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Hudlin's Huddle / Love the new main page and I'm hitting you up
« on: April 30, 2018, 10:16:39 am »
Yes I love the new main page. I'm currently looking through all the new posts and information there. I have already visited the Milestone Media website. I have particular interest in comic drawing and animation. I explain why below.

First, thanks for approving my request to join your forum. One of my purposes here is to inform you of my interest in the art of comic drawing and animation. I noticed in some of the comments here in the forum some concern about getting more women and girls interested in the art form.

I have what may be a solution to getting more young people and girls from our community  involved in careers as comic artists, illustrators and animators.

I have invented a LES (language educational system) that includes animation, tech and a learn-while-playing technique. My LES has a monetization components that will allow artist to earn money while doing what they love, drawing of comic characters. My LES is similar to Pokemon Go and uses many characters and QR codes for fun and learning.

I am bootstrapping the proof of concept phase of development with Mandarin being the first language of my LES.

I would like to use part of my budget for a comic drawing of my main character Bobby. Bobby is the ambassador of my LES. I would like to spend my $250 budget for Bobby with you.

I know $250 dollars is measely but the main reason I am making this request of you is for you to establish an interest in my project. From there I'd like to email you periodically about my progress in growing my LES.

I will be speaking with educators about my LES and use other online methods to gauge interest while using your version of the Bobby character in my pitch. It will not be necessary to mention that I purchased the comic drawing of Bobby from you unless I am given written permission.

The name of my LES is Xuexi World. Xuexi is Mandarin (Chinese) for learning. The goal of my LES is as follows:

*Create a scalable and marketable product.

*Create a product and story that would interest Shark Tank.

*Set aside 5% of revenue for donation to arts and education.

*Create a platform that provides jobs, business and careers in the field of comic art and animation for the younger generation in overlooked communities.

If you have any questions about my project please contact me. It is certainly difficult to get all the details into one email. I look forward to answering your questions and getting the go ahead for Bobby's comic character rendering.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Tresa Bennett,
Founder, Xuexi World

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