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Black Panther / Reverend Achebe was not a compelling villain
« on: April 13, 2008, 01:03:35 pm »
I know I'm treading on shaky ground here but please hear me out.  I was thinking the other day about villains that I would like to see Black Panther face again and when thinking about Achebe I realized that I really don't understand his purpose.  I mean yes he is a lunatic but, um... what else?  What is his purpose?  I think the first arcs of Priest's run was fantastic and that Achebe was suitable for the role of an antagonist at the time.  however what else is there?  HE was never really used again significantly (yes he was in the Avengers arc but it was somewhat trivial).  I mean he was first introduced as a psychotic leader of a group of warring ethnic refugees who attempted a coup d'tetat on Wakanda.  However as the arc continued he became more comical and less threatening IMO (I think Texeira's art in the beginning played a role in making him look more threatening). 

At any rate if he was brought back what would be his purpose?  How could he be made more threatening again?  Killing pet leopards won't help much neither does torturing characters that have become villains themselves (Nakia/Malice) off-panel.  I think the parody Priest and crew made of Black Panther where he was "Batman" and Achebe was "the Joker" was a bit too true at this point.  Achebe's characterization should have been explored and extended a bit more.  By the end of the run I think he was really nothing more than a joke.

Black Panther / I saw Panther do it first...AGAIN
« on: June 04, 2007, 04:07:12 pm »
I just read the X-men: First Class Special and in one of the stories we find an X-Men altercation with Dragon Man after all the original team gets whooped by him, Jean Grey is able to tame the creature and use him as a trained pet.  When I first read this I was automatically reminded of Black PAnther #8 where Wolverine tried to hack and slash Dragonman while Black PAnther took another approach and tamed him.  Just another case of where I saw it first, here at the HEF.

Other Comics / Hawkeye's EMP arrow shutdown Iron Man's suit
« on: May 17, 2007, 08:50:21 am »
So in the latest Fallen Son issue #3, the Young Avenger Hawkeye shoots an arrow at Iron Man that he catches but then it goes off emitting an EMP shutting down his armor for a few very short time.   She later tells Patriot that the arrow was given to her by the Black PAnther to use against Tony Stark.  Cool.  I couldn't help but think that the quacking ducks who lamblasted PAnther's EMP against Dr. Doom will not be upset about its usage here because well..  yall know where I'm going with this. :-\  Oh well I look forward to seeing the response to this.

The good side of this is that Black Panther gets to look cool even when he's not in the book. ;)

Black Panther / WHERE IS BLACK PANTHER #27???!!!!
« on: April 27, 2007, 05:08:01 pm »
It wasn't on confirmed shipping lists for this pastweek and it should have been, nor did I see it in the stores.  It's not even on next weeks shipping lists!!!

What's going on??? :'(

Sorry but that picture that has been floating around from months is just awful to me.  Spiked knuckle Panther? Yuck.

I cringe at the thought of Panther being some kind of biker dude.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was no longer king.  On that note the first arc of Hudlin's BP would have made a great Ultimates start and all of continuity issues could have been thrown out of the water as well as having introduced a great number of characters to the Ultimate world.  Anyways I want to see a Panther and Wakanda similar to the first arc of this current BP run.  I realized as well the appropriation of alien technology seen in the  Ultimate Avengers movie was that terrible considering that all of the world's modern technology was jumpstarted after WWII when the Chitauri aid to the NAzis was discovered (this is canon in the Ultimates series).  Nevertheless the movie could have depicted them building on it a little more than was done.  Either way, knowing that we will be seeing Ultimates 3 sometime this year, I am slightly afraid that it will be wack and if BP is introduced his history will be distorted and he will be made lame.  All of the Black characters that I have liked in the MU have been distorted in the Ultimate  Universe and Falcon who I was never really a fan of in the MU was made better in the Ultimate Universe.

Other Comics / Ghost Rider- Trail of Tears <u reading this?
« on: April 15, 2007, 06:15:26 am »
Are you guys reading this?

The first issue starts with a Confederate soldier (Parham) who is wounded during a Civil War battle.  After the battle he lays dying on a battlefield until a Black man named Caleb comes and takes him to his farm.  Caleb has a wife and children who are all free and he bought the land legally.  He and his family nurse the white soldier to health and the soldier stays on the farm for two years to pay back his debt of health.  They play on the racial issues of the time of course but it works and actually makes Caleb to be all the more interesting and developed as a character.

Parham leaves after teh war is over and heads out West.  He returns after 2 years to visit his friend Caleb but find to 2 white men squatting on the land.  Long story short after Parham left, a gang of disgruntled white men in hoods (who were still easily recognized by Caleb) invaded the property, claimed it as rightfully theirs and brutally killed Caleb's family in fornt of him and then further mutilated and killed Caleb.  Parham kills one of the men and tortures the other to find out more information on who was involved then kills that man as well.  He then goes to the local sheriff and slaps him around trying to find out where to find these men as well as enact small revenge for not doing anything about the crime even though everyone in town knows what happened.  Luckily his nephew duty steps up and willingly gives the desired information, enabling Parham to seek revenge.  It turns out that the "boys in the hood" ran from town because they killed a Union officer when he witnessed them killing 12 former slaves they used to own or what would have been "former" slaves.

Basically the men are a traveling bunch of deviants killing every non-white person as well as prostitutes that they come in contact with.  At this point I'm thinking if Parham becomes the Ghost Rider then this book is lame.  See at the beginning Parham accidently finds three skulls in a cave near Caleb's.  after touching them he has this illusion of Hell.  Caleb explains that these are the skulls of his father that watch over the family.  The practice stems from  his father's gods that he brought with them and that the traditions holds that the dead are suppose to watch over the family, therefore he has the skulls of his father, grandfather and great grandfather back there.  However what is happening so far is Parham trackign down the gang while a Ghost Rider has appeared killing them off.  So it seems to be the Spirit of Vengeance related to the family.  Especially since one of them commented on how a zombie that was warning them they would die spoke with the tongue of a "Darkie."

I'm interested in seeing how this all ends. At this point the remaining members of the gang recently went to a Native American shaman who said they would all die in a few days.  When they asked what they could do to about it he said "Dig 5 graves." Hilarious!  At any rate they paid him off with liquor to get some possible "hoodoo trick" that could save their lives.  This is a book written by Garth Ennis.  Guess he trying balance out the whole Barracuda debacle with this book.  The art is really good by the way.



General Discussion / HEF was down?
« on: April 11, 2007, 09:09:30 pm »
I wasn't crazy right? It was down?

Other Comics / Bendis is about to Eff up Brother Voodoo
« on: April 09, 2007, 05:41:34 pm »
I saw this from a New Avengers #29 Preview

I wonder what Spider-man means by that.

In CW:Battle Damage Report, Iron Man says Brother Voodoo has been working for the Pro-reg side.  I hope it turns out he was a mole for the anti-reg.  It's messed up that he had to register but Dr. Strange didn't.  The SHRA is racist I tell you!  They tore up Harlem trying to get Luke Cage to register at 12 AM.  Now they make a man whose abilities stem from him being a RELIGIOUS FIGURE registered but Dr. Strange is given a pass. WTF!

Black Panther / The Foundation Reloaded
« on: April 08, 2007, 01:11:41 am »
The Foundation Reloaded


Sam Wilson aka The Falcon
Silhouette Chord
Deborah Fields aka Debrii
Donyell Taylor aka Supreme Born fka Bandit
Dr. Jericho Drumm aka Papa Vodu aka Brother Voodoo
Shuri aka The Panthress
Dr. Cecilia Reyes


Sam Wilson returns to his community and realizes years of wearing a costume and fighting crime has virtually no lasting effect.  Realizing that his past efforts have been less than fruitful, he decides to become more involved in the infrastructure of the community itself.  Thus he founds the Bill Foster Foundation, an organization that focuses provide the community with specialized services including and after-school program, community health center and a bastion of superheroes that Harlem can call its own.  Balancing the Foundation and investigating threats to the community that stem from global threats is not easy task even with his teammates.  Also the sordid and rich histories of his fellow teammates also provides any number of threats to the team and New York City.  The Falcon is joined by the likes of Silhouette, her estranged lover Supreme Born formerly known as Bandit, the impetuous youth Debrii of whom he has become the legal guardian, the intelligent, fiery, and young Shuri who seeks to prove to her brother, the Black Panther that she is a capable Wakandan leader, the Houngan Supreme of Haiti, Jericho Drumm who lends his spiritual, magical and psychological expertise to the team and the entire Foundation and the lost and found doctor Cecilia Reyes who seeks to put her mind and life back together after a year of captivity witnessing inhumane horrors committed to various mutants including herself.

The name the Foundation is the underlying theme of this book in the main characters as well as the plot.  Similar to The Ultimates this book would function in “volumes” or in other words like “seasons.”  Each volume would begin with various sources conflict amidst the characters and the community of Harlem, eventually shown to have a very global source.  As the characters struggle to build their own foundations in the own personal lives, they will face threats to the foundations of  their families, friends and nation. 

Panther Politics / A New Black Superhero Comic
« on: March 25, 2007, 02:28:16 pm »
All I could think when reading this was Ice Cube's song "No Vaseline," where at the beginning he keeps saying "Here's what they think about you..."

Return of the Super Pimps

Other Comics / The "Pitch a New Superhero Team" Thread
« on: March 12, 2007, 07:10:22 am »
I'm making this thread for all of the clever ideas that we have to actually take form and be made into a clear and concise pitch.  People at Marvel are reading this forum all the time.  We never know when some artist, writer or editor might take one of these ideas and run with them or ask one of us to do so.  Therefore I'm making this thread to provide a concise and significant location for us to discuss the various teams and ideas that we have.  We keep seeing these ideas pop up from time to time and this shouldn't necessarily take away from other individual threads.  This should focus on the FRUITION of the ideas from those threads.  Of course if you have a completely original team of original characters and you plan on making a comic book with these characters then PLEASE DON'T POST THEM!  This should go without saying but you never know.

So for some guidelines to making clear and concise pitches (imagine you are an editor who has to read 500 of these a day):

1)  Give a brief description of the characters and their significance.
2)  Give a synopsis of the story and reason for the team.
3)  Give a reason for how or why this team would be interesting.

Here are some examples:

Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers


Other Comics / Josiah X as Captain America
« on: March 09, 2007, 07:05:34 am »

I want to see Josiah make a comeback but coming back as the "black" Captain America is just lame.  I would rather see him come back as his own person doing something more relevant to himself and his culture.  Being a Muslim imam and coming wearing th estarts and stripes might have some irony to it but the truth is that he would not be taken seriously and would not last.  Besides where would he fit into Captain America's book by Brubaker?  Brubaker is a great writer but I don't see him pulling that one off.  I would rather Josiah come back as Justice (or Justice X since there is a whiteboy named Justice already) in a team book so he can build an audience and get his bearings straight. 

We need to start being a little more realistic around here.  New (or newly resurrected) heroes have a hard time finding an audience in a solo book. New non-white heroes might as well swallow pistol and pull a trigger rather than going solo in most cases.  Josiah X as the new Captain America would be not only be perceived as a gimmick but I suspect it turn away more comic-buying fans than it would create.

Panther Politics / Do you read newuniversal?
« on: February 18, 2007, 11:09:45 am »
Ellis seems to be introducing a supertech European civilization that existed during Biblical times.  I'm waiting to see how this will play out in the series and fan reaction.  Considering how "hard" it is to accept Wakanda as an advanced tech nation compared to Western nations.  I wonder how an advanced tech European nation hundreds of years before modern times will be accepted.

The hypocrisy continues...

Black Panther / Why I like Marvel: The Hudlin/Bendis connection
« on: February 13, 2007, 08:35:58 pm »
It's become increasingly clear that the reason the work of these two writers keeps me interested in Marvel.  Sure their are plenty of other writers and books that I find entertaining.  Nevertheless if these two writers didn't keep me grounded my interest in many other titles would wane.  To put it in perspective, I like the Marvel Universe.  I take a holistic approach to my liking of the universe.  Seeing how all of the characters interact in different titles and how other titles affect characters of other titles makes the universe that more enjoyable. This brings me to the Hudlin/Bendis connection.  I admittedly came back to comics last year during BP/Storm event.  Since then I spent hundreds of dollars (much to my dismay) getting back issues of comics due to the Black Panther title. I was never a Cage fan.  I had heard and seen him in books coming up and he looked  like a lame whiteboy attempt at a Black character.  I didn't know anyone who thought how he looked was cool.  It would have been different if he was wearing lame superhero outfit.  BUt instead he had a lame "whiteboy interpretation of what a black superhero would wear" outfit.

Nevertheless the Cage issues got me interested in the character.  I ended up buying all of the ALias/Pulse series and the Cage graphic novel (which was terrible btw).  Still My interest was peaked.  Then after reading Pulse it was like wtf is HoM?  Then I got House of M series.  Secret Wars?  Secret War series.  Then I decided to check out everything Bendis was doing cuz I liked his style.  His decompressed style reads like a  movie.  It was nice to see someone write a respectful and interesting Luke Cage. Fast Forward to now.  Hudlin is still repping the Black heroes and most importantly putting Black Panther in the middle of the Marvel Universe.  I'm not a big zombie fan myself.  I read Marvel Zombies and while mildly entertained didn't see it as something that I want to keep want to continue.  NEvertheless BP in the Zombieverse = smart business.  People can criticize the move all they want, but anyway you look at it, it's smart business. I am curretnly enjoying the BP series and anything that helps to keep it around longer (within reason) is ok with me.

Bendis gets mad hate because of the decompressed style and his seemingly carte blanche to change the MU as he sees fit as well and specific changes that he has made (Scott Lang was lame, I woulda killed him too).  I dunno but back reading the past 10 years of Marvel and I see a distinct change and move to a more cohesive universe that Bendis helped to write.  Luke Cage leading an Avengers team?  Who would have imagined this years ago?  In retrospect did people even care about the Avengers when Monica Rambeau led it?  I honestly don't know but when I see some of the online responses about Monica Rambeau on mainstream sites, I tend to think this was the "down" period of the Avengers.  But the main thing that made me want to make this post was this.

Anyone who puts the brother in their book gets a thumbs up from me.  ;D

Now just change his name and attire and put him in an ongoing already.  The cover has Dr. Strange stabbed on it.  What if BV took his place on the Avengers team ?  ;D ;D

Such a nice dream..

Oh well,  props go out.

Quesada gets props too for supporting these cats and for hiring more black writers.

Panther Politics / Mighty "Whitey" Avengers= good
« on: February 05, 2007, 12:31:22 am »

But talking about Black Avengers= racist, segregative and bad


Just making sure.

Gotta love the larger comic-buying demographic!

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