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Other Comics / KFA: Kicking Furry Ass Vol 1
« on: February 22, 2017, 06:12:25 am »

KFA: Kicking Furry Ass
A Furry Convention is overrun by Nephilum Demons in the guise of anthropomorphic animals with the intent of corrupting humanity with a ‘Furry Virus’ to turn humanity into ‘Furry Demons’. A group of unconventional soldiers is sent in to stop them, one way or another.

Okay, so my new comic book, KFA, KICKING FURRY ASS(C) drops today online. Its only available in print at the moment (still awaiting approval from Comixology and Peep Game Comix for Digital Comic Format). It's a 100 page book, with 84 pages of story that I wrote, pencilled and inked. I colored the cover. At the link below there are three or four preview pages.

Other Comics / Kicking Furry Ass, the Comic
« on: January 18, 2016, 07:21:51 pm »

Been rather quiet the last half of 2015. I've been working on a new comic project, a three issue mini series titled Kicking Furry Ass.  It's The Walking Dead meets Red vs Blue, satirizing the furry genre. A rather simple plot; a comic convention is overran with mutant giant Furries that attack other con goers, turning them into Furries as well. The government sends in a Unit to take them out and to put a stop to this outbreak before it hits the populace. Dark humor, violent, blood and guts.

And dead furries. A ton of dead furries.

Ain't no part of the Furry fandom safe from this comic. Not even My Lil Pony.

It's gonna be a dark, demented comedy. I've already penciled the three issues, and the first two have been inked. I've lettered the first issue, and so far on Janurary, I've submitted to Image, Avatar Press and one other for potential publication. I've used the digital comic print press to print up some limited edition black and white copies of issue one to show off to several comic shop owners and I've gotten some pretty awesome feedback.

While I've been rather quiet on it on a lot of sites, waiting to hear something good back from a publisher (any publisher, really!) I wanted to share this teaser cover with you fellow Heffers. Also, I have a PDF of the B/W issue one up hidden up on my website to share, if there are any interested parties, lol.

Other Comics / Kicking Furry Ass
« on: July 12, 2014, 07:34:49 am »

Here is a sample cover of my new comic project. It's a three issue mini-series that parodies the Furry /Bronie fandoms. Issue 1 is already penciled and inked by me. I'm getting together a submissions package together right now to submit to Image and/or Avatar Press.

Plot is simple. Furry creatures attack a comic convention and begins to spread a 'furry' virus. Military sends in a unit to eradicate the menace. Think of Call of Duty and Major Payne meets Walking Dead.... Only with Furry monsters instead of zombies.

So... My fellow HEFers, think I'm about to stir up a hornets nest?

Other Comics / Brain Matter
« on: May 15, 2012, 03:58:49 pm »
Hey fellow HEFers. Today, my first indy comic title has gone up for sale. It is a four issue zombie mini-series. I know, zombies are kinda played out, but I figured it would probably be the easiest comic to put out by myself, since I am currently a one man team (meaning that I penciled, inked and toned it ALL by myself...). The story takes place in a imagined version of Wilmington North Carolina, which over the years earned the nickname the Port City. The main two characters are present below on the cover, Caleb Moore; an US Army soldier and Elizabeth Santiago; a city police officer. Anyways, here is the cover to issue 1.

And here is the link to where it is hosted at on Indy Planet where the book can be purchased at. The book is $2.50, i kinda went to great lengths to make the book cheap for anyone who wouldn't mind forking over a mere $2.50 (and whatever for shipping, it aint much!)

Here are three preview pages from the book.

Issues 2 and 3 are already penciled/ink and I am currently finishing up the tones for issue 2. Hoping to have it turned around real soon for posting as well. Help a fellow brother out and buy a copy (or two) and if you can't, forward the link on to someone who you think it may be interested in zombies.

Later HEFers!

« on: November 24, 2011, 10:04:33 am »

When you're a fourteen year old basketball prodigy, everyone knows you...or at least they think they do. But there's more to Jordan Hamilton than a jump shot and a mean crossover. On the surface he's just another kid from the ghetto who can shoot the pill. But when faced with tragedy, our young friend must prove to the world and more importantly himself...who he really is. In a world of smoke and mirrors, can Jordan be persuaded to trust in a God he's not even sure exist? And in a world filled with lies and hate, can he find true love? Find out in Heavy Smile - Book 1, the first book of an inspiring eight part series written by the burgeoning new author, Jonathan Webb.

I just wanted to advertise this book, Heavy Smile, to my fellow HEFer's. It is written by an old high school classmate of mine, who tracked me down about six months ago to do artwork for this book of his. To be honest, I haven't really read it yet, but I got my copy from off Amazon last night and I plan to read it later tonight after the turkey-festivities come to an end (around six for me). When I drew the artwork for the book (33 images, 1 image per chapter, plus the cover), he only gave me a bit of information to go by, which characters are in the scene and such, but from what I could go by just from creating the artwork, it seems like a good book. I'm excited (not only because its my friend's first published book, but it is the first time I have provided art for a book that is now published).

Figured I'd share with the board. It's always nice to know of new arising Black talent. Not begging anyone to go out and buy it, but if you got some spare dough laying about, go and support my friend. As of now, its only available on Amazon. Here is the link below...

Happy Turkey-day people!

Black Panther / How to restore the Panther Legacy
« on: August 21, 2011, 02:31:33 pm »
Okay. I've had this brewing in my head for a while now. Now, I'm not knocking the current Black Panther: The Man without Fear/The Most Dangerous Man Alive. I have enjoyed it for what it was. But we all know, a time is going to come when Black Panther is returned back to the status quo (Panther powers, being king of Wakanda and whatnot). It's not going to happen anything soon. We know that from Avenger solicits that he will become an Avenger again after Fear Itself and Spider-Island. But the question, running through my mind, as well, as many of you HEFers, is just how?

Reading through Reggie's run and the last series up to Doomwar, I think I may have found a solution. It probably will and wont be a "people pleaser", but here is my idea, and it steals a little from Spiderman, but hey, it could work.

Black Panther: OMIT (One Moment in Time).

The idea begins immediately after the 2008 Annual, Black to the Future. We saw a possible Panther/Wakanda future, through the eyes of King Solomon's Frogs, those pesky time traveling frogs. From their rants, we know that one of the frogs stated that "we cant have Wakandans rule this world", with the other frog agreeing.  

See where this is headed?

After Marvel gets done with all their 'urban' Panther stories, this can be the set up. The current path that T'Challa is on will set the timeline in the path to the future presented in Black to the Future. The Frogs now know this. They begin deciding onto what point in time to begin messing with the timeline. They snatch Klaw (or this would be the perfect time to create a new villain for Black Panther) in current day to the past. Somehow have current day T'Challa get plucked away and get pulled into the past as well to stop Klaw (Or new villain). Have something CRAZY happen to already established Panther continuity in either Priests or Reggie's  or before "Doomwar's" story arch.

Me, I'd pick before Storm accepted his proposal, like perhaps right after the Vampire story with Brutha Voodoo, Blade and Cage. Now, hear me, I am a big Storm/T'Challa fan. I love it to death. But fans don't respect the marriage. Apparently, neither do Marvel X-writers or editors. They have had plenty of chances to have T'Challa cross over in the X-books. Plenty of chances. Past T'Challa never gets to ask Storm, and current day T'Challa, after thwarting Klaw (or new villain) the Frogs toss them back to their current time. T'Challa returns back to New York, Hell's Kitchen, only to find that he still has his Panther powers as well as some 'upgrades'. He still retains all the knowledge of his past. The marriage, the dimension hopping with Johnny and Ben, the Civil War, the Secret Invasion, yadda, yadda, yad and so on. But things have changed, but only he is aware.

New time line changes include, no marriage to Storm, the brief FF team-up with Monica instead, different outcome to Doomwar (meaning some of his family, such as his Uncle, are alive, viberanium is still out and about, Shuri can still be Queen, but not the Panther...). This would set up some great emotional stories for T'Challa, as well as get rid of any extra baggage for a while. EVENTUALLY, have Storm and T'Challa get back together in this new time-line (maybe allow them to court for a little while longer), but giving the writer/writers more to work with, and by that I mean by removing bad story decisions (cough, Doomwar, cough). T'Challa, having the knowledge of how things were the first time, could make new measures to prevent some events from occurring later, such as creating Shadow Psychics a tad bit earlier without Doomwar looming over his head. You know, keep the good stuff. Back to basics, where Reggie had left off. We don't have to ignore recent or soon to happen stories. Besides, isn't that what the majority of comic writers do these days, pick their continuity (cough, DC, Batman, Green Lanturn, cough).

But that is only one path. Just anyway, to bring T'Challa and Wakanda back to the greatness that it was.

So... whadda think? Could it work? Would you want it to work? Just had the idea pop in my head over the past week, thinking of reboots and recons of such (have DC to thank for that).

Other Comics / How to Draw...
« on: November 14, 2010, 03:28:45 pm »
Hello fellow HEFers. Last night I was hanging out at the comic shop before they closed (I was waiting for my Chinese Take-out the next building away to be cooked) and I was talking with several of the workers that run the joint. Now, mind you, the three guys that run the place are white, and when I walked in they were talking about how come the minority, on the case of Doctor Voodoo, always get killed first, as in the most recent issue of New Avengers. Then I walked in, and they urged me into the conversation. It eventually migrated onward into the direction of well... how come that there aren't that many black characters at all in comics or Anime for that matter (especially the X-Men, now that was a conversation, lol).

I guess that since I am a frequent customer, who happens to be Black, I must be oozing all knowledge African American, right? LOL. I love those goofs. They make the trips to the comic shop memorable each and every time I go in. Anyhoo... getting slightly off subject. They pitched to me, that I should draw a "How to Draw Black Comic Anime Characters" book, since I can draw and have that BA Degree in Graphic Design that I'm not using. I laughed it off, telling em that such a thing wouldn't sell.  But as the night drew on, my mind kept going back to the idea as I ate my dinner. Even as I laid in bed, it kept rearing its ugly head, telling me that 'hey, why the hell not?'

What do you guys think? Do you think that such a "How to Draw Minorities" book would fly? Even today, I have been doing little doodles and note taking, thinking that I could make such a thing reality, if I use a indy comic publisher site, such as (I am already working on an self-creator own indy title to self publish and print through the website currently as is...). The way I see it, the many reason why we are so under represented in comic stories, is because some comic artists are either to afraid to draw us, thinking that they might hit some sensitive spot and might offend some people (but then again, in some comics such as The Boys or even Punisher MAX, they don't mind drawing us in stereotypical fashion). More or less, this book would show other examples on drawing both male and female Black characters without them always having to look like Samuel Jackson (Nick Fury), Terry Crews (Luke Cage) or Hally Barry (Storm).

So.... what do my fellow HEF's think? Would you buy a "How to Draw..." Comic of this nature or what? Do you think others would as well?

General Discussion / John Mkkkain?!?!
« on: October 16, 2008, 07:24:49 pm »
Say it isn't so? What kind of radikal would draw such a thing about such a candidate? Why would one take J. Scotts Campbell's pencils to the Presidential Material Comic's from IDW and draw such rash conclusions about a man he has never met? Was it because of the way the man portrayed himself during the Debate, or the way he allowed people to rant and rave about his opponent during one of the republican rally's?
tsk, tsk. Shame, shame on you mister artist person!

Hard Choices / HC: Michael Jai White verses Wesley Snipes?
« on: June 06, 2008, 07:30:30 pm »
Both of the men are both skilled in martial arts, got some good movies with their names attached to, as well as superheroes; Wes (Blade) and Mike (Spawn), but whose your fav. After recently watching Undisputed 2, my money goes to Spawnie. Bru can whoop some a$$.

Black Panther / My Panther Art/Kasper pitch
« on: July 04, 2007, 08:06:25 am »
Okay, so like I had been preparing my portfolio for the Heroes Convention in NC for like a month. Joe Q and the art director C.B. Cebulski were supposed to attend and have a portfolio viewing. They were no-shows, dropping the Hero Con for the Wizard Con in Philly. Ah well, at least I got to talk with a DC Editor, who gave me an awesome viewing (granted that it was mostly Marvel characters since I was expecting Marvel. Ah well...)

Anyhoo, I haven't scanned all the pages of my Panther vs Iron Man fight, but here are three pages of the five.

Obvioulsy, its not BP, but rather Kasper in a remodeled White Tiger costume. I had the whole deal to pitch to the guys for a Kasper on-going, but alas... maybe next time. If ya'll want to read the pitch, lemme know and I'll summarize it.

Black Panther / Question about the Panther-tumor?
« on: April 01, 2007, 01:51:42 pm »
Okay, I have been recently been able to find a whole bunch of Priest era books, and are finally filling in the gaps of some of the story arches that I was never able to finish reading, because of not having the issues. One thing popped up that I am extremely interested in learning about, was the brain tumor that Panther had.

Was he cured from this aliment after Priest's book came to an end in another book, persay like, the Avengers? Or has this tiny little chunk been reconed away? I think that It'll be awesome to have some issues in the future dealing with this, but since I am still missing a nice chunk of Pre-Reggie Panther's series, if anyone has any answers or links or whatever ya got to throw to me would be appreciated.

Black Panther / Just got a buttload of BP comics
« on: February 15, 2007, 06:20:35 pm »
The comic shop I frequent put out a comic bundle today containing Black Panther issues 30-35 and 36-40. Got all these Priest-era BP issues for under 20 bucks, Granted that the only Pre-Hudlin Black Panther books I have are 1-5, 13,48-62, and the Panthers Prey books dawn by Dywane Turner, I am all giddy (can a black man even use that word?) now having these old (but new for me) Black Panther issues in my possession.

Just wanted to share my good-Panther fortune with my fellow Pantherites (now is that even a word?!?!)

Latest Flicks / Posse
« on: February 15, 2007, 06:11:42 pm »
I recently found this DVD and bought it. Though I have watched it several times, It didn't occur to me that I saw a particular face, until I watched it again tonight. Trying to confirm my suspicions, I actually watched the credits and loly behold, Reggie Hudlin's name appeared.

Mr. Hudlin, what particular role, if any, did you play in the making of this film? I was interested in knowing, cause after I made the connection, I practically jumped out my seat.

Black Panther / New board member, longtime Panther fan
« on: February 01, 2007, 08:33:15 pm »
Hey everyone. I'm new to the boards. Been a Panther fan for the longest now (close to seven years now I guess). Been meaning to join this board now for a good minute, but... heh, I'm here now. I bought my copy of issue 24 today, and I noticed that it didn't have a letters page. I get a kick out of reading the letters that they print in the back. Anyways, it is what reminded me that there was this forum to join.

Reggie, just wanted to say, awesome job as of far man. Loving the book, even managed to convert several of my comic pals and gals into buying the book. The Panther/Storm merger, smooth as silk. Just got one request man, somehow, someway, Please bring back my boy Kasper, the White Tiger. Even if ya have to give him a new name, since Marvel is using White Tiger for that new book (and give em' a little more color while ya at it  ;D). Its been killing me, wondering just what the hell he has been doing throughout the Civil War.

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