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As with the preceding Avengers' movies Iron Man represents himself well both in and out of the armor. Speaking of armors, those who think Shuri is the smartest person in the MCU may have that perception challenged. Shuri's nano-tech Black Panther habit does not have the performance and capabilities of Stark's bleeding edge nano-tech suit.

Not really. They pretty much answered the  intelligence debate during the scene with Vision. Plus, being a walking tank has always been Tony's schtick not T'Challa's. Giving the habit all that flashy gadgetry would be dumb and ridiculous. T'Challa is a superpowered hand-to-hand fighter. His gadget use has always been quite minimal because he can normally make do without them. I also can't see the MCU version  signing off on putting nanites in his body.

So where is T'Challa in all this? No mention of him anywhere. Cap, Bucky and the rest of the crew all seem to have interactions with Thanos and the Black Order in Wakanda, but T'Challa has been oddly left out of these details.

I'm curious to know what limits the MCU habit will have when it comes to absorbing energy. Like could T'Challa potentially take a lightening strike from Thor? I also hope Coogler gives him some`great feats because the Russos made Cap look fantastic in the MCU and it will be disappointing if T'Challa doesn't get the same treatment.

Black Panther / Re: More (Possibly Untrue) IW Plot Spoilers (BP Related)
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:53:46 pm »
Hickman f*cked us by not putting that on panel.

BD/Cull is there "hulk." I 100% expect it him to beaten by one fo the heavy hitters. And with the rumor that Thor is with the guardians getting a new hammer/axe made, that really only leaves Hulk as the big gun.

IW/Avengers 4 is basically the old crews "send off" by all reports. I expect the OG's to get most of the feats (hence cap beating corvus, hulk beating cull, IM and SL confronting Thanos, Thor getting a new weapon which I imagine must be able to hurt Thanos in some way) while the others do juuuuuuuuuust enough to build excitment for the next 20 movies they have planned.

The one thing I don't believe is Gamora dying. At least she can't be the only one dying (vision doesn't count hsi a robot lol). waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much backlash from killing one of the few female members (with a POC actor).

Feats have to be balanced. You can't give all the good beats to the old guard then people will come out thinking the new class can't compare. You want folks leaving the theater saying that Doc Strange/Captain Marvel/Black Panther .etc were the highlights. These are the characters that are supposed to lead the franchise down another 10 years.

as for those spoilers sucks that it seems like T'Challa will be robbed of a shining moment. Not surprised that Cap is the only one who manages to kill Corvus.He's basically the Russos bros' pride and joy.

T'Challa's suit seems to be inspired by the Coates run.
Killmonger's trailer attire seems to be  inspired the Lion garb
Killmonger's Gold Panther suit seems to be inspired by the Priest design

Honestly, yea, I don't like it much either.  They should've kept it more inline with what we saw in Hudlin's run, like a gold-ish Predator type look but with slicker designs.

As it is, I see why ppl confused it as another BP habit.

It may grow on me but idk

That may very well be the actual case. Looks like they are adapting Priest's Killmonger arc heavily.

This was coming as soon as you saw T'challa had a shard.

Time to see the great, uncolonized Black nation  of Wakanda to fall victim to the wrath of the Nazis. If Steve beats the crap out of T'Challa, and strategically bests Wakanda get ready for the Cap fanboys and unfans to hold onto this feat for the forseeable future.

I couldn't get excited about this showing because we all have an idea of what will most likely come next.  it's just like the whole "What if a Infinity Stone was in Wakanda?" idea. Just like in that scenario the storyline dictates that Thanos gets the infinity stone,  this one dictates Steve gets his shard. At this point if Steve were to battle T'Challa(one-on-one) it would most likely go in his favor.

I just hope Spencer makes T'Challa and Wakanda still look strong even if they're defeated in the end.

If someone bites the bullet I'm leaning towards Okoye.

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