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Black Panther / Avengers shards of infinity
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:42:47 pm »

Yeah this was released today don't waste money on it each was for the most part god-awful..

BP long live the king that's better than this and that's saying a lot..

BP & Falcon ( & to a lesser extent Widow) spent the issue being bossed around by Steve-O..

We get a small insignificant check feat and possible debut of vibranium gauntlets that don't have a cool design and are only strong enough to hold a certain amount energy..

Steve-O and Widow handle the main villains in the final battle.. While BP and falcon beat up the lackeys/red shirts..

Falcon then flies BP up to a machine and he tosses in his vibranium 2 disrupt and destroy the machine..

More or less the end

I believe this is supposed to take place in the movie universe by the way..

Now enough of the writing on to the art. The art was so so at times it's try too hard to draw the characters to look like their movie versions without being able to do this feat completely successful but it also did it half ass both BP and falcon or absent their facial hair, Steve-o's hair is shorter and widows hair is longer than her movie counterpart it's kind of like they try to mix the two designs of the movie verse and the current comic designs of the characters..



All purpose megathread for the Amadoda (men) of Wakanda be a comic related media-related or anywhere between.. enjoy, appreciate, rant and discuss

All purpose megathread for the màcè (women) of Wakanda.. whether it be movie related, comic related, cartoon/anime related or & etc.. Enjoy appreciate, rant and discuss.

Black Panther / Astonishing Tales Dominic Fortune (digital comics 2009)
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:15:40 pm »
Wakanda ( written form a very white westernized perspective) Starting T'Chaka, Azzari, Nyami, Hatut (H'Unter), cameo by baby T'Challa, Panther tribe & Loin tribe


Official Press Release

Marvel is pleased to announce the extra-sized Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 (of 4), based on the all-new animated series premiering this October on Disney XD. Visionary scribe Chris Yost joins forces with rising-star artists Scott Wegener and Patrick Scherberger to assemble the greatest super heroes of all time- Iron Man! Captain America! Thor! Hulk! When the world’s most evil villains attack, Captain America and Thor must join forces to stop them! Plus, don’t miss a second story featuring everyone’s favorite archer: Hawkeye!

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 is perfect for all ages and a great jumping-on point for new fans. And don’t miss the all-new animated series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, premiering this October on Disney XD!

All Ages …$3.99

Black Panther / Captain America/Black Panther: Flag of Our Fathers #2
« on: April 27, 2010, 04:16:12 pm »

Is that T'Chaka & S'yan fighting on the last page?... :D


Christopher Yost  :  There's some new 'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' animated art floating around out there on the interweb. 7 of the 8 members revealed!

"The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," the animated series set to debut this fall. The team's roster includes Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk and Black Panther, with Iron Man serving as the leader.

Other Comics / New Christopher Priest Interview Part 1 & Part 2
« on: March 04, 2010, 10:50:44 pm »

He mentions starting out at marvel, J.Shooter, Black Panther, A (old) Luke Cage movie pitch ( with R.Hudlin & S.Lee), Spider-Man, The X-Men, Milestone Media, Quantum & Woody, The Priest Curse, Impact Comics & other comic related things/people/ideas..

Other Comics / SYNCH/Everett Thomas
« on: December 10, 2009, 11:26:09 pm »

 Everett Thomas was a mutant born in St. Louis, Missouri. He possessed an aura which allowed him synch up with other superhumans in his immediate vicinity, thereby briefly gaining any powers they possessed.

The mechanical collective race known as the Phalanxhad assimilated the X-Men and attempted to wipe out what was to be the next generation of mutant heroes. Synch had accidentally synched to Banshee, who was in the area, and had shattered all the windows in his area with Banshee's "borrowed" scream. He didn't know how he did it, but the next thing he knew there was a slew of police officers with guns pointed at him. Unfortunately for them, the menace wasn't Everett, but the Phalanx, who attacked the officers. Luckily, he was saved thanks to the help of the Emma Frost,Sabretooth, Banshee, and Jubilee. This misfit band of heroes ended up saving the other kids who were attacked by the Phalanx. With the sacrifice of Blink, they managed to escape.

Following the end of the Phalanx crisis, the Everett and the other youths were all relocated to the Massachusetts Academy, where they trained to use their powers, received a formal education, and acted as the next generation of X-Men, Generation X.

When Emma Frost's sister, Adrienne, came to America, she forced Emma to re-admit her back into the school. If not, Adrienne would release information to the parents of the normal kids that the Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters was a secret training ground for mutants. Later, Adrienne created mutant hatred amongst the human students in the school. When the parents of the non-mutant students heard that their children were going to school with mutants, they all arrived together to take their children away from the academy. However, Adrienne Frost had planted bombs all around the school. Banshee and Synch set out to turn off and deactivate all the bombs, while Emma and Adrienne brutally fought. Eventually, Emma pulled out a gun and shot Adrienne, killing her.


Meanwhile, Banshee and Synch separated. Synch found a bomb and there were human students nearby. Everett "synched" with the nearest mutant, Monet. However, Monet was too far away, so he only received a portion of her powers, which happened to be her super strength. Using all his might, he threw the human kids out of the room, saving them from the explosion. Sadly, he wasn't able to save himself, LAMELY dying to save his human peers.

      :P :P :P :P :P

During the House of M storyline he has brought back to life by The Scarlet Witch. EV was part of the SHIELD Junior Agents, called the Hellions & was shown to be friends with Hellion & Quill.


Just before Wanda control of world faded, He sacrificed himself to protect other students. (AGAIN Really Marvel Really?)  ::)  :P


^^^Now it seem EV is back alive again (lets hope its for good this time.)


Powers and Abilities

Synch was an Alpha Level mutant.

Synchronicity: possesses an aura which allows him to be "in synch" with other superhumans in his immediate vicinity, thereby gaining any powers they possess. The powers Synch "synchs" will fade some time after the superhuman he is "in synch" with leaves the vicinity. When Synch uses his powers, a multi-colored aura appears around his body. The aura is caused by the energies he is absorbing splitting the ambient light around him, which causes the described effect.

In a number of cases his manifestation of their powers may be more powerful or versatile, such as flight while synched with Chamber or his aura becoming a protective shield while syncing Penance.

    * Aura Tracking: able to track other mutants by allowing his aura to lock on to the mutants bio-signature, and the aura will extend in the general direction in which the mutant is located.

It had been theorized that, with practice, Synch would have been able to permanently retain these powers and abilities he acquired. In essence potentially become an Omega-Level mutant due to his ability to exert total mastery of other mutants abilities he came across.


With W'Kabi now dead..  :'(

Who will take over his old job..

The candidates (Feel free to add anyone else to the list.)

S'yan - Former BP, member of the of the Panther Cult & etc.

N'Gassi - One of T'Challa most trusted advisors & former Regent of Wakanda. Seems to do a good job at running the Wakanda armed forces in Worlds Apart.

Queen Mother - member of the of the Panther Cult & has a kick ass 1st and take names 2nd type of additude imo..  :)

One of the members of the PRIDE (sorry I don't have a pic for them.. can someone help me out?)

Okoye- former member of the Dora Milaje

Taku - got do something when hes not in the Techno-Jungle..

White Wolf/H'Unter - maybe he & T'Challa could put there differences aside.

Dr. Joshua Itobo - member of the Royal Fam. (last seen in Cable # 54.. I believe), highly intelligent & deaf.

A new character..

So who would like to see be the Chief of Security/take over W'Kabi old job..                                                                     

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