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Black Panther / Black Panther moderation notice
« on: April 10, 2018, 04:03:12 am »
There has been some bad behavior rearing it's head in the last couple months in the black panther board. This has been in part due to the lack of moderation present in the board itself. Normally this isn't an issue due to the majority  of conversations have been civil and posters are respectful. However as of late it has gotten out of hand and it's clear that moderators have been laxed on making sure hateful and racists posts are removed and the offender's have consequences for their inflammatory language.

Though actions have been taken, fault still falls on moderation for not handling the situation before it escalated to where it has ended. Such behavior will not be tolerated.

Consider this an apology for the slow response, and a promise that the black panther board will be a place for enthusiast to post without having to deal with hate filled or racists posts. And also let this serve as a warning to those who would post inflammatory language. It will not be tolerated and there will be consequences.

Black Panther / What would T'Challas catchphrase be?
« on: July 22, 2017, 09:21:10 am »
The Thing has "It's Clobbering Time"

Namor has "Imperious Rex"

Cage "Sweet Christmas"

Hulk "Strongest there is"

What do you think Tchallas catchphrase would be?

My thoughts? "I think not"

Black Panther / Attention admin (Updated)
« on: March 11, 2017, 08:37:03 am »
There is a great poster at CBR threads that requested to join the HEF his name is

Beware Of Geek

Can we get him accepted on the HEF?

Edit: THREE new Wakandans are wanting to join the HEF

Kasper Cole

Things Fall Apart

Mortal Man

Lets extend the HEF family some more

Black Panther / Black Panther # 10 Spoilers and discusions
« on: January 25, 2017, 01:17:41 pm »
Okay i read it..

Spoilers Ahead:


Like Issue 8, It was one of the better issues of the series, (Kinda seems like the better issues are nearly always the ones without any action or minimal action and more set up) The conversations between Shuri and the MA were pretty Solid, Shuri still has her fiery attitude at her core, but now seems to have adopted T'Challa's pragmatic attitude. In a manner of speaking, when people said that they didn't want Shuri early on when she took the BP mantle to simple be T'Challa with boobs, She is essentially taking his personality.

I still think the Issues with the MA could of been resolved had T'Challa gone and talked to them. No one tried actually talking about anything. Thats how the whole mess started, but Shuri tells them that Wakanda is weak due to Namor, Morlun, and the Black order and it would fall to the combined might of the Rebels and the Jabari lands, which i disagree. If they could go to war with and
destroy atlantis and repel the initial invasion of the black order who are vastly more powerful then what we have seen from the MA and the People. Im sure they would be fine, but Shuri does drop some lines saying if The people attack the golden city they will personally destroy the MA and wipe them and all the Doras away, i get what she was getting at but ultimately, she is probably saying it more for Dramatic effect then actually believing that they rebellion could beat them. T'Challa has too many allies and Wakanda itself has survived worse, i feel this was more of a tactic to have them change sides.

Overall yes someone defended T'challa and didn't jump on that hate wagon which is good

T'Challa's and Changamires conversation was good too though i felt it was still a little too much of T'Challa saying he was wrong. the ill fit for king thing did make more sense as they were talking in the sense of no one in their right mind actually wants to be king in the sense that they have the impossible task of trying to rule an entire nation of people and keep everything together. However, this is fantasy not real life and so as such one can do a much better job at it in comics because its comics, so i dont much care for the realistic take on things, nor do i care much for T'Challa commenting that they are crafters and warriors or Changamore asking if they are not thinkers. Wakanda is Technologically and Spiritually advanced whether or not Coates wants to admit that point or not i also dont care for all the western view points and referring to the American slavery, American Freedom book. I feel it really didn;t contribute much to what was going on at all other then to throw western literature in there.

Coates did overall good job of having T'challa play Changamire, Yes he was still too apologetic to the guy even though T'Challa had nothing to apologize for, and i still feel like T'challa and Shuri have kinda Flipped roles where she is the wise pragmatic and he is more wearing his emotions (though he shouldn't be) on his sleeve. But it shows that Coates can write T'Challa as a schemer (if he chooses to which bugs me because he has chosen not until the very end rather then at the start or issue 3 at the latest), I would of personally changed things around so T'Challa asks Changamire if he has visited Ramonda, and shown more.. I wouldn't say manipulation, but more persuasion on T'Challa side to lead Changamire to his side of viewing things. a Little more Nuance in showing that yes he is different from his father in that he doesn't allow or tolerate Torture or anything, while highlighting that Tetu does by attaching bombs to Wakandan citizens.

All in all t'challa tells Changamire is wrong to a certain extent but at the same time agrees that he was wrong as well and then apologizes to him and goes over the whole meeting with despots and admits it was a mistake (Duh)  and though he tells Changamire that he will help reshape Wakanda since he was the one going off and spouting all his ideals to the people and the rest of the world and then trying to act like there was nothing he could do or would refuse to do more. I still think that the conversation should of been more of T'Challa grilling into Changamire personally.. Overall it felt.. Apologist to him which i didn't like, but T'Challa also was playing him which was a breath of fresh air.

Issue 11 hopefully will be the most jam packed action issue to date, Seriously if need be get some people to help on the fighting because this issue basically has to be pretty much fighting from start to finish. anything less and Coates will have destroyed his own climax.

I was expecting much worse from the issue, and i guess overall i would say it was better then i expected

Black Panther / Message to an Admin
« on: May 05, 2016, 02:01:55 pm »
Greetings Brother's I am sending this message for a admin to hopefully read as there is a forum poster over at the CBR Forums [Realdealholy] Who has been wanting to join the HEF. Very passionate poster and brings alot of good points. Im sure brother Sal could also vouch as well. Anyways realdeal's HEF user name is  "The Wakandan" Anyways looking for a little help to get em over here.

Quote from: Realdealholy
Greetings, Ezyo, hope all is well!

I've been trying to join the HEF for some time now (very long time lurker there), but my account is still pending. I see that you are a member there. Is there anyway to contact one of the admins to approve my account? My screen name is "The Wakandan." (I know, I know, not original at all lol).

I wish to join soon. I have a lot to share concerning the BP world.

Thank you for your help!


Again very avid poster and would be a great addition to HEF

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