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Think we need to remember MCU John Walker =/= comic Walker. MCU Walker got his ass handed to him over and over again without the serum. Obviously he is still skilled, as he ran into super soldiers and Doras but still... he's no Black Widow H2H.

But... Falcon's h2h skills without the aid of his wings is sh*t lol. Crossbones bodied him, Batroc bodied him, a Dora slapped him up. So yeah... Walker with the serum is a problem, especially considering the fight he put up against Bucky and Sam.

The equalizer is that Sam has the shield now and the incoming new Falcon gear. Will the new Falcon gear be vibranium? Does Bucky have THAT much pull to get that sort of a gift from Wakanda? They got to be better put together than his last two sets... WS tore his first set apart and Walker tore his second one apart. Wakanda ain't just gonna keep resupplying him with stuff lol.

Of course... Sam could just go back to bringing out the guns again, but probably won't fly to shoot Walker with a missile lol.

Also, this next fight with Walker is likely to be outside, which actually gives Sam room to maneuver.

What hte training montage needed was Sam and Bucky sparing. Let Sam get more practice using the shield against opponents that are bigger, faster, and stronger than him.

Oh and the Doras didn't execute Zemo because T'challa didn't want him dead remember? "The Living are not done with you yet." With Wakanda now being open to the world to some extent... taking Zemo to the raft may have been a diplomatic move.

Stacy Abrams wants those companies to stay and fight

I'll trust her judgement when it comes to GA at this point.

being BP for a decade means nothing of you have nothing to show for it, no stories to tell, no memorable groundbreaking run for people to talk about. It's literally only used as ammunition for why Shuri should be BP, but no one can give more then "Well it happened on comics" Yea? And? T'Challa fried Thanos brain with Pieces of the cell that was holding him with some on the fly super genius. But we didn't see that on EG

The "power" arc is pretty easy to adapt. I'd leave out the liberal/conservative talk show though.
Hardest part about adapting it is making this shuri a warrior bad ass chick with her own Q

Is Flea or whatever still alive or is he floating aimlessly somehwere lol? Maybe he  and TAku eloped

Shuri was black panther for almost a decade. Spencer and Aaron got plenty of hate for Jane and Sam.

Kate Bishops comic didn't last long. I dont think Cho's book lasted too long either.

Almost a decade because there was no comic for most of the time, She got approx 25? issues? solo-ish i think if you count Doom War as her book too.

Jane and Sam sold enough to hang around for a good bit.

Hulk has Shulk and Red Hulk spin offs, not just Cho.

Is Cho still around? I forgot about him lol.

Kinda sad/funny that "It is just a mantle!" is the new rallying cry when Marvel Comics has had zero success creating any sort of legacy character for Black Panther.

We've had successful Captain Americans, Thors, Hulks, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, and some more I can't remember at the moment

every BP legacy has failed fast and hard.

What was really disconcerning was how they went out of their way not to mention T'Challa. The Winter Soldier said he was grateful for what Shuri and Ayo did for him but neglected to show any remembrance of the Black Panther. Bucky failed to broach the subject that it was T'Challa who bought him to and sheltered him in Wakanda; that it was T'Challa who placed him in suspended animation and not a Wakandan jail cell; and that it was T'Challa who presented him with a new arm. If this is what Disney and Feige meant by honoring Chadwick's legacy by omitting what T'Challa actually did on screen they can miss me with all that.

Yeah that was... weird to me.

T'challa is still around in this timeline as far as anyone knows. So, why is everyone going out of the way to avoid mentioning his name?

How is that honoring anything? How is erasure honoring? I don't get it.

"Chadwick did such a great job bringing black PAnther to life. HE IS T'challa. So, from now on, we are going to act like he never existed in his honor."

LIke... wtf?

What this needed was an anime style story where Tchalla recruited the powered individuals because the Empire had a version of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. That way the conventional armies of both sides would fight in the background, and the powered individuals square off in a One Piece final battle situation.

See, now this is good comic book sh*t right here

I thought in 2021, black people wouldn't be impressed by scraps and tokens anymore.

I was wrong.

To see people praise these last couple issues of Coates just because a bunch of black heroes showed up in the background is just...

I'm disappointed. This is no different than being sidekicks and tokens for white characters. No different at all.

What a shame.

If t'challa loses there, I don't hate it.

he was winning (in my mind) and the Phoenix intervened.

But I really doubt theyshow the end of the fight int he previews

Coogler, mr "black panther so important to young black men" being the one against recasting would be absolutely shocking and devastating to me

This forum really brought it home to me what replacing and not recasting T'Challa could mean for the comics, which I hadn't thought about. That is a definite concern.

MCU gave T'challa plot protection. He is the only black male hero that is beholden to no other character. They coudln't kill him off... it would look horrible. He just got popular in the main stream and it was the perfect time to keep him in the comics.

Without the MCU... why keep him around really? Why put effort into his comics? I think the comics will wait until they get wind of the plan in the MCU (is shuri taking the mantle or not?) and they will adjust accordingly.

And when they adjust, I don't see T'challa staying around. Black Panther by Vita Ayala just sounds like somethign marvel will do.

T'challa as his MCU peak still coudln't get pushed in video games. While Carol was showing up in commercials, T'challa was a DLC. AT HIS BILLION DOLLAR PEAK!

Why focus on him at all if they can just reskin to Shuri and move on?

Minorities always have to do "more" to get the same respect and T'challa's "more" wasn't long enough to make a dent into anything.

They made Wakanda and his supporting cast as big if not BIGGER than the lead character. 

To be fair, i've posted on BP forums for years and a lot of the "BP" fans are really Wakanda fans. They care more about Wakanda than T'challa.

It sucks to say, but chadwick himself bears some of this blame due to not telling anyone what was going on. If Disney could have gotten ahead of this and Chadwick himself came and a blessed the cahracter moving on, we wouldn' tbe having thsi conversation. bu I guess he really really really really thought he was going to beat the cancer.

Situations sucks all around. I expected BP to suck in the comics by now, but to have him gone from the MCU in a flash is crushing to my fandom. Feels like it isn't even worth it anymore

Very curious to see if BP goes on a mini hiatus until empyre is done, leading to the new writer and status quo

maybe ayo, aneka, and chang can die defending waknda in empyire....

Black Panther / Re: COATES' RUN ENDS IN JUNE
« on: March 09, 2020, 09:53:45 am »
Coates damage can easily be retconned. Marvel must realize by now that getting literary based and agenda laced writers (particularly agendas that are incompatible with the mythos) are not necessary. Marvel must also be aware that Geoff Thorne can handle the BP. Bring him on as a writer and/or editor.

He said on CBR that he hasn't been contacted and that Marvel likely already has someone lined up if they are announcing Coates is leaving

Latest Flicks / Re: Matt Reeves's The Batman
« on: March 05, 2020, 04:33:19 am »
I hate everything about this so far

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