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Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:04:56 am »
*looks at sin*
Are you sure?
I mean...i know you have to have blackberry arthritis by now without all that knowledge u've been typin'.


Quite sure, dear brother.

The sinjection correction program is complete.

And hey, I believe that you may have helped me become an "Honorary Wakandan" with this, my response to you marking my 1,000 post.

Let's see if I made it  ;)

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 08:53:12 am »
On another topic ... I don't know how the Nazi Holocaust came up ... I certainly didn't raise it.  The extermination of the Jews of Europe was a horrible thing.  The Slave trade was a horrible thing of greater magnitude.  Perhaps the Holocaust is given greater emphasis because it was more recent, or perhaps because as you mentioned nobody before then believed there could be assembly-line mass murder in the 20th Century, or maybe because of an ethnocentric bias (as in "How could 'civilized' Europeans do such a thing?"), and yes maybe because the victims, while Jews, were white. 

Getting back to horrors.  The Cambodian genocide was horrible. The genocide in Rwanda was horrible.  What is taking place in Africa today is horrible.  As to this latter example, Jewish organizations and Jews in leadership positions of non-Jewish organizations are far more active in condemning the genocide in Africa today, and in trying to alleviate the suffering, than any other ethnic group in America, bar none.  Jews have traditionally been "over-represented" (vis a vis our % of the population) in movements fighting for social justice, combating genocide, and alleviation of global suffering.
Part of the reason may be because of our own cultural "memory" of the Holocaust.  Many Jews, even American Jews, lost family and friends.  Many Jews in America today are the children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.  If the memory of the Holocaust as spurred American Jews to fight for justice and work to help the oppressed elsewhere, that is something to praise, not to minimize.

Mike, have you ever heard of Gerhart Reigner?

[Remarkable Nonsense about the Holocaust
Gerhart Riegner Recalls Attempts to Alert World to Holocaust
GENEVA (AP) -- In August 1942, he tried to alert the West about the Nazi plan to annihilate Europe's Jews. No one responded.

Now, more than half a century later, Gerhart Riegner says the world is still unwilling to accept reports of brutality and mass killings. And worse, he says, the world is still reluctant to act.

"News of the extermination of Jews was so awful that people didn't believe it. Even people who did know were very reluctant to do anything.

"It's the same today," Riegner said, in reference to recent horrors like the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in which an estimated half million people were killed.

Riegner, 87, spoke to a small group of journalists recently about his newly published memoirs, which he wrote to show how difficult it was to get the public to accept the truth.

The 680-page book, "Ne Jamais Desperer," (Never Give Up Hope), describes his life as a World Jewish Congress official, including the dispatch of the now-famous "Riegner cable," which contained his early account of the systematic killing that became known as the Holocaust.

He maintains that many of the 6 million Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps could have been saved if the United States and Britain had acted when he sounded the alarm.

Although there had been earlier reports of deportations and slayings of Jews, Riegner's telegram was the first authoritative word that the Nazis actually had a coordinated extermination plan.

"Never did I feel so strongly the sense of abandonment, powerlessness and loneliness as when I sent messages of disaster and horror to the free world and no one believed me," Riegner wrote.]

The "Holocaust": white germans attempted to exterminate white Jews, other groups of "undesirables" who were white as well. No doubt that had hitler been successful to the point of nazi world domination, he would have turned his murderous ambitions to the Black peoples of the world. Asiatic Japanese did essentially the same thing to their Asiatic cousins, the Chinese, that the white Germans did to the white Jews, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals, infirm, mentally deficient, POW and whomever else fell into their clutches. The Rwandan Genocide, a black majority's massacre of a black minority and those moderates within the oppressive majority who attempted to assist the persecuted black minority. Today as a brilliant young black American born of a Kenyan father and a white American mother runs an historical campaign for the Presidency of the U.S., in Kenya itself, there is brutal fighting born of political strife between the Kikuyu tribe and the Luo minority leading to extreme violence and death. Blacks killing blacks. A ruthless majority murdering a hapless minority. People with power to destroy, destroying the people without the means to protect themselves.

The Jews "white skin" didn't help them much when they sought safe refuge from the nazis in this country and other western European nations. There are many white people today who will tell you to your face that the holocaust never happened. Why? I would venture a guess that their hatred of Jews and the others who perished alongside them would be among those reasons why they would deny the event. 

Jews founded the NAACP. Some white people have said the Jews did so to advance a program of encouraging racial interaction and race mixing intended to dilute the "pure white" majority. Some black people have said the Jews did so to exploit black people, to impede our progress for justice and equality and if necessary, to use blacks as human shields in the event hostilities once again threaten their group. Nobody's perfect. There are good Jews; there are bad Jews, just as there exists the good and the bad in all races and creeds of mankind.

Someone said, we shouldn't get into the whose persecution is worse discussion because it is counterproductive. The person was correct. It is when human beings stop being limited by skin color, culture, nationality, class and the other societal constructs dividing us and begin to respond to each other as fellow citizens of the world, that true progress toward a better world for all can be made. This time may never come. It certainly won't come if too many of us cling to the "my suffering was/is worse than your suffering so you need to get in line behind me" attitude.

I could say more because as Clubber Lang told Rocky Balboa; "I gotta lotta mo!" "I gotta lotta mo!"  :D

In the interests of keeping this thread on topic, this post will see my final words regarding this issue.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama:More Elected Experience
« on: March 30, 2008, 04:22:09 am »
did you see how fast the media let that horse die? she lied plain and simple


Yes, she lied. She deliberately concocted a fabrication and told the same story on more than one occasion simply to make herself appear as if she is the more qualified Democratic candidate to handle the "red phone moment". Now she's the Democratic candidate who has to handle the "caught red-handed in a lie moment", the "red-faced with embarrassment moment).

You're right, karaszero. The media is trying to let Hillary's lie dwindle into the echoes of cast away statements. She tried to play off her lie as an error of mistatement made because she was "sleep deprived". Well what is she going to be when that red phone rings at 3a.m. in the Oval Office? Food for thought, eh?   ;)

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:50:40 am »
No I do understand you I don't advocate brutality to animals in fact I believe they are the last noble spirits living on this planet, it is not their behavior which is destroying the planet it's ours. I was not implying that you were unable to feel black suffering in any way

Then please, accept my most sincere apologies karaszero. I was mistaken.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:49:15 am »
I was a soldier in the sand box during the first DS, maybe it is just me but I wouldn't follow a fool ( no matter the rank) to my death.

I thank you for your service.

Powell was a general officer, he was automatically empowered as the most combat tested, experienced mind in the room especially when the room is filled with people who lacked the balls to wear a uniform. The way that he stayed the course with the Bush Admins flawed rhetoric disgusts me he could have been more forceful in his disagreements, bush wouldn't have had the guts to go toe to toe with powell in the public eye, he could only hope to discredit him in some way and he needed to Back door powell to do it....enter C Rice

Did Powell truly "stay the course" with the lies which were being told by the Bush administration? If so, then why did it seem Powell was at odds with the administration? I remember France and Germany supporting Powell's position that was at that time, one that evinced no desire to rush into war with Iraq. Bush wasn't alone. He had Rumsfeld, Cheney who had backing them, a nation filled with bloodlust and who at that time, possibly remembering how "easily" the U.S. "defeated" the Iraqis in "Desert Storm", war against Iraq would be nothing more than a cakewalk. Sec Powell served two tours in Vietnam. He knows the hardships of a soldier's life. He knows what it is to die on the battlefield. Powell could have done many things. In the end, Powell did what he believed what was in the best interests of a nation hellbent on "fighting a war against terror". The only thing I can say is, I'm very happy that I was not Sec. Powell and I do wish the man well.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:32:07 am »
I understand you man, it disturbs me that animals have more rights than some humans. It is dangerous for black people to minimize the sufferings of their ancestors.

If that's what you believe I'm saying, then I'm afraid you don't understand me at all. There is no reason to treat any animal inhumanely. And what makes you think I was minimizing the sufferings of black people when I related the abominable attrocity of the lynching of the man, his pregnant wife and the brutal end of life for the child she birthed during her death throes?

I can be sensitive to the suffering of human beings and not minimize the suffering of my people.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:29:03 am »
I don't think powell could honestly keep lying to himself. He failed on many levels and he got what he deserved in the end....embarrassed he was smarter than his boss, but dumb because he CHOSE to follow Bush

Easy to say, but what might any of us have done in his position? The nation had recently suffered a devastating terrorist attack on our soil. There was the urgent desire to locate and punish the responsible parties. And Colin Powell, American hero, American champion, conqueror of Iraq during "Desert Storm", U.S. Secretary of State, is at odds with the administration he represents in that capacity over a war he didn't want to fight the first time, with very good reason, and is in the position desperately trying to avert that which he was able to prevent happening in "Desert Storm". The nation needed to be unified. Colin Powell was faced with a very difficult dilemna, present a united front even at the cost of reputation, personal conscience and tremendous loss of life or resign, be labeled a traitor while watching Condoleeza Rice address the UN in his place doing the exact same thing he was made to do.

I'm not saying what Colin Powell did was right. I'm saying that I wouldn't want to judge him.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:21:56 am »
For the record I felt bad anytime I have seen pictures of holocaust victims but NEVER as bad as the pictures of lynchings,whippings ( the keloids were at least 6 inches high) of slaves.

When I see the pictures of the lynchings, recall the horrors of slavery, recall the horrors of the Reconstruction...of one incident in particular when a pregnant wife on the verge of giving birth, is made to watch her husband lynched before she is then lynched herself. During her death throes, she gives spontaneous birth to the infant. When it falls to the ground, its skull is immediately crushed beneath a klansman's boot. When I see pictures of people who are no more than living skeletons peering blankly out at the world with deeply set haunted eyes, when I see the picture of a man about to be executed, kneeling at a ditch already filled with mounds of the dead, the ss trooper's gun held inches from his head, the man about to be murdered looking directly at the camera which gives the startling effect that he is looking directly into the viewer's eyes, when I see little girls of the various ethnic, religious groups butchered by the nazis, wearing pretty dresses, being forced to smile before being murdered days or perhaps hours later, I am devastated. I was devastated when I saw pictures of South African soldiers blasting away youthful lives of the black children who threw stones at them. I was devastated when I saw pictures of Congolese men, their arms ending in pointed stumps at their wrists, standing around a mound of dismembered human hands rising to the level of their thighs. As a black man, I too am particularly sensitive to the suffering of black people. As a human being, a human being who loves animals as well, I hurt whenever I see the suffering of any human or beast.

That's just the way I am.

Other Comics / Re: McDuffie's JLA Thread.
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:05:26 am »
Hey. Justice League of America #19 was written by Alan Burnett and not by Mr. McDuffie. I hope this doesn't mean he will no longer be writing the book.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama:More Elected Experience
« on: March 30, 2008, 02:23:55 am »
But Obama never had to land under sniper fire, swiftly disembark from an airplane with his child, run head down to a vehicle prepared to spirit his party and himself out of harm's way, thus ruining the pleasant reception he was expecting. Sinbad was lucky to have been traveling with the "First Lady" - she who is always sent to places "too small" or "too dangerous" for the President. He couldn't have been in better and better qualified company.  ::)

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 02:18:51 am »
Getting back to the original topic of this thread ...

Mike, I wish I could ask these questions in a way that would better convey my meaning. Wasn't Menachem Begin considered a terrorist? Wasn't the Igrun recognized as a terrorist organization? Once the State of Israel was established and supported by the U.S. and Great Britain, Menachem Begin became a respected Prime Minister. Begin, Jimmy Carter and the great Anwar Sadat were hailed as great peacemakers. Begin walked in Sadat's funeral procession following his assassination.

Now, it's my understanding that Hamas won the right to represent the Palestinian vote because the Palestinian voter chose Hamas over the Fatah faction. Hamas said it would work toward making life better for the Palestinian people and would participate in talks with Israel. The U.S., Israel and the Fatah were not happy with the new station of Hamas. Fatah actually skirmished with Hamas early on if I'm not mistaken. Why is it that after Hamas achieved their political victory, Israel, the U.S. and Fatah chose to discomfort them rather than exploring how their new responsibilities would affect how they act?

The PLO and Arafat once pledged to destroy Israel but when convinced it was easier said than done, Arafat turned to talks and negotiations. It seems to me that Hamas has been denied that opportunity to do so.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 01:57:38 am »
Yes. We saved the world, genius. (I fixed it for you  :) ) So did the Brits. So did the Russians. The one statement doesn't obviate the others.


So when I neglect to mention the Poles, the Gypsies, the Homosexuals and other victims of the Holocaust which the U.S. is in large part responsible for allowing to occur, then I am only concerned about the Jews and have no feeling, no compassion, no interest in mentioning the suffering of the others. You accuse me of this even though I have said time and again that human suffering is human suffering, period. Unlike you, I don't ascribe to the "me first! me first!" "get in line" approach. The suffering of all must be addressed and eliminated.

But here you are with your hysterical and now hypocritical "...oh yes, and SAVED THE F*CKING WORLD". You didn't mention the Allies or the Soviets in your initial bluster. You were only concerned about what the U.S. did, how the U.S. revamped her economy, how the U.S. "did this" and "did that". It is only last night and one time previous to your most recent bore fest of a post (which I didn't read, but only skimmed and then discarded), when I reminded you that the U.S. didn't save the world by itself that you conceded the Brits and the Soviets "saved the world, too."

Excerpt from reply #86:

We did not get in early and that, ultimately, is why we turned the tide when we did get in. Before we joined in we revamped our entire economy in an impossibly short period of time. We shattered the traditional social structure in ways that led directly to the civil rights victories for women and blacks over the next decades and, oh yes, SAVED THE f*ckING WORLD. (Red, for Redjack)

  Oh, so melodramatic. The U.S. played a large part in saving the world, this is true. Do not forget about our Russian ally. Without their withering assault on germany, forcing her to fight a war on two fronts, the Eastern front being the most damaging because the Russians weren't playing. The U.S. was able to do its part in saving the war with our Russian and British allies. (Blue, for true blue sinjection)  :)

So, when I don't always mention the others who suffered the Holocaust beside the Jews, I'm not concerned about the suffering of those others even though I've always said human suffering is human suffering. But conversely, you are expected to believe that I should assume that when you say "...oh yes, and SAVED THE F*CKING WORLD", that you were not just talking about what the U.S. did, but you were also crediting the Allies and the Soviets whom you never mentioned until I reminded you that they too participated in putting down the third reich. The word "we" - "we" being the U.S. - appears in your statement no fewer than six times. No mention of the Soviets. No mention of the Brits. Only a mention that "We did not get in early..." "...we joined in..." "we turned the tide..." and then, the most hysterical part of your histrionics "...and, oh yes, SAVED THE F*CKING WORLD."  :o :)  You used the word "we" so many times - "we" being the U.S." - who might have guessed that when you said "we", you were including the Britains and the Soviets? Einstein maybe?

Geesh Maurice. I swear, whenever I see a post contributed by you in the future, I will run, not walk in the other direction as fast as my optic nerves will carry me.  :)

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 30, 2008, 01:44:10 am »

Thing is, Powell was so marginalized in the Bush Administration that he didn't even stick around for the second term.  He so disillusioned with the GOP, that he's been advising Obama on foreign policy, and when asked point blank if he'd vote for the GOP nominee in November, Powell's only response was that he'd vote for who he felt the best candidate was.  That should tell you how he felt he was treated by that group.

This is true, Damon. However, during Bush's initial run for the Presidency, he was always able to get a rousing applause whenever he would mention to those at his rallies; "And Colin Powell is going to be your Secretary of State!" *applause*applause*applause* During "Desert Storm", Sec. of Defense, Dick Cheney, Chairman of the Joint Chief Of Staff, Gen. Colin Powell, and Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf basked in something of the "rock star" status that some have said Obama now enjoys. It was Powell's extremely swift and aggressive strategy used in "Desert Storm", known as the "Powell Doctrine", which was so successful in that engagement. Chairman Powell would also be blamed by some and in some circles for pulling Gen. Schwartzkopf back, not allowing him to invade Iraq proper. Even then, Powell was wise enough to know what would happen if we had done so.
It is my recollection that during the afterglow of "Desert Storm", only Dick Cheney was a confirmed Republican. The party affiliations of Powell and Schwartzkopf were unknown and both men were the darlings of the GOP. When Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf declared he was a Democrat, he seemed to disappear overnight. Chairman Powell on the other hand was a Republican and he became even more beloved, admired and desired by the GOP. I believe that up until Powell, the most significant black American in the GOP, said to have a very bright future was former U of Oklahoma Sooner QB, Congressman J.C. Watts who - hearkening back to your point to why Powell became "disillusioned" and resigned his office - feeling as if he was mere window dressing, a successful black face for the GOP to present to the U.S. and the world, resigned his seat. There were some who wanted Powell to be tapped as VP candidate, just as today there was talk that Condoleeza Rice could make a very interesting running mate for McCain. Dr. Rice is determined to return to civilian life, so that possibility is out.

I remember Powell as a highly-regarded figure, indeed, some considered Powell to be the "star" of the Bush administration. European leaders seemed to have more respect for Sec. Powell than they did for the President himself. Then came the ill-fated "Operation whatever-the-hell-it-is" conceived by "Hussein and his sons have until midnight to get out of town", George Bush. The story the lying Bush administration fed the nation and the world is that Iraq possessed WMD and was a training base for Al Quaeda, both claims which could not be substantiated by UN investigators on the ground. Powell was a believer of the UN investigators and there was for a time, a split between Powell and the Bush administration that had to have frustrated and embarrassed Bush, as Powell traveled Europe trying to forestall war. Powell had strong support from France who held the belief that war with Iraq was uneccessary and would be the wrong thing to do. You remember the response of many Americans to the "France stance". French products were boycotted. Restauranteurs were pouring expensive French wine down sewer drains. Finally under mounting pressure from Cheney, Rumsfeld and quite probably Dr. Rice, Powell relented and addressed the UN with "facts" that he might say he believed, but deep down, probably did not. Stupid Sec Ruimsfeld wanted his own "rock star" Cheney,Powell,Schwartzkopf legacy. You remember how jovially he conducted his press conferences during "shock and awe"...when Bush was sputtering, "Mission Accomplished". Colin Powell, who during "Desert Storm" told then Sec of Defense Cheney and others, "You break it, you own it." - something to that effect - saw the GWB Administration leading the nation and her young soldiers into the quagmire Powell knew would be there. Disheartened and disgusted, I'm sure it was the main reason why Secretary Powell resigned and now supports Barack Obama.

As for Condoleezza Rice, the only reason she's still around is because she's a Bush bootlicker who'll only tell him what he wants to hear.

 :D Well Damon, I can't say she is one way or the other. What I do know is that Condoleeza Rice is a brilliant and highly-accomplished black American woman who if a poll of the most influential black American women were held today, should probably be second only to Oprah...but knowing how media conscious we are at times, there would probably be actresses and rappers ahead of her. And I think we do have to agree that Condoleeza Rice now holds a cabinet level position that far exceeds any held by a black man or woman in a Democratic President's cabinet.

Lynn Swann may be a popular former Steeler, but he was an awful candidate.  I saw an interview with him prior to the election, and his answer to almost every question was "I don't know."  These were questions about issues he should've had some opinion on.

Damon, I'm not disputing what you're saying, but look at who the U.S. elected for two terms as President. GWB wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed either. It was said that while Gov. of Texas, Bush knew next to nothing about Iraq and couldn't have cared less about it. I recently saw a replay of a private interview candidate Bush gave to some newsman who was asking him about foreign policy facts and he chuckled, snorted and proved to be ignorant of most of the answers to questions put to him. When questions about his military service and past run-ins with law enforcement were brought up, Bush simply said, "I'm not going to deal with it." and went on about his bumbling Bush business.

But what Bush had going for him was this. He was appealing to "the angry white male", some of the same so-called under-educated sort said to now be supporting Mrs. Clinton. Lynn Swann didn't fare very well with that demographic. Obama has yet to prove consistent strength when it comes to capturing that demographic. Clinton's got that demographic in her purse along with older white women, younger white feminists and the latino vote of which has been said, is loathe to vote for a black candidate. This being the case, I have to go with what Gov. Rendell's statement and the historical evidence of the "Tom Bradley effect". I don't want to, but at the moment there isn't any evidence suggesting that things have changed that much.

And you know, Obama's opponents will always have the Rev. Wright "boogeyman" to pull out, along with Obama's if not muslim, then white people-America-hating "unashamedly black" religion. Who knows? There may have been many votes cast by whites thinking, "Obama's not really black anyway. He did come out of a white woman afterall." I have heard some people say this on those radio talk shows.

Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 29, 2008, 08:19:52 pm »
So, I peeked. As I thought, it really wasn't worth my time and effort to do so.

My "opinion" isn't. It's what actually happened. Yours is based on a jaundiced and incoherent view of the facts as well as the conflation of multiple factors into an unsupported pattern.  yeah. We did save the f*cking world and there's nothing shrill about saying so.


It wasn't "what" you said that was shrill. It was the shrill way you said it. "...oh yes, and SAVED THE F*CKING WORLD!"

...the "f*cking world. The shrill quality of using all caps as if you were making some grand pronouncement and "f*cking world"?, that could be a good thing (in a sexy sort of way for those of us who like having sex) or a bad thing, (you called the world a mean name).

And in my mind's eye, all I could see is you clutching your naps in your hands - that is if you have naps, if not, slapping your bald head - and jumping up and down hysterically.

I find that image both shrill and amusing  ;)

And "conflated/unsupported pattern" my big toe. The "factors" I provided were presented in chronological order from 1938 - 1942 and absolutely gave proof to the type of antisemitic attitudes which influenced the opinions of nation leaders and citizens - the U.S. in particular - and kept the Jewish people seeking to escape the holocaust vulnerable and without hope of rescue.

Furthermore, the U.S. didn't "save the procreating world". The U.S., her Allies and the very significant efforts of the Soviet Red Army brought this terrible war to an end. If the U.S. had saved "the procreating world", there wouldn't have been any need for the U.S. to submit to the carving up of "the procreating world" between ourselves, our Allies and a national entity the U.S. didn't trust or even like. Patton wanted to go to war with the Soviets right then and there. Had the U.S. saved "the procreating world" on its own, the U.S. could have told the Soviets to take a hike. They didn't do that because the couldn't do that. Understand?

And now, our discourse is at an end. It's gone on far too long and I've since forgotten the point I'd intended to make in response to Mike's post concerning Hamas. Now I must retrace my steps, re-read that post and hopefully, remember the reply that I'd intended to make.


Vox Populi / Re: Obama's Church Endorsed Terrorist Organization HAMAS!
« on: March 29, 2008, 07:52:34 pm »
this is a huge decision for the superdelegates.
Get some sleep muthasuckas!

Most of them are already sleepwalking, MM  :)

Howard Dean is clueless, a coward or both.

Al Gore? He ain't goin' anywhere NEAR this mess.

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