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Other Comics / Re: BLADE IS BACK!!!!!!
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:50:52 pm »
Forget about daughters and white fathers. Blade works better as a loner type of character with just one helper/assistant at a time. (Whistler/Scud/some other guy or gal). It doesn't mean he shouldn't have a cast of recurring characters.
Make him a samurai with vampire powers (he should be able to turn into mist, sprout vampire wings, hypnotize or mesmerize people with his eyes) who kills all sorts of supernatural entities and fends off supernatural threats not just vampires. Write him as a mysterious figure, shrouded in shadows. Always a couple of steps ahead of everyone else, always knowing something others don't know. Appearing and suddenly disappearing on people. He should own a mansion filled with antiques and magical artifacts. Let's say he kills some ancient vampire or evil sorcerer and he takes it from them.

In retrospective I think the main misconception is to think of Finn as a black character or a representation of black people as a whole. Yes he is played by a black actor but there's nothing inherently black about him. He is a fictional character who happens to be played by a black actor.

Han comes off as an alpha because even in the original trilogy he was way older than Finn. He was almost 30 at the time while Finn is 19. Change Han's skin color and age and we'll have almost the same character and almost the same complaints from the-never-satisfied-the-world-is-out-to-get-us-crowd. Why did Han had to be a smuggler? Why he shoot Greedo first, why did he got frozen in carbonite? Why didn't he escape on his own? I can see the whining no matter what character they had made black. There's not a single character in Star Wars that is perfect and that wouldn't fit in the-because-racism-narrative.

The way I see it there's enough space in fiction for rookies like Finn and badasses silent type warriors like Mace Windu.

How many women did Han Solo banged in episode 4? How many fights did he win? I only saw him murder Guido (he shot first)
If Finn isn't a character then Han Solo isn't a character either. Helping your friends and refusing to slaughter an entire village is not been subservient. What's so wrong about been a janitor? Contrabandist and murderer would have been better? Or a child killer like Anakim? A traitor and mass murderer like Kylo Ren? Finn overcame on his own and kicked ass on his own but just like Han Solo he just happens to not be the main character. those "critics" are just low self esteemed bitches looking for whatever reason to complain. If Luke were have been black they'd be complaining that he didn't get to f*ck anybody that he was emasculated. If it had been Obi Wan, the one who happen to be black they'd be complaining that they made him a magic negro or some other bullsh*t like, he was too old in order for him not to be perceived as sexually threatening to Princess Leia. It's all bullsh*t.

Finn destroyed space ships using the laser turrets of the millennium falcon just like Luke and Han did in episode 4. He got to use a lightsaber just like Han did in episode 4 but unlike Han he got the chance to fight against a powerful force user and held his own for awhile. He changed, he had an ark. Started out as someone controlled by fear (Not a coward) and then all over the course of the movie overcame said fear and turned into a hero. But who cares? Let's focus in the fact that he wasn't the sex machine digged by all the chicks.

JJ Abrams is white and so are the owners of Disney and so is the majority of the people who goes to watch the movies at the theatre. They owe you (or me for that matter) nothing. They didn't have to hire Boyega and they didn't have to include a single black person but they did it anyway. Why do white women get to have a competent hero? Because it is white people the one putting the money to make the movie. The only properties I've seen developed by black people are stuff about Religion, people dancing or some drug dealer who wants to own his own night club. 50 cent had the chance to develop something new and he chose to make it all about some dude selling drugs. I mean where's the effing imagination? If a white producer had come up with that idea they'll have crucified him for being racist. Now he is about to rip off Marvel's Luke Cage.

And yes I'm pissed off because everywhere I go, all I can see is black people bitching while doing nothing. Youtube, facebook, message boards everywhere online is black people bitching because there are no good black characters or because their favorite character was mistreated but no one is doing anything creative. There's no logical reason that at this moment there's not a single film studio in the United States that is owned by blacks and that is producing original material by and for black people and whoever else interested. Just whine, bitch and moan

Latest Flicks / Re: Justice League
« on: August 02, 2016, 12:10:31 pm »
Superman is not at the forefront because DC decided that only Batman matters now. They even killed the guy so Batman could speechify on top of his gravesite. Hell, they even allowed him to have a real sequel to his movie. They had Batman hijacking his sequel. That been said I don't think he will stay dead beyond half of the movie time. They will resurrect him after the first hour or so if they do it before that time perhaps he will return as a brainwashed minion of Steppenwolf so Batman can beat him again.

I was talking to my LCS guy and he tells me that he hears nothing but good about Coates BP and so far issues 1-3 sold out.  He also said most of the buyers of BP are not traditional fans.  In other words, Coates' BP is bringing in many new buyers to the comic store.

Basically unfans.

People not familiar with the character. They don't have the bias of the "jobber" related to the Black Panther history so when they see him fail they just wait for the moment in which (like most heroes) he will eventually win instead of thinking that the writer is out to destroy the character.

Finn is a great character he was created to represent us nerds. He is not a runaway slave or a coon or whatever bullsh*t made up by low self esteemed whinners. If they had hired Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg or any other white nerdy looking actor, there wouldn't be any complaints. Am I crazy?? Of course there would be complaints, moaning and bitching about them not hiring enough people of color and ignoring minorities. Hell, Disney originally wanted to hire the guy from Kingsman, to play the part but JJ Abrams convinced them of hiring Boyega and the kid hitted it out of the park. I'm glad he didn't turn out to be some badass silent type warrior or a genius or some other over the top nonsense. He was like me. A normal guy in the middle of extraordinary events, overcoming fear and doing extraordinary things. I'm glad that he at no point came off as been in control, I'm glad he sweated all over the place (they were in the desert after all) I'm glad he was insecure, I'm glad he had to exert himself and learn to do things. I'm glad he was a complex character. And I'm glad he has my complexion. I'm glad that even though, they didn't have to, Disney hired a black actor to play the part. I hope one day instead of complaining, like little bitches a group of black artists/filmmakers can create something similar. Cause at the moment all I can hear and see is people bitching every time someone else does something and excuses for why they are not doing anything.

Suppose Shuri simply stays dead and never comes back and is never mentioned again and just never existed at all. Suppose T'Challa is the only living heir to the throne of T'Chaka... As Jack and Stan intended it to be. Thanks.

Hard Choices / Re: Game of Thrones or Walking Dead
« on: May 04, 2015, 07:01:12 am »
Which popular long running fantasy series is your favorite?
For me it's the Game of Thrones. Higher quality all around.

Latest Flicks / Re: Batman v Superman
« on: May 04, 2015, 06:59:49 am »
That's not the reason the movie sucked. It was due to Singer infatuation with the Donner's movies. Returns is take by take a remake of Superman the movie. Scenes and dialogues are virtually copy/pasted from film to film. Sheere unoriginality that's what killed SR

This is simply not true.

The television series, 'Smallville' has a lot more in common with the original 'Superman' movie directed by Richard Donner  than 'superman returns'.

'superman returns' was truly awful... as in, god-awful.  :-[
Smallville was crap too. Too trapped in the past. too trapped in the gooffball Clark Kent who couldn't learn to fly even though every other kryptonian appearing in the show flew right away. A pile of nostalgic crap just like Superman returns.

In Smallville Clark wasn't a goofball like Donner's Clark Kent. If anything he was angsty, earnest, and at times a bit too somber (when he was the Blur but dressed more like the Punisher). There was some humor in Smallville but I don't remember much of it coming from Clark being overly nerdy like Reeve's Kent. And Clark was a victim of the "no tights, no flight" rule that went on far beyond its expiration date. It had nothing to do with him being a goofball.

I thought Smallville did a pretty good job paying homage to the Donner films while con-temporizing Superman for today's audience. Whereas with Superman Returns I think it was a slavish attempt to latch onto the Donner films without the charm and appeal of the Donner/Reeve's cast. The story also lacked enough action and super feats and the lifting of the kryptonite-island was just too much, the one super feat in the film that actually shouldn't have been done. The best casting choice, Kevin Spacey as Luthor was wasted on an inferior film.
I liked Smallville for the first couple of seasons when I thought it was going to last only for 3 or 4 seasons. Then they started to delay the outcome and it got boring and convoluted real fast. Never liked the idea of Clark and Luthor knowing each other in Smallville. By goofball I meant "dense". They made him dumb and indecisive on purpose to elongate the plot. I think the series got hindered by been part of the CW known for their soap operish style aimed at teenage girls. Hated that nonsense of the blur. It was like they were ashamed of Superman. Yeah let's have Clark doing Superman stuff but we won't call him Superman and he will be dressed like The Crow or The Punisher. Also instead of hiring an actor let's hire an underwear model to play the part.

I do agree that they made Clark a bit too indecisive and they drug things out. I also agree that perhaps it did seem like they were embarrassed to some extent, or maybe reluctant to fully embrace Clark as Superman. Even at the very end he was only Superman for a handful of scenes. I also read that Tom Welling never wore the suit, that it was CGI, but I don't know if that's true or not. I have to say that this reluctance to fully embrace Clark as Superman perhaps was due to a skittish in general in the early 2000s about portraying comic book superheroes. It was territory not traveled down that much in a serious vein. Even Lois and Clark had the angle of the romance between them and I didn't watch that show, but wasn't Superman sort of incidental to that show? To that point there hadn't' been a lot of successful shows featuring a costumed superhero. And I think there might have been a very real fear that a Superman show would only appeal to a limited number and a lot of potential new fans would pass on it. I think that was actually proven correct. I think Smallville got some fans that a Superboy/Superman show wouldn't have gotten.

Now the more it went on I do think they should've dispensed with the reluctance and let him be Superman. I mean they started bringing in other superheroes and villains, adding more of Superman's mythology. I don't get the reluctance. I was okay with the Blur though. That's like him in transition. I do wish he had worn a mask then though and we could see why he would choose not to wear one due to that experience.

I thought Welling was okay as Clark. I thought he had the earnestness down. I thought he did well with some of the angst and longing for Lana in the earlier episodes. Granted he wasn't the greatest actor but he wasn't a terrible actor either.

I would much rather have seen Smallville end in Season 5 and go to the movies than them do Superman Returns.

The show wasn't about Superman. It was never meant to be about Superman from the jump. The entire point of it was to show Clark, as a person, growing up, learning to be a man so that one day he could be Superman.

They were too successful and the series went on past its intended stop date, moving him into Metropolis and bringing in Lois, etc.  The problems came from trying to keep to the original themes while having to grapple with the whole, he's-a-grown-man-now, we-have-to-show him-being-superman-but-we-can't-use-the-super-suit-thing.

there's a lot more going on making a TV show than just trying to tell a story.

This happen a lot with CW shows. Supernatural by instance was supposed to last 5 seasons and they are about to end its 10th

Latest Flicks / Re: Hancock
« on: May 04, 2015, 06:56:35 am »
look up the word subtext.

Put Tom Cruise/Ryan Raynolds/ Gosling in Will Smith's place. Is the movie still antiblack?

doesn't matter. no one ever made that movie.

THIS movie, the one that actually got made, goes like this.

Hancock is a black drunk and perpetual f*ck-up who gets the sh*t kicked out of him whenever he tries to hook up with or even get close to a white woman (sometimes by the woman herself). He needs to be taught how to act like a good human being by a white guy. The very white guy who ends up having the life with his lover that he could never have. (Whoever made this film is working out some issues.) Hancock ends the film okay with this arrangement, as all neutered house negroes should  and spends the rest of his life as a sexless security guard dog, happily looking out for the perfect caucasian nuclear family.

his white female fellow "god" is FANTASTICALLY more powerful than he is. her non-powered white spouse is fantastically smarter than he is. Hancock is the character sam jackson played in Django with a happy boyish face.

the moral.

white people know best.
black people are to be civilized but kept in a metaphorical pen by whites until such time as they realize their duty in life it to protect and nurture the world affluent whites have built for themselves.

black men stay away from white women.

and it's it all SO funny.

except not.

Then again put a white actor in Will Smith's place and the movie works just the same but no one would be talking about anti white or anti asian propaganda, in case Will was to be replaced by Jet Li or Jackie Chan. Your point is that black characters must be perfect people or they automatically become stereotypes? Tom Cruise as Hancock would've been just Tom Cruise playing a troubled character but Will Smith or Laurence Fishburne or Denzel or Snipes is automatically playing antiblack propaganda. I guess Blade is anti-black propaganda since he injects himself a serum to keep the blood thirst at bay?

Subtext: Looking for sh*t to get mad about

Latest Flicks / Re: Hancock
« on: April 29, 2015, 07:58:58 pm »
look up the word subtext.

Put Tom Cruise/Ryan Raynolds/ Gosling in Will Smith's place. Is the movie still antiblack?

Wakandans are normal humans. They are not gods they're not perfect and they can be prey of hubris like many other great civilizations of the past. Wakanda was never supposed to be invincible neither is the Black Panther (because that would be boring). T'Chaka needed to die for T'Challa to become king and to avenge his father. It is all part of the narrative. Those guys haven't acknowledged any higher learning institutions from Africa because in the real world there are none (of prestige) and in the Marvel Universe Wakanda is supposed to be an isolationist nation. Few or perhaps none foreigners are accepted in their educational institutions.

By the way no one grandfathered anything T'Challa belongs to the mind of Jack Kirby with some contribution from Stan Lee, 2 jews. Marvel is a publisher owned by white people. T'Challa was created by whites and owned by whites. He's part of a larger universe with other characters whom also happen to be smart and powerful. He can't school them all and win all the time. When he loses it doesn't mean that white writers are racists and want to see him down and humiliated. It just means he's not an A-lister and that he is part of a larger universe with characters who are more relevant than he is.

How would I  write T'Challa and Wakanda? T'Challa is a warrior but he is also and intellectual a genius. There's no reason for him to scuffle with Captain America, Dare Devil and/or The Wolverine. Those are guys he should disable by pressing a button. Yeah from time to time he could exchange some punches to release some steam. But it should always end with those guys falling down to T'Challa's superior mind. Now against guys like Von Doom and Stark things are different. Those guys are as smart or smarter than T'Challa. Their tech could also be marginally better but different from them T'Challa is a warrior a general he's got the mind of a military tactician and despite having a minuscule technological disadvantage he is willing to do things those 2 wouldn't even consider.

I'm comfortable with the idea that T'Challa is the first Black Panther to bring advanced technology (super science) to Wakanda and that he had access to higher education in America and Europe. That doesn't detract at all from the myth the same way it doesn't detract from the accomplishments of real life scientific heroes like Cornel West and Neil deGrasse Tyson. The nature of the Black Panther is mystical like the ninjas from Japan or the ancient Masai warriors of Kenya. If the Wakandans were so "friggin" advanced yet allowed the continent to be ravaged by europeans and arabs, then they are villains no matter how you juggle it. It is better when it is established that Wakanda's survival was the result of guile/good leadership and not superior fire power. They just outsmarted an enemy they couldn't beat. Wakanda is the most technologically advanced nation in the planet now in the 21 the century thanks To T'Challa the Black Panther.

Shuri's is one of the most important contributions not only to the Black Panther franchise but the comic book industry itself; as such, her creation should not be called into question. It wasn't Shuri who took anything from Tchalla, it was Maberry, Arron, Hickman and if I'm being honest Hudlin.
Shuri is unique among so called black characters. Unlike Storm who was created to be a so-called minority character, designed to help diversify a predominately white male team while simultaneously morphing into a white fanboy's fetish symbol; Shuri represented a sovereign cultural integrity exemplified by royal familial bonds that gave Afrakan women and girls a heroine to identify with.

Unfortunately Ororo was a cultural time bomb ready for detonation the moment she came in proximity to any other Afrakan (so called Black). Reggie's attempts to defuse Storm were undermined once he stopped writing her. However it was under Hudlin (and the artists with him during much of his tenure) that Shuri  (and the re-imaged Dora Milaje) helped to redefine and promote an often under valued aesthetic.  Shuri came to epitomize not only the warrior but responsible ruler-ship, a true Black Panther.

For all the lip service paid to such concepts as diversity and so called minority representation it seems natural to have a Shuri, Queen Divine Justice and Dora Milaje as much as a Ororo, Monet St Croix and a Misty Knight.

Thus a more credible argument would be structured around the lack of detail in outlining Wakandan ascendancy to the throne and the consistency in maintaining such. A broader approach to that argument would be the fleshing out of the entirety of Wakandan society and culture.

One of the realest posts on the subject of Shuri that I've seen in this thread so far.

It's like some cats have lost their damned minds up in here on some straight up misogynistic ish and don't even realise it. :smh:

Call it whatever you want. I'm glad she is dead. My only hope is that when the Marvel Universe is rebooted T'Challa is back as the only heir to the throne of T'Chaka as Kirby intended it. Jack Kirby the jew that fathered the Black Panther legend.

@ Supreme and Kip.

One of the challenges with debating Tchalla's intellectual acumen in comparison to Victor, Reed and Tony is the wide breadth in between the Black Panther's scientific accomplishments. There was of course the precedent set by Lee and Kirby in Black Panther's 1966 Fantastic Four debut and 1968's Tales of Suspense.  While subsequent showings in Tchalla's early Avenger appearances showed signs of inventive genius it was during this time that the gulf between scientific inventions began to widen. There were almost no scientific inventions of notice during McGregor's  Panther's Rage, Panther vs. the Klan, Panther's Quest and Panther's Prey; nothing in Kirby's Black Panther series or Gillis' four issue limited series.

This chasm of non scientific genius arguably spans from 1971 to 1998. Unfortunately this not only holds true for Tchalla but for Wakanda as well. However during this same time period the pages of the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and where ever Dr Doom appeared are littered with great scientific achievements and advancements. It wasn't until Priest in 1998 that Tchalla became three steps ahead of his friends and enemies and not til Hudlin in 2005 that Wakanda became the unconquered nation.

Another challenge is how Tchalla does in direct competition with Reed, Tony and Victor. In regards to standard equipment, with their armors, both Iron Man and Dr Doom are far better prepared with a much greater range of protection, offensive and defensive capabilities, multiple environs and transportation than the Black Panther. If it weren't for Priest and Hickman (yes I said Hickman) the Black Panther would be little more than Liss' Man Without Fear. Notice I inferred Daredevil and not Batman, the latter to whom has constant upgrades, almost always saves himself and consistently has his own transportation.

Tchalla (and Wakanda) has been taking Ls from Victor since their inaugural meeting in  Astonishing Tales. Hudlin himself delivered one of the Black Panther's greatest defeats by Dr Doom, contradicting a previous prep upgrade he gave Tchalla in the light armor. Even McDuffie had to mention that Tchalla borrowed the idea of the cosmic ray harness from Victor. Dr Doom invents a time machine, the Black Panther has two stolen temperamental, temporal crossing frogs. Reed discovered the consistently used and constantly referenced Negative Zone while Tchalla has the single use plot device Nowhere Room.

These and many other examples are what make it difficult for the Black Panther to be seen on par with Richards, Stark and Doom. Priest is the only writer who got it right. He consistently delivered (much to the chagrin of some fanboys) a Black Panther that could be seen on the same level and in some cases exceeding said levels of Reed, Tony and Victor. Priest's secret lied in not just demonstrating the scientific intellectual ability of Tchalla but in accenting the shrewd and strategic manipulation he employed by mastering the psychology of others, due to his paramount motivation of preserving Wakanda at all cost.

And if on top of that you cripple him and get him replaced by a retconned sister. You're not making the character any favors.

Latest Flicks / Re: Batman v Superman
« on: April 27, 2015, 05:44:02 pm »
The best casting choice, Kevin Spacey as Luthor was wasted on an inferior film.

Actually, next to Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor was far superior.  :)

Gene Hackman's Luthor sucks donkey balls. Michael Rosenbaum had the benefit of several years playing the character and getting to know him and own it. But at the end of the day Rosembaun's is just a teenage girl wet dream version of Lex Luthor. Spacey had a couple scenes in which he blew them both out of the water. That scene with the kryptonite shard was insane. Spacey is better than Hackman because he plays Luthor straight. No goofing around. He is a shark. Sadly the movie is a bore fest.

To be honest, I don't even know how to respond to something like this because I haven't the slightest idea what you just wrote.
It happens to me a lot. No sweat.

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