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It was  relief to read BP #36 and see Shuri acting like a real woman, and BP and Storm interacting in a way that is rare in comics. How often do we get a realistic look at the conflicts that normal superheroes would have in thier personal lives? Given Storm's crazy adventures with the X-Men a missed phonecall could mean she's busy, she's DEAD, or she's trapped in another dimension. Either way, It's interesting to me that in the last year while the 'Sistas with white guys' trend has petered out on Television in Movies it seems to be moving into comics - or is it just me? Is this something that other pantherfans notice, that BP and Storm are the only black couple in comics, or is that just my black nationalist streak coming out during every wednesday comic pick up. Currently,

Batman is dating Jezebell Jet - (Don't get me started on the name)

Lily Hollister is Dating Harry Osborn and Flirting with Peter Parker

Miss Arrow was Dating Flash Thompson

Is it just me or does it seem strange that none of these women are beautiful enough as just black women but have to have white or European styled hair (sistas haven't rocked the blonde thing since Venus and Serena back in the early 2000's) to be acceptable, or the fact that slowly but surely black men are being eliminated from Marvel comics as of late....(Bishop is essentially maimed, Nezhno is gone, Xavin and Crusader are skrulls masquerading as black men, and Rhodey has been disfigured)...Is this a new trend...Kill off the brothers and throw the sistas to the white guys... or am I just being paranoid now that Barak is the nominee....?

Black Panther / Black Panther Sales numbers December 2007
« on: February 06, 2008, 11:44:34 am »
Posted from

12/05  Black Panther #11 - 29,327
12/06  Black Panther #23 - 54,762  (+15.2%)
01/07  Black Panther #24 - 59,971  ( +9.5%)
02/07  Black Panther #25 - 56,479  ( -5.8%)
03/07  Black Panther #26 - 51,385  ( -9.0%)
04/07  —
05/07  Black Panther #27 - 52,552  ( +2.3%)
06/07  Black Panther #28 - 61,808  (+17.6%)
07/07  Black Panther #29 - 55,027  (-11.0%)
08/07  Black Panther #30 - 48,478  (-11.9%)
09/07  —
10/07  Black Panther #31 - 33,673  (-30.5%)
11/07  Black Panther #32 - 28,426  (-15.6%)
12/07  Black Panther #33 - 25,906  ( -8.9%)
                           6 mnth  (-58.1%)
                           1 year  (-52.7%)
                           2 year  (-11.7%)

Black Panther / Black Panther Current Sales trends
« on: December 05, 2007, 03:19:11 pm »
Current Sales charts, here's the link to the charts and the comments below, they are not MINE, they are from the link....

10/05  Black Panther #9  - 40,173
10/06  Black Panther #21 - 34,257  (+28.9%)
11/06  Black Panther #22 - 47,556  (+38.8%)
12/06  Black Panther #23 - 54,762  (+15.2%)
01/07  Black Panther #24 - 59,971  ( +9.5%)
02/07  Black Panther #25 - 56,479  ( -5.8%)
03/07  Black Panther #26 - 51,385  ( -9.0%)
04/07  —
05/07  Black Panther #27 - 52,552  ( +2.3%)
06/07  Black Panther #28 - 61,808  (+17.6%)
07/07  Black Panther #29 - 55,027  (-11.0%)
08/07  Black Panther #30 - 48,478  (-11.9%)
09/07  —
10/07  Black Panther #31 - 33,673  (-30.5%)
                           6 mnth  (  — )
                           1 year  ( -1.7%)
                           2 year  (-16.2%)This is very strange. The previous arc guest starred the Marvel Zombies, which might explain the huge drop for this month. But that story didn’t hold readers well, and besides, the zombies were also mentioned in the solicitation for this issue. But look at that drop. I can only assume this is a combination of the widespread post-Initiative decline, and the end of the zombie storyline proper. It’s not pretty.

BLACK PANTHER has been tied up in events, stunts and crossovers for so long that it’s avoided dealing with the lurking question: what happens when it has to stand on its own two feet again? Obviously, the hope was that the extra readers would stick around. But the trend for the last few months is pretty hair-raising, even by the standards of other Initiative titles.

Found this from someone who calls themselves 'Badthings'...I don't go to many of these other sites but this guy isn't screaming about BP in the negative light that many other newsgroups seem to. It's in rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe under BP #21

Avoiding Civil War is pretty much a lost cause if you like any major
Marvel U character and nothing but pain if you're a Captain America fan
like me (though I'm sure you Iron Man fans are suffering too).  You
can't help but look and regret it each and every time.  It's like that
episode of The Simpsons where Bart kept touching the cupcake no matter
how many times it shocked him.  On the other hand, Black Panther has
been easy to avoid like the plague because Hudlin is just that lousy a
writer.  Untalented and arrogant.  I'd say it was a rare combination,
but unfortunately I see it all too much in comics.  Panther is unique
in the Civil War story because he's not in it and shouldn't be and that
makes perfect sense.  If it seems strange that I find that strange,
then obviously you haven't seen Captain America flaunt laws simply
because he disagrees with them, Spider-Man surrender the secret
identity that has defined his characer since day one and Iron Man
become the government lapdog he's always fought becoming.  End spoiler

I looked at BP out of boredom in the comic store, expecting a stupid,
useless slugfest and getting the biggest shock of all: Namor depicted
with three dimensions, including signs of wit and humility.  Are we
sure Hudlin wrote this!?!  And a bigger shocker still.  The way Panther
is getting involved in Civil War actually makes sense!  According
Namor, the other countries of the world are afraid of how the US is
turning all its metahumans into a police force because they feel the
next step is "exporting US policy."  As a leader who's already bumped
heads with the US already over their attempts to influence his country,
Black Panther is right to be concerned and to want to see the program
fail (of course, as a world leader, he shouldn't be open about it, but
in the non-logic of this whole plot I'm thinking that will be exactly
the case)

If this sounds familar to anyone it's because it's exactly the reason
the world attacked the US in The Ultimates (and is also being used in
Squadron Supreme).  Yes, it's being made more and more clear that,
since the Ultimate U obviously sells well, the regular U it being made
to match it.  Basically the tail is now wagging the dog.  It's a
horrible mistake because this was part of the appeal of the Ultimate U,
to see these these types of things played out.  Not to mention it's
better done in the Ultimate U making this suffer all the more by
comparison.  Then there's the simple fact that somehow, at the end of
the day, the status quo has to be somewhat restored, which is going to
be horribly contrived and ridiculous when it happens.  And it will

Black Panther / Is Storm a Queen?
« on: October 02, 2006, 04:57:22 pm »
I have been gone for awhile, so perhaps this question has been addressed but I am curious.

I know there are all sorts of complicated rules about who is and is not royalty but my knowledge mostly comes from the British royal family.

Panther is King of Wakanda, and, until the writer decides otherwise, spritual head of the Panther Clan/Religeous group. Is Storm just his wife, or does she at some point become 'Queen Ororo'. She was identified for years as a Goddess in Kenya, putting her, in some respects on par with T'Challa as far as spiritual significance. If she's just his 'wife' then that potentially means that their kids would be princes and princesses but she'd be just the 'Queen mother' but not neccessarily the queen? Or, because T'Challa can legally and culturally have kids with any of his dora milaje - is Storm basically just the FIRST wife. Which is an important role in some cultures but not on par with a queen.

I'm wondering if anyone actually knows how this works out in the comic.

Black Panther / June Sales Numbers
« on: August 02, 2006, 06:54:55 pm »
Hey Everyone, I always look at sales numbers for comics that I read....Here's the June Sales numbers for BP. The comments following them are not mine they're by the author of the report. Enjoy.

Jun 01 Black Panther #33 - 20,408
Jun 02 Black Panther #45 - 19,336
Jun 03 Black Panther #60 - 16,115
Jun 05 Black Panther #5 - 37,401 ( -8.1%)
Jul 05 Black Panther #6 - 35,256 ( -5.7%)
Aug 05 Black Panther #7 - 42,905 (+21.7%)
Sep 05 Black Panther #8 - 46,239 ( +7.8%)
Oct 05 Black Panther #9 - 40,173 (-13.1%)
Nov 05 Black Panther #10 - 31,987 (-20.4%)
Dec 05 Black Panther #11 - 29,327 ( -8.3%)
Jan 06 Black Panther #12 - 27,933 ( -4.7%)
Feb 06 Black Panther #13 - 26,054 ( -6.7%)
Mar 06 Black Panther #14 - 28,809 (+10.6%)
Apr 06 Black Panther #15 - 28,361 ( -1.6%)
May 06 Black Panther #16 - 28,091 ( -1.0%)
Jun 06 Black Panther #17 - 27,993 ( -0.3%)
6 mnth ( -4.5%)
1 year (-25.2%)
2 year ( n/a )
3 year (+73.7%)

Hovering in the high 20K range as the wedding draws near. Bizarrely, the charts list a variant cover of issue #1 - yes, #1 - at number 289, with reorders of 1,370.

And here are the numbers for Storm.

Feb 06 Storm #1 (of 6) - 32,831
Mar 06 Storm #2 (of 6) - 25,905 (-21.1%)
Apr 06 Storm #3 (of 6) - 24,214 ( -6.5%)
May 06 Storm #4 (of 6) - 22,513 ( -7.0%)
Jun 06 Storm #5 (of 6) - 21,840 ( -3.0%)

Standard miniseries numbers.

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