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It's good to be back my brother.  :)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delivered another satisfactory chapter. Opening with a great combat scene with John Walker fighting both Sam and Bucky. I dare say that Nu Cap gave the former Winter Soldier a better fight than did Black Panther or Captain America. Nu Cap was able to momentarily knock out Bucky and damaged his cybernetic arm before being subdued.

While previous episodes have delivered their fair share of BLM commentary on black impoverishment, black imprisonment, black identity and black sacrifice, the fifth episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier hit hard with a statement from Isaiah Bradley. The "bitter old man" told the truth to Sam in no uncertain terms. He said they will never let a black man be Captain America and even if they did, no self respectin' black man would ever want to be. Think about that Black Falcon.

The late Lemar Hoskins' grieving black mother went all in as the lamenting mama complete with stating the decease's obligatory pride and honored to be a side kick.

Ayo and the Dora Milaje took Zemo to the raft for further imprisonment though I wonder why they did not take him to Wakanda as she seemed so dishonored to learn of Zemo escaping prison. Go figure. Not to mention, I think it was Zemo who actually contacted the Doras.

Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (yea, that's how she, the guest cameo, introduced herself) not only praises John Walker's actions but makes him an offer he shouldn't refuse but more interesting than that is she discloses that Captain America's shield does not belong to the US government. Maybe this is why one of the Doras was going to keep it after disarming it from Nu Cap.

This harkens back to vibranium stolen by Klaw that was used to construct Ultron and the Vision. Not only did the writers of Black Panther the movie have T'Challa fail to bring Klaw back to Wakanda they had him state that he gave Zemo to the Ross and thus to the CIA. That's two enemies of Wakanda not facing Wakandan justice and retribution. The Protocols of the 710 universe would have had T'Challa laying hands on Klaw while over head his cloaked Talon fighter emits a low level emp that disables all the cell phones, electronic surveillance and satellite feeds thus allowing the Black Panther to pummel Klaw with impunity and then take his unconscious foe into his ship and fly back to Wakanda. Personally speaking I think the Black Panther habit should have stealth tech that renders him electronically invisible but that's me.

Sam's training scenes were good to see especially his practice with the shield. Bucky and Sam as a team, err, partners, nah coworkers is developing well. So much so that Bucky calls in a favor from Wakanda and gives Sam a gift. As the Falcon's wings were clipped by Nu Cap I'm betting the package Sam received were high tech vibranium wings. It wasn't revealed but its a definite.

All I got to say is that next episode better address T'Challa making the wings for Sam or we gonna have us a problem.

being BP for a decade means nothing of you have nothing to show for it, no stories to tell, no memorable groundbreaking run for people to talk about. It's literally only used as ammunition for why Shuri should be BP, but no one can give more then "Well it happened on comics" Yea? And? T'Challa fried Thanos brain with Pieces of the cell that was holding him with some on the fly super genius. But we didn't see that on EG

None of which was Shuri's fault.

Yeah, I'm back.

Good to hear from you Salustrade. Welcome back Brother.


I heartily applaud and wholeheartedly agree with every letter of this no one's surprise. I especially am in agreement that T'Challa's habit should be wreathed with stealth tech making him invisible to electronic and most sensory means of perception; PREDATOR armor times 100. And T'Challa himself should be both the incarnation of supreme stealth and the seamless synthesis of spirit and sinew.

I absolutely loved The Contessa and her snappy banter. I definitely want to see more of her, and the final episode seems like that is exactly what will happen.

I absolutely think that John Walker is forging a new shield and will probably debut the USAgent uniform in the final episode. I'm feelin John Walker Cap and his character arc. He DOESN'T deserve the "hate you because you're not Steve Cap" or "hate you because you killed that Super Soldier terrorist" hate he's gotten online. I think he was right to kill that guy. If I just witnessed you kill a guy I considered to be my brother, my very best friend ever and my best war buddy? I'd kill you, too. And everyone else responsible. If there was even one of these people responsible for my brother's death still out there breathing? Then...In the final flashback words of's: "Time to go to work." And good ole Wayne is doing a good job with John Walker. He's believable, relateable. I really felt him several times. During his introduction, Lemar and John's attempt to make friends with Sam and Bucky, and especially when the Dora Milaje cleaned everyone's clock and John had that incredibly dejected and disappointed look on his face as he said: "They're not even Super Soldiers."

The showdown with Sam Cap will be epic. I most definitely want to see that. It's going to be incredible and looong overdue. I'm sooo tired of seeing Sam and Rhodey playing second fiddle in these movies. It seems that the only truly viable Black male hero in the MCU who stands on his own is T'Challa...whom they're trying to write out of his own franchise. Sam, Rhodey, and Nick Fury are all vibrant second stringers who are clearly lesser powered backup guys with less than major roles to play in every film.

I wondered if Wakanda would seek to reposses Cap's shield due to its partial Vibranium construction, but I wouldn't see such a thing being done if T'Challa The Black Panther remained in Wakanda. I'm not especially loving that idea, as I would think that a more Black Panther-ish move would have been to have doctored the Vibranium in Cap's shield with Afrofuturistic information gathering Sekhmet i-oktophasi which are subquantum level octopi shaped programmable info retrieving bots that Captain America unwittingly takes with him on every adventure, thus providing the most close held information of the USA and others to Wakanda without any effort by or risk to Wakanda or her people. Maybe the DM are sent to FEIGN interest in recapturing the shield, thus ensuring that the USA government and perhaps Sam Cap keeps the shield all the more close by his side and secures all the more Wakanda's intel gathering on the USA and whatever Cap they choose?

being BP for a decade means nothing of you have nothing to show for it, no stories to tell, no memorable groundbreaking run for people to talk about. It's literally only used as ammunition for why Shuri should be BP, but no one can give more then "Well it happened on comics" Yea? And? T'Challa fried Thanos brain with Pieces of the cell that was holding him with some on the fly super genius. But we didn't see that on EG

None of which was Shuri's fault.

Yeah, I'm back.

Black Panther / Re: BP710: THE PROTOCOLS
« on: November 07, 2020, 02:18:09 pm »
Supreme, I thought you would appreciate this, this is from Geoffrey Thorne aka Redjack over at the CBR forums:

Quote from: Redjack
In my opinion.

Wakanda is the most advanced civilization humanity has produced.
Wakanda has a technology and resources UNIQUE to them, science and magic UNIQUE to them.
Wakanda, not Latveria, is the most dangerous nation on Earth, to anyone who is not Wakandan.
A baseline Wakandan soldier is equal to or superior to a baseline ninja from the Hand.
ANY random Dora Milajae is in Elektra or Iron Fist's fight class. Elite Dora are not to be attacked.
Nearly every Wakandan is in peak human physical condition. By normal standards nearly every Wakandan is close to olympic class fit.
The Wakandan spy network TERRIFIES those of the rest of the world good or evil. No one wants ANY of banging up against that.

Wakanda predates the concept of "Africa."
Everyone who is not Wakandan falls under the heading "Barbarian."

What they are not is gods or demigods. The WEAKEST Asgardian is stronger than the strongest Wakandan. The science of the the Shi'ar, Kree and Skrulls can, at the least, give Wakanda a run for its money. The Phoenix beat Wakanda's ass.

Reed Richards is the smartest baseline human on Earth.
Lunella Lafayette is the smartest enhanced human on Earth.

T'Challa, Shuri, Hank Pym, Dr. Doom, Tony Stark and a few others are all in the same intellectual weight class but each has a wildly different focus. Of the lot, Doom and Shuri are closest to Reed Richards and Lunnella in approach. They are, by far, the most dangerous minds on Earth, not T'Challa.

These are some fo the things I think. But, if the company disagrees, any or all of them INSTANTLY become fanfic.

Because that's how it works when you don't OWN something.

So after all's been done and said, Redjack is another writer who has ZERO problem watering down T'Challa's super genius intellectual prowess?

Please keep him away from the BP franchise.

Black Panther / Re: Marvel Team-Up Starring Black Panther and....?
« on: September 27, 2020, 06:57:16 pm »
Black Panther + The Ultimates: The World Breakers! The Squadron Supreme will eliminate anyone who they think is a threat to the world and the biggest threat they see is Black Panther and Wakanda. But T'Challa has his own team who are more than ready to take on the Squadron.

I like this idea.  8)

It's a great Feat™...

For Wolverine...

  • Stabbed through the chest
  • Use mystical martial arts technique to slow heartbeat & appear dead
  • Plays possum until "healing factor" kicks in.
  • Saves the day by outfighting bad guy and stabbing him through the chest.
If I told you this was the story, would YOU think it was T'Challa?

Yeah swordsman talks about how great a strategist T'Challa is and it's his strategies are what's keeping the cotati from getting to the great mound, yet what we are shown is Wakandans getting their butts kicked, no strategy, no tech, an T'Challa gets stabbed.. but none of that was part of the plan. T'Challa says as much to swordsman about him killing him once. So yeah kinda lame

And yet, Coates has delivered four years of a consistently lame T'Challa over in the BP solo book without sustained pushback.

I agree with you However I think that we DID do some voting with our wallets not to support Turn Coates BP. I stopped rollin with him by "Season 2".

I never gave Coates garbage a dime from day one based on his views about the BP mythos before he even penned the first issue.

It's a great Feat™...

For Wolverine...

  • Stabbed through the chest
  • Use mystical martial arts technique to slow heartbeat & appear dead
  • Plays possum until "healing factor" kicks in.
  • Saves the day by outfighting bad guy and stabbing him through the chest.
If I told you this was the story, would YOU think it was T'Challa?

Yeah swordsman talks about how great a strategist T'Challa is and it's his strategies are what's keeping the cotati from getting to the great mound, yet what we are shown is Wakandans getting their butts kicked, no strategy, no tech, an T'Challa gets stabbed.. but none of that was part of the plan. T'Challa says as much to swordsman about him killing him once. So yeah kinda lame

And yet, Coates has delivered four years of a consistently lame T'Challa over in the BP solo book without sustained pushback.

So, did T'Challa save the day in Empyre? If so, I might have to rethink not being interested in this story.

It's not a well put together story. The posted scenes are the best it gets.

Did T'Challa save the day though?

That was the question.  ;D

Here are the scenes with T'Challa the Black Panther from todays Empyre conclusion.

I see Al Ewing came through in the end which is ,ore than can he said for Coates.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther - The EMPYRE Strikes Back!
« on: September 01, 2020, 05:38:16 am »
Did someone call my name?

I've basically given up on Marvel Comics, with one exception, and it isn't BP-related.

(For the record, I gave up on DC years ago.)

I just can't trust editorial not to do dumb isht like Empyre or Age of Khonshu, over and over and over.   

Even if BP is playing a long game, do you honestly think the franchise will be treated well in the NEXT Event™?  Or the one after that?  Or the one after that?

They did it.  After 40 years, they broke me.

I haven't been on here for awhile but I'm glad to see you posting here again my friend. 8)

Chadwick Boseman was a true warrior.

He fought against his ailment with so much heart and indomitable spirit and that's why he'll live eternally in our hearts and minds.

Death is not the end.

Rest in peace brother.

The problem with letting him sit abd simmer though is that you cannot guarantee that he will be treated properly in guest appearances and especially in events. Wakanda being flooded and destroyed by Thanos happened because he didn't have a solo to provide any weight or anything behind those decisions. Coates didn't participate in events and T'Challa had either cringey dialogue (CWII saying he was going to throw up watching Rhodey and Carol kiss) or gets punked completely (SE Faustus random pis power boost) because there isn't a guy there to say Hey nah you don't treat BP or Wakanda like that, you don't mess with them unless your bringing A game.

I guarantee right now that if marvel hyped up RJ right now,
and he came correct with a great artist? The numbers would speak for themselves.

Again I prefer consistently good selling comics rather then shocking gimmicks

Very good points about the screw job they'd hand BP and Wakanda. For instance, with BP vs Conan? I was mildly disgusted to see that YET AGAIN we have a White writer having BP's dialogue acknowledge that the White guy [ Conan ] would have the advantage over him [ Hickman had BP admit that Hickman's Marvel Batman could probably beat BP...which almost made me stop buying Hickman's book; and now whoever the White guy is writing the BP vs Conan thing not only has BP drawn as a much less muscular, less sizable man who is clearly smaller and perhaps shorter than Conan but needs to resort to his tech to defeat Conan ] when it's really clear that T'Challa would dog walk Conan. If RJ BP was in full effect right now? There's no way that such poohbutt showings by BP would happen.

But if they signed RJ on right now, wouldn't that mean that they're looking at a BP solo during low tide season...the Holiday Season? Wouldn't they want to open up BP in Black History Month or so in 2021? If they did that, such a time period would almost split the difference between you and I timetable wise, and follow already established Mrvel marketing practices. That would give them enough time to have a powerhouse artist AND give RJ a lead of about 3 issues or so before they even go to press. They'd be a whole arc ahead of the reading public, but not so far ahead that the RJ creative team couldn't make adjustments to ensure the sales numbers stay strong.

Bro, Ta Nehisi Coates has written T'Challa as a wimpy, chumped out never ran, for close to four years now, and you're complaining about a white writer following the lead provided by Coates as regards T'Challa's portrayal juxtaposed against Conan of Cimmeria?

It's not the colour, gender or ethnicity of the writer you should be worried about.

It's Marvel's overall inability to commission or even, retain writers who respect T'Challa as a character that should be recognised for the ongoing problem that it's been for quite some time now.

I dunno man, I feel like if I were drawing the art for Coates stories I would probably feel uninspired too..

Either that or I would create my own excitement in there somehow to get away from the wasted panels of talking about nothing of importance. This is supposed to be a superhero comic and we get droning on for the majority then a page and a half of action.. which may or may not feature the title character

I haven't read his book since Season 1, but it seems like ole dude is droning on and on like ole boi Don McGregor...

Don McGregor backed his wordy prose up with solid action depicted clearly, on the printed page.

I'm not sure why you're comparing McGregor's solidly grounded work to the nonsense Ta Nehisi Coates has been allowed to plow through the BP mythos with for close to four years now?

There really is no comparison.

This is absolutely beautiful.  8)

Queen Mother Ramonda defends the honor of Wakanda and strikes back at a Wakandan enemy...

...while Ruling Queen Shuri retaliates against friends for the transgressions these friends have made against Wakanda

TChalla shows Njadaka Eric Killmonger...historically his most implacable foe...that TChalla never lost to him, and always had him overmastered.

TChalla unveils his below the radar supersoldiers...the MKH...who have assisted him lo these many years, and whom the rest of the world miscalls THE BLACK MUSKETEERS.

TChalla shows how neither he nor Wakanda nor any of The Royal Family were remotely endangered by The Phoenix Force

The Queen Mother Ramonda shows why she is the most ruthless of The Royal Family as she dispatches her foes with finality

Shuri finishes dazzling the world during the last leg of her international P.R.I.D.E. tour

Chapter Text









The invaders quite literally appeared without warning of any sort. One instant, Asteroid A-549 was fully operational and performing flawlessly as it had been for months. The next splintered instant? The Asteroid was being torn asunder by a small army of invaders simultaneously hitting its most sensitive and most indispensable operational areas. The solar plasma enforced Fusion Forcefield was blasted into nothingness, allowing the unfiltered ultraviolet and cosmic energies of space to bombard the artificial asteroid through breaches in its synthetically crafted atmosphere. Despite their independent multitiered AI system, all defense bots remained frozen in their battle pods...somehow the enemy deactivated them all. Simultaneously. At the moment of attack. Such a feat? Was supposed to be impossible.

Human soldiers and transhumanoid cyborgs scrambled by the thousands to the defense of Asteroid A-549 and were ruthlessly, mercilessly mowed down. The enemy wasn't even slowed.

Reports flooded the sphere-like bridge of the Forward Pod.

"Engineering is lost,My Lady." to her left, under-Corporal Breel reports from deep within her techno-trance at her Interior Security station. "All personnel executed, the enemy is harvesting our technology."

"Off planet communication still down,My Lady" Kommunikationskommandant Heigler's crisp German accent pipes up from her right.

"All Transporter and Teleport Platforms are offline," under-Corporal to Heigler...chimed in.

"Navigation is compromised!" Navigation Chief Adaego...her voice nearly as flawlessly beautiful and chocolate as her skin... observed from her Navigation Unit.

 "Independently spin up IEP [ Internal Emergency Protocol ] 8 through 39 on my mark," she responds. Her voice showed no fear, no desperation. Confidence and a somehow clear thinking, furiously calculating wrath thrummed throughout her every word and action. Her underlings never doubted her...she made sure that any who did failed to survive...but her reactions here reinforced their blind faith in her. "Translate vital personnel to AIYDRA Battle and Off Planet Pods. Activate Environmental Swarm IEP 8 in 3...2...1...mark!"

under-Corporal Breel instantly follows her command...a surge of yellow and amber energy crackles through her station with such speed and power, she doesn't get a chance to scream. Her entire body springs up from her seat, leaping stiff into the air as if she suddenly decided to try the Olympic High Jump. A charring smell wafted from her flesh, every bit of hair on her body stood erect and crackled...

...then her entire body...flesh, blood, bones, ligaments, cartilage, veins, arteries, everything... burst into flaring, geysering sparks. Scattered. She was gone.

For a mind numbing, terrifying moment, the entire personnel of the Forward Pod was frozen in horror, shock and confusion...except her.

"Adeago!" she commanded, and Adeago leaped into under-Corporal Breel's seat. "What happened?"

"Running diagnostics...this is imPOSsible!" Navigation under-Corporal of Interior Security...Adeago exclaimed.


"Yes, Lady Lethal!" Adeago responds, using My Lady's full title. "We are detecting decayed remnants of Chaotic Neutrons! But that's imPOSsible! That means that our enemies are using..."

"Shadow Physics," Lady Lethal finished for Adeago. They shared an intense, fierce, intimate moment of fury as each wracked their brains for any way to deal with this.

under-Corporal Breel growls: "Our technology is forged from AIM, HYDRA, Zemo, and Zola. Nobody...not even Doom...has superior technology than do we. And yet this technology is so far beyond our reach..."

"The Wakandans," Lady Lethal says. "It must be..."

The multiwave algorithm sealed, trillion times per second oscillating energy screen and blast door layered entries to the Forward Pod opened simultaneously.

"...the Wakandans, yes." A tall, beautiful woman dressed head to toe in white tech armor insanely more advanced than anything she's ever seen finished her sentence...and shot Kommunikationskommandant Heigler through the head before his hand could reach the butt of his blaster. At that signal, another fierce woman whom her mind recognized as ANEKA, teacher of Agayu Adepts of Wakanda, First Mistress of Okoye the leader of the Dora Milaje...and a bevy of deadly men in advanced battle armor [ Hatut Zeraze, her mind recognized them right away ] swarmed the Forward Pod. iaido expert...drew her katana with the incredible quickness of the five hundred years of samurai blood in her veins. This Aneka removed the wrist holding her sword and Hirada's head with a single, dismissive bladed staff strike. With similar flawless homicidal grace and ease, the Hatut Zeraze started mowed everyone else down...

...except Adeago. Adeago managed to chop one man on the throat so hard that he felt it through his battle armor, and wrested his deadly looking blaster rifle from him as he went down. Lady Lethal blasted two others with her personal firearm. Her plasma bolts could tear holes in tanks, bank vaults, and battleships...but these Wakandans swarmed on her, their armor dismissing her plasma fire without effort. Pressed back to back with Adeago, she knew that her time had come. But she wasn't going to die easily. Adeago...fierce, beloved Adeago...passed her the blaster rifle she wrested from the man she took down, and then Adeago drew her personal spear from its sacred sheath across her back. In addition to being a masterfully crafted traditional Igbo weapon, Adeago's spear was packed with all the deadly, terrible advanced tech that AIYDRA...the extremist splinter group combo of A.I.M. and HYDRA...packed their melee weapons with. This was going to get nasty. Lady Lethal smiled.

"I am Queen Mother Ramonda. You are Natela Dadiani, who now goes by the ridiculous code name of Lady Lethal. You are a distant member of the ruling Dadiani dynasty of the western Georgian province of Samegrelo. "

"We are REAL royalty, unlike you creatures!" Lady Lethal hissed.

"In addition to the many horrible crimes you have committed with AIYDRA...each of which alone--much less collectively--earned you the death penalty...your line of "royalty" committed any number of atrocities against the Afro-Abkhazians you enslaved in Georgia, who deserved none of the horrors you unleashed upon them. We have come in the name of Wakanda to exact justice for your having the temerity to even dream of coming to Wakanda, and we have come in the name of the Afro-Abkhazians whose spirits have spoken to us and urge us to avenge their ancient grievances against you."

Lady Lethal rushed the tall, regal Queen Mother Ramonda, unleashing a single expert shot from the Wakandan blaster rifle at the Queen Mother's head. The Queen Mother almost languidly moved her head away from the hot beam of light issuing from the barrel of the Wakandan blaster rifle, then simultaneously disarmed Lady Lethal of the blaster with her right hand and backhanded her with her left hand clear across the room. Lady Lethal...Natela...didn't know that she'd been catapulted across the room, because she blacked out the moment that the Queen Mother's backhand connected with pin point accuracy and cannonade force along the nerve under her chin.

Lady Lethal came to as Adeago...brandishing her traditional/high tech spear protectively against the Wakandans... was helping her to her feet. Lady Lethal traded blows with Crossbones during battle simulations. This Queen Mother didn't have Crossbones' sheer brute strength, but she hit with far more power and cunning than Crossbones ever did.

Lady Lethal exchanged glances with Adeago. Adeago nodded almost imperceptibly. It was time. Together in life and death, Adeago and Lady Lethal rushed the Wakandans with a single war cry emanating from both of their throats...

...a searing pain lanced through Lady Lethal's back and chest. She looked down in shock. A spear point protruded through the left upper quadrant of her chest.

Adeago's spear point.

Lady Lethal...Natela...looked back at her beloved Adeago with shock, fury, bewilderment, hatred. Adeago didn't even bother to look at Lady Lethal. Instead, her gaze was locked upon the tall, regal Queen Mother Ramonda.

"Ninakupa ruhusa ya kuongea," Queen Ramonda. "I give you permission to speak."

Then and only then did Adeago look into Natela's wrathful, dying, shocked and bewildered gaze. "I am Agayu Adept Adeago. Amandla. Wakanda Forever."

With this last shock of her lover's betrayal, Lady Lethal expired on the point of The Agayu Adept's spear.

Queen Mother Ramonda hadn't bothered to watch Natela's death, but instead turned away right after speaking to The Agayu Adept. The tall, muscular yet feminine and incredibly beautiful Queen Mother approached the single remaining camera which she allowed to operate and carry her message to he whom she wished to address. He whom she knew watched closely and with keen mind and interest every instant of what had just transpired. He who knew he was now in the greatest peril of perishing that he had ever faced.

And the Queen Mother spoke only one word to the camera: "Onyo."

On a completely different planet, he watched. As she knew he would. And he translated the word. As she knew he would. Onyo means..."Warning." Too late he regretted pairing with Hydra controlled Steve Rogers...the former and current Captain America...and invading Wakanda. Too late he regretted stomping his foot upon the back of the prostrate, proud Wakandan monarch known as T'Challa The Black Panther. Now he understood the gravity of his mistake. This Queen Mother and her brother the former Panther Syan the Swift were supposedly dead, murdered by Doom a decade ago during his so-called Doomwar. Her appearance here and now was beyond shocking, but very clearly and deliberately done in order to underscore to the enemies of Wakanda how little they knew of Wakanda and how impossible to defeat Wakanda is.

Too late, he knew that this proud T'Challa suffered the indignity of his transgression and faux prostration at Zemo's feet in order to set up this avenging counterstrike 2 years later.

Onyo. Warning. This Queen Mother Ramonda was announcing her intent to come for him. She was telling him there was nothing he could do. This Queen Mother..."Ramonda asiyekuwa mnyonge", "Ramonda Who Is Not Weak", "Ramonda The Ruthless"...was eager for his blood.

The alarms of his personal base more than an entire world away from Queen Mother Ramonda suddenly began to blare.

Lieutenant Kronz reported from his Security Station: "Baron Zemo, wir werden angegriffen! Sie haben unsere Verteidigung durchbrochen und sind fast auf uns! Baron Zemo, we are under attack! They have broken through our defenses and are almost on us!"

Before Baron Zemo could finish the breath he started when Queen Mother Ramonda said: "Onyo" to him, an entire platoon of Hatut Zeraze...led by Queen Mother Ramonda, seconded by the great and terrible Dora Milaje Aneka who taught the Dora Milaje Okoye and the Agayu Adepts...appeared in his control room. Literally de-cloaked in his control room. They had been there the ENTIRE TIME, he realized. He further realized that the invasion of Asteriod A-549 that he thought he was watching in real time? Was actually a brilliantly strategically delayed and supremely technologically doctored recording beamed as a live feed to his satellites, in order to ensure that the Wakandans arrived undetected in his command center.

There was no hope of survival. Aneka and The Hatut Zeraze absolutely massacred everyone in the room before they had any chance to hope to mount an offensive, except for him.

"You will be taken to Wakanda for trial and judgement," pronounced The Queen Mother.

Baron Zemo felt his Aryan blood boil and Aryan pride blaze. There was no way that he would permit himself to be paraded by this monkey in her nation of monkeys! He...Baron Zemo...had engaged the mighty Captain America in hand to hand battle many times. He had nothing to fear from this woman. He sprang at her with all the guile of battle at his command.

Queen Mother Ramonda struck him. Once. Dismissively. Condescendingly. Clearly with distaste, as if she detested the idea of sullying the back of her beautiful, white battle armored hand with his face.

He tumbled into darkness.

McGregor, for the good he did sometimes wrote the most whack nonsensical beatings to TChalla. He had an old lady split his scalp with a can..

That being said I'm still under the impression that TChalla enhanced

All of which paled in comparison to Ta Nehisi Coates three years plus of torture porn masquerading as a Black Panther solo.

Black Panther / Re: BP710: THE PROTOCOLS - 2 Year Anniversary!!!
« on: May 13, 2020, 01:03:38 am »
All I know is that T'Challa and Steve Roger's are both super human by virtue of the Heart Shaped Herb and Super Soldier Serum respectively.

We're talking about comic book characters depicted within a purely fictional universe where teenage boys get bitten by radioactive spiders and gain the proportional strength of said spider.

I for the life of me cannot understand why anyone would want one of the few African super humans within the MU/MCU to be the only one to be restricted by the constraints of the real world.

That was Ta Nehisi Coates entire schtick.

He had no respect for T'Challa and opted to chump him out at every given opportunity whilst elevating super powered side characters at the BP mythos expense.

I for one, have no interest in seeing T'Challa portrayed as anything other than what he is.

Super genius level intellectual and super human.

End of.

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