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Producing / UGov Surveys Favorite Producers
« on: January 11, 2017, 06:28:50 am »
Hey Reggie....I take these surveys from a very large worldwide survey company on a variety of topics....this one happened to be "Favorite Producers "
Then there were pictures of about a hundred or so.
My favorite wasn't on there so here was my response. .. do I attach screenshots? I really want everyone to see this!

I am the adoptive parent of biracial identical twin girls who were 11 months old when I brought them home. My life was forever changed in the most beautiful and positive way. You see, I'm a tiny 92 pound little white lady and its pretty obvious these girls didn't come out of my body.

I have met more people, made more friends, and actually changed adoption guidelines all through adopting my daughters. We lived in a small ranching  community 32 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas in a segregated town. Jaimie Fox grew up next to us in Terrell, TX! He could tell you it was literally the stereotype of living across the railroad tracks. Black on one side, white on the other.

My girls were the only children of color in the school in first grade - some children were told by their parents they could not be friends with my daughters because it was not safe.  I ended up writing letters to these parents questioning why they were denying their children the enjoyment of having such beautiful friendships and to my amazement every parent replied with an apology! We did a front page news story in our small town and the Dallas morning News picked up on it - next thing you know we are on the news and all over the papers. People came from all over the state to offer support!

This led to me traveling to the capital to address the transracial adoption issues that were of concern in the early 1990's. I was able to get a bill going and eventually the transracial adoption LAW that alllows a child of any race to be adopted by a parent of any race without prejudice! I am very proud of my daughters....I am very proud of the community that rallied around us and made my daughters lives easier....racism was just not something they ever encountered until college!

I actually had an experience that made me so ashamed of my self ---- I was in the grocery store in Terrell, Texas and I turned down an isle... seeing an old man in overalls headed toward me...I just knew he was going to say something to me about my babies who were sweetly playing together in their stroller. I saw him looking at me and then looking at them and back at me again.  I thought to myself - "here we go, he's gonna have some smart remark" I was dreading the encounter and rehearsing in my head how i was going to react to this obviously "racist" man. As he approached me he reached over and stroked the cheek of one of the twins and said "well, I'll be, aren't those two of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!" I almost fell over!!!  You see...I judged him by his looks! He was old...he was a farmers in the south... he was white...looked like a redneck - SHAME on me. He was so sincere and loving... I thanked him and walked on thanking GOD again for another blessing.

We are all in this together my friends!

Oh my goodness!  I have adopted identical twin girls who are 23 years old and I WISH they had such a close bond.  In fact the Dr. Phil show has been chasing them for over a year to do a segment about identical twins who DON'T get along!  That being said - even though they fight constantly and can't stand to be around each other for more than an hour, they do finish each others sentences and have the same thoughts.

I believe trauma separated them in their third year of college because until then, they were close and always stayed together. Sharing rooms, dorms, apartments, same friends...then everything I posted before here - it was due to traumatic experiences during my divorce after 25 years of marriage - they felt abandoned again....the deep effect a Father has on a daughter has been expressed here in this forum and has been a crucial part of MY personal healing and understanding of what a Fathers love really means ---- thanks Reg for the wise words you continue to bring to light and please know the deep appreciation I have for you and this community!

Much love and peace to all you AWESOME fathers out there who show how much they love their children!
Debbie Andrews

Thank you for the support. This board has given me strength and courage. Its posts like these that help me to keep going. My plan to was to "line things out" for the make things easier for when I'm not around. I sold every thing I own - moved to Springfield seeking medical treatment and to be with one who was having a breakdown due to not being able to find employment, the other daughter is in Galveston to pursue a marine Biology career and she has no job and is now pregnant. Wow. The young man in her life had no Father growing up either so he didn't get what he needed from a man... he thinks making babies is the way to prove your manhood - So misguided.  Thank GOD I have an awesome Father both here on Earth and my Father God above!

Kids & Family / Re: 15 Things Never to Say to Parents of Biracial Kids
« on: December 04, 2013, 11:03:46 am »
I adopted bi-racial twin girls (Italian mother/African American father) and have had nothing but wonderful experiences! They were 11 months old when I brought them home and they are turning 23 this month. Just yesterday tho I was out shopping with one of the twins and as we stand in line to pay for our purchases, I go first, then stand there waiting for my daughter and the clerk just looks at me like "are you gonna move lady so I can help this young lady in line behind you!" That's when they realize we are together! I'm a tiny little white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes  and she's a gorgeous "African 'American" looking young woman.  I have been asked "where did you get them from?" as they appear to be from some exotic island with their carmel skin and silky hair, but they have full lips and wider noses, so it's just befuddling to others! Basically, I have had the nicest comments - I am blessed!  :-*

And I get the phone call this morning....She's pregnant. Her boyfriend is a "local rapper" on Galveston Island, Tx. He's 21, with two babies already with 2 different women...she's 23 with a double degree from a private university...No Dad around = no self esteem. I'm angry, I'm scared...for her, for me, for her twin sister. I adopted these precious girls at 11 months of age and NEVER dreamed their adoptive Father would abandon them when they were 15 - they NEEDED him so desperately then!  I did my best as a single Mom, but I could not instill in them what they needed from a Father. I am terminally ill, and my daughter wants me to see this as a gift...I will have a grandchild before I leave this planet. It still hurts...deep     Fathers, a part of your child's life - always!

Hudlin's Huddle / Re: CREATIVE PEOPLE SAY NO
« on: November 27, 2013, 06:48:53 am »
This is a great post. I'm trying to understand my daughters lack of interest in "structured" jobs/employment. She keeps telling me "I just really need to focus on my Art!" but that doesn't pay the bills. So we ask people we know for help - and few people have the time to help - and I'm beginning to understand why - this post helps me to see clearer. I was one of the people constantly asked for help as I was a booking agent for the Ford modeling agency - every parent has a kid who is an actor or model don't they???  I said "NO" a lot. Now I'm hearing "NO" from people I'm asking -"hey do you know of anything my daughter can do - are you hiring, etc..." and it's hard to be rejected - but it's not actually rejection - this post makes it make perfect sense! THANK YOU for opening my eyes and breaking it down for what it really is!

WOW! This is incredibly amazing. My twin daughters father walked out when they were 15 and never looked back - already being adopted, they have felt nothing but rejection and abandonment by men since that time. These are the words they need to hear. I thanks you so very much for this post!

Feel The Funk / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:04:33 am »
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown will be honored at the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival on Saturday September 28th! Billy Andrews, his Godson will be in the playing line up and also doing a private gig the night before.  I posted here before about the tribute album Billy was working on and at the last minute we got the call to come down and play in honor of Gate! YEAH!
Anyone that lives in the area, or any Gatemouth Brown fans should come on by! Just ask for Debbie or Billy Andrews.

October 30th Billy Andrews will be playing a private party for Widespred Panic in New Orleans at the House of Blues - as they are big fans of Gate and wanted to jam to his music - the balls rollin' and Gates gonna "Walk the Board' again. Props - its about time!

« on: February 15, 2013, 10:41:35 am »
Got the Jesus Christ Superstar vinyl album - just saw the show 2 years ago in Fort Smith Arkansas and got the playbill signed by every actor - even the original Jesus - name escapes me now and I'm at the library so I can't look!!!  But Reg...if you want it I would be pleased to give it to you!  The album signed and the playbill from the show signed also!  PM me if your interested and I will send it to you!
P.S. For those of you who wonder why I might do this - I met Mr. Hudlin several years ago when he was filming in Dallas, TX and my twin daughters are big fans of his work (they are 22 now) :) anything to pay it forward for the inspiration from a friend!

General Discussion / Re: 7 Habits Of Uber-Productive People
« on: February 15, 2013, 10:14:03 am »
Awesome post.  Reminds me of my twin daughters who get back up after every punch!  They have started their own line of pottery and crank out up to 200 works of art a week while still carryin a full load of college classes! I enjoyed every aspect of this post  and I feel inspired. I thank you!
Truely Andrews

I have no social media outlet.  I don't have a computer.  I walk to the library and they give me 60 minutes then the computer cuts off!  Never been on facebook - don't know how to Tweet - don't have a smartphone.  I like it that way, but I feel a little left out at times.  I choose this lifestyle for the most part - but when I find a forum like this, I wish I had more time to read and respond.  I LOVE this forum!


Hard Choices / Re: vomiting or diarrhea?
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:59:55 am »
LOL!  I am laughing thru my tears!  Started out a bad morning but this one...this post...too funny!  I can't even choose - I am just soooo thankful to be smiling!!!


Hard Choices / Re: 2008 or 2012?
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:54:28 am »
2008  Newly divorced after 25 years married to a cheatin no good dirty cop.  2012 - caretaker for boyfriend with brain injury due to motorcycle accident and dealing with twin daughters fighting so bad the Dr. Phil show wants to do a show!  I vote for 2013 - good things to happen.  Good music comin back - GREAT movies as we all know and people helping people!!!   WHERE IS THE LOVE ????


Feel The Funk / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: January 09, 2013, 09:40:37 am »
You can view a little about the Historical marker placed by Gate's grave in Orange, Texas by searching fox news, orange Texas, gatemouth brown memorial.  I'm not very tech savy or I would post a link for you!  Anyway, the guy on the news playing the dobro by the memorial is Billy Andrews.  Gate's Godson.  It's a local news cast in Orange Texas back in July 2012.  Saturday, July 21, I think it aired Sunday the 22nd!  This is an exciting project and one that there is talk about a Grammy nomination for! 

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