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Black Panther / Re: The Fate of T'challa???
« on: May 15, 2010, 04:01:46 pm »

If T joins the Avengers alone, I can see it, but if Storm comes too, I have a hard time seeing anyone put both Storm and Thor on one team.  If they did either the Storm fans or the Thor fans (or both) are going to be annoyed.

lol let's face it, pretty much everyone is going to be annoyed no matter what happens :P

Black Panther / Re: Next
« on: April 23, 2010, 12:42:41 pm »
Ack! Failed on the first try  >:(.


Writer--Joshua Dysart--Unknown Soldier
Artist--Oscar de la Torre--Iron Man
Covers--Mike Deodator Jr.--Dark Avengers

Technology / Re: GAMERS THREAD
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:11:13 pm »
Dragon Age has me in it's grip!
i can't escape it and i like that!

do you play it on console or pc?  I sweat the DnD stuff, but I don't know if the game will run on my laptop very well, i've loved bioware since back in the day

Black Panther / Re: Next
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:06:24 pm »
I'd like to see Jefte Palo (BP:SI) tackle art duties on a legacy style book for BP.  The writer doesn't matter so much for me, i'll take any crazy story as long as it's written well.

Black Panther / Re: Doomwar and the many mistakes of Reginald Hudlin.
« on: April 22, 2010, 09:04:05 pm »
I thought only a few of the Desturi actually knew about Doom, I kinda thought that was Doom's whole point.

For Ult. Panther are you going to use makeup to show the throat scars or just cover it up completely?

Black Panther / Re: DoomWar #2 Review & Discussion
« on: March 28, 2010, 12:08:54 pm »
Just read No. 2 and wow.  It was definitely a heart-pumping, edge-of-your-seat type of read for me.  Seriously every time I turned the page I was holding my breath.  Loved the 'Scary hot chick' cam...maybe the secret cam is for the Midnight Angels? (Does T'Challa know/is in contact with Flea(Is it actually the guy from Red Hot Chili Peppers?)) It almost looks like Doom straight up wrapped some steel around Storms' mouth and hands.  On the purity lock, emperor had a good idea about T'Challa's love for Ororo but maybe it was his love for Wakanda?  He does choose Wakanda over her after all.  Before you made that point I was originally thinking "Only through Purity, Unencumbered by Pretense, May you Pass" meant Doom would have to remove all of his armor to get through the gate.  Maybe it has some sort of DNA lock or something that wouldn't work without a 'pure' Doom?

Vox Populi / Re: Uh, what's "Peace"?
« on: March 28, 2010, 02:11:15 am »
From the President's remarks:  "And thatís why, last April in Prague, I stated Americaís intention to pursue the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons ..."

A world without nuclear weapons? None? All gone? How stupid does Obama think the American public is?

Next he's going tell us of his plan to deploy a squadron of flying unicorns to drop rose petals on every capital of the world.

that's not a bad idea, you may be onto something... ;)

I wish Jefte Palo could draw every comic :(

awesome costume  :) are you pouncing on that kid? hahaha

Black Panther / Re: Doomwar # 2 Preview
« on: March 12, 2010, 12:10:44 am »
OH SH!t  :o  Notice he said that Shuri killed them all!?!?  Just wow.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther Cancelled??!!!
« on: March 12, 2010, 12:07:06 am »

Now there's a panel that we'll never see again! ;D  T'Challa smoking?!?

When this comicbook was first released, television used to air cigarette commercials that would indicate 'coolness' or 'leisure'.

He smoking Heart Shape Herbs. :D

hahaha not trying to derail the thread, but Happy Pants Panther probably turned the Spear of Bashenga into a bong  :P

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther Cancelled??!!!
« on: March 11, 2010, 01:38:41 pm »

Marvel got  a little carried away back then:

Didn't Stark have a heart problem or something? ;D

Tony has very well manicured (and lady-like) hands lol.  He looks like Mac from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'

Black Panther / Re: Funny Avengers...
« on: March 09, 2010, 11:56:17 am »
hahaha at the end, Ant man with his pants down classic

« on: March 08, 2010, 11:30:31 am »
The way I see it, he braced himself, so his legs didn't fold, but all the energy went into the vibranium rather than his bones or muscles.    Or maybe 99.9 percent went into the costume.  I'm not sure you could actually walk if the costume absorbed 100 percent of the energy.

Yeah, any physics people in here?  We could get really nerdy and try to figure out the amount of force exerted from jumping out of a four story building versus stopping a car hahaha

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