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Producing / Black Panther Fan Film?
« on: April 13, 2011, 03:21:43 am »
All persons interested in doing a Fan Film featuring the Black Panther, please hit me up with a PM.

Must live in the Los Angeles area, except for digital artists. On-site crew from outside of Los Angeles, must be willing to post up in a cheap hotel (on your own dime) for about a week.

No pay, but lots of play and a chance to shine at what you do. Everyone who works on the project will receive Meals, and Credit that you can use to build your IMDB Resume.

Whether you are an Actor, Digital Artist, 3-D Modeler, Administrative Guru, Make-up Artist, Hairstylist, Grip,  P.A., A.D. or posses any other skill found in the Movie making industry, lets band together and put some of our best work on Green Screen, and see where it gets us!

I'm tired of waiting for Hollywood to do right by African-American Heroes.

Wakandans Unite!!!!!

Sample of Fan Film. Genre: Star Wars

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