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General Discussion / A request from Lori Garcia
« on: April 14, 2013, 07:15:19 pm »

I begin by saying thank you if you are reading this!

I have great respect for those dedicated to writing because it sure ain't easy!!!

I am however, committed to telling a true, triumph of the spirit story, inspired by a magnificent love story,  so I ask for your indulgence.

First some upground :-)

I am writing, coached by Mr. Herb Boyd, American journalist, educator, author, cspan tv host, and activist, and a preeminent authority on African American history.  Mr. Boyd is also a treasured friend.  If you are not familiar with him, please do google him! 

Im seeking suggestions where to submit my 6700 word story..

And if anyone has 'connections' and provides referral, I promise to compensate accordingly!

With thanks ~ Lori 

Vox Populi / Re: How Rich Is the Catholic Church?
« on: March 18, 2013, 09:26:38 am »
And no agency, department, division - has the resource/person-power to monitor or ensure that a religious movement granted not-for-profit + tax exempt status maintain anything .. anything ... to remain NFP and tax exempt once gratned.  They are not audited or followd up on if they dont maintain records etc ..  I may not explain it right but hope anyone reading this understands .. Peace, LG

In The News / Re: Would you wear these?
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:31:22 am »
$175 - for a pair of sneaks made in China?  Dear athletes/celebs with endorsements .. we could put so many Americans to work manaufacturing in the USA ... getting bazillions for endorsements .. a small portion of which spent getting something going .. I dont pretend to know how much this would cost to establish but am certain the effects would be incredible .. I offer to work for free for the first year getting it established. 

Hard Choices / Re: Original version or cover version?
« on: March 12, 2013, 07:37:05 pm »
The input I offer is in reply to page one post by jefferson l.o.b. sergeant about the song Wildflower ..

It was done by Skylark .. beautifully sung ..  in the 80's had a personalized license plate that said WLDFLWR because of the song .. at the time it felt as tho it was written for me ..

What a great thread!!    Lori

Directing / Re: Ang Lee: A Never-Ending Dream
« on: March 03, 2013, 02:33:53 pm »
Oh Reginald this came at the 'perfect' time .. I must thank you for posting it and reminding me .. to remind my husband to never forget this dream.

Again I extend our congratulations to you on your continued success, and to the entire cast and crew of DJANGO ..  Perhaps one day our paths will cross in person and I shall thank you again. 

Peace and all best wishes ~ Lori

Latest Flicks / Congratulations!
« on: February 24, 2013, 09:21:20 pm »
So happy to offer congratulations Reggie to you and the entire crew and cast of Django ..  Job extremely well done! Accolades and awards well deserved .. May this be the first of many ..
Tommy & Lori Garcia

Latest Flicks / Re: DJANGO UNCHAINED
« on: January 13, 2013, 08:20:49 am »
Thank you Emperorjones (& as I was getting ready to post) Thank you Reggie ..

I am a reader/lurker than a poster.  I enjoy reading others comments about subjects that interest me.

Tanksleyd - bringing up FDivine's name is very natural to me - he is a little discussed character of history - my interpretations from 20yrs of research of FD ead me to have an overall positive vs negative opinion.  His death Sept 11, 1965 resulted in a dramatic altering of his plan/s for the future of his movement - His was forward thinking and sought to unite people of all races, religions and social statuses.

I applaud those who had the ability/determination/fortitude to bring DJANGO to fruition.  I don't imagine it was an easy road.

I think it necessary people of all ages be made aware - painfully so if required - and my reason to support poetic license  - of what history is.  Movies are an important, sometimes only and often ideal avenue for that education.

I hope President Obama's long term effects include kindness emulation ... I believe that kindness is contagious and encourage those I encounter to pass it on.

If I were a voting member of SAG I would cast my vote for DJANGO!
Peace, LGarcia

Latest Flicks / Re: DJANGO UNCHAINED
« on: January 12, 2013, 02:10:25 pm »
I am a 55 yr old Caucasian raised in a Jewish home .. married 20 yrs to Tommy a 60 yr old guy who has combined blood - Mexican paternal Greek maternal .. as of age 8 Tommy was raised by African American preacher Father Divine in Pennsylvania .. between the 2 of us we cover alot of stuff ..

We finally were able to see DJANGO and we both thoroughly enjoyed & appreciated it ..  sure there is lots to be discussed, and thats what good movies are all about after all ..

Congratulations and big bravo to those who worked together to make this film ..

Sincerely, Lori Garcia

My first post is to you with heartfelt congratulations on Django Unchained - wishing you much continued success and fulfillment of your dreams .. yours inspires me to consider any 'no' brings us one step closer to the only 'yes' needed.

God Bless - Happy Holidays to all - Happy Healthy and Safe New Year too ..

Respectfully,  Lori G

The Tommy Garcia Story -  True Story with roots in a mostly forgotten chapter of history.

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