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"Lucia. Krystoff. General Karadarof. Ivan. You may speak." usual...spoke first. "The stores of vibranium have been plundered. Entirely. Vanished without a trace. By your own Untergangborg. We pursued with flawless relentlessness, but the Untergangborg self destructed. Using your own location devices, we have failed to find where the Mystic Vibranium has been transported to. There has been no trace of it being transported or even in existence in this plane of existence or any of the contiguous Planes that your technology has deeply scoured. I will continue to pursue the Vibranium and mete out justice to its thief or thieves."

"Lucia. You will do no such thing."

Lucia's Eastern European face registered genuine surprise and the beginnings of a retort to their liege's cloaked back. None of the men present would even consider such a thing, and all warily took a subtle step away from Lucia in order to put discrete distance between themselves and Lucia. Their Master...having flawlessly calculated the exact instant that Lucia would attempt a retort, how long it would take her to formulate such a retort as a thought and how long it would take her to voice said retort, forestalled any verbal exchange with a lethally calm statement: "That is an order, Lucia."

Knowing well the absolutely murderous consequences of even slightly failing to follow any command given by her Liege, Lucia smartly lapsed into silence.

Her Liege...still without turning to face them...continued: "General. Speak."

General Karadaroff...the most brilliant military mind in their country...responded crisply: "Your intergalactic monitoring stations and star fleets have been attacked. All of the monitoring stations were shut down. At the same time. Which is essentially impossible. We are talking the Molecule Man powered stations you crafted after you returned from Battleworld. And the Molecule Man energy signature empowered star fleet you crafted...Raumschiffe des Untergangs...The Starships of Destruction...are all rendered useless. All of them. We are tracing what passes for ghosts of abstract clues in order to identify, locate and punish the cretins who would dare to affront you so, mien Gebieter. "

"This happened at the same time that the Mystic Vibranium disappeared." Their liege stated. Not questioned.

"Ja, mien Gebieter."

"You will cease all pursuit of possible offenders this very instant and not take any other action without my express direction," their Master informed the General. The General saluted and relayed the orders as given without hesitation, covering his surprise and confusion at such orders.


"Your financial structures have all been rendered inoperative, mien Gebieter. We have located the perpetrators and are executing them as we speak. " Krystoff intoned.

"You will immediately cease pursuit of and executing these perpetrators. You will set them all free, and compensate all families who have lost loved ones." Their Liege commanded. Krystoff instantly sent the requisite orders via Interdimensionale Verbindung...Interdimensional all squadrons in the various realities and multiverses that his Liege commanded.

"Ivan." A one word command from their Liege.

Ivan Kragoff...The Red Ghost...responded with alacrity: "I have carefully reviewed the technology and ability required to render useless all of the resources Lucia Krystoff and General Karadoff have at their disposal, and have concluded that there is only one being most capable of doing all that I have seen, and which fits all the requirements of the most rigorous science and other knowledge branches. There are 4 very distant other options, but there is only one who with certainty can do all of what we have beheld. And do so with ease."

"And that one is." A statement. Not an interrogative. From their Liege, still without turning his back to face them.

"You, mien Gebieter." Red Ghost knelt as he made this comment.

His liege didn't bother to turn to acknowledge Red Ghost kneeling in fealty to him. Nor did he indicate that he was aware of the others as they knelt in unison with The Red Ghost. Their liege didn't make a habit of such things. He expected such behavior, and saw it as both necessary and routine to the point of being almost mundane. Like acknowledging the prevalence of gravity.

"Lucia. Hypothesize as to the identity of the transgressor or transgressors against me."

Lucia instantly complied, her keen mind on full display. " I pursued each fragment of a clue unceasingly and with the most minute attention to every detail. We scoured the relevant energy signatures and tech for any semblance of identification ranging from The Beyonders to Dormammu. The Living Tribunal to Tony Stark. The Celestials to The Leader. The Multiversal Incarnations to The Star Brands. The technology displayed against us surpasses all of the abilities of all previous known rivals combined. We detected energy signatures consistent with one of the greatest powers and abilities this or any multiversal reality has ever known...but we don't know what it is. We have no name for this anomaly; as we have never seen such a thing until now. And we know of only one being who could do such a thing, mien Gebieter. That being, mien Gebieter, is you. "

"The energy you cannot identify is a power used by immortals like The Olympians 13 years ago in their Krieg Chaotische...Chaos War...and rather derivatively named Magie Chaotisch. Chaos Magic. A rather elementary force. Now. Lucia. Identity of the transgressor or transgressors against me. Now. "

Lucia...knowing the almost certainly fatal consequences...nevertheless truthfully answered: "I do not know at this time, Mien Gebieter."

The assembled men stealthily took a further step away from Lucia.

"Krystoff. Perhaps you can help Lucia unravel the mystery of the identity of the transgressor or transgressors?"

Krystoff looked at the back of his Liege and silently shook his head in the negative, knowing that his Liege missed nothing and would be fully aware of the answer Krystoff proffered.

"General Karadaroff? Red Ghost? Are you both similarly undone by this mystery?"

Both men...realizing that their lives are probably forfeit for this failure...still truthfully acknowledged that they were undone by this mystery.

Their Liege...still with his back to them...gestured with his metal sheathed left hand. Amid a shimmer of spring emerald energies, The großartige Henker..."great Executioners", cyborgs far more terrible than anything their Liege has unleashed upon his foes on Earth...soundlessly appeared behind each of the others in the throne room with their Liege. Each of the others in the throne room knew that their deaths were upon them.

"Lucia." Their Liege spoke to her, just before she was going to launch into a preemptive strike at the großartige Henker. "You will take the großartige Henker with you to die ätherische Verbindung...The Ethereal Junction. You will discover that your attempts to keep die ätherische Verbindung have failed. Station großartige Henker at this Junction in order to correct and make restitution for your failure. "

"Ja, mein Gebieter." Lucia...keeping every quark of her deep happiness that she isn't executed on the spot in the literally trillions of horrible beyond description ways that are at the command of the großartige Henker out of her voice and face...immediately Dimension Transported with her cargo to The Ethereal Junction.


"Mien Gebieter!"

"Take the device I just materialized by your left boot to die Ressourcenschnittstelle...The Resources Interface...and activate it. That is all."

"Ja, mien Gebieter!" And Krystoff teleported away.


"Mien Gebieter!"

"I have transported der Todeskristall to your flagship. Return to Raumschiffe des Untergangs...The Starships of Destruction...and activate Todeskristall. All will be set aright."

"Ja, mien Gebieter!"


"die wilde Kraftleitung...The Wild Power Conduit...mien Gebieter?"

"Intelligent assumption, but incorrect. The enemy would obliterate you and us for such an obvious response, were you to implement it. Autorisieren Sie das magische Protokoll des Chaos. I authorize The Chaos Magic Protocol."

Ivan Kragoff...The Red Ghost...blanched. But beamed away instantly in full compliance with his orders.

Their Liege never turned to acknowledge his servants nor allowed his attention to stray from the MRIC... MultiReality Infinite Chess... board in front of him.

"Your attempted Vinyanga vyo Paka was both uninspired and pathetically predictable. I have bested you in every one of our previous confrontations, and am besting you again right now," their Liege said to apparently no one in particular. "Yet you insist on further instruction in your inferiority to me."

"If my attempts were so pathetic and predictable and inevitably result in proof irrefutable of my inferiority to you, then why do I still exist and am capable of engaging you for this length of time in MultiReality Infinite Chess?" said no one in particular.

"Your limited intellect resulting in a relentless predictability and lack of imagination...while periodically serve the purpose of what amounts to a lack of mentally stimulating or nourishing amusement." their Liege said.

"Amusement?" responded no one in particular.

"Amusement. In the vein of the buffoonish inferior periodically evoking laughter from his infinitely superior master. As the Fool, the Court Jester, does for his King." Their Liege explained.

"Ahhh." said no one in particular. "Then I have another piece of amusement for you on this MRIC board."

Their Liege carefully surveyed the MRIC before replying with: "And that is?"

No one in particular moved multiple pieces in a supremely ingenious maneuver.

"Check," said no one in particular.

Their Liege didn't flinch, start or show any overt reaction, but no one in particular could see the increased interest manifest in the impassive stare their Liege levelled upon the MRIC board.

"Perhaps there is some possibility of hope that you may yet unmoor yourself from the eternal mediocrity presently circumsribing your existence." Doom said to No One In Particular.

"If you value your General, you should advise him against using your Todeskristall...Doom your Interface. The consequences to him will be quite unpleasant."

"I am aware of the feeble attempts of your Shuri to hack and siphon The Interface. I am aware of her rather laughable countermeasures. Her lack of imagination and absence of intellect is nearly as disappointing and even more predictable than yours."

"Shuri predicted you would say such a thing. Word for word. With a laughing, mocking but pretty accurate imitation of your voice, spacing and pattern of speech. Your General and your entire retinue of soldiers will be slaughtered within 20 minutes of their arrival, if you do not heed my warning."

"Your feckless Wakandan plebes cannot threaten my superior forces in any way, shape or form."

"Our forces could erase the entirety of Latveria from the fabric of multiversal existence within an hour. However, Shuri has found a threat that could tear through your so-called defenses literally as easily as you can, then subject your forces to a dreadful extinguishment of their life force beyond what even you can currently drum up."

"Impossible. But even if what you said were sooth, wouldn't such a tactic violate the tenets of your precious Wakandan Code of Honor?"

"We are not remotely transgressing upon our sacred vows or Code of Honor. You, however, may finally find yourself facing a foe as hungry, merciless, arrogant and dangerous as you are."

"Doom has no equal," Victor von Doom pronounced with utter conviction. "You could not hope to be so. I have vanquished you at every turn. And you are the best that the comparatively beknighted country of Wakanda has to offer. "

"I would have to plummet to depths far below anything that this Multiverse could conceive of to be merely your equal, Doom."

"Have you so soon forgotten how I vanquished you so completely on Battleworld, then? Is your heart too craven and your psyche too traumatized by the Fist of Doom to accept the lesson your defeat by me has inflicted upon you? As I told you on Battleworld: I remain Doom...and you? Something beneath me. A lesser. A fool who doesn't know that he is beaten."


Queen Mother Ramonda defends the honor of Wakanda and strikes back at a Wakandan enemy...

...while Ruling Queen Shuri retaliates against friends for the transgressions these friends have made against Wakanda

TChalla shows Njadaka Eric Killmonger...historically his most implacable foe...that TChalla never lost to him, and always had him overmastered.

TChalla unveils his below the radar supersoldiers...the MKH...who have assisted him lo these many years, and whom the rest of the world miscalls THE BLACK MUSKETEERS.

TChalla shows how neither he nor Wakanda nor any of The Royal Family were remotely endangered by The Phoenix Force

The Queen Mother Ramonda shows why she is the most ruthless of The Royal Family as she dispatches her foes with finality

Shuri finishes dazzling the world during the last leg of her international P.R.I.D.E. tour

Chapter Text









The invaders quite literally appeared without warning of any sort. One instant, Asteroid A-549 was fully operational and performing flawlessly as it had been for months. The next splintered instant? The Asteroid was being torn asunder by a small army of invaders simultaneously hitting its most sensitive and most indispensable operational areas. The solar plasma enforced Fusion Forcefield was blasted into nothingness, allowing the unfiltered ultraviolet and cosmic energies of space to bombard the artificial asteroid through breaches in its synthetically crafted atmosphere. Despite their independent multitiered AI system, all defense bots remained frozen in their battle pods...somehow the enemy deactivated them all. Simultaneously. At the moment of attack. Such a feat? Was supposed to be impossible.

Human soldiers and transhumanoid cyborgs scrambled by the thousands to the defense of Asteroid A-549 and were ruthlessly, mercilessly mowed down. The enemy wasn't even slowed.

Reports flooded the sphere-like bridge of the Forward Pod.

"Engineering is lost,My Lady." to her left, under-Corporal Breel reports from deep within her techno-trance at her Interior Security station. "All personnel executed, the enemy is harvesting our technology."

"Off planet communication still down,My Lady" Kommunikationskommandant Heigler's crisp German accent pipes up from her right.

"All Transporter and Teleport Platforms are offline," under-Corporal to Heigler...chimed in.

"Navigation is compromised!" Navigation Chief Adaego...her voice nearly as flawlessly beautiful and chocolate as her skin... observed from her Navigation Unit.

 "Independently spin up IEP [ Internal Emergency Protocol ] 8 through 39 on my mark," she responds. Her voice showed no fear, no desperation. Confidence and a somehow clear thinking, furiously calculating wrath thrummed throughout her every word and action. Her underlings never doubted her...she made sure that any who did failed to survive...but her reactions here reinforced their blind faith in her. "Translate vital personnel to AIYDRA Battle and Off Planet Pods. Activate Environmental Swarm IEP 8 in 3...2...1...mark!"

under-Corporal Breel instantly follows her command...a surge of yellow and amber energy crackles through her station with such speed and power, she doesn't get a chance to scream. Her entire body springs up from her seat, leaping stiff into the air as if she suddenly decided to try the Olympic High Jump. A charring smell wafted from her flesh, every bit of hair on her body stood erect and crackled...

...then her entire body...flesh, blood, bones, ligaments, cartilage, veins, arteries, everything... burst into flaring, geysering sparks. Scattered. She was gone.

For a mind numbing, terrifying moment, the entire personnel of the Forward Pod was frozen in horror, shock and confusion...except her.

"Adeago!" she commanded, and Adeago leaped into under-Corporal Breel's seat. "What happened?"

"Running diagnostics...this is imPOSsible!" Navigation under-Corporal of Interior Security...Adeago exclaimed.


"Yes, Lady Lethal!" Adeago responds, using My Lady's full title. "We are detecting decayed remnants of Chaotic Neutrons! But that's imPOSsible! That means that our enemies are using..."

"Shadow Physics," Lady Lethal finished for Adeago. They shared an intense, fierce, intimate moment of fury as each wracked their brains for any way to deal with this.

under-Corporal Breel growls: "Our technology is forged from AIM, HYDRA, Zemo, and Zola. Nobody...not even Doom...has superior technology than do we. And yet this technology is so far beyond our reach..."

"The Wakandans," Lady Lethal says. "It must be..."

The multiwave algorithm sealed, trillion times per second oscillating energy screen and blast door layered entries to the Forward Pod opened simultaneously.

"...the Wakandans, yes." A tall, beautiful woman dressed head to toe in white tech armor insanely more advanced than anything she's ever seen finished her sentence...and shot Kommunikationskommandant Heigler through the head before his hand could reach the butt of his blaster. At that signal, another fierce woman whom her mind recognized as ANEKA, teacher of Agayu Adepts of Wakanda, First Mistress of Okoye the leader of the Dora Milaje...and a bevy of deadly men in advanced battle armor [ Hatut Zeraze, her mind recognized them right away ] swarmed the Forward Pod. iaido expert...drew her katana with the incredible quickness of the five hundred years of samurai blood in her veins. This Aneka removed the wrist holding her sword and Hirada's head with a single, dismissive bladed staff strike. With similar flawless homicidal grace and ease, the Hatut Zeraze started mowed everyone else down...

...except Adeago. Adeago managed to chop one man on the throat so hard that he felt it through his battle armor, and wrested his deadly looking blaster rifle from him as he went down. Lady Lethal blasted two others with her personal firearm. Her plasma bolts could tear holes in tanks, bank vaults, and battleships...but these Wakandans swarmed on her, their armor dismissing her plasma fire without effort. Pressed back to back with Adeago, she knew that her time had come. But she wasn't going to die easily. Adeago...fierce, beloved Adeago...passed her the blaster rifle she wrested from the man she took down, and then Adeago drew her personal spear from its sacred sheath across her back. In addition to being a masterfully crafted traditional Igbo weapon, Adeago's spear was packed with all the deadly, terrible advanced tech that AIYDRA...the extremist splinter group combo of A.I.M. and HYDRA...packed their melee weapons with. This was going to get nasty. Lady Lethal smiled.

"I am Queen Mother Ramonda. You are Natela Dadiani, who now goes by the ridiculous code name of Lady Lethal. You are a distant member of the ruling Dadiani dynasty of the western Georgian province of Samegrelo. "

"We are REAL royalty, unlike you creatures!" Lady Lethal hissed.

"In addition to the many horrible crimes you have committed with AIYDRA...each of which alone--much less collectively--earned you the death penalty...your line of "royalty" committed any number of atrocities against the Afro-Abkhazians you enslaved in Georgia, who deserved none of the horrors you unleashed upon them. We have come in the name of Wakanda to exact justice for your having the temerity to even dream of coming to Wakanda, and we have come in the name of the Afro-Abkhazians whose spirits have spoken to us and urge us to avenge their ancient grievances against you."

Lady Lethal rushed the tall, regal Queen Mother Ramonda, unleashing a single expert shot from the Wakandan blaster rifle at the Queen Mother's head. The Queen Mother almost languidly moved her head away from the hot beam of light issuing from the barrel of the Wakandan blaster rifle, then simultaneously disarmed Lady Lethal of the blaster with her right hand and backhanded her with her left hand clear across the room. Lady Lethal...Natela...didn't know that she'd been catapulted across the room, because she blacked out the moment that the Queen Mother's backhand connected with pin point accuracy and cannonade force along the nerve under her chin.

Lady Lethal came to as Adeago...brandishing her traditional/high tech spear protectively against the Wakandans... was helping her to her feet. Lady Lethal traded blows with Crossbones during battle simulations. This Queen Mother didn't have Crossbones' sheer brute strength, but she hit with far more power and cunning than Crossbones ever did.

Lady Lethal exchanged glances with Adeago. Adeago nodded almost imperceptibly. It was time. Together in life and death, Adeago and Lady Lethal rushed the Wakandans with a single war cry emanating from both of their throats...

...a searing pain lanced through Lady Lethal's back and chest. She looked down in shock. A spear point protruded through the left upper quadrant of her chest.

Adeago's spear point.

Lady Lethal...Natela...looked back at her beloved Adeago with shock, fury, bewilderment, hatred. Adeago didn't even bother to look at Lady Lethal. Instead, her gaze was locked upon the tall, regal Queen Mother Ramonda.

"Ninakupa ruhusa ya kuongea," Queen Ramonda. "I give you permission to speak."

Then and only then did Adeago look into Natela's wrathful, dying, shocked and bewildered gaze. "I am Agayu Adept Adeago. Amandla. Wakanda Forever."

With this last shock of her lover's betrayal, Lady Lethal expired on the point of The Agayu Adept's spear.

Queen Mother Ramonda hadn't bothered to watch Natela's death, but instead turned away right after speaking to The Agayu Adept. The tall, muscular yet feminine and incredibly beautiful Queen Mother approached the single remaining camera which she allowed to operate and carry her message to he whom she wished to address. He whom she knew watched closely and with keen mind and interest every instant of what had just transpired. He who knew he was now in the greatest peril of perishing that he had ever faced.

And the Queen Mother spoke only one word to the camera: "Onyo."

On a completely different planet, he watched. As she knew he would. And he translated the word. As she knew he would. Onyo means..."Warning." Too late he regretted pairing with Hydra controlled Steve Rogers...the former and current Captain America...and invading Wakanda. Too late he regretted stomping his foot upon the back of the prostrate, proud Wakandan monarch known as T'Challa The Black Panther. Now he understood the gravity of his mistake. This Queen Mother and her brother the former Panther Syan the Swift were supposedly dead, murdered by Doom a decade ago during his so-called Doomwar. Her appearance here and now was beyond shocking, but very clearly and deliberately done in order to underscore to the enemies of Wakanda how little they knew of Wakanda and how impossible to defeat Wakanda is.

Too late, he knew that this proud T'Challa suffered the indignity of his transgression and faux prostration at Zemo's feet in order to set up this avenging counterstrike 2 years later.

Onyo. Warning. This Queen Mother Ramonda was announcing her intent to come for him. She was telling him there was nothing he could do. This Queen Mother..."Ramonda asiyekuwa mnyonge", "Ramonda Who Is Not Weak", "Ramonda The Ruthless"...was eager for his blood.

The alarms of his personal base more than an entire world away from Queen Mother Ramonda suddenly began to blare.

Lieutenant Kronz reported from his Security Station: "Baron Zemo, wir werden angegriffen! Sie haben unsere Verteidigung durchbrochen und sind fast auf uns! Baron Zemo, we are under attack! They have broken through our defenses and are almost on us!"

Before Baron Zemo could finish the breath he started when Queen Mother Ramonda said: "Onyo" to him, an entire platoon of Hatut Zeraze...led by Queen Mother Ramonda, seconded by the great and terrible Dora Milaje Aneka who taught the Dora Milaje Okoye and the Agayu Adepts...appeared in his control room. Literally de-cloaked in his control room. They had been there the ENTIRE TIME, he realized. He further realized that the invasion of Asteriod A-549 that he thought he was watching in real time? Was actually a brilliantly strategically delayed and supremely technologically doctored recording beamed as a live feed to his satellites, in order to ensure that the Wakandans arrived undetected in his command center.

There was no hope of survival. Aneka and The Hatut Zeraze absolutely massacred everyone in the room before they had any chance to hope to mount an offensive, except for him.

"You will be taken to Wakanda for trial and judgement," pronounced The Queen Mother.

Baron Zemo felt his Aryan blood boil and Aryan pride blaze. There was no way that he would permit himself to be paraded by this monkey in her nation of monkeys! He...Baron Zemo...had engaged the mighty Captain America in hand to hand battle many times. He had nothing to fear from this woman. He sprang at her with all the guile of battle at his command.

Queen Mother Ramonda struck him. Once. Dismissively. Condescendingly. Clearly with distaste, as if she detested the idea of sullying the back of her beautiful, white battle armored hand with his face.

He tumbled into darkness.



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Is this a good thing? Who'll take his place? Will it be someone from the MCU, like Robert Cole who co-wrote the MCU BP?

Or...dare we even hope...a RH or CJP or RH+CJP collab? It'll be a "name" author, I think...which screws the in-house up and coming geniuses like Redjack, et al. Walker won't get a look unless he's cowriting.

Who would y'all like to see take over in July?

« on: August 19, 2019, 03:06:54 pm »
We need that.

Maybe start a petition, or something?

That is all.


Remembering 'A Man Called Hawk' - The Coolest Brother On TV
April 20th 2017
nullTonight I got into a conversation with some friends about old TV shows from the past that we really liked, and I brought up A Man Called Hawk. You remember him don't you? A brother so cool that he could literally drive a car at night with tinted windows with shades on. Now, THAT'S one bad mutha'.


inRead invented by Teads

For those you youngsters out there, you who don't know what I'm talking about, Hawk was a spin-off series from the ABC Network popular detective TV show Spencer For Hire. Hawk, who was played by Avery Brooks, was Spencer's sort of friend and occasional partner.

Yet, thankfully, he was his own man, and never took risks or sacrficed his own safety for Spencer. No devoted servant was he. Spencer was his friend, but only up to a point. He looked out for No. 1 and if Spencer needed him, which seemed to be all the time, he would help him out. Maybe. If he had the time.

But Hawk was so charismatic and became so popular that ABC gave the character his own show, which premiered in January 1989. Unfortunately, it only ran for 13 episodes.

In the show, Hawk had relocated  from Boston, where Spencer was based, back to his hometown of Washington D.C. Once settled there he became a kind of do-gooder helping out desperate people in trouble who had nowhere to turn. It was full of action and had a certain gritty vibe to it. It was sort of like a 70's blaxplotation movie every week.

But with the show centered on Hawk, Brooks gave him some depth. He was a jack-of-all-trades and a Renaissance man to boot. He collected African art, played the vibes and chess, and was skilled in martial arts. He was a man's man, and a real genuine black masculine presence on TV when they were so rare (even today).

And when you look at the talent who appeared on various episodes, you'll be amazed. Aside from Angela Bassett, who played Hawk's girlfriend in a few episodes, other guest stars included people such as Charles S. Dutton, Wendell Pierce, Keith David, Deroy Lindo, Kasi Lammons, Wesley Snipes, Joe Morton and, oh yes, some unknown by the name of Samuel L. Jackson.

Of course after Hawk went off the air, Brooks later became the lead on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for several seasons. But I still think A Man Called Hawk was his best role.

Since the show was produced by Warner TV, perhaps there's a chance that the Warner Archive DVD-on-demand label, which has been releasing old Warner Bros TV shows from the 70's and 80's, will release a complete Hawk series multiple DVD set sometime soon. It would be fun just to revisit them again. Maybe we need Hawk more than ever now."

We DO need Hawk MORE THAN EVER, now. What would his reaction be to Trump?


Maybe I'm extra late to the game, but I had no idea that this was happening. That's a helluva team up. A sweet mix of street heroics and more superheroic stuff. It's supposed to launch this November, with the debut of Diseny+'s streaming service. And they have lots more goodies to share...including Marvel 616. That is very interesting! They're going to crush it with their first 3 months, easy.

What do my fellow HEFfas think of this?

« on: April 19, 2019, 03:53:38 pm »
So. This is a touchy subject to some, but I concur with first Christopher Priest [ the first man to proclaim that T'Challa is "the shrewdest man in the Marvel Universe" ] and Reginald Hudlin, here. I refer specifically to this quote by Priest:

"Where paths diverge between my vision of Panther and those previous is the character of T’Challa himself. I can’t speak for Mr. McGregor (whom I do not know), but my impression was he saw Panther as the ultimate realization of human potential whose bravery was exemplified in his willingness to risk his life in the service of others.

I see T’Challa that way as well, but I defer to Stan Lee, whose bedrock for this character was he was a man who outsmarted Reed Richards and out-fought the Thing. "--CHRISTOPHER PRIEST

The trick, though, is how can we imbue T'Challa with that premier intellect WITHOUT violating the canon and history and pinnacle expertise of the other megabrains in Marvel...including all 3 versions of Shuri, starting with RH's Shuri BP, the MCU's ultragenius teenage Shuri, and TurnCoates' "Ancient Future" Shuri [ which I actually like; and please my brethren...let us not speak of the vomitous Star Wars rip off cosmic feces that TurnCoates is writing, now ].

I think that the answer to both accenting how uniquely ultra-brilliant T'Challa himself [ not Maberry Era Wizard Killer T'Challa, not King of the Dead T'Challa, not T'Challa post HSH sippage, no, just pure unaugmented T'Challa ] actually is. I think that we as fans and writers are still bamboozled about T'Challa's ultramegagenius to some extent because imo the distinctions between T'Challa himself, peak human ability as a catchall category, the powers of The Black Panther, the KOTD, and Wizard Killer T'Challa are STILL NOT CLEARLY DEFINED.

Regarding specifically T'Challa's intelligence and how to distinguish him from everyone else? Well...remember the unfettered, boundary breaking, jaw dropping world changing genius of the Lamtuna and Godala [ miscalled Moors ] whom are the literal source and inspiration for The Renaissance and by extension The Academic Decathlon? T'Challa is the ultimate incarnation of that.

Which means? He's either smarter than, as smart as, or in the Top 3 intellects engaged in literally any human endeavor. This allows Tony to still be the best blaster maker, T'Challa is just a superior all around WEAPONS maker because T'Challa himself possesses vastly superior experience and training in every form of weapon Earth has ever seen, conjured or well as a similar advantage regarding every weapon that every EarthLING has ever seen, conjured or imagined.

He is actually better than both Pym and Reed in Biology, he simply doesn't let on that he is.

T'Challa would not be as good as Shuri in the areas of tech that MCU Shuri showed are her bailiwick, but all other areas of tech? T'Challa holds the edge. As Shuri matures? We could even split that. Some areas of tech T'Challa is superior to her, others he is inferior to her, the majority of the rest they are essentially evenly matched...but T'Challa still has the edge in SWIFTER UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION because he has the unanswerable edge of EXPERIENCE over Shuri.

As RH showed, T'Challa would cleanly outperform Doom in every category except for actual magic T'Challa is overall superior to Reed Richards in the IQ department, whereas Doom is overall INFERIOR to Reed in the IQ department.

I think this kind of approach prevents T'Challa from being "overpowered" but at the same time stamps him with a uniquely formidable form of intellect

What do my fellow HEFfas think about T'Challa's intellect, and how it differs from the other Marvel Big Brains?

Chapter Management
Edit Chapter
High Prince and Esteemed Panther, former Ruling Black Panther, Uncle Syan attends to a mission that is part of the plans that T'Challa and The Royals cooked up. And initiates a personal mission that others know nothing about.

Chapter Text
Grey Virginia skies. Soft, pattering droplets falling in thin, shimmering sheets. The clean scent of rain, and loamy earth. The syrupy smell of eucalyptus trees. Perfectly manicured lawns stretching into the grey-green, undulating distance. Here was the silence of the spirits. The quiet of rest from the cares of the living. Here came those whose hearts heard and could not refuse the call of those who have gone Beyond.

He came in person, although he never need do so. Any of his many functionaries could have and would have done an admirable job in his stead.

Yet he came.

He stood...completely the open, and observed the young man standing 200 meters away.

The young man...standing erect, swaddled in a thick black trenchcoat, matching gloves and fedora. The young man was American. African-American, actually. And the young man...thinking he was alone, having fully eluded the prying eyes that were always upon him...made no pretense at camouflage, as he mourned at the grave of his Uncle.

Youth. Its arrogance, brashness, unwisdom; its undying hope and belief in its own infallibility, it's own rectitude, its own invincibility.

Yes, the young man was wrong, but he didn't fault the young man for this. He has easily and repeatedly not only observed most people but maintained the most prying of surveillance upon them...even supercapes...without their knowledge.

Experience cannot be overstated as an advantage. And this advantage is something that he uses in ways that those less experienced than he simply have no chance to overcome.

To his sight, the young man was swaddled in flowing, darkly shimmering colors that wobbled back and forth in tune with the ebb, flow, and intermixture of powerful emotions which he did not allow to disturb the placid surface of his face. The dark topaz shimmer of feelings of self castigation. The glistening chartreuse of regret. The blood red of intense, still-fresh anger. The indigo of grief. Dabs of the smothering grey of despair.

And the shining, fiery yellow of a towering, fierce drive for vengeance and vindication that is fed by all of the foregoing feelings.

The young man's body became swathed in fluted shapes of light as the focus of his mind feelings and spirit changed. Golds. Starfire whites. Pearl greys. Sparkling fuligin.

The young man was praying.

That is when he soundlessly closed the distance between himself and the young man until they were a mere 3 meters apart.

Without any hint that he noted anything amiss, the young man transitioned from deep soulful prayer to savage attack aimed directly at the person observing him.

The cone of graviton force that the young man launched from his left palm...invisible to most but clear as moonfire to his eyes...was impressive, but not the genuine threat. He neutralized that in nanoseconds with his energy matrix. Neither was the young man's tech savvy manifestation of a darkforce vortex which would have sucked him into the grasp of paralyzing interdimensional fetters; although the fetters are a nice touch. The invisible wave of ten million nanocytes neutralizing tech and a decently inclusive array of psi powers that was released simultaneously with the darkforce vortex and used the darkforce attack as cover for its own stealthy simultaneous attack was also inspired.

He neutralized that, too with the same defense that he used to halt the other attacks.

"Thomas," spoke he, " I have not come to attack you."

"Tell that to The X-Men," Thomas retorted. And added a repulsor ray for good measure.

He negated the energy cohesion necessary to maintain the repulsor ray's destructive properties without any effort.

Ahhh. The American supercapes are still stung by the one-sided defeat and beatdown that Shuri handed the X-Men for their invasion of Wakanda during and prior to The Age of Apocalypse. Even by Outworlders' standards, Americans are culturally immature; therefore he expected this. In fact, he knew that this initial hostility had to be expressed the Outworlders say...let Thomas "get it out of his system" before more fruitful communication could begin.

"I knew and was friends with your Uncle. I want to help you avenge him."

Thomas was a very smart young man. The fact that all of Thomas' attacks were almost condescendingly dismissed, combined with the lack of aggression by the man facing him, did not escape Thomas' notice by any means. Thomas wasn't fool enough to lower his Oscillation Fusion Major Matrix defensive shields, but for the nonce? Offensive attacks were halted.

"Clor is destroyed. Vengeance was enacted years ago. You are more than late."

"Or. You have been misinformed by your ever reliable and trustworthy SHIELD employers."

"SHIELD employers who are infinitely more forthcoming and honest than Wakandans are known to be. What does that say about your country?"

"It says that you have not applied logic to your comments. How many Wakandans have you known? One. My nephew. Has my nephew been anything but honorable in his dealings with you, young man?"

"King TChalla the Black Panther has been a role model of mine since childhood, and a major benefactor since the passing of my Uncle. King TChalla has also been the focal point of many international incidents that have outraged the world. King TChalla is consistently highly secretive, manipulative, and ruthless. Unknowable. So yes. Despite the honorable treatment and wonderful help that TChalla has bequeathed to me, my country has excellent reason to still ask: What does the fractious behavior of Wakanda say about your country?"

"I will answer your question, young man, but first. A logic correction. And several questions of my own,juxtaposing your country and mine.

You say that TChalla is highly secretive, manipulative, and ruthless...without ever knowing more personally about the man other than the fact that TChalla reached out to help you when not only nobody else would? Others were actively engaged in retarding your growth as a man and as a scientist. Some of whom were SHIELD agents. And yet you have no qualms about working for men...Nick Fury Sr. and/or Jr....and a woman...Maria Hill...whom you know for a fact to be everything that you accuse TChalla of being, AND they tasked SHIELD agents to spy upon you all the way up to the time they head hunted you for their organization.

So. What does that say about YOUR country?

And to answer your question, young man? What does these things you cite say about MY country of Wakanda?

Young man, it says that we have saved the world...including your country...more times than any of you know, despite the ill eye you cast toward us. It says that despite this ill eye and ill repute, TChalla has been and still is regarded as both noble and trustworthy in the Outworlder supercape community. Despite being simultaneously what you label as "secretive, manipulative, ruthless, unknowable".

What does that say about your country, when your country passes judgement on both a man and a country that they admit to not knowing more about than essentially this:"Wakandans are African, mysterious, the leading light in human history, saved us thousands of times over the last ten thousand years, and not only didn't destroy us but saved us dozens of more times AFTER we tried to invade them with mech-zombies?"

It says that my country has the military technological and other supreme advantages that allow us to repel attacks from extraterrestrial and terrestrial invaders for at least ten millennia,and still have the spiritual refinement and cultural maturity to not simply takeover the world and prevent other countries from developing their own sovereignty...despite their repeated attempts at aggression upon us. It says that we have consistently not initiated hostilities with countries that we could severely punish and outright vaporize, despite when your SHIELD sent mech-zombies to invade us under cover of assistance for Wakanda. It says that we decided not to eradicate Europe prior to its feudal era, or at any other time. Including right now and the future. Which we could easily do at our leisure; without consequences of any genuine kind. It says that we decided not to eradicate America for its continued destruction of the world's ecosphere and barbaric activities like dropping nuclear and plutonium based weapons on Japan. It says that my country displayed infinitely more humanity than your country would display toward us when we elected not to wipe the European powers from this Earth for their barbaric chattel slavery. Thus preempting their next barbarity against the Jews, Irish, Hindus, Chinese and others.

It says that despite all of this, I...a here in a land that has set outrages uncounted upon millions of my brethren, seeking to help a young man who only moments ago attacked me without provocation by me. And I am still offering not only the proverbial olive branch of peace but never swerved from my desire to help this young man; when I am not choiceless in this matter.

It says that my country has been provoked many times more than America and Europe has been, and still has slain many times less people than America has when America has faced far, far less provocation.

It says that SHIELD has done many more things to earn your suspicion than have I. Else you wouldn't be out here visiting the cemetery while using heavy tech to prevent SHIELD from tracking you and knowing your location."

"How did you find me?" Thomas asked at last.

"I am Syan, High Prince of Wakanda, Esteemed and Elder Panther. I can find pretty much anyone that I will."

"That is not an answer to my question, High Prince."

"Yes it is, Thomas. You are simply too young to recognize this fact." Pause. Gauge the young man's reaction. The young man has strong character.

"You said that you have information about Clor, High Prince."

"No, I said that I have information regarding the murderer of your uncle."

"Clor murdered my uncle."

"Clor was a tool. Like a gun. If a man shot another man, do we punish the gun or do we punish the man who used the gun?"

"Tony Starks created Clor."

"Yes, but the truth is a bit more complicated than that."

"And how do you know this truth, High Prince?"

"Because I am secretive, manipulative, ruthless, and unknowable."


Thomas Foster, the new Goliath...nephew of Bill Foster, the original Black Goliath...hadn't experienced a true laugh untainted by sorrow, regret, self recrimination and remorse for years. This laugh? Broke that mold. He needed this laugh. His very soul seemed more cleansed by this laugh.

"Let us talk in more appropriate settings, Thomas." Syan gestured toward the impressive Wakandan vehicle disguised as black SUV which uncloaked beside him.

Thomas immediately used his impressive tech to scan the vehicle. "You let me scan your vehicle,High Prince." Not a question.


"I found nothing alarming, but that may be a ruse to get me to get in your Wakanda-mobile."

"If I intended you harm, I could have dispensed such hostilities right here. In an empty graveyard without witnesses. Rather than bring you within arm's reach, magnifying the danger to me and magnifying the certainty that our conflict would mar the interior of a you called it...'Wakanda-mobile.' "

"Who's the girl? Not the ones with the spears. The really young girl."

"Lunella Lafayette."

"Isn't she--?"


"I read that she is the smartest person on Earth. Smarter than T'Challa. Smarter than Shuri."

"You should know better than to believe yellow journalism."

"That data came from a SHIELD file, not The Daily Bugle when J. Jonah Jameson was leading it," Thomas specified. Then he mused quietly to himself: " I always wanted to meet her."

"Yellow journalism," The High Prince and Esteemed Panther of Wakanda repeated. "And Lunella is sitting in this vehicle not 8 meters from you."

"Hello, Lunella!" Thomas said as he entered the Wakandan SUV.

"Hi Thomas! I always wanted to meet you, too! Do you know where we're going?" Lunella bubbled brightly at Thomas.

"Lessee. Dora Milaje. You. High Prince Fancy Pants. Me. So we're going to see...Jarvis."

Lunella turns to High Prince Fancy Pants. "He did that with very little clues!" she liked it. Then she gave Syan the side eye. "It wasn't yellow journalism."


Sabertooth stalked the verdant emerald jungle with such matchless feral grace and silence, that he disturbed not the chorusing jungle birds. He disturbed not the hunting python as it slithered across the top of one of his taloned feet, as it searched for its morning meal. He moved with such amazing grace that he disturbed not the exceptionally foul tempered Wakandan Pomboo [ "Honey Badger" ], known for millenia for its legendary ferocity and infinitely cantankerous temperament far more irascible than that of the "ordinary" and already foul tempered territorial wolverine of other lands. After expertly and warily scenting, examining, tasting the very air and casting about, Sabertooth entered the narrow waterway of a small river wending its way through the jungle. He caused not a single ripple. Disturbed not a single fish flitting to and fro, up and down in schools that looked like living multichromatic light in the refracting blue and silver crystal depths of Wakanda's rivers and lakes. Drew attention from not a single crocodile hunting the verdant, teeming, picaresque river shores; despite passing within a finger's breadth of four of them. Wary as the prehistoric beast from which he derived his name, Sabertooth did not just scent the atmosphere about him...he immersed himself and merged with the Natural World. He could see each flap of a nearby hummingbird's wings. He could taste the process of photosynthesis of the nearest clump of jungle trees on this far side of the river bank. He could leap aside as suddenly as the prehistoric predator from which he drew his name as an invisible, soundless, scentless force bolt flashed down upon the space his skull occupied fractions of a second ago.

The force bolt surged into the loamy earth, yet not only did no damage to the land itself...but the green grass blades stood all the taller and all the more densely after the force bolt hit. A new flower...already in the beginning stages of blooming...turned its fresh face for the first time to the golden glory of the sun. The force bolt would have probably killed Sabertooth with even a glancing strike, yet its energy matrix was crafted and calibrated with such superb care for the natural world that it actually enhanced the life energies of Nature.

Only one nation in the history of Earth regularly employed such incredible, innovative technologies and energies: Wakanda.

The second force bolt did not follow hard upon the first...a first in Sabertooth's long and cruel experience. In every preceding instance in Sabertooth's life, there were next to none who dared to hunt him. Only one...Logan...consistently survived such an experience. At all costs, any and all who hunted Sabertooth NEVER allowed him to regain or equalize the initiative once they seized it, because all knew that allowing a creature such as Sabertooth to retaliate against any being or beings that ever threatened him almost invariably ended in the horrific deaths of said being or beings at Sabertooth's merciless claws.

This assailant did not press his/her/their/its advantage. For this failure, Sabertooth resolved to rip out the entrails of his hunter and make them watch him devour their guts before they died.

"Victor Creed. You have some skills that Lady Bullseye does not possess," the firm, strong, feminine voice stated. "Logan was right about you."

Sabertooth scanned the environment about him with his hyperacute senses ratcheted up to the highest levels of sensitivity he could muster. He heard each individual beat of a humming bird's wings. He could smell the photosynthetic activity of the greenery around him. He could see and discern individual identifying characteristics of each bit of pollen on the legs of bees buzzing lazily by him. He could taste each mote of dust in the air nearest him. He could feel the organic processes of life under the bark of trees ten feet away. But of his assailant? He found nothing.

"Another Wakandan?" Sabertooth noted the unique musical lilt of the accented English the disembodied voice spoke with flawless diction; and huffed with huge disdain. " I killed two of your best, last time I was here. Ripped their throats out. Made them watch as I lapped their blood off of my claws as they lay dying. And was about to off yer King when that runt Logan and that lightning bitch Ororo interfered."

With the condescending insufferable arrogance that Wakandans are internationally known for, the disembodied voice replied:

"You killed no one. You were provided the opportunity to escape and assault two LMD's...Life Model part of what you Outworlders would call a 'high school experiment' cataloging your low intellect, and your mutant abilities. You resoundingly confirmed our low opinions of you, in every regard." The voice paused, letting the significance of the statement sink in. Sabertooth was a mortal threat to practically any organization worldwide, and always amongst the Most Wanted criminals and assassins the world has ever known. yet to Wakandans? He qualified only as a "high school experiment". 

The disembodied voice continued, its insufferable arrogance and condescending tone never wavering. "You never. Ever. Menaced our King. Luckily for you, he was engaged in other matters of more import...else he would have killed you out of hand. As part of my training, I observed chronospatial data showing that in the House of M alternate reality, you made the stupid mistake of attempting to assault our King. For which he easily, dismissively and summarily beheaded you. With your own sword.

In fact, I would not have been tasked to sully myself with your repulsive presence...the Wakandan Guard is far more than capable of handling the likes of you...were it not for the fact that I was nearest to you at this moment. Thus was I tasked with delivering this message to you:

You will take your friend Lady Bullseye and yourself out of Wakanda immediately. Or I will execute you."

"Ha!" Sabertooth roared. "You couldn't hurt me if you trie--"

There came not a series of blows but one multipronged assault, savvily striking nerve points in Sabertooth's superhumanly powerful and muscular upper torso pelvic girdle and lower torso at the same time. Sabertooth vibrated with a pain so intense that he couldn't even formulate a thought. He hit the ground and felt his muscles spasm contort coil tight and explode to full length tautness dozens of times per second. His fangs gnashed and gnoshed upon his tongue and inner cheek meat, making them into bloody hamburger. He clouted his head against the unyielding earth and trees with all of his great strength two dozen times per second. His spine howled with pain like a live thing, and flexed so powerfully against his body that it seemed on the verge of tearing itself from his flesh and freeing itself from his brain.

"Your healing factor will not save you," the strong feminine disembodied voice continued, without an ounce of concern. "You managed to dodge the invisible force bolt fired upon you, but you missed entirely the fact that the force bolt was a tactic employed to move you onto a Phased Inhibitor Field which promptly bereft you of your mutant healing power."

A single, acutely accurate throw of a rock hit several nerve ganglia in an arcane sequence. Sabertooth wheezed-growled-shuddered...then vomited blood his own flesh and undigested the convulsions subsided to a mere twitch and then halted entirely within thirty seconds.

With the same erudite tone as a professor lecturing on a college campus, the strong feminine disembodied voice stated: "The next blow will be fatal. Unless you agree to undertake the mission you are charged with: You and Lady Bullseye are to leave immediately. Inform your less scientific and more nefarious employers that you have failed. Inform them that they are never to have any part of any attempt to assail Wakanda again. Else we will utterly slay them all.

Do you agree to engage in this undertaking?"

Drooling vomit and snot, Sabertooth nodded once. As best as he could. Even as his mind was aflame with the unquenchable desire to rend his tormentor apart and savor the taste of her blood. He knew that he would find her again. If it took him centuries, he would find her and nothing would save her from him.

But today he was going to carry Lady Bullseye to their employers.




By Eric Francisco on February 14, 2018
Filed Under Entertainment, Marvel Comics & Marvel Movies
T’Challa may be the hero of Marvel’s Black Panther, but everyone is talking about Shuri. In a new interview, the man who created Shuri in the Black Panther comics reveals why he gave the King of Wakanda a younger sister, who he says was always going to take over as Black Panther at some point.

On Tuesday, former BET entertainment president and comic book writer Reginald Hudlin told Vulture why he came up with Shuri during his time writing Black Panther for Marvel Comics. For starters, it made sense that royalty would not have just produce one offspring. “It just seemed for me that, again, when you’re royalty, you’re not just gonna have one kid. You gotta have an heir and a spare, right?” Hudlin told Vulture.

Hudlin’s reasons didn’t stop there. As a father to a son as well as a daughter, Hudlin knew the power of gender representation. He also knew Shuri was going to take over for T’Challa as the Black Panther from the start.

Article continues below

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“I wanted everyone who read the book to be empowered. I wanted girls who read the book to feel as empowered as boys. So, I wanted her to be smart and tough and brave and everything you think of as a Black Panther, so that eventually she would be a Black Panther as well. Basically, I wanted a Halloween costume for my son and my daughter.”

Black Panther Shuri
Shuri, during her time as the Black Panther in Marvel Comics.
In a relaunch of Hudlin’s run in 2009, T’Challa was beaten out of the mantle of Black Panther (it’s a long story) and replaced by his sister, Shuri. Shuri served as the Black Panther of Wakanda for several years, until once again her and her brother’s roles were reversed. At the beginning of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s run on the comics in 2016, T’Challa is seeking a way to revive Shuri, who is suspended in animation waiting to be healed.

In Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, Letita Wright plays Shuri, portraying a somewhat younger and more energetic version of Shuri than Hudlin imagined in the comics. But just like the comics, Shuri is an engineering genius boosted by Wakanda’s near-endless supply of Vibranium resources. In the film, Shuri alone perfected Wakanda’s public transportation while also upgrading T’Challa’s Black Panther suit with unbelievable features. She also loves internet memes, but you’ll see that soon enough.

Marvel’s Black Panther will hit theaters on February 16.

Photos via Marvel Entertainment

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Just a snippet of what I wrote, years ago. We begin already in the midst of the encounter between T'Challa and Hercules

"...or we could settle this via trial by combat," Hercules finished for TChalla." Brother TChalla. Truly you are courageous and formidable, which you have just proved yet again. No mortal. And no other. Has met and defeated the incredible warrior you have just bested prior to meeting me.

However. No matter how elated you may be from such a glorious win over such a worthy opponent, you have ever been amongst the very keenest of minds. Even at your worst, you have never been a fool, or suicidal. Wakanda is not a land where the suicidal or the fools are born. Nor is it a land that fools can survive.

Challenging the Son of Zeus is a fool's mission, certain suicide; doomed to the most heinous of failures. Ne'er would I have believed any tale that you uttered such folly, were I not here to hear such myself.

 I am the Prince of Power, Brother TChalla. I am beyond your ability to defeat. You know this, whatever you may say to yourself; whatever you may say to others or allow others to think."

"Brother Hercules. You could not possibly believe that, upon request, I would relinquish The Heart and The Hammer after having gone through such great lengths to acquire and retain them. You must know...whatever you told someone else. Like Athena, for instance...That such prizes would have to be wrest from my hands. Therefore, Brother Hercules, before you came here you knew that you would have to wrest these items from me. And that is precisely what you have set your mind upon. Wresting from me that which I will not willingly relinquish.

Perhaps you made this decision to prevent the Heart and Hammer from falling into the clutches of others whom you may have good reason to believe have their eyes on these items and have, in your opinion, the power to wrest them from me. The clutches of someone like..."

"...perhaps Hades," Hercules supplied. His incredibly deep, compelling bass voice rumbling with a power that could punch a hole in a mountain." Or Persephone. She has long treasured The Heart, for herself alone. Any of the Theoni Khthonioi would lust for it with a hunger beyond mortal ken to comprehend. Perhaps even..."

"...Athena." TChalla shrewdly interjected.

There was a brief moment of silence, as each Brother gazed upon the other, and calculations were calibrated and recalibrated.

" Therefore," TChalla continued, " you have taken the task of protecting these items upon yourself. And in the process, save your younger Brother and the thousands of mortals of Wakanda and elsewhere who would leap to his defense from a certain and gruesomely horrifying death at the hands of not just their betters. You believe you save us from the unanswerable wrath of Gods like yourself."

Another calculating pause. And then Hercules replies: "I am seeking to help you, younger Brother. You are involving yourself in the affairs of Gods. Men are not capable of understanding. Or surviving. The affairs of Gods. Relinquish this dreadful burden. I will repair with these items to a mighty Vault which Zeus himself has enspelled. It is proof from all violation, all malice, all villainy, all mishap. What Zeus...mighty Zeus...wrought is more powerful and safer by far than any place you may secrete or store these artifacts in Wakanda, however doughty the defenses you erect are.'

'As I recall, Gods are who brought this calamity down upon us all in the first place. " TChalla reminds Hercules.

"Tis sooth! Therefore it falls to we, the Gods...not rectify our mistake." Hercules passionately enjoins.

"Perhaps tis time for we, the Wakandans, to save the Gods from themselves. By removing these items from the grasp of all beings. Gods and mortals alike. We have never failed to meet whatever threat or threats with prompt and proper action. We are prepared to successfully dispense with these matters as well."

"Hubris, Brother TChalla. Hubris. You reek of it. I recognize its sweet vapors,for hubris is the rum I have sipped upon and come to learn more than a little something about over the many millennia of my life. In fact, TChalla, I know much more about this than even you. Despite your nigh peerless intellect. And you are awash in hubris, younger Brother. Drunk with it. As evidenced by your current decision making, you are too inebriated with hubris to make the kinds of cold, calculated, brilliantly flawless decisions that you are justly known for."

"I am somewhat well versed regarding the sins of hubris," TChalla commented impassively. "And I disagree with your assessment. I will not relinquish the Heart and Hammer."

"You know not what perils you court, Brother TChalla." Hercules warns. "These items are vaunted by virtually all creatures of the cosmos. Creatures beyond your ken. The Celestials seek these artifacts. Lord Chaos. Master Order. The Mapmakers..."

"...and even beings like The Black Priests, and Annihilus would seek these artifacts. I am aware, Brother Hercules. Even heroic Hercules seeks these artifacts, for his own agenda. An agenda which is heroic and noble...but which I do not see as superseding my own.  And I am prepared to deal with all threats that come."

"What mean you by this agenda that you ascribe to me, TChalla?" Hercules' voice held the beginnings of the terrifying wrath that leveled many cities and spawned hundreds of legends.

TChalla replies: "How came you to this spot, Hercules? At this time? On this day? Expecting to meet me? Aware of my possession of The Heart and Hammer, when I informed no one save a mere handful of preselected others who DID NOT include you?"

Hercules lapsed into silence.

"That agenda, Brother Hercules. The agenda that keeps you silent, now, when you should be talking. If you were without an agenda."

"What stops me from simply taking them from you, younger Brother? Ah. Your vaunted Wakandan technology and resources."


"You would use something other than your technology and resources? Magic, perhaps? An interesting option; but you are well aware that I have done more than well against wizards and sorcerers much more powerful than you are, Brother TChalla."

"No, Brother Hercules. As you are well aware, I mean that I will not use my technology or other resources against you in the contest that I propose..."

"I note that you did not deny that you are a wizard or sorcerer, Brother TChalla..."

"...The contest that I propose is simple. I. TChalla son of TChaka. Without my tech. No support from my near limitless Wakandan resources. And you, Hercules. Prince of Power. Lion of Olympus. Son of Zeus. Engage in a contest of combat, of honor to determine who on this day is the more worthy warrior. The winner receives The Heart and The Hammer. Our personal friendship and our treaty between Olympus and Wakanda remain inviolate."

"..nor did you confirm that you are a wizard or sorcerer. So in classic TChalla fashion, you have managed to not say quite a lot while leaving the rest of pretty much everything else cloaked in shadow. You relentlessly cultivate whatever your mysterious agenda is while simultaneously emulating being engaged in a bilateral conversation." Hercules mused aloud.


"Oh, yes. Your honorable combat suggestion. TChalla. Because of the esteem that I hold for you...and because of the great concern I hold for your survival... I know that you cannot mean what you are suggesting. We both know that a single blow from me even at a fraction of my awe inspiring, legend building strength is sufficient to deprive you of life. I would not be the cause for Wakanda's loss of her King."

"If you land." TChalla replied, with imperturbable calm.

"Therefore, even were I to entertain your plan to essentially court suicide via combat by me, I would never unfurl more than a twenty thousandth of my mind boggling power. In this way I ensure your continued existence."

"I propose a contest not to the death, Elder Shield  Brother Hercules, but rather a contest that places the victor as the first to land a blow, hold, throw, displacement, push,  pinion, strangle, choke, lock, sweep...any hand to hand blow tactic skill etc. or combination or series of the preceding, in order to land an uncontestably clean, clear, obvious, focused but near fatal technique that causes no damage upon the recipient of said technique. This technique is so clearly a fatal or near fatal technique that the only reason the recipient of such a technique still lives and/or remains conscious, is because the warrior executing said technique does not wish to inflict fatal harm upon the recipient of the technique. The honor of the recipient of such a technique by the victor will compel him to admit defeat, on this day. The victor may then decide the fate of The Hammer and The Heart. What say you, Son of Zeus?"

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Four of Black Panther's most iconic creators are reuniting with the character for a new Black Panther Annual #1 coming out this February. Don McGregor, Christopher Priest, Reggie Hudlin, and Ken Lashley are working on stories for the anthology - along with Daniel Acuna and several more artists to be named later.

"I had wanted to do this opening sequence for years, but hadn’t determined how to pull it off," McGregor told Newsarama of his new story. "But I figured out a way to do it, and do something that focuses emotionally on T’Challa and the people around him – some of them being characters readers liked back when I was writing Black Panther regularly. This turned into what I’m calling 'Panther’s Heart,' with Wakanda’s heart-shaped herb being one of the meanings for the title of the story. But for the story itself, I go into more detail about the heart-shaped herbs and how they’re used."

Here is the solicitation for that issue - and look for Marvel's full February 2018 solicits later this month at Newsarama.

Credit: Daniel Acuna (Marvel Comics)
Three legendary BLACK PANTHER writers return to Wakanda! Don McGregor’s famous storyline “The Panther’s Rage” has become one of the most well-respected runs in comic book history. Now, the author who redefined Wakanda for a generation is back to expand the mythos! Bearing the heart-shaped herb that defines the Panther legacy, King T’Challa leaves his beloved country for a heart-wrenching mission in the streets of New York. Then: For half a decade, comics legend Christopher Priest made his mark on the Panther. The acclaimed writer returns with an all-new story – and with it, of course, U.S. State Department employee Everett K. Ross! And finally, no Panther history would be complete without Reggie Hudlin, author of more than 50 Black Panther stories, including the famed “Who Is The Black Panther?” Don’t miss the sequel to his “Black to the Future” story, featuring original artist Ken Lashley!




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At the very moment that Dr. Ithobo is offering The Azanians a chance to surrender, The SuperMercs are entering a cunningly selected and beautiful Barrow, faintly lit from without and within by diffused light. Its natural unworked walls seemed to be truly crafted of mated shadow and natural rock. The beautiful rock walls were occasionally lit from within by strobing, mysterious dim gloamings emanating from serpentine vines and unnamed, meandering mineral veins that striped the rock like uncoiling, writhing arteries. This kind of vine, rock and stone are unique to Wakanda, for the life juices of this vine are an admixture of Earth magic and a unique brand of radiation older than almost all life that ever lived upon or visited Earth. This same Earth magic naturally shielded the Barrow they entered from detection by most means; including psionics, magic and ka.

"It was hard work," Lady Bullseye notes, "but The Red Ghost's tech is as good as advertised. Let us pass undetected by the nonstop patrols and tech sweeps of Wakanda's Border Guards."

"Your ex-boss Wilson Fisk and Dr. freakin Doom thought they had the drop on Wakanda before," Omega Red stated brusquely. "Look what happened to them."

Omega Red spared a quick glare at everyone ,a glare that said that he didn't think that any of them were even as worthy as the animal dung they passed in the jungle'd up border to get here...including the simpering Wakandan captive, their ace in the hole. He was the senior executive assistant to the Wakandan National Bank,and after extensive torture he reluctantly gave them a portion of what they desired. The only reason he wasn't shot to death right now is because he could be worth something as a hostage if anything went south.

And then he noted the bone formation to his left. This bone formation was so slight...especially in the smothering, encompassing dark of the grave that choked every inch of this barrow...that usually only some form of enhanced vision like his enhanced mutant sight could have hoped to pick it up.

Lady her credit...speedily espied the bone formation as well.

"It's not human..." she said. "Is it a form of..?"

"Not animal," Omega Red stated with utter confidence. "Not human. Or mutant. It's...something else. Probably extraterrestrial in origin. Perhaps mutated. High Evolutionary style. "

Omega Red stood up from the crouch he assumed to examine the bones.

" Everybody keep your eyes open." Omega Red admonished them. "Getcha courage up. Dig deep in your balls and Fallopian Tubes for whatcha need. Don't get twitchy or cocky.


"Rear guard clear and clean. Wakandan Border Patroller two miles away, heading toward us. ETA 4 minutes and under. Let's get this thing f*ckin done and let's go." The Paladin replied.

"If they get within a mile, cue Sabertooth to kill them all." Omega Red orders The Paladin. "Initializer activation..." Omega Red takes a silvery blue disc with strange carvings and a beautiful but foreboding gleam to it. "!"

Omega Red touched a strange glyph on the rune covered silvery blue disc he was given.

Immediately a sinister eccrue stream of glory laced with a cold blue strobing light spiraled into existence, somehow simultaneously banishing and thickening the shadows within the barrow. This sinister spiraling eccrue and azure eldritchfire swiftly sparked spangled coalesced and glittered into a single cruel shaft of light splitting the center of the barrow from shadow choked roof to unhewn floor. Although the maliciously dazzling, bone white column of brilliance was steady and unwavering, the shadows it spawned somehow...impossibly...flickered cavorted shifted leaped slid and shuddered as if being lashed by an entirely different light source.

Omega Red suspected that these shadows were both alive and hungering. Gathering around him and the 3 people in the barrow with him like predators anticipating the blood harvest of its prey.

If so? They'd find out the hard f*ckin way that the only f*ckin predator in this sh*tfest of a barrow was Omega muthaf*ckemdead Red.

"We did our part," Omega snapped at the light. "Where's our cargo?"

A thickly accented, snarling voice that sounded more animal than one of The Red Ghost's supersmart simians...hissed a slavering reply.

"Fools! You did not follow the plan! You will not get your cargo!"

The utter contempt and scathing disrespect so heavily apparent in the voice's tone prompted Omega Red...the truly level headed and talented reply:

"Give us the cargo, we give you the money...or I hunt you down and rip yer f*ckin heart out and make you watch me take a sh*t on it! Then I'll force feed your corpse your sh*tty heart! And f*ck your light show! Dazzler is a hundred times better than you!"

The Paladin chimes in over the secure commlinks:"Wakandan Forces 1.8 miles and closing."

"Cue Sabertooth. 1 mile and in death zone." Omega Red promptly responded."Option Beta activated." Omega Red already palmed The Initializer, ending his connection with the voice. No matter. He was going to find the voice and do exactly what he promised to it.

"Option Beta activated." The Paladin replied.

"Option Beta activated," Lady Bullseye chimed in simultaneously. Within moments, she herded her captive quickly and efficiently out of the barrow and into the jungle perimeter where she promptly disappeared, precisely as her part of Option Beta required.

Whatever his shortcomings were as a diplomat? Omega Red was a brutally expert and feared killer, very seasoned and skillful soldier and talented small unit commander.

The Red Ghost's advanced tech had done its job yet again, triangling down to the millimeter the location of the energy signature of The Voice. The exact location on the screen said The Voice was located precisely...

...up Omega Red's ass?

"Yeah that was my idea," a deep, nearly baritone voice said. Omega Red looked about him as he quickly and professionally exited the barrow. Deadly energy rifle executing professional sweeps and arcs, missing nothing in the vicinity.

Right away he noted that The Paladin was visible, which wasn't good. In order for The Paladin in Sniper Mode to be visible, that means his holographic camoflauge armor[ which presented the illusion that he was invisible and perfectly melded into the background of whatever environment he's in ] had been detected and deactivated. Without his consent.

And there he was. On the ground. Arms akimbo. At his sniper perch. Clearly either unconscious or dead.

The Paladin was supposed to provide cover for first Lady Bullseye until she got to the jungle perimeter. Then Lady Bullseye would provide cover for The Paladin as he shifted his focus to providing cover for Omega Red's exit from the barrow. Omega Red would provide cover for Lady Bullseye as he exited the barrow until Omega Red reached the his Option B position. Then together all 3 would provide cover for The Paladin as The Paladin retreated to his Option B position
The Paladin and probably Lady Bullseye were probably taken out, already.

"That whole 'up Omega Red's ass' thing?" That voice continued. Omega Red began to identify elements of the voice. American. Black American. Seasoned. Used to giving and taking commands. Confident. Used to overcoming adversities.

"That was me. That was pretty funny, right? Yeah, thought so. I figured you'd appreciate it, because you were really funny with that whole 'rip out your heart and make you watch me take a sh*t on it' thing."

Omega Red cleared the barrow and quickly scanned the area. and found the person speaking to him was a powerfully muscled, tall large intimidating African warrior decked out in stylish, forbidding ebony ultra tech body armor. The armor was complimented with matching stygian hi tech helmet, glimmering body shield, and a variety of badass weapons of a seriously violent looking high tech nature.

This warrior appeared at a spot that was unoccupied merely a fraction of a second ago.

"My name's Battlestar. We've been monitoring you guys every step of your journey. Your guy in the barrow who answered your Initializer? Was right. You DIDN'T follow the plan. You thought your tech was secure. But we passed your tech many thousands of years ago."

"Bullsh*t...'Up The Ass' Man. The tech we got is top notch, from a guy who met your Kitty King and ran circles around him a few years ago..." snapped Omega Red.

"The tech you got is from The Red Ghost. His tech...when compared to ours...isn't even worth the energy to use as adult diapers. Our King allowed your Red Ghost to escape, and sent us to track him. We know every bit of your operation, and we're dismantling it. That's why I am here now, having this wonderful interview with you. There is no place and no tech on Earth that we can't outmatch overwhelm outperfrom break into, etc.

So Barrow Boy told you, Omega Red: you DIDN'T follow the plan. Not your fault, though. There is only one plan when it comes to Wakanda.

SEE WAKANDA AND DIE. So don't eff with Wakanda. That's the only plan there is that actually works. "

Keep this asswipe Battlestar talking, thought Omega Red.

"Doc Doom kicked your Wakandan asses." Omega Red sneered.

Battlestar smoothly parried and riposted with: "He did such a good job of kicking our asses? That we encased him in a coffin of inert vibranium in front of the whole world. While he was kicking the crap out of the rest of the world, the one country that Outworlders keep claiming he beat--Wakanda--publicly stomped him with the flick of a switch.
"Fish boy Namor f*ckin drowned your asses!"

"You ever wonder how Namor could throw a tidal wave at Wakanda..and no other country... when we're NOT located near the ocean, and there are a half dozen countries between the ocean and us? How did those countries NOT get touched by Namor's tidal wave and we did? You ever ask yourself that question? Your bosses ever ask themselves that question?

Here you are in Wakanda, which is dry, undrowned and undamaged.And here I am in Wakanda, dry undrowned undamaged and not worried about your 'Keep the Black guy talking' tactic. How you like THEM clapbacks I just gave you?

You figure out why I'm not worried about your ' Keep the Black guy talking' tactic, yet?"

Omega Red may be a lot of undesirable things, but stupid isn't one of them. He had indeed wondered about those very questions, and it sure didn't take him long to realize that Battlestar wasn't worried about Omega's tactic of keeping Battlestar talking because Battlestar was already successfully using the very ploy on Omega Red that Omega Red was trying to use on Battlestar.

"I see you activating the Team Alert transponder that you have. They can't answer. They've all been neutralized. Which you already suspected when you saw The Paladin stretched out like he is. Our Agayu Arachnid Adept neutralized The Paladin, Lady Bullseye and Mystique.

Your face expressions is going: "Wtf is a Agayu Arachnid Adept?!"

S'okay 'cause I never heard of that mess either, til I got here.

Okay. Basically? Take a person who is as adept with poisons, killing blows, and assassination skills as Moondragon is adept with psionics. Stack on top of that elite Black Widow training...which is really a massive step down from what she already has, but it's useful at times. Add onto that a bunch of deep mystic training and spiritual abilities. Our Agayu Arachnid Adept is a woman and she was mildly interested in the idea of meeting your Lady Bullseye. Our Adept wanted to know if your Lady Bullseye was as stupid as her friend Natasha...that's the Avengers' world famous Black Widow...said she was. She also wanted to witness Lady Bullseye's skills up close and personal. Before, you know, beating her brains out.

Judging by how quickly our Adept mopped your crew? She was right to be underwhelmed by anything that any of you have or can do.

And...yes. We know Mystique's been impersonating the male Executive Assistant to our female Wakandan National Bank President. We also know that our Executive Assistant is dead, because he willingly sacrificed his life as the true Wakandan hero he was rather than partake in any part of your ill thought out plans to invade Wakanda. Did you really think that we couldn't see through Mystique's attempted deception of us? Not surprising. The Skrulls thought they could pull off thee ole switcheroo, too. Those bones you found in the Barrow? That's all that's left of the Skrull invaders who came and died in this area.

And yes...I already successfully distracted you with my chatter. Your team? They're all gone. Including your auxiliary regular troops and The Azanians."

"So why the f*ck are you still talking, nigger?" Omega Red challenged.

"Ooooo," Battlestar shivered in faux terror, "Not the lack of imaginative use of the N-bomb! Oh nooo! Anything but that!"



D'Ciggs [ half brother of TChalla and leader of the Kifalme Shujaa Heshima, the Royal Warriors of Honor whom the West stupidly miscalls "The Black Musketeers" ] and the KSH begin to execute their critical part in TChalla's intricate plan...presaging the return of a powerful ,allegedly long dead foe far more lethal than Killmonger has ever been.
Chapter Text

The Azanian Supremacists never heard of or saw the lone Wakandan before he simply and brazenly appears in the center of their camp in Mohannda; a camp they strategically placed near to where the SuperMercs were to exit The Disputed Zone with Wakanda. They didn't expect any genuine problem with this operation, and were already prepared to airlift the precious cargo they were woefully stupid enough to think that they'd acquire.

"Azanian Supremacists," this lone, armored Wakandan called to the startled group of superhumans that fancied themselves to be his enemies. "I am Dr. Ithobo, a member of the elite Kifalme Shujaa Heshima...The Royal Warriors of Honor. I am offering you the opportunity to completely surrender to me, and survive."

The leader of the Supremacists...The White Avenger...swiftly rallied his team.

"Barricade, seize our unwanted guest. Harrier, Voortrekker, check the immediate environs for more idiot niggers like this one who might be cowering in the vicinity."

Harrier cybernetically triggered his supersuit and it flared into energy and life, glimmering like a tiny star aborning. He leaped soundlessly into the sky, leaving a wake of streaking violet white and blue light as he flashed into the air like a jet fighter climbing into the skylanes.

Voortrekker slid with smooth clean professional skill into the jungle dark, melding into the wild without a sound or clue that he was ever with the other Supremacists.

"White Avenger," Barricade's basso profundo voice rolled across the small clearing as he moved with bellicose visage and intent of great violence upon the comparatively slight Dr. Ithobo. "How did this monkey come upon us without your knowledge?"

And then Barricade would have fastened one massive, superstrong hand in what would have literally been a bone crushing grip upon Dr. Ithobo's right deltoid.

Would have been.

Dr. Ithobo simply and effortlessly eluded the lumbering grasp of Barricade with marginal movement. An elegant pirouette cleverly executed at Barricade's ankle height which rolled him to Barricade's back. To Barricade, it appeared as if the Dr. had literally disappeared then reappeared. Teleportation, maybe. Or invisibility. A super power.

Dr. Ithobo fixed Barricade with an impassive, but somehow menacing glare. And Dr. Ithobo intoned with a dreaded, lethal serenity:

"The coronary ligament, the triangular ligaments, and the falciform ligament will shatter with less than ten pounds of force applied at the right angle of impact, skillful targeting and harmful intent."

Barricade had nooo idea what Dr. Ithobo was talking about. That...combined with his uncertainty about whether or not Dr. Ithobo exhibited a superpower while avoiding his first lumbering grasp...froze Barricade in place.

The White Avenger...superhumanly strong, senses superhumanly acute...turned like a rabid white wolf upon the Captain of the Mohanndan platoon sent to be essentially their lackeys. "Send four smalls to each cardinal scour the land for a kilometer radius."

"There is no member of his inferior race that can come upon me unawares,"The White Avenger answered to Barricade as he gestured toward the impassive Dr. Ithobo when he mentioned "inferior race", "thus White superpowered groups must be in the vicinity. That is why we are preparing for the worst."

The White Avenger than turned his attention back to the Captain of the Monanndan platoon sent to accompany them. "You will certainly see evidence of the presence or imminent arrival of The Avengers or The Fantastic Four or England's superteam, any of the X-teams or any of the most elite supercapes in the world. Who are all White, like us. Only superhuman Whites have a chance to PERHAPS slink passed my ever keen senses."

Dr. Ithobo tried not to roll his eyes. Failed.

"White Avenger," the erudite Dr. Ithobo calmly explained, "I am alone. There is no one with me. I need no such accompaniment."

Captain Bokim...the ranking officer of the Mohanndan contingent...did as he was ordered by The White Avenger. He recognized Dr. Ithobo right away, and was distinctly unenthused at the prospect of getting on the wrong side of any Royal Wakandan.

As soon as he was done doing what The White Avenger ordered him to do, he ventured [ from a safe distance from The White Avenger, who'd been known to murder Blacks for no reason whatsoever ] to confirm what Dr. Ithobo stated.

"Sir! My troops could find no evidence of hostiles," Captain Bokim said with a salute.

"Your failure to find anything at all means nothing. You subhumans are incapable of competence," The White Avenger scathingly replied. "Even your capacity to speak is a result of the White Race's great intelligence, forebearance ability and willingness to teach monkeys to sign and mimic the language of true White humanity. Remain silent."

Dr. Ithobo noted that Captain Bokim carefully stopped his growing desire to kill all of the Supremacists from shining in his eyes, as he humbly averted his face and bowed to The White Avenger. Then retired.

"I recognize this subhuman," Barricade said as he glared contempt and homicide down upon Dr. Ithobo. "He IS one of the lackeys of The Black Panther."

"I recognized it right away," The White Avenger replied."It is what it said it is. A...'Doctor"... Ithobo. As if these creatures possessed the intellectual acumen to be anything other than grunting witch doctors." The White Avenger harrumphed. "It is clearly suicidal. It has by its own account come to us alone when we nearly defeated its greatest champion, TChalla the Black Panther, when we were younger, less experienced, less powerful, and less accomplished than we are now. In point of fact, we would have slain this ridiculous Black Panther outright if not for the intervention of some powerful mystic entity controlled by the likes of a Doctor Strange or perhaps Baron Mordo.

Once we determine that this subhuman is alone, we will decapitate it and send it to The Black Panther by way of letting him know what we shall soon do to him."

"You have never encountered my cousin The Black Panther," Dr. Ithobo calmly stated, "else he would have slain you long ago. Luckily for you, none of you were ever deemed worthy of Wakanda's time in any significant way. My cousin entered your country and left...having accomplished all that he wished...and you had no clue that he was even interested in you. He was already on to more pressing matters of state that were infinitely more engaging than beings as lowly and unworthy as you are. In fact, the only reason that you knew that TChalla had been in Azania at all is because he allowed his sister, his ally Black Axe and Black Axe's tech Mbosa to indulge themselves in a friendly wager.

You Azanians never battled TChalla. Instead you were engaging a Battle Cyborg that Shuri--at age 14--crafted. In less than a day. Laughing. You Azanians were and still are considered unfit for the attention of Wakanda, and in fact. Wakanda was going to allow you to stumble your way into whatever unfortunate doom your inescapable ineptitude had made inevitable for you...had Black Axe--ally of TChalla--and his tech infrastructure assistant Mbosa not amused themselves with the aforementioned friendly wager against Shuri.

They wagered a Gentleman's Wager...a bet without money or goods exchanged...that Shuri could not build a cyborg from scratch and have it dispatch of you Supremacists in 1 hour.

Mind you: Azania is 24,000 miles from Wakanda.

Shuri laughingly protested at first that sending one of her advanced units against you Supremacists would be inexcusable overkill and a waste of superior power intellect and resources; like unleashing a Celestial upon Hydra or AIM. After much laughing and back and forth, Black Axe and Mbosa finally prevailed upon Shuri to indulge them.

Shuri had the cyborg built and all of you dispatched in under 25 minutes.

And that powerful mystic being that intervened that you rather stupidly attributed to Dr. Strange or Baron Mordo? Was actually a different avatar of our Panther God. Far too powerful to be controlled by anyone. Much less the persons that you mentioned. And were Zawaviri here to observe you mention Baron Mordo? The very same Baron Mordo whom his apprentices and Elder Mendinao's apprentices have been drubbing for decades? He probably would have turned you into toad feces on the spot. And then apologized to the toad feces for insulting them with your presence.

The only reason that I am here is again as a result of the same imperative that mandated your previous brush with anything Wakandan: efficiency. I am on my way to meet someone that Wakanda expects. I am the best person in this sector for the job of meeting this person that Wakanda is expecting AND offering you all the opportunity to escape with your lives by immediately withdrawing from this Disputed Zone, and returning to what is unquestionably Mohanndan territory. Should you fail to heed this wisdom that I again strenuously urge you to acquiesce to, I am also the most qualified person in this sector for the job of determining which of you is best to leave alive to spread the story of the unwisdom of advancing upon Wakanda. I will also destroy your supply routes and communication apparatus, etc. Happily, you were inept enough to leave yourselves more or less in the way of the direct path I am taking to attend to slightly more pressing matters of State. So I will take care of you along the way to marginally more interesting the same manner that a man might pause to stomp upon a roach as he walks to the kitchen to get a cup of water. I am here to remove you from any hope or pretension of relevance in the coming days."

Captain Bokim felt sure that The White Avenger would have a stroke brought on by the limitless shock and affronted rage caused by the calm, vicious monologue delivered by Dr. Ithobo. Wordlessly, he signaled his Mohanndans to fall back and away from The Supremacists and Dr. Ithobo, because if he knows The Supremacists they're going to...

...Captain Blaze came streaking from the skies in a landing approach, confirming via comms: "The nigger's alone,"...

...Voortrekker signaled moments later:"Confirmation: No hostiles,"

..."Remember," Dr. Ithobo said in his civilized, erudite, patient tone. "I gave all of you two chances to surrender..."

...yep. They did exactly what Captain Bokim thought they would do.

Barricade took a rumbling, threatening step forward...and Dr. Ithobo spun away 180 degrees in the opposite direction and fired upon all the Supremacists excepting Voortrekker [ including Hungyr...the slinking, shadow cleaving bioenergy siphon that is essentially a biovampire feeding upon human life energies ] with a brilliant, golden Neural Net burst slaying all of them except Barricade and Voortrekeer [ these two weren't caught by the Neural Net ].

In the same flowing wind-like movement that he used to dispatch of the other Supremacists, Dr. Ithobo eluded Barricade's charging attack and struck Barricade upon his right flank with a devious, corkscrewing palm heel strike.

Barricade screamed once, and pitched forward to plow a furrow two feet deep into the ground. Dead as a door nail.

The coronary ligament, triangular ligaments, and falciform ligament...the ligaments that Dr. Ithobo specified to Barricade, and which confused him so...are the ligaments helping to keep the liver in place. Dr. Ithobo's blow severed those ligaments and ruptured the liver, causing instant death.

Dr. Ithobo looked at Captain Bokim.

"We request political asylum in Wakanda," Captain Bokim promptly and loudly stated. "All of us. Myself my platoon, our families and friends."

His cousin Shuri...the Queen of Wakanda...already assured him that these Mohanndan soldiers had zero loyalty to the Mohanndan government, and vested him with the authority to grant asylum when and where he deemed it feasible. Especially in the Disputed Border Zone, which is only "disputed" because international conglomerates like Cardinal Technologies have already despoiled Mohannda and...noting evidence of colossal untapped wealth in oil and valuable minerals so abundant in Wakanda that there is enough of the former to fuel the entire world for a decade with just the UNTAPPED resources and so much of the latter that the industries created by these mineral and other resources are essentially limitless and so are the energy sources that these minerals lead to...lusted after any opportunity to purloin these priceless resources from Wakanda.

"Granted," Dr. Ithobo promptly replied. "All accomodations are already made for you. Worry not, friend. What is your name?"

"I am Captain Bokim Njuwalini, Dr. Ithobo. 22nd Mohanndan Border Platoon."

"Very well, then. Make haste. We shall await you but no longer than 2 days. "

"Such an action by us will be most difficult, Dr. Ithobo. Cardinal Industries has gathered a group of Super Mercenaries they call SuperMercs and have sent them to penetrate Wakanda's borders. They plan to heist precious minerals from Wakanda...minerals valued in excess of tens of billions of Euros. Cardinal Industries and their even more mysterious and powerful business partners plan to leverage this profit for Oxala alone knows what misdeeds. Further..."

"...they monitor your progress and hold your family hostage because they have already occupied the villages of your birth and the villages of the family members of each soldier here," Dr. Ithobo finished for Captain Bokim. "Yes, I am aware of your straits. However, you will discover that my cousin and our leader, High Captain D'Ciggs, has already removed these threats to yourself and your village when you return. You will also discover that these threats will be most reluctant to return to your villages...even were they to marshal the resources to do so again. Which they can't and won't. As I said. You have 2 days. Bring your entire village, should you wish. High Captain D'Ciggs has received the authority from our Queen, The Black Panther Shuri, to furnish you with specific technologies which will greatly ease your transport. All of the villages in this entire "Disputed Zone" are now furnished with the wherewithal to become fully Wakandan citizens without moving an inch, should they wish."

"We obey at once, Karajaan." Captain Bokim used the Mohanndan honorific for "Royal". Immediately, he and his troops vanished.

"Voortrekker," Dr. Ithobo called, " I know exactly where you are hiding. Your presence is plain to me. I deliberately allowed you to survive because you are the one Supremacist that I deemed worthy of surviving this encounter and worthy of relating the relevant facts of these happenings to your employers. Your reputation as a honorable although not just mercenary precedes you. However, if you stay hidden? I will be forced to presume that you mean me harm or will attempt to flee without agreeing to the undertaking that I have for you. And I will be forced to kill you here and now. The choice is yours: appear before me now and survive. Flee and be executed. "

After a momentary pause, Voortrekker appeared in the ring of bushes forming a "U" shaped screen of foliage behind Dr. Ithobo. a plasma rifle upon the back of Dr. Ithobo's armored neck.

Dr. Ithobo didn't turn or move, but responded to Voortrekker's presence. "Wise choice."

"Explain to me why I shouldn't kill you, after you murdered my comrades."

"Because I could have killed you, but didn't. Because I gave your comrades...twice...the option to surrender and survive, and they refused and sought to decapitate me. Because at no time did I have to give them and you freedom from the Wakandan jails in which you languished for 5 years, after The Black Panther and Queen of Wakanda Shuri's automaton defeated you. At no time did I owe you any favor at all, especially considering that your comrades have killed thousands of my fellow Black Africans at the behest of your detestable former government. The free Black Africans of the new State of Greater Zimbabwe...having absorbed the whole of its odious former neighbor, your Azania...are infinitely better off in every detail, now that you Azanians are gone. Ironically, the handful of Whites who stayed found that our singular humanity remains our most distinctive feature, and they too are far better off than at any time during the reign of your apartheid government. And lastly, you shouldn't try to kill me because you would fail and I would execute you on the spot. If none of the foregoing details of my response held sway, this last should at least give you pause. Self interest and survival are powerful motivators for mercenaries."

A moment passed while Voortrekker considered Dr. Ithobo's words. Then slung his rifle back on its sling slanting diagonally down his back. "Well argued," he acknowledged. "What of this task you have for me?"

"Simply return to your employers and inform them of the events of this day." Dr. Ithobo replied.

"What prevents me from saying that I will do such a thing in order to ensure my own survival, then reneging the moment that I am free?" Voortrekker asked. For unlike the other Supremacists, Voortrekker was quite clever and knew that these Wakandas were quite cunning.

"Two things. Your sense of honor, like I said, precedes you. So does the fact that you singularly are marked amongst The Supremacists as not only not being racist, not only being honorable, you are honest. You live by the Warrior's Code. Once you give your word, you have been documented in many instances as going to sometimes great lengths to keep your word. You even did so while you were a guest in our jails. Repeatedly. Caused our jailers to take special note of you. We Wakandans appreciate that."

"You said two things prevent me from reneging the moment that I am free." Voortrekker pointed out, not having missed anything. " What is the second?" Voortrekker was pretty sure that he knew what the second was.

"As you have no doubt worked out by now, we have followed your every exploit. We know where your employers are, where your loved ones are, and know every detail of what you have done since you thought you escaped our jails...when in fact, our Commander D'Ciggs simply arranged for you to escape, so that we could the more easily unearth facts of importance to us. We even know things that you didn't know; like Hungyr was mutated by Mr. Sinister's technology into the being that he was."

"Please excuse the interruption Dr Ithobo, but...who is Mr. Sinister?" Voortrekker asked.

"He is a mutant scientist who despises humanity. He...along with a bevy of his cohorts...will be dealt with before the fortnight ends."

"Thank you, Doctor. Please continue your train of thought."

"The last reason you will not renege upon your word...confirming your the fact that should you attempt such a thing? We will find you and summarily execute you within an hour of your decision to renege."

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The action and fisticuffs heat up as Queen Mother Ramonda, Mistress Aneka, and Shuri The Black Panther, Queen of Wakanda join us while TChalla takes the first steps to exact direct vengeance upon Loki for The Trickster's treachery against Wakanda.

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Chapter Text


A gravity pulse beam lanced out, invisible, swifter than thought. A lashing, sweeping kick expertly delivered. A beam of coherent, destructive light energy spears at its target. A torrent of indigo skinned demons, eyes alight with the unholy gleam of the netherworld, their hideously grotesquely malformed skulls bearing the unmistakable stamp of Anubis, the Jackal, God of Death and Dread, sprang unceasingly to the attack. Claws rending, fangs gnashing, talons tearing.


And the gravity pulse beam, invisible, swifter than thought, was evaded with ease. The lashing sweeping kick, expertly delivered, was dismissively stepped over while a crushing kick slammed into the femur of the kicker, sending the fierce female warrior throwing the kick--a Midnight Angel, a member of the most elite of the elite Dora Milaje--hurtling into the torrent of demons. The beam of coherent, destructive light energy--a spear of sparkling scarlet power--clove the air and missed the beautiful, delicate Kenyan gourd filled with water to its very brim, perched expertly atop the crown of its target. The scarlet energy beam was fired by a formidable battle computer programmed to hit its target dead center perfect. Its aim was errorless against thousands of expertly trained warriors. But for the first time in recorded history, the prey it sought to smite smoothly slipped its laser blasts while simultaneously smiting multiple opponents at every point of the compass. The coordinated tactical genius of the most prodigious attacks of thronging, experienced demons and Midnight Angels working in tandem were brushed aside and shredded as easily as wet tissue is shredded by rampaging dinosaurs. The prey turned the tables on the would be hunters with a blizzard of flawlessly timed, smoothly delivered counters. A brutal teep kick here, an Ogun Hammer blow there, a djuru from Silat here, a locking twisting throw into a horde of onrushing attackers there, a balletic dodge in a totally unexpected direction while battering a slew of other attackers with jackhammer Muay Thai knees, elbows, forearm smashes, and bone obliterating blows at this point...a pulverizing punch to an exposed organ delivered with unfettered brutality at that point...


...all while not wasting a single drop of the precious water poised to spill from the beautiful hand crafted Kenyan gourd upon its perch on the target's skull.


"She was born for this, Our Royal Highness Queen Mother." Unmistakable admiration in a voice and from a person who is amongst the very finest of warriors of any time in any place, and from a person rarely touched by such sentiment.


"Mistress Aneka," Queen Mother Ramonda replied from the perch which she shared in The Battle Module's Command Center, "in this Module, there is no distinction of rank. Only distinction of warrior skill. Royal titles are not welcome, here."


"Then...First Battle Mistress Ramonda," Mistress Aneka, leader of the Midnight Angels, amended her statement and referred to Queen Mother Ramonda by her former title as the very first leader and creator of The Midnight Angels. "You are still first among equals."


"I am ELDEST amongst elite warriors." the Queen Mother corrected." Which doesn't make me the best of us. As you well know, Mistress Aneka. You have been my best friend for decades now."

"As you have been mine, First Battle Mistress Ramonda." And then, seeing the smiling look in her best friend's eye, Aneka corrected herself. "Ramonda." Aneka had always teased Rarmonda this way, ever since they were children. She was the only one who would dare such a thing. Not even T'Chaka would tease her so. And T'Chaka would have dared anything.



The Queen Mother and First Battle Mistress shared a smile, and for a moment they were just Aneka and Ramonda again. And that was what makes their relationship unique; that was the one thing that Ramonda shared with Aneka that she could share with nobody else.



And then Mistress Aneka returned her attention to the lone warrior below them and said:



"The LMD demons are literally unceasing in number, as they are constantly created and flung into the fray until the incantation...scripted in ancient Githzerai, and encoded and scrambled by our most advanced encoding retrieved and properly read from a Metamaterial and Darkforce cloaked Chameleon Receptacle that is further shielded with Flat Dimension Tech and randomly teleported around the room according to a randomly generated constantly changing wave algorithm. It's impossible even for her senses alone to locate the receptacle. The cunning, the battle tactics, she is displaying are...magnificent. And she has to do all of this with the hand crafted Kenyan water gourd filled to the brim with water atop her head. She cannot allow the gourd to be in any way touched or even the slightest molecule of water to spill from its lip, or the exercise will end in failure for her. And yet, she is tearing through this exercise as if it's easier than laughing for her."


Aneka shook her head.


"Look at that," she commented.


Ramonda watched as the outnumbered warrior below her turned the hybrid demon fire and invisible graviton force Geyser Net trap that her opponents--smartly working in tandem, skillfully aggressing upon their lone opponent--intelligently employed, only to have their ploy turned back upon them. The lone warrior added to their discomfiture by transforming into a fist feet knees elbows and shoulder striking typhoon fiercely smashing her opposition into unconsciousness. Scores of others thronged at her from all sides as well as below and above her, seeking to impede her every move, but she never stopping her headlong charge toward the cloaked Chameleon Receptacle that she--in a synergistic, holistic display of acute senses combined with keen intellect--was somehow able to slowly but inexorably home in upon, regardless of how often and expertly it was teleported within the Battle Module. And in the midst of all this...that look in the outnumbered warrior's eye. That unconquerable spirit shining through her every stride. That unstoppable, brash pride. She knew and loved these qualities before the warrior below her was even born. And she knew from whom the warrior below her inherited such distinct qualities.



Aneka turned her eyes to the Battle Module and the spectacle of combat below. "Absolutely magnificent. She was BORN for this." Mistress Aneka reiterated. "The gravity pulse beams are calibrated to be beyond the reach of even her amazing senses. The laser beams menace her but the quasar streaks are aimed directly at the Kenyan gourd. The Dora Milaje there are Midnight Angels, fully aware of the battle plan carefully crafted by a blend of some of the keenest military minds on this and other worlds. And yet...look at her. Hammering into slumber the fell Midnight Angels. Mercilessly slaughtering the LMD demons. Dismissively eluding their demonfire. Laughing at our high tech bolts, beams, streaks, and pulse attacks. And never once even remotely at risk. Her responses to our attacks are...beautiful. I have rarely seen such cunning."


But Ramonda had known of such cunning for perhaps the most scintillating decade of her life.


And when the warrior below her hit that trademarked one hand cartwheel spring which torqued her away and untouched in a knifing oblique arc through a lattice work of brightly colored blasts, she felt her heart overflow with pride and love for this warrior. For who would dare to be brash and brilliant and cockily confident enough to dare a ricocheting acrobating cartwheel-X layout-handspring-walkover-sextuple somersalt with a gourd of water on her head as an evasive response to a coordinated, clever combo attack launched by demons, some of the finest warriors in the history of Earth, and laser beams fired by the most advanced battle computers on the planet--and pull it off without even disturbing the water inside--other than Shuri, Black Panther, reigning Queen of the Living in Wakanda? And when she came out of the gorgeous acrobatic elusive attack, never halting her constant, lissome movements, she laughed a laugh that only one other person had ever laughed before.


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