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General Discussion / Re: WHY IS SPIDER-MAN WHITE?
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:26:10 pm »
Rather than worrying about Spider-Man being Black, how about we get some of the Black superheroes we do have on the screen already? Long damn past overdue for Black Panther and Luke Cage movies!

I have to say, I'm not for turning Spiderman black. Even though I believe that Donald Gover would make an excellent Peter Parker. What I would like to see is more actual Black Super heroes on the screen. Frankly, I think turning Spiderman black is like saying ...

we can't come up with anything better. Please give us your most successful super hero because we ran out of character ideas. And there's no current Black hero better.


That's not a message I want to send.

and if we get the keys to make Parker black. What's to stop a white fan from turning T'Challa white?

So I have to co-sign with Carter. Leave Spiderman alone. And let's get Cage, Panther, Falcon, Mr. Terrific, Black Lightning, or hell bring back Meteor man.

Besides why would you want a Black actor to play Spiderman? I have a feeling that movie is going to be garbage. They're going to start with the origin story AGAIN! That movie is going to tank so bad. And I'll bet a million dollars the heads of Sony will NEVER cast a Black man to play Peter Parker.

With that all that said. Let's ask the real question ... why does MJ have to be white?

sweet MJ  :-*


WTF, I only find out about this series recently from the site WOW, the series started in 1994...........

Mantis was never really that popular. In fact, I'm surprised that someone remembered it.

I also think we're getting too "accommodating" to Muslims. The bottom of the truth is that Islam is a "barbaric" religion that has refused to evolve with the times. If we don't start growing a pair I do believe they're going to end up taking over. And trust me. You don't want to live under Muslim rule.

That is paranoia but you're not wrong about being too accommodating ... but we're being too accommodating across the board to a lot of ethnic groups. Not just Muslims.

Hudlin TV / Re: new Boondocks up to watch
« on: May 31, 2010, 08:38:11 am »
Jeez at first Riley was crying that he may die but then he was whining about snitching  ::) rofl

That's Riley for you.

Hudlin TV / Re: new Boondocks up to watch
« on: May 30, 2010, 10:11:08 pm »
Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy is easily the best episode of the season!

This is the type of material that shows what THE BOONDOCKS can do. The episode was able to combine a 70's tribute to: Red Foxx, Lawanda Page, Jimmie Walker, Jim Kelly and Shaw Bros. This would've been entertaining enough but it was bolstered by critiquing the hood rationale for wanton violence.

If McGruder is looking for a second act I think a BLACK DYNAMITE series with Michael Jai White would be perfect.

Whoa man, isn't this like the FOURTH episode of the season? Can we wait until 9 more episodes have past before making that call?

But I do agree with this episode being pretty good. However, I have to hate on onnnneee litttle thing .... While I do like the Kung-Fu action ... I don't know, it's getting kindof old. How's about some boxing or another gun fight?

Aaron I know you like karate/anime but come on man. Some outside the box thinking here.

I agree but I don't blame Mayberry. I blame Joe. Quesada probably doesn't think that much of the Black Panther hence the current Doomwars story.

I can see him saying ... Oh you got to have FF if Doom's going to be in it.

I think that's mainly the reason for Namor's and the X-men's disappearance in this story. Or why T'Challa not the main character vs Doom.

I mean .... "One More Day" anyone! 

We need a respect thread for Armless Tiger Man.

I'm not joking either.

That's the work of genius right there.

genius, but genius nonetheless.

I'd wonder where folks come up with ideas like that but I'm reminded that Coke was legal back then.


Actually, I don't think it was Coke. I think it came from that solider who was wounded in the war.

Welll .... Muslims haven't been getting good press lately.

In fact this prank call probably expresses how most people feel about Muslims

^I must note that I don't share any of the views expressed in this video

<<I am beginning to harbor a suspicion that T'Challa will "disappear" into some other dimension long enough for him to be presumed "dead">>

That part I am leaning toward as well.  He will trap Doom and be trapped himself.  Only Doom will get free before the year is out and unless BP does the same, Doom will prove his superority (even if he had nothing to do with his escape.)

That never works.

But yeah, I will add to the saying .... where is Namor heck come to think of it. The X-men was mysteriously absent when the BP forces and the FF was taking that beat down from Doom.

Education / Re: Science Teacher Fired for Beating Up Student, 13
« on: May 29, 2010, 09:52:15 pm »
That's bad. I can understand getting reilled up like that but that behavior is inexcusable.

I want Reggie to verify it.

As for Season 2, I want Romita Sr. style.  8)

Why did you show that? Now I can't wait.  :'(

Vox Populi / Re: The Palin Brand
« on: May 29, 2010, 11:45:26 am »
Why is anyone still listening to that moron?

Because they think she's purty.


Black Panther / Re: Doomwar #4 Preview
« on: May 28, 2010, 03:44:38 pm »
Your all wrong.  8)

Black Panther / Re: Doomwar # 4 Review!
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:15:14 pm »
Deadpool can't be killed and Doom can't reason with him.

Having an unstoppable manaic running around Doom's home killing everybody who he runs into should serve as a distraction for Doom at absolute worst.

Its interesting to note thst while Shuri's rashness has Team Doom off guard, the only person who can actually stop him is T'Challa and his Shadow Physics.

Although I'm not sure I like where this heading for T'Challa personally.

Doom can actually hold Deadpool prisoner if nothing else.

I like where T'Challa is going with this though. Shuri's rashness doesn't have Toom off guard, it seems to me like Doom was expecting it though. If he was really off guard Doom would have been more worried towards the end of that story but it seemed to me Doom was more then ready for Shuri impulse decision.

Shadow Physics?

However, T'Challa was being too analytical. Shuri was right about one thing. They had to be more reactive to the situation at hand. So maybe this time T'Challa will turn the tables on Doom. 

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