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Black Panther / The Complex (lol)
« on: May 31, 2015, 06:25:57 pm »
I'm sorry, but I have to make a thread about this. I don't know about the rest of you all, but I'm in stitches over "The Complex" thread on CBR. I mean I always have been, but even moreso as of late. A bunch of crying sycophants moaning and "bawwing" over Marvel "getting rid" of their highest selling IP. Which is complete nonsense. Because in reality it's just Marvel suddenly remembering that "something outside the X-books exists" and are promoting them. Because they've been proven to be additional money makers as of late, with the movies and other merchandise. All the while these same spoiled X-fans were gleefully stating how the X-books were rightfully pushed at the front of Marvel for going on 40 years. While the fans of the rest of the MU had to sit quietly on the sidelines and eat their X-scraps.


From Black Panther to The Avengers, down to every other "non-A lister" that got crap writers/art/promotion for decades, in comparison to the X-men. Characters whose fanbases just ate the neglect. Now that the X-men are made to look less than flawless (since AvX really...which made EVERYONE look bad) and are treated equally, you have X-fans playing this phony zero sum game and coming down with sudden amnesia. In addition to engaging in other "Hypocrisy Label Dodging Countermeasures". It's pitiful, they're pitiful and I was playing my "World's Smallest Violin" so hard, when reading all the Boo-hooing that it caught fire.

And "yes" I know it's the Fantastic Four too, who are being neglected. But their fanbase is the only one who currently DESERVES to cry, because it's a lot smaller than the X-fandom. Which is why X-fans suddenly being concerned about the Fantastic Four is complete nonsense, because the X-men really run no risk of vanishing. They're too big. They're like McDonalds. You don't see Mickey-D execs flipping out because Burger King and Wendy's stock rose a bit. Why? Because they know they've made so much damn headway that there's no taking them down. Unless something absolutely catastrophic happens. Which isn't the case for McDonalds, nor is it for the X-men. With the latter, it's just pathetic jealousy and bitterness with too many in its fanbase. Because Marvel's favorite son isn't being spoiled anymore.

In other words:

"X-men aren't getting 99.9% of the spotlight anymore?"
"What's the reaction like from too many X-fans?"

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