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BET Life / Did BET ever have a home-shopping show?
« on: August 23, 2006, 03:13:15 pm »
It's a debate between a friend and I, who are two small business/activists with social concept products. We know we are not fit for HSN or QVC because we are TOO BLACK and as well too small.

While talking I said, "I wish BET or TV One had a show". She then followed up with having known about BET trying it out. I Googled and found talk about trying it out. If so, what happened? Can you do it for us struggling small business types? We know so many small people who are too small for stores but that type of push Jonathan got from Bravo and QVC is what we appreciate in his success. That type of exposure is what could make us but we are not asking for reality-shows.

Vending kills us. It eats our money up and we are too small for stores that retailers will eat us and be our third middle-man. Even advertising in Black media eats money we don't have to show visibility. I would rather give BET a cut for the exposure the way Jonathan product had to pay. Or was it a trade off for QVC publicity for that niche crowd.

His show gave QVC street cred. I always thought the home-shopping shows were old, Grandma, Mid-West housewives shows. My friends that watch Jonathan are young and hip. Now we scan the home-shopping shows because of Jonathan.

When I watch what Bravo and QVC has done for Jonathan, I am impressed.

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