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Finally caught up and I still see this as a breath of fresh air over Coates, while Ridley isnít among my top BP scribes itís still early and his at a pace Iím enjoying and for once BP has had a consistent artist I like outside of the Stelfreeze/Sprouse

Itís just a super frustrating time to be a fan of this character. Itís really getting to a point where at times I wish the damn movie wouldíve never been made if I had known all of this would happen. Iím just hoping Ridley can prove us all wrong.

That's a sign you need to walk away from comics and comic based movies for a few years. You're too heavily invested and taking it personally. After 'Siege' I didn't pay attention to comics until they announced the relaunch.

I agree. Don't let it mess with you like that. I think walking away is the best thing. I also recommend getting into more indie black comics if you aren't already.

I've largely stopped reading Marvel and DC (though I've picked up some of more recent Batman stuff, in part to see what was up with the black Batman), and I did subscribe for Ridley's BP run, the first time in years that I've done so.

Marvel has been undercutting T'Challa along with its other black superheroes basically since the moment of their creations. In many ways things have gotten better over the last 10-15 years, but still there's a lot of work to be done.

You gotta get in on those Milestone books those things are magical. And Miles Morales Spiderman is the one of the best long running black character books around.

I really hope Staticís book gets a different writer for the next volume, Vita is still trash as a writer and I am baffled at how she got the job

Other Comics / Re: Batman 89
« on: August 21, 2021, 03:03:56 pm »
I dug this first issue and I like that they did more here with Harvey Dent than in the movie as it felt like he was just there as a no pay off Easter egg for nerds. As someone who dropped out of the Batverse five months into nu52 this is a fun comic to come back to and Iíll probably leave it again when itís done.

Again itís not a misstep, just because theyíre isolationist doesnít mean theyíre not keeping an eye out on whatís going on in the world and itís known that the king has gone outside of the borders and like any dignitary would bring something back to show the rest of the team back home. Young TíChalla was may have been flipping channels on the satellite and may have come across Robin Hood Men In Tights, who knows but we do know that mixed in with that and his desire to explore beyond Wakanda. Which helped shape this TíChalla who after being told that Wakanda was destroyed he didnít want anyone else to go through the loss he was going through hence the bringing families together and finding ways to save planets.

Except this TíChalla didnít grow up in Wakanda he grew up in space so he kept the few things he learned from TíChaka and mixed it with other things he admired as a pre-teen/teen kid, all he had physically left of Wakanda was literally his Panther chain. Which as he thought he was the last Wakandan alive that even The Collector thought as well he talked down Thanos, saved countless lives, was still a master strategist, was still humble and tried to get Thanos and Nebula into counseling while also clapping them blue cheeks.

Hell this TíChalla did more in thirty odd minutes than comic runs by McGregor/Thomas/Coates and wasnít a sad sack or punching bag

Yeah except now he is bigger then storm.. and this is his book so why go back to the original? Why even have them needing to rescue either at all? Just say T'Challa was whooping ass, Storm showed up to help but she could see very clearly that her intervention was t needed. Let her zap a retreating foe and call it good

Cause the X-Fans fav token & wallpaper has to get some shine somewhere and if she doesnít outshine those African savages it makes them mad

The Robin Hood reference made sense given it is what he is to the cosmos and he was basically the heroic swashbuckler archetype, itís the flip side of the Han Solo type scoundrel that Quill modeled himself after

As someone who really loves cosmic adventure stories and BP I had high hopes for this episode and it completely obliterated said expectations, it legit made me mad that we not only lost Chadwick but that this wonít get itís own spinoff cause itís that good.

Karen Gillanís Nebula voice will stay undefeated in its hotness


Not surprised that the only other person Madder Coco than I am was the first to note this, lol. Well said, G.

It really would be nice if Marvel sopped acting like sheís the only black woman they have in comics

I really don't know much about this. Expound?

Just the general observation that any time Marvel in the comics whenever itís time to feature black women itís usually just Storm, itís like itís the only time the X-Office doesnít throw a fit. Despite in the X-Men comics sheís usually referenced as being a mutant first, second, third, fourth and fifth while being a black character is sixth unless itís time for the usual ďX-Men are a stand in for racial minoritiesĒ and Storm is the token( unless itís Marauders cause thatís why Bishop is there ). Which has caused Storm fans to get in their feelings when characters like Monica start getting shine and Stormís dominance is perceived as being in trouble, itís bleed over to whenever a black woman is cast in a MCU project and everyone is like ďcool itís StormĒ and then when itís not they sh*t on said actress( see current casting news for BP2 ).


Not surprised that the only other person Madder Coco than I am was the first to note this, lol. Well said, G.

It really would be nice if Marvel sopped acting like sheís the only black woman they have in comics

Itís hilarious that Storm fans loved to pop off when the marriage first happened that TíChalla was a leech and Marvel used her to prop him up for greatness but now after a hit movie and her never being worth a damn in her own franchise for over two decades now she just has to be in his movie sequel cause ďreasonsĒ and she now stays in his comics.

I know Ridley is a continuity nerd but Iíd really would love for her and all her mutant bs would be gone from his comic mythos.

Itís a stark contrast when the best thing you can say about Coates run is that it had great art, thatís really the only good thing I see associated with it

I donít agree with the decision to not recast to bench the character but it is what it is, I donít have much enthusiasm for the sequel and Iíll have the feeling of ďwhy botherĒ when the new comic series starts as TíChalla will never rise above the comic page

Black Panther / Re: Storm
« on: October 12, 2020, 09:27:30 pm »
Wakanda being done dirty by Storm via the X-Office, is it a day that ends in Y?

Backed it day 1

Other Comics / Re: DC Comics
« on: August 21, 2020, 08:02:22 pm »
DC's Jim Lee on the Company's Future: "We Are Still in the Business of Publishing Comics"

Someone tell Mr. Lee:  "No one gives a flying ____ck"

Far Sector and Legion have been the only DC titles Iíve been getting. Far Sector is by far the best Green Lantern series to come out since Ron Marz stopped writing Kyle, which is probably why DC ignores it

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