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Feel The Funk / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: Today at 08:20:20 am »

A remember:

Even Ant-Man got to put a beating on Doom for killing his daughter.




Meanwhile, Doom blows T'challa and his two doras up, causes a revolt in his country leading to X number of deaths, kills his uncle, threatens his mom and wife, steals all his sh*t, many more Doras and soldiers end up dying fighting him...

stern lecture

Its what happens when you let Racists write About a Powerful afrofuturistic, most advanced on nation on earth

I've been seriously considering a creative, peaceful way to destroy those books & posting it online.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: Yesterday at 10:49:31 am »
Rogue One was bold and took balls. It was, however, kinda boring until the climatic battle andi had problems with the heroine on screen vs what was advertised. I liked that it was a 'different' star was movie though and it had a lot of potential... could have been better. solid-ish though

I felt that the live cutscenes from the video game, the Dark Forces series, this movie adapted ideas from was far more exciting.
It felt as if I was watching a British version of a Star Wars movie, even though the only well known American actor cast was Forest Whitaker, who knocked it out the park, by the way...

..and what was the point of a CG performance of Darth Vader? ??? ?
I can understand Tarkin considering he's a computer generated reincarnation made flesh or even Princess Leia but an actor (anyone actually) costumed  with the cape, outfit and helmet could've easily played Vader without any of the pre/post-production costs and/or hassles behind the computer.

There was nothing fundamentally bad about TFW i guess. It was just such a rehash of the OT... kind of sick of the "jedi in exile bc we failed" sh*t... i wanted to see Luke's Jedi academy.

I also think all the mystery behind everything (who is snoke, what are the knights of ren, who are reys parents and why is she good at everything, why did luke leave) to be a gigantic f*cking cop out and ridiculous. It only exists to keep people talking in between movies.

and finn being a bitch

Y'know how one can tell when a movie isn't very good...?

--- when you hardly remember anything from it.

That's why when you commented that Finn getting beat up by a stormtrooper in 'The Force Awakens' earlier in this thread, I wasn't being rude... I honestly don't remember the scene 'cause I was tryin' to follow the storyline.

What's interesting is that when George Lucas worked on the Star Wars movies, I was willing to walk into the theaters with no expectations, or anything... and be pleasantly surprised.  :)

These new Star Wars movies...?
I wouldn't even walk into the theaters to see them.  Why?  Because the George Lucas Quality Seal of Approvalô just isn't there.

NOW, I understand why George shoots Star Wars the way he did.  ;D
'The shoe is on the other foot now', as the idiom goes...   it's the fans who wanted to be George Lucas' turn to catch the heat for screwing up Star Wars!  ;D ;D ;D


Last night, was checking out some of the winners, nominees and participants of the 69th annual Emmy Awards and noticed that one of the bruthas winning multiple awards was Donald Glover earning one particularly for Outstanding Lead Actor - Comedy Series from the show, Atlanta.

If I'm not mistaken (and correct me if I am), this is the brutha who is cast as young, Lando Calrissian in a up-coming Star Wars movie.

Listening to Mr. Glover make his acceptance speech, yeah... I can picture him playin' the charismatic gambler.  This is Lando.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: Yesterday at 08:46:35 am »

People were so excited just ot have star wars back

Plus... the prequels basically needed to show 3 things

1. How did Darth Vader, one of the coolest people in all of movies, come to be?

2. What happened to all the Jedi?

3. How did Palpatine/The Empire come to power?

All those things sound really really really exciting on paper so people were f*cking amped.

Unforunately, overall, the prequels outright failed #1 and #2. I think Palpatine using politics to take power throughout the 3 movies was actually kinda well done and unexpected. You would think the most powerful sith lord ever would simply take over by brute force. But that's what makes Palpatine Palpatine and not Vader or Maul.

How do you feel about the new Star Wars movies like 'The Force Awakens' and 'Rogue One'  as well as the next two on the way?

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:43:41 pm »

Visually, 'Episode I' was spectacular.  Saw the movie three times in the theater.

I was hanging on to every word of that opening crawl and every piece of dialogue spoken by every character.

There were a lot of "Wow!" moments like:

The establishing shot of the Naboo palace with the waterfall and landscape.

I wasn't bothered by Jar Jar as everyone else was; his antics reminded me of the Looney Tunes characters from Warner Bros. much like the pod racers on Tatooine and I love animation so wasn't bothered by that.  I actually laughed out loud at the scene where Jar Jar gets shocked between the pod's electric stream and when he tongue slurped the food on Shmi's dinnertable (the first time not when Qui-Gon caught his tongue) and goes, "S'cuse me."  ;D
Blowing up one of the Trade Federation's tanks by accident with one of the blue energy balls rolling down the hill.
Surrendering to the enemy very quickly, "My give up!  My give up!"  ;D
There were many more scenes with him but those are the scenes that immediately come to mind.

Of course, the pod race.

The arrival to Coruscant.

I was surprised how abrupt the movie ended when Anakin destroyed the droid controller, kinda reminded me how friends described how 'The Empire Strikes Back' ended.

I believe the soundtrack to 'Episode I' was the best stuff John Williams has ever put out there next to the original trilogy.

I had no idea there was a negative reaction by the general public until a week after release.  Everyone I personally knew love it but people I didn't  know didn't care for it.  At the time, when I was reading comments on the force dot net, there was a huge, online debate for years from old fans, and new fans arguing back and forth relentlessly.


I look at these new Star Wars movies and go, "Is this what the fans really wanted???"

"Really?"   ???

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:31:11 pm »

It would've been a darker ending to the prequels but I think the prequels needed to be even darker.

Back in th' day, I've read in some interviews that Lucas wanted the prequels (particularly 'Episode I') to look like a golden age, with sunny afternoon lighting, beautiful sunsets and evenings.  For the most part, that effect was achieved.  He also wanted every other episode  after that to appear darker and darker, so that the fall of the Jedi Order would reflect that until the last light in the distant city skyline switched off like a light switch.*

What were your first impressions of Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace when you first saw it in the theaters?

Be honest! :)

*O.K. I got that imagery from 'Boomerang' but you get the picture!  ;) 

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 03:24:31 pm »
Re: mace coming to kill sheev

If i am rememberibg correctly, he came with multiple jedi and went to arrest him actually.

Palpatine then gave his "i am the senate" pulled his light saber, did a 1080 spin and immediately murdered everyone but mace.

I think at that point, mace was fully in the right to kill Palpatine as soon as he had the chance

Right,  exactly.

Whoever is left standing gets to testify & their version of events is believed.

It's sort of like when hearing about a lousy, corrupt police officer murders an innocent, unarmed citizen and the bullsh*t cop lies to the public, his superiors & the victim's family that he thought his life was in danger.  ???

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:48:40 pm »
The non-canon and canon descriptions of Palpatine's abilities on Wookieepedia says that he can foresee the future.

The non-canon abilities:

Darth Sidious was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing the power to see his plots to fruition, ensuring that all would proceed as he had envisioned.[3]

The non-canon description also says that Palpatine does have a hypnotic lull/force persuasion ability.

It was mentioned by Luke Skywalker that the Emperor's very voice had a hypnotic lull to it whenever he was outwardly projecting his dark side Force powers.

Furthermore, Sidious was a master of Force stealth, able to hide his dark nature from the Jedi Order for many years before allowing himself to be discovered. Sidious was so powerful in the dark side that he was able to cloud the Jedi's vision, making it exceedingly difficult to predict future events.[15] This allowed him to bide his time and plot his rise to power while the Jedi were unable to sense him.[196] Overall, his powers of control and persuasion had been drawn from the very blackest depths of the dark side of the Force.[177][196]

Checking the canon abilities, he also retains similar abilities:

Darth Sidious was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing the power to see his plots to fruition, ensuring that all would proceed as he had envisioned.[5] The Dark Lord also possessed knowledge of Sith magic, allowing him to utter incantations in the Balc speech, as well as knowledge of the ancient Sith tongue.[63][55] The Dark Lord was also adept in the use of Force Persuade, to the extent that he was able to take complete control of a subject's mind and force them to obey his commands.[63] He was also capable of telepathically communicating with Darth Vader over a distance of hundreds of light-years. It appeared however as though this ability may have been limited to sending and receiving relatively simple messages such as Vader requesting that a starfighter be shipped to him, as the two Sith Lords communicated through holoprojections whilst discussing more complex matters.[3] Palpatine also had a remarkably keen ability to sense the thoughts and feelings of others, including those of incredibly powerful Force adepts such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.[63][5]. On a related note, he was also capable of hiding his own thoughts and feelings from even such individuals as Yoda, and managed to conceal his true dark nature from the entire Jedi Council for decades before deliberately revealing himself.[99]

There is a point to this:

Whenever Chancellor Palpatine would be alone with someone of interest, like say, Anakin...
The tone of his voice would change dramatically,

"...the eyes and the ears of the Republic..."

When Palpatine started to physically transform into the Emperor, his voice got deeper & deeper, and creepier.

From the main page:

Roperís promoter, Reverend Fred Sultan (Jackson), concerned about his fighterís sagging pay-per-view (PPV) buy numbers, concocts a scheme to stimulate interest in Roperís next bout by finding a white opponent that casual boxing fans can get behind, hoping the racial dynamic would increase ticket and PPV sales.

When Mike Tyson was in his boxing prime, I was one of those suckas who fell for those 30 second knock-out matches in the mid-1980s.  As a boxing fan, you start to realize that a $60 - $100 pay-per view ticket at Madison Square Garden for less than 1 minute of boxing is " a con."  :)

Don't forget that drumphf was a part of that scam.

'Great White Hype' does make some humorous commentary about brothers knockin' brothers out for entertainment.  Samuel L. Jackson as Reverend Fred Sultan seemed more intimidating in this movie than he did in 'Pulp Piction'.

Dude was a master manipulator.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 12:40:04 pm »
Doesn't Palpatine have some ability to see into the future?

Another good question!  :)

Answer:  I don't know!  ;D

There's no evidence suggesting such a thing.

It was confusing enough that there were two layers of Star Wars canon:

George Lucas canon and Extended Universe canon.

Now there's Disney canon.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 11:27:16 am »
While we have seen Kylo Ren, who is not a Sith, seek and fail to compel Rey using mental powers, what we've seen pretty much from Palpatine is his great ability to read, trick, and manipulate people. There might be some Force use involved, but I would suspect his use of the Force would've been detected by Anakin or any of the Jedi who he was also manipulating while as Chancellor or they were in his presence while he was Chancellor and the Jedi detected nothing. The non-canon stuff had the Jedi suspecting that someone around Palpatine was the Sith Lord and not him.

Only the Jedi have been shown to use Force mental powers to any success and those were limited and worked only on the weak minds. Saying that Palpatine compelled pretty much the whole Senate and Republic to follow him diminishes him as a great villain and it also lets everyone else off the hook for their role in allowing the Republic to become the Empire. I think Palpatine played on people's fears, their desires, their weaknesses, he could see inside people and he knew how to manipulate those inner weaknesses or desires to get what he wanted. We saw in The Phantom Menace how he manipulated Padme into offering a vote of no confidence and there was no hint of Force persuasion there. We also saw how Palpatine manipulated Jar Jar Binks and there was no hint of Force persuasion there either. He knew what they wanted and he simply gave them an avenue to achieve it, which also gave Palpatine what he wanted. And by the time of the Empire, both Palpatine and Vader used more brute force, not Force spells, to keep people in line.

Palpatine is never shown to use any Force mental abilities in the Star Wars films. Because of what's happening in our own real-world politics where democratic elections are rigged, Kip's comment jumped out at me.   :)

It's very rare that Sith are ever seen using Force mental abilities, but when they do, it's very apparent.

Check out this scene from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight where Jerec is using Force mental abilities to aggressively extract information from Ron's mind (a Jedi) to find the hidden location of the Valley of the Jedi.

When Jerec finally exclaims,

"Morgan Katarn!!!"

The audience is clued in that Jerec was successful in his psychic battle with Ron.

We (as the audience) never see Palpatine do anything like this in any of the Star Wars films so you do have a point.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 10:09:01 am »
If Mace had taken Palpatine into custody Anakin likely wouldn't have turned to the dark side at that moment, thereby averting or postponing his turn to Darth Vader. And if Palpatine had gone through a court trial it is possible that it would he would be temporarily removed from power for one, open the door to a more transparent examination of how he was running the war, and potentially could've exposed him as Darth Sidious, the true mastermind behind the war. Because with the Jedi making the claim they've got to supply the proof. A court trail, even if Palpatine owns the courts, makes it harder for him to initiate Order 66 because there would be more scrutiny on him and he wouldn't have a Jedi assassination attempt as the excuse or rationale. With Palpatine also entangled in a court trial, that might have opened the door for Padme and the Loyalist Committee to press for peace with the Separatists.

I haven't forgotten how the conflict was instigated by Sidious. It is telling that Valorum used the Jedi as blunt instruments, an implied threat to force the Trade Federation to back off Naboo. Even in Episode I, the Jedi were being used as enforcers for the Republic. So despite some protestations the Jedi were generally on board with the Senate, despite how corrupt it might have been or was accused of being, for most of the prequels.

However, you quoted Mace, "We're keepers of the peace, not soldiers."  earlier in this thread.

Mace's comment doesn't imply that the Jedi are galactic policemen/policewomen, or enforcers of the Republic.  Mace's comment strongly suggests that the Jedi's role in the escalating conflict as interventionists. 

Chancellor Valorium sending the Jedi as ambassadors to intervene between the Naboo & the Trade federation was more of an attempt at diplomacy, not enforcement.

Apparently, the corruption inside the Senate was so out of control that Chancellor Valorium seeking an alternative solution was needed.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:36:40 am »
Considering that the Sith can control minds, one can question whether Palpatine was legally elected.

This is a good point.

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:39:49 am »

Mace and Palpatine:
The Jedi had a made a choice about how to handle the Sith in Episode I, they were going to continue their long war against them and take them out whenever they appeared. What is not being said here is that Palpatine was the democratically elected leader of the Republic, a government the Jedi had sworn to protect and its laws they were upholding. So to go so outside that law, to take justice into your own hands is vigilantism and against the law, and in a sense is as much of a threat as the Separatists. The Separatists were an external threat but Mace was laying precedent for an internal one.

So, if Palpatine had been killed by the Jedi, who is to say that the next time the Jedi encounter a leader they disagree with that they murder them? Would Mace and the other Jedi stand trial for murdering Palpatine? Who holds them accountable? Is everyone just supposed to take Maceís word for it?

The idea that Mace had to act Ďimmediatelyí makes little sense, outside of itís a two-hour movie and they have to push the plot along. We know there was a contingent of Senators that were pushing Palpatine to finish the war and to let go of emergency powers. Why didnít Mace talk to any of them? If anything, with General Grievous dead, it weakened Palpatine's rationale to continue the war and possibly could've made the similarly duped Separatists leaders open to negotiating a peace deal. Why not allow the democratic process to work? If one says that process is broken, corrupt, and stronger measures are needed, well, isnít Dooku making a similar kind of argument? The system was likely imperfect but that was the system in place, the system the Jedi up to that point had allowed to fester or limp along. And it was the system the Jedi were leading millions to their deaths in defending.

Mace played right into Palpatineís hands and his rash actions gave credence to Palpatineís claim that the Jedi were trying to take over because they had just tried to assassinate him. Palpatine manipulated the entire Jedi Order for the most part.

How do you think the scenario would've played out if Palpatine had complied peacefully with Mace's arrest?

Jedi younglings:
So what kind of mutual agreement do you think the Jedi could come up with that would be satisfactory to you if it was your children? This is something that Lucas glossed over, but the potential was there to explore this further. We saw what Anakin being taken from his mother-by his choice (but this is like a little kid who is making that decision and a desperate mother who wants a better life for him no matter what), did to him, how it set in motion his dark path. And even the Jedi said he was too old to be trained. In essence, he had too many memories of his past, of his mother, so that the Jedi wouldnít be all that he ever knew or could relate too. Now when I think of that, thatís similar to the First Orderís Stormtroopers. Albeit, they are likely much more callous in gaining recruits, but they are taking children very young and training them in their ways regardless.

There are unique individuals in our real-world with Extra Sensory Perceptive abilities that are indoctrinated by special learning institutions all around the globe and usually taken in while they're very, very young.

George is not the only writer to reference this process; Stan Lee & Jack Kirby reference the same phenomena in X-Men.

Jedi and Politics:
The Jedi voiced disdain for politics did not stop them from playing politics at times. Nor did it stop them from defending the Republic some might have criticized. Iím skeptical that Lucas intended for the Jedi to be more involved with politics. I could see him feeling the Jedi needed to be more in tune with life itself, not so rigid with their rules and regulations, and to allow more humanity, to learn how to balance attachments and their desire to serve the Force and the galaxy. But perhaps there is also a criticism of the Republicís representatives and citizens who mostly allowed Palpatine to manipulate them all into tyranny.

Try not forget how this whole conflict was set off:

Chancellor Valorium sends two Jedi Knights, much to the chagrin of the Jedi Council, to settle the matter between the Naboo & the Trade Federation.

It's clearly established that this beef is the handy work of Palpatine also known as Darth Sidious.

Granted, Chancellor Valorium is the democratically elected leader of the Republic, a government the Jedi had sworn to protect and its laws they are upholding, as you've written...

How do you think that scenario would've played out if Qui-Gon & Obiwan were allowed to meet with the Viceroy?

Latest Flicks / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Trailer)
« on: September 16, 2017, 02:44:29 am »

As the audience we see that Palpatine is evil and that he's up to no good, and Mace is going off Anakin's word that Palpatine is the Sith Lord and behind it all. Anakin, who Mace never trusted, and pretty much admits to that when he thanks Anakin for telling him about Palpatine. So Mace and the other Jedi Masters are going off the word of a Jedi that Mace never trusted and felt was unduly influenced by Palpatine, which is a shaky reason to go off and attempt to force a democratically elected leader from his office. Palpatine did have a right to defend himself. Being a Sith as far as I know is not a crime. However the Jedi considered a follower of the Sith way (which could be considered a religion of sorts, just like the Jedi) was worthy of death simply for being. Mace could've called together a meeting of sympathetic Senators. Padme, Bail Organa, and others were pressing for Palpatine to end the war. Mace could've went through a more legalistic process which would've forced more examination of Palpatine and perhaps curtailed his movements while he was under investigation, but Mace went off half-cocked, and he played right into Palpatine's hands.

I don't agree that Mace Windu "...went off half-cocked and played right into Palpatine's hands", at all.
It was Anakin who was played right into Palpatine's hands.

The scenario you've just described is exactly why Mace & his Jedi unit had to move against Palpatine immediately; The 'mystery of the Sith' has finally been revealed.

It is reasonable to assume that the Jedi Council had already made the decision about how to proceed if and when they find this phantom menace, an invisible Sith that Qui-Gon & Obiwan reported back in 'Episode I'. The problem was the interference of Anakin who was faced with the choice Palpatine prompted him with:

A) "I'm the only who can save your pregnant, illegitimate wife from dying that you foresaw in your dreams"

--- or ---

B) Bring Palpatine to the Senate and face justice through a extremely lengthy (and corrupt!) criminal & impeachment process

--- or ---

C) Allow Mace to cut Palpatine down and save the entire galaxy from the 'dark times'

Anakin chose poorly on his multiple choice S.A.T.  :)

I understand the Jedi goal of training these children, for their own benefit and for the safety of the overall galaxy, but that being said, they are still taking children away from their families, and demanding that they adhere to a life style devoid of deep emotional attachments, which is also hypocritical because we see strong emotional attachments from the Jedi throughout the prequels and in the original trilogy as well. Not every Sith is disenchanted with the Jedi way in terms of once being Jedi and turning against them. Maul and Palpatine were never Jedi. And it's arguable that Dooku's problem was merely disenchantment with the Jedi ideology. Dooku was also concerned about the corruption in the Republic, and/or he used that real issue to hide his true intentions behind.

I don't agree that the Jedi would ever demand or take children away from families without the exchange being a mutual agreement and understanding of why special powers were bestowed upon them, and what their role for the rest of their lives should be.

Regarding Dooku's recruitment process, he was merely going through the motions of what Sith do; in order for them to survive, they must lie, murder and cheat.   Sounds familiar?    It should. :)

The stuff that's now non-canon disputes the idea that Palpatine was in fact a megalomaniac obsessed with his own power and I think trying to find a way to rule forever. Part of Lumiya's goal was to find someone that had great power but wouldn't succumb to the lust for power that she felt Palpatine had. But since that's no longer canon, I don't know how the current canon views Palpatine's legacy. I also got the impression that in Lumiya's mind Jacen would be a Sith Lord who would use the Sith way to bring in peace not for his own personal benefit or aggrandizement, unlike Palpatine. Jacen was supposed to be a rejoinder to Palpatine, but the writers changed their minds or just didn't know how to pull it off.

The Jedi have expressed disdain towards politicians or avoided political arenas which is where the Jedi went awry. This issue strongly suggests the underlying message that George was sending through his Star Wars universe.

I don't know anything about Lumiya, or Jacen but what I do know is that Palpatine was not a megalomaniac.   A Sith could not rule the galaxy just because he has the Force Lightning ability. Palpatine's only real power was knowledge & subterfuge.

All Palpatine did was maneuver himself into a position in the Senate to politically & legally turn the war machines of the Galactic Senate against his eternal enemies, the Jedi.

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