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Latest Flicks / Re: Joker
« on: October 04, 2019, 05:05:32 pm »
Just saw this one yesterday and it was dark, moody, had several really good lines, excellent acting, tight screenplay and an unexpected ending.

Put this version of Joker equal to Heath Ledger -that says a lot about Phoenix.

This movie has strong messaging about our society, culpability from society, uncivil people who create chaos, everyday monsters who create more destruction and more.  One of the best films to come out of the comic book genre.

Other Comics / Re: Jonathan Hickman's X-Men
« on: October 02, 2019, 09:24:37 am »
Have read most of the series and admit itís a better story than what has been the last 20 years of XMen but also slightly convoluted.  Will have to read it a second time after all issues are out to give a full review.

Still miss the era when you could take 7 years to tell a story which culminated in Uncanny XMen #137 where Jean Grey committed suicide to defeat Phoenix.  That was and still is the best comic saga ever.

Latest Flicks / Re: Joker
« on: October 02, 2019, 09:19:39 am »

Latest Flicks / Re: Spider-Man: Far From Home
« on: July 08, 2019, 07:29:07 pm »
Just saw this overhyped movie and thought it was better than the last one but it lacked enough originality to really stand as the best when Spider Man II with Maguire had a top notch story with a much better villain - Doc Oc!

Best part was both post credit scenes - Mysterio is just too cheesy overall with that damn fishbowl.

Latest Flicks / Re: X-Men: Dark Phoenix
« on: July 08, 2019, 07:24:29 pm »
Saw it once and thought it was terrible- worse than The Last Stand and Kinsburg should pay Fox because he should never direct another film.  He has no understanding of The Dark Phoenix saga or any true love for XMen as a whole.

Everything was emotionally flat with mediocre acting and death scenes that had no impact and horrible continuity from previous movie where Phoenix force popped up but Kinsburg forgot or simply didnít care.  Trash.

Latest Flicks / Re: Captain Marvel
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:45:17 pm »
Interesting commentary on Monica Rambeau as original Captain Marvel!

The film version of Black Panther is really problematic - he is passive, his intelligence is really low key, he didn't successfully complete his mission to capture Klaw, he sided against the plight of African Americans, etc.  He made me like Killmonger in the movie which never happened in the comic.  So how is the movie a better version of King T'Challa??????

The best representation of BP on film has been in the Captain America movie "Civil War".  Seems like a different character now.

Latest Flicks / Re: Captain Marvel
« on: March 11, 2019, 03:03:39 pm »
Actually liked this movie and despite all the butt hurt comic geeks speaking against this movie most of the people going to movies don't care about the microcosm that is the comic book world with its shrinking audience. 

Brie Larson is an award winning actress and brings her own audience and perspective to the film just like Annette Benning and Samuel Jackson.  The acting from all is good and a stand out is the newcomer who plays a very young Monica Rambeau aka Photon in the 90s!  Think Larson as CM was told to display very little emotion and to use humor throughout the film - probably from the Directors and Feige himself.

Captain Marvel reminded me of her time in Uncanny XMen way back in issues 164 to 166 where she was there during the original Brood saga and they tried to implant a brood egg in her but only she, Storm and Wolverine were powerful enough to kill the embryos.  She became Binary during that storyline and that is similar to the film when she changes to her well known costume and starts to fully use her powers.  Was rooting for Carol like back in the day when Rogue stole her powers and she was trying to come back by joining the XMen!

Movie fits right in with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor - can see this being the next phase of Avengers going into space and encountering new villains.

Feel The Funk / Re: Cardi B on Tomi Lahren
« on: March 02, 2019, 08:53:38 am »
Sad that we have allowed other races to take over all our music (jazz, rock and roll, blues, r & b, etc) and we think mulatto people are on our side when most times in our long history going beyond America they hated us.  Check our history in "The Destruction of Black Civilization" by Chancellor Williams to know more facts and even in the history here in early America in the 1700s mulatto people clearly hated Blacks and purposely sought to exterminate us.

In the Haitian revolution with Louverture if the leader under him had not removed the mulatto people and house negroes first then there would not have been a revolution - research the information.

Have enjoyed the intergalactic version of Black Panther and Coates got his job because he has a noticeable following and sold large quantities of Black Panther and is the first to take the character to #1 in sales over all other titles ever.  Something no one else was able to accomplish so that alone is reason to see why he has his job.  Also, it didn't hurt that the movie has won several major awards and made over a billion dollars worldwide.

Think the film plans to take Black Panther to space so Coates is probably following what is in the wings with future Avengers film - a good move.

Latest Flicks / The Mule by Clint Eastwood
« on: March 02, 2019, 08:39:39 am »
Top notch screenplay and directing from Eastwood who is 88 years old!  This is an old school tale that slides in with a few surprises and even social commentary.  A dynamic cast delivers on all fronts and a timely story that many won't see coming.  Mr. Eastwood is a master at the game and a bonafide actor/director.

Latest Flicks / Re: X-Men: Dark Phoenix
« on: March 02, 2019, 08:35:44 am »
Honestly, this version of the Dark Phoenix story looks visually terrible in many places - where is her costume?  The other X Men look terrible in their costumes.  And most importantly the screenplay is terrible with Storm carrying an umbrella in one scene where she should easily be able to make the rain go around her and stay dry.  Mystique was not in this story (from the comic book saga) and Lawrence does nothing but make us miss the first actress who was so dynamic in the first two films.  There isn't enough character development between Cyclops and Jean (the two main stars of the Dark Phoenix story).  And Jessica Chastain's character was not in the original story and seemingly is bizarre in this one. 

They should not release this movie - seems like a sad way to go out.  The Dark Phoenix story by Claremont is their best story to date and probably will remain as the top tier one since the franchise is surviving off of fumes from the 80s.

Hard Choices / Re: Hard Choices: Lauryn Hill v Mary J Blige
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:25:27 pm »
Agreed.  Worked for Lauryn Hill several years ago here in NYC metro (NJ side) and she was a class act so I stand by my choice from years ago!  Mary J Blige needs some singing lessons - she has improved and doesn't go off key as much but still.....

Lauryn refused to sell her soul like so many Black artists have done since this post was created- Whitney, Michael, Prince and more!

Hard Choices / Re: Teddy Pendegrass OR Luther Vandross
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:19:05 pm »
Really a hard choice - love Luthor singing "Glow of Love" but Teddy got that deep voice that I want if blessed to sing!  Teddy is the slight winner of this hard choice here!

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