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Hudlin TV / Leverage and "Redjack"
« on: December 20, 2010, 12:06:21 pm »
Last night as I am watching Leverage on TNT I told my wife this is a great show and I am glad the fellas at my LCS told me about this show.  As I am watching "The Big Bang Job" episode, the opening credits rolls on and there was a name I recognized which I said, "there is only one Geoffrey Thorne I know and he better be the one".

Redjack..... big ups on your madd writing skills for this episode.  Tell us you are going to be writing more episodes in the future.

My favorite character is Hardison.  I like them all.  More importantly, I am glad that one of my favorites shows episode was written by someone I know and have met in person who has madd skills with his pen. the episode.

C2E2 is here to stay for the CHI.  Way better than Wizard and even if people said having this con in the city of CHI and the cost will be sky high is not the case.  There is not a difference compared to cost at NYCC and SDCC. 

Friend who I went with said this inaugural event reminded him how SDCC was years ago (back in the day) before SDCC blew up.  IMO, the future of C2E2 will grow each year and will put the midwest back on the map as 1 of the 3 important regions for comic cons (SDCC will be #1 but NYCC has been making noise each yr and the sponsors for NYCC are in charge for C2E2)

Mark Texiera sketch

Cap America

At the con

Sports Talk / Magic & Bird HBO Special
« on: March 25, 2010, 06:10:59 pm »
I watched this documentary on Magic and Bird and this is a program I would highly reccommend you to watch and/or record.  Not only I watched the charisma, talent and background of Magic as one of the NBAs best, I was able to understand Bird (the person) while at the same time value his legacy as one of the NBAs best as well. 

I, like most Black people, did not want to see BOS beat LA and I did not like how the media played Bird as a better player than Magic (I know past threads discussed about this so I am not going to start again).

I came away with this conclusion about myself:  the media created the atmosphere to pit Bird vs. Magic to the people and our (my) ignorance did not let me (or most of us) see that Bird is one of the most fierce competitors in NBA history or in basketball period.  Bird's background is opposite from Magic and to watch and to learn about his childhood, the basic difference between Bird and HS standouts within our hood (beside color) is the zip code.  Bird's life before NBA was tough although he did not have the streets to deal with as our young brothers (and sisters) with b-ball careers.  His basic home values he learned which he had during his career made the masses of people look at him as a enigma w/ talent.  Bird kept it simple which the NBA did not understand....let me play basketball and the rest does not matter.  I'm a competitor in which I must beat u on the court and after the game I am to myself.  If Magic gets 30pts I must score 32pts.  Similar to MJ (competition was fierce) but Air Jordan was a entity.

Back in the day I would not have Bird on my team bcuz he played with BOS and I could not stand BOS.  Now, I would have him on my team without giving a second thought (MJ is still the man) Plus Magic will have a spot also. 

With that said for now.......check it out on HBO and chime in with your POV of special.  Magic's part of the special was great also.  Between the two, I learned a lot more bout Bird.

General Discussion / SDCC 2010: SOLD OUT (4 DAY PASS)
« on: November 28, 2009, 06:35:04 am »
It's Nov 2009 and you mean to tell me tickets 4 day tixs sold out! 

And folks said the economy is rough out here.  Well not for approx 100,000 comic fans who took advantage of pre-sell 2010 tix prices (which I had asked a friend who bought his before leaving SDCC 09 and he mention the price went up...way UP from LY when one bought tix for upcoming yr)

What is the chance that hollywood suck up most of the tixs?  Oh well!  RUN DMC said it right: "It's like that, and that's the way it is"

« on: July 23, 2009, 07:33:55 pm »

Newsflash that folks need to know around the world was presented at approx 1:07pm Thursday afternoon.  If you don't know you better ask somebody (better yet click on link and click the play button on marvel website to read the news)

2010 is going to be exciting!

General Discussion / MLK Day: Peace, Love and Celebration
« on: January 18, 2009, 06:16:31 pm »

Where was you when this came out?

Freshman yr in HS for me!


General Discussion / Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy
« on: October 24, 2008, 07:13:49 pm »
Famous or not, senseless death of a family member hurts so much.  What's going on?  It news that by now most of us as heard about it to a level I did not want to post a link about the news. 


Black Panther / SDCC '08
« on: July 16, 2008, 04:00:58 pm »
7 days and counting until ComicCon, annual pilgrimage which all comic readers  are required to complete before dying as a comic reader / collector, in SD, CA and TY will be written in the history books as the largest event in comic con history (hell each yr it breaks records).  From Thurs - Sun (Wed preview night is OK) one word I will say that will describe comiccon TY....... "outstanding". 

Sam, Redjack, Michael (hope to meet you for the first time) and Reg:  I am looking forward in spending either a few moments or kickin' it with each other as:

we rep for HEF board

give props for Redjack and the antidote trust "oasis"
(I'm going to miss your panel Thurs...I arrive in SD at 11am on Thurs)

Sam and WTKF will be in the house chillin!  Cirroc and cranberry, brah Sam

Here's a tease for all HEFs in regards for Reg........ BET panel will be large and in charge as one of the best Sat AM panels with major representation from HEFs, Marvel and BP fans.  Let's just say.... this panel will be in full e-f-f-e-c-t!

......smooth operator operating correctly!

Black Panther / For The Record.......
« on: June 28, 2008, 10:01:57 am »
Each weekend (after a long Friday working 2 gigs) I clicked blogs "My cup of Joe" to read information about the MU.  As a BP fan and RH supporter it is always good to read the VP (viewpoint) of JQ, reporters and open minded people to appreciate and to acknowledge the hardwork R does 7 days a week for his work on BP and BET.  I am looking forward to SD next month, if possible, to speak to JQ either one-on-one or during the panel discussion to thank him with his continue support of R, BP and "our" future BP animated series.   I met Alex Alonzo LY, I hope to meet him again TY and let him know also.

IMO, everytime I read a article about BP (current or past) for the past 3 yrs one word I find consistently used by the writers....... "entertaining".  How many times have anyone read an article about a comic and you will read how entertaining the comic presents by the writer...... R is a entertaining writer.

From my cup of Joe (06/27/08):

JM: Total switch-of-gears. Reginald Hudlin is finally taking a month off of Black Panther after 38 issues. To my mind the book has been damn entertaining throughout, and…it's his night job! The guy runs an entire freakin' TV network [BET] by day. How incredible a feat is this to your mind?

JQ: Reggie, for lack of a better term, has been "The Man!" He's a real gamer, as we like to say. You'd think that running a TV network and writing a monthly comic would be a sure-fire recipe for burnout and infrequent shipping, but Reggie enjoys writing Black Panther so much, it doesn't feel like work to him.

There have been times when we've known Reggie was exhausted, as he does a tremendous amount of flying back and forth from East Coast to West, and we've offered to spot him an issue or two with a fill-in, but he doesn't want to be taken out of the lineup. In fact,  those frequent cross-country flights are his delegated "Panther time," during which he lays down most of his scripts. That said, Reggie's finally taking a mini-hiatus during the "Secret Invasion" story arc so he could focus on BET's upcoming Black Panther cartoon and a huge story arc that we've got planned for early 2009. But he's just laying out for three issues, 39-41.

Black Panther / Black Panther #41 (Sept) Secret Invasion Pt III
« on: June 23, 2008, 07:37:17 pm »


Written by Jason Aaron, penciled by Jefte Palo, cover by Jason Pearson.

Secret Invasion tie-in. "See Wakanda and Die," part 3.

The war for Wakanda comes to its brutal conclusion. With Storm and the Black Panther both prisoners of the Skrull invaders, is all hope lost for the people of Wakanda? Or does their king still have one last trick up his sleeve?

Solicitations are wicked.  The purpose for solicitations is to play with your emotions, predict what the outcome will be then BAM, it's something totally different (but one will enjoy the tease).  Reading the above statement and looking at this image I am very excited to read the outcome of this major event in the BP series (past and present).  Within the past 3 yrs, I will have the pleasure to read and witness 2 major events:  T'Challa and Ororo union as husband and wife and the upcoming battle!  One word to say.....BOOOOO-YAAAAAAA!

Hudlin TV / Calling Battlestar Galactica Fans (Part II) LAST SEASON
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:16:05 am »
Set ur DVR for new episodes of BSG starting 04/04/08!  Is Starbuck a cylon?  When they make it to earth, who will live or who will die?  Who is the last frackin cylon? 

Frack!  Stay tune.  I know I will!

BET Life / Coming Soon: BET HD
« on: March 13, 2008, 06:53:29 pm »
As a employee of DISH network and subscriber, I was watching a program called Charlie Chat which gives DISH subscribers the opportunity to talk to our company founder CEO Charlie Ergen about what's happening with the company, etc, etc.....  He was discussing about DISH adding more networks who will be broadcasting programs in HD and within the first of 4 slide presentation of this segment BET logo was shown as one of many networks available in HD.  This means the next BET awards will be broadcast in HD (as a DISH HD customer) and this is great news.

I can not speak for Direct TV customers or other cable providers (comcast, cox, etc....) BUT to say "BET HD" as a nice ring to it.  Word up Ms. Lee, Reg and S. Hill.

BET Life / BET Honors
« on: February 16, 2008, 01:33:25 pm »
This event is going to be HUGE and for all AAs, Blacks, Africans...... hell all people of color to watch.  Thanks R and Mrs. Lee for this program. 

Hard Choices / HARD CHOICES: Men's Hair Cut / Style
« on: January 13, 2008, 12:17:47 pm »
My choice is "even" all over w/ hairline done w/ razor blade.  Waves on my head makes me sea sick!  8).  I just gotta work on the gray hair on parts of my mustaches.

General Discussion / Countdown to SDCC '08
« on: December 10, 2007, 04:44:10 pm »
How many of you have attended a comic convention?  How did you spend your day/weekend at a con?  What was/were your favorite memory at a con?

TY has been HUGE for me as a comic book reader. My youngest daughter and I were in the house at Wizard this summer in CHI and SDCC was a joy for me in '07.  Countdown to '08 SDCC has been in full effect since the last day of SDCC '07.  

The purpose of this message is to let all HEFs know if there is a way for you to make it to SDCC the time to prepare is now.  Sam, Redjack, WTKF, Michael (happy Hanukkah) myself and of course Reg can bear witness of how much excitement and fun all will have in SD during the 4 days.  gotta come up w/ another tshirt image to rep BP

Sam and I were playing phone tag this weekend.  Sam sent me a text this moring and told me he purchased his 4day pass already.  I told Sam today I would post a message to all HEF about countdown to '08 SDCC and once again how great it will be for all of us to be in the place to be.  

Believe me when I tell all that I am not rollin in that long paper* (zulu language: it means a lot of $$*) but I got my game plan in effect for me to meet up once again w/ Sam, Redjack, WTKF and Reg.  Reg gotta entered into his PDA, blackberry, outlook calendar, etc..... not to bust a ghost move on all (TY), stay overnight w/ HEFs on a Sat night or Fri nite at con or afterwards.  Baby boy was born so mos def understand LY.  

For all HEF, do whatcha gotta do (if possible) make it happen for SDCC '08.  To conclude, let me quote my brah Sam when I had the pleasure to meet him for the first time in SD LY.... word brah!  holla back

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