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Latest Flicks / Re: James Cameron's Avatar
« on: January 27, 2010, 09:33:14 pm »
I'm seeing that a lot of people liked the movie and feel James Cameron has triumphed over other films with white protagonists.  But no one is explaining why the Na'vi were imagined with monkey tails, braids and mohawks, bows and arrows and feathered dress.  The supposed "we're all in this together" theme is lost as soon as you attach the unneeded tail to a character made in my likeness, and refer to it as blue monkey and cockroach.  This was no triumph in film-making beyond special effects.  I will not overlook the racial overtones and pretend this was some honorable achievement.

Hudlin's Huddle / Re: from acclaimed author STEVEN BARNES
« on: January 27, 2010, 09:19:48 pm »
With all due respect to Steven Barnes, I must disagree with any defense of any aspect of the movie Avatar.  As advertised on the official Avatar website, "Avatar takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination".  There may be plenty of imagination in the special effects and creation of the planet, but the story and characters are not only umimaginative, they are downright unoriginal and offensive.
As I sat in the theater last Friday with my 3D glasses on, the instant the Sigourney Weaver avatar hit the screen with braided hair and beads, I thought "hmmm, that's interesting she would choose an Afro-centric style of hair in avatar fantasy land".  Imagine my surprise when all the natives (Na'vi, as they are called) of the planet Pandora wear their hair in either a braided style (with beads) or mohawks.  That's original?  It gets worse, the Na'vi have tails, that's right long monkey tails, which serve no purpose to their existence - except to make a later reference to them as "blue monkeys" make sense.  I am a huge fan of movies, and not since the 1933 version of King Kong (you know when the natives offered a trade of six of their women for that one blond-haired white woman) have I seen a so-called fantasy movie as offensive as Avatar.  
The biggest issue I have is not the fact that in the end it is the white man that saves the day while being asked about betraying his own race, I don't even care by the time the movie gets to that point.  I just cannot believe there has not been an uproar from Native Americans and African-Americans regarding the raping of our cultures and mixing it with asinine concepts of overgrown creatures with blue skin and tails!  The Na’vi commune with nature, ride horses, their weapon of choice is bow and arrow, their elders wear outfits made of feathers, and of course the hair styles and being voiced mostly by African-Americans.  As previously mentioned they are once referred to in a most derogatory manner as “blue monkeys”, another time as “roaches”, and finally as “brothers and sisters”.  Shameful.  My people are headed away from the usual role of pimps, hookers and crackheads, to be remade in make-believe worlds as blue monkeys.  And this is the highest grossing film of all-time that is already walking away with awards?
And white America!  How do you stomach the over-the-top brutality on display for your people?  Is this how you imagine yourselves more than 100  years into the future?  Still in the majority with the ability to ravish other planets for your own greedy gain?  
Furthermore, the movie just is not a good movie!  If the Na’vi had been an orange-skinned people with 3-legs and one eye, it doesn’t make up for the pitiful plot, poor choice of language, and lack of reasoning.  Without the special effects this movie would rate no more than 2 stars out of 4.   There is no reason behind the destruction of the trees except for cruelty.  The precious gem the Earthlings were after did not lay at the trees roots.  Cruelty!  And since we can see from the lack of minority involvement in the human’s quest, we know that James Cameron does not believe in the current census numbers and projections for America’s future.  White people will not be running around the galaxy devouring other planets because they won’t even be the majority race on their own planet.
 The whole thing is a sham and the world has fallen hard and turned a blind eye.  This movie not only lacks imagination, it has taken the same old tired concepts of greed and white domination of other races and wrapped it all up in special effects to keep your focus on the objects appearing to be coming at you out of the screen instead of the offensive images that are as plain as the nose on your face.

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