SDCC or NYCC and stacked the odds against it with 3.99 cover price?

Black Panther / Re: IGN deems Panther/Storm Marriage bad
« on: April 17, 2014, 01:57:11 pm »
Writing to them directly is a waste of time.

In my humble opinion raising awareness about the discriminatory practices carried out by these organizations especially where the hiring of a more diverse pool of creators is concerned would have a lot more of an impact.

I've made a career of confronting large corporate entities on the grounds to change their hiring and marketing practices.  HEF is a crucial ground to organize a sustained response to all misrepresentations of African people in the media.

Highlighting N. Lowe's consistent editorial decisions to enrage African American readers should be an entry point to discuss the differences between Quesada, Bendis, and Alonso's visions of their product.  These conversations can move into the film version presentations of Rhodey, Heimdall, Storm, and Alicia Masters and how the X-Office violates the efforts maintain the company's main profit streams.

I wrote a single letter to Marvel over a decade ago to demonstrate how they consistently discriminated against African Americans in Chris Claremont's work.  The conversations that resulted from that letter produced work that ranged from Busiek's Triune storyline to Quesada's general commitment to Panther to McDuffie's animation work on Static and JL.

Our words and efforts open doors for artists and writers - many of them are colleagues on this board.  Our disorganized silence empowers those who support the status quo.

There is something fishy about Nick Lowe. Dude has some issues. No books with his name attacked. If you look at the new Inhumans stuff, where he is the editor, watch and see how many black characters are made. Right now there are ZERO. Dude is suspect for sure.


 ??? :-[  :-\ :)

Logan hit it and quit it. Great Job Marvel!!!

I there was any question now as to why Storm was pinning and fawning over Kurt the way she was, well now we have the answer. Behold.


We know what is coming next.

Today's Amazing X-men confirms my post yesterday. It was pretty much about that. So now that Wolverine is finished getting his rocks off and moving on, it's Kurt's turn. Why, because they spoke once? Storm entire existence is being a object for other characters now. That's not something Black Panther or Hudlin did, X-writers did it.

I there was any question now as to why Storm was pinning and fawning over Kurt the way she was, well now we have the answer. Behold.


We know what is coming next.

Yo, that was straight up fire man and the truth. Some heads/excuse makers in this thread need to take heed. This is a problem with Storm, CC is pretty much a clown to me. He's a legendary writer, but also he had issues with Black men and black people, but fetishized Storm.

I mean 17 something plus years and not ONE African American male, on a team based out of NY...right next to NYC? :smh:
It's just like that video you posted by Steve McQueen

At this point, I'm not even tripping over the thought processes of the LCBRD as I really couyldn't care less what they're take is on anything of worth.

A very sensible approach to the LCBRD and a sound strategy for addressing their always arrogant, often asinine, unabashedly expressed opinions reflecting ignorance and indifference usually cloaked in a snide, insulting, passive hostility which is delivered with a false civility but is certainly designed to provoke. This is a long-established cbr-LCBRD practice which has been aided and abetted many times by the so-called "moderators". They're take on anything of worth is worthless.

What I do have a problem with is the so-called black folk who support Storm's current directionless state in the X-books whilst pouring scorn on readers who they falsely characterize as being "sexist, misogynistic and racist" for merely pointing out how badly Ororo has been treated post Reginald Hudlin excellent handling of her character.

It's these so-called black folks who in their misguided attempts to appear "enlightened" who usually lead the charge on CBR to virtually lynch any posters who are critical of Ororo's current status thus drowning out any legitimate discussion or debate on the subject.

So yes, even though we recognize the motivations behind much of the LCBRD's vitriol, let's not be ignorant towards the existence of some so-called black readers who are more apt to mirror Ororo's "black on the outside/racially neutered on the inside" persona.

Yes sir, Brother Salustrade. I've been where you are, have encountered this very phenomenon and was as vexed by it then as I sense you are now.

When a member of the LCBRD complains about a favored character of theirs being written OOC, their "pocket so-called black folk" - often seX-Men fanatics themselves - will either agree with the prevailing LCBRD sentiment or remain silent. Conversely, let one of US suggest that Ororo has been written OOC in the seX-Men books and the LCBRD's "pocket so-called black folk" will fly at our throat as quickly and at times, even more vociferously than the LCBRD will themselves. Like Rudolph the Reindeer, the LCBRD "pocket so-called black folk" will join in the LCBRD's "little redneck games", offering their own snide comments and attempted insults (always clumsy, never clever), along with those of the LCBRD.

Meanwhile, they countenance the continued emasculation and butchery of any so-called black male character in the seX-verse and celebrate the unceasing whoring out of Ororo and other so-called black female mutants and female mutants of color.

Reginald Hudlin portrayed Ororo as a clearly African woman fully concious of her heritage as a daughter of the Motherland first and foremost and this will always be a problem for a readership who prefer her self-identifying as a mutant in exclusion to any other identifiers which as most of us know, remains the biggest conceits inherent in the X-men as metaphor for victims of prejudice trope that has been completely hijacked by a very specific demographic.

This powerful statement of the facts is Rock Of Gibraltar-solid and cannot possibly be assailed by any would-be detractor.

Yeah this is spot on. Both Sal and yourself point out the huge hypocrisy of it all. RH (and DM) Storm was a black woman. Yet totally bashed and now you have these same CLOWNS quite about her current showings? 

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