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In The News / Re: Sunken slave ship found off Alabama coast
« on: August 14, 2018, 12:18:36 pm »
Tuesday, 14 August 2018

John Legend wants Louisiana to remove 'white supremacy' from its constitution
by Lisa Respers France

As part of his continued work in criminal justice reform, John Legend is calling on Louisiana to change its constitution.

In an opinion piece published by the Washington Post Tuesday headlined "It's time for Louisiana to strip white supremacy from its constitution," the singer writes about the state's continued acceptance of non-unanimous jury decisions, which he calls "a 120-year-old measure put in place to suppress the rights of African Americans."

"Louisiana is one of only two states -- the other is Oregon -- in which a person can be convicted of a felony and sent to prison without a unanimous vote of the jury," Legend wrote.

"As a result, Louisiana prosecutors do not truly have the burden of proving their case 'beyond a reasonable doubt.'

They only need to persuade 10 of 12 jurors to send a defendant to prison, even for life."

According to the star, the result is "a state justice system in which felony trials are held without the full participation of African Americans."

"Here's why: During Louisiana's all-white constitutional convention in 1898, delegates passed a series of measures specifically designed to 'perpetuate the supremacy of the Anglo-Saxon race in Louisiana,'" the piece states.

"Non-unanimous juries were one of those measures, and the intent was clear: If the federal Constitution required that African Americans be allowed to serve on juries, the state constitution would make sure that minority votes could be discounted."

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Monday, 13 August 2018

‘RHONY’ Star Bethenny Frankel’s On-Again/Off-Again Boyfriend Found Dead at drumphf tower
by Whitney Vasquez

“Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel‘s on-again/off-again boyfriend was found dead this morning at drumphf tower in New York City.

Would You Like To Know More?‘rhony’-star-bethenny-frankel’s-on-again-off-again-boyfriend-found-dead-at-trump-tower/ar-BBLLibN?ocid=spartanntp

Vox Populi / Re: Disappearing Excellence: The Senate & Loretta Lynch
« on: August 13, 2018, 03:05:32 am »
Monday, 12 August 2018

Baltimore police officer resigns because he got caught on cam striking a helpless man
by Edmund DeMarche

The Baltimore police officer who was seen in cell phone video striking a man several times and knocking him down over steps on a sidewalk is no longer with the department, police said in a statement late Sunday.

Interim Police Commissioner Garry Tuggle accepted the officer's resignation.

The police officer, who was not officially identified had served on the department for just over a year.

He was suspended shortly after the video first surfaced on Saturday.

The Baltimore Sun reported that police said the incident started after the man was stopped by police, let go and then approached again.

“When he was asked for his identification, the situation escalated when he refused,” police told the paper.

“The police officer then struck the man several times.”

The video begins with the officer standing in front of a black man who has his back to a wall.

The officer, who is also black, can be seen shoving the man in the chest before the officer began to throw punches.

The man tries to block punches from the officer but doesn't appear to fight back.

The man is pushed over some steps by the officer who continues to throw punches, and the video ends with the officer on top of him.

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Wednesday, August 8th 2018

New York GOP Rep. Chris Collins arrested over insider trading charges
by Kevin Breuninger

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., has been arrested on insider trading charges lodged by the Justice Department, law enforcement officials said Wednesday morning.

The indictment obtained from a federal grand jury also charges Collins' son, Cameron Collins, as well as the father of his fiancee, Stephen Zarsky.

The indictment relates to "securities of Innate Immunotherapeutics ... an Australian biotechnology company on whose board of directors Christopher Collins served," the DOJ said.

Collins passed nonpublic information about Innate's drug trial results to his son in order to help him "make timely trades in Innate stock and tip others," the indictment alleges.

His son then traded on that inside information and passed it to Zarsky, along with numerous unnamed co-conspirators, "so that they could utilize the information for the same purpose," according to the indictment.

Zarsky, too, allegedly traded on the inside knowledge and passed it along to yet more unnamed co-conspirators.

The GOP congressman reportedly surrendered to federal agents in Manhattan on Wednesday morning. He is expected to appear in federal court in lower Manhattan later today. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York is expected to detail the charges in a press conference at noon.

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In The News / Re: 40 YEARS LATER... AN ARREST
« on: August 08, 2018, 06:56:54 am »
Wednesday, August 8 2018

11-Year-Old Girl Shot With Taser for Shoplifting

by Ewan Palmer

Cincinnati Police have launched a review after one of its officers used a Taser against an 11-year-old girl accused of shoplifting from a grocery store.

The officer, who was working as an off-duty detail at the store, shot the child in the back after responding to reports that several female juveniles were allegedly stealing items from the Kennard Avenue Kroger .

The child was treated at the scene and then taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for evaluation. She was later arrested on suspicion of theft and obstructing official business and released back to her parent’s custody.

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I give your latest penciled page points just for including the RUN DMC poster!  :)

Vox Populi / Re: Disappearing Excellence: The Senate & Loretta Lynch
« on: August 03, 2018, 08:52:32 am »
Friday August 3rd 2018

Detroit police officer suspended after video shows him repeatedly punching woman in a hospital

by Sheena Jones and Steve Almasy

A Detroit police officer has been suspended with pay after a bystander's video showed him punching a possibly mentally ill woman at least 10 times at a hospital, the police chief said.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig has called the video "very disturbing" and said a criminal investigation has been launched into the officer's use of force.

But he also added the officer is entitled to due process.

The department is not making any conclusions but observations, Craig said.

The police chief also said the suspended officer has had six minor use of force incidents before, the most recent in 2015.

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In The News / Re: 40 YEARS LATER... AN ARREST
« on: August 02, 2018, 03:28:19 am »
Thursday, August, 2nd 2018

‘Let him get a little chilly’: Police kept a 13-year-old in a freezing car to get him to confess

by Cleve Wootson

The 13-year-old was wearing dark clothes covered in dirt and stiffened by ice on a freezing night in January.

He was joyriding in a golf cart on a Georgia state highway — and the stories he told the officers who stopped him weren’t adding up.

The golf cart was his mom’s, he said. She let him borrow it after he promised to be careful.

Then, he said, his mom was on a date, and he had grabbed a golf cart from the apartment complex where she worked.

Then he claimed he got the vehicle from a “science school,” whose name had slipped his memory.

That wasn’t the only detail that was foggy.

He claimed he didn’t remember his mom’s phone number or name or address and was even sketchy on the year she was born.

It was either in “2000-and-something,” or in 1896, he told increasingly frustrated Roswell, Ga., police officers.

“Every 10 minutes, you tell me a different story, and I don’t know what’s going on right now,” Officer C. Dickerson told the boy on police body-camera footage after the boy told her he didn’t want to go to jail.

The body-camera footage, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, was released this week. “Are you who you say you are? You have no identification on you. Are you really 13 years old?”

Their worry morphed into frustration at the boy’s inconsistent answers.

Dickerson searched him for weapons, slapped handcuffs on his wrists and placed him into the back of her patrol cruiser.

Several officers then tried to figure out their graveyard-shift conundrum.

They didn’t think this early-morning joyride merited a trip to a juvenile detention center, but they couldn’t exactly let the teen hop in the golf cart and drive away.

Finding the teen’s parents was crucial, but they had no leverage to make him fess up.

“He’s just lying,” one officer said of the boy. “He’s not going to tell you the truth. He hasn’t told you the truth since he met you.”

Then Sgt. Daniel Elzey voiced an idea that would land the Roswell, Ga., police department in the middle of its third national-headline-grabbing police misconduct scandal of 2018.

Would You Like To Know More?‘let-him-get-a-little-chilly’-police-kept-a-13-year-old-in-a-freezing-car-to-get-him-to-confess/ar-BBLnitx?ocid=spartanntp

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In The News / Re: 40 YEARS LATER... AN ARREST
« on: August 02, 2018, 03:14:55 am »
Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Safeway calls police on black woman giving food to homeless man
by Avery Anapol

Employees at a Bay Area Safeway called the police on a woman and accused her of shoplifting.

The woman, Erika Martin, was giving food to a homeless man outside of the store, never stepping foot inside the Safeway, according to San Francisco CBS-affiliate KPIX.

Martin told the news outlet that she thinks the employees called the cops on her because she is black.

"Racism still exists," she said.

Martin said she often spends time making care packages for homeless people in the area, and has given to the man outside the Safeway in the past.

On the Sunday evening in question, she was giving him food for his dog when multiple officers approached her.

"The police just blocks me in. I'm like, 'what's going on?" she told KPIX. "Then [the officer] was like, 'Well, we were called here because you fit the description of someone taking items out of Safeway and bringing it back to your car.'"

Martin said that her son, who had gone into the store to see if the deli was offering cookie samples, was "crying because he thought they were there to arrest him."

Martin told KPIX that Safeway employees suspected her of conspiring with a black man and a group of kids to shoplift and bring items to her car.

A Safeway spokesperson told KPIX that employees called the police because they spotted a man who had shoplifted in the past, and were looking into why Martin was apprehended.

"I blame the Safeway employees and for them to do something like that to me is just hurtful and shameful," Martin said. "I am not going back to that Safeway ever."

A store manager apologized and told Martin that she would receive a call from the company's corporate officials, but she said that she has not yet received a call.

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Vox Populi / Re: Disappearing Excellence: The Senate & Loretta Lynch
« on: August 02, 2018, 02:35:25 am »

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Ohio police chief overdosed on drugs taken from evidence room, investigators say

by Maria DeVito

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – An Ohio police chief who died of a fentanyl overdose allegedly took the drugs from his department's evidence room, authorities say.

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

President Barack Obama endorses 81 candidates in U.S. midterms, says he's 'eager' to get involved
by John Fritze

WASHINGTON – Former President Barack Obama announced endorsements Wednesday of 81 Democratic candidates in the November midterm elections, and said he is "eager" to help his party gain seats in a contest widely seen as a referendum on Emperor Puppetine.

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Spirituality / Re: Koko's Spiritual Wisdom is Pure Awareness
« on: August 01, 2018, 02:10:32 pm »
Tuesday, July 21st, 2018

A college textbook says holocaust victims failed to realize their strength
by Jessica Campisi and Saeed Ahmed

Higher or Lower Learning?

(CNN) An online textbook, which blames Holocaust victims for failing to tap into their strength, is required reading for nearly 19,000 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students.

One excerpt from the book says Holocaust victims who died failed to find their inner strength.

"The people in the camps who did not tap into the strength that comes from their intrinsic worth succumbed to the brutality to which they were subjected," the book reads.

The text was contracted for use for two years, but it is currently under review for the fall, a school spokesman said.


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Feel The Funk / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:42:16 pm »

Sounds so much more pleasant when music artists perform live piano reductions*.

*learned that term from Lion

Health / Re: Purple Purse
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:36:27 pm »
Tuesday, August 31st, 2018

Tiffany Haddish Reveals She Was Raped at 17 By a Police Cadet: I Went to 'Counseling'

by Ale Russian

Tiffany Haddish is opening up about a dark time in her life.

The 38-year-old actress appears on the latest cover of Glamour where she recalled being allegedly raped by a police cadet when she was only 17.

Haddish said the incident led to her seeking help and shaped the way she approached men in her life.
“That whole experience put me in such a messed-up place for a long time, and I ended up going to counseling,” she said.

“I notice that men are afraid of women that are aggressive.

So to protect myself I become semi-aggressive,” she explained. “You hear about, ‘Tiffany always hitting on somebody,’ but that’s to keep them from hitting on me.”

The experience also led her to want to make a change and help victims of sexual assault.

But the actress said she’s still figuring out what to do instead of just being vocal about it.

“Me just yelling out people’s names with no thought behind it is pointless. I need a plan,” Haddish said.

“I could be a voice, but what’s a voice going to do—just keep talking? Or is there action behind it?”

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Health / Re: Purple Purse
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:06:01 pm »
Friday July 27th 2018

In Kentucky, A 'Culture Of Indifference' To Sexual Harassment In Prisons
by Eleanor Klibanoff

Lisa Suliman, Jennifer Dennis and Colleen Payton

Jennifer Dennis came from a family of correctional officers, and, as a single mom, she was grateful for her good-paying job at Little Sandy Correctional Complex in rural northeastern Kentucky.

But then her supervisor took an interest in her — and she said her dream job quickly became a nightmare.

"At first, it was like rubbing my butt, or trying to grab my boobs, or trying to pinch my tail," she said.

But then, she said, Sgt. Stephen Harper began to get more aggressive. Once, he barged through the door as she was exiting a staff bathroom.

"That's when he pressed me up against the wall and was trying to get his hands down the top of my shirt and down my pants," she said. "He knew he scared me that time, because I cried a little bit and I screamed at him."

In 2014, Dennis and three other correctional officers sued Harper and the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

They accused Harper of repeatedly sexually harassing and assaulting them and other women for years at Little Sandy Correctional Complex.

The lawsuit also claims prison leaders failed to respond to these complaints, "creating a culture of indifference" around sexual harassment.

In court documents, the Department of Corrections argued it responded by "promptly investigating complaints and taking appropriate action."

But these women aren't alone. Through an open records request, the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting obtained more than 3,500 pages of sexual harassment complaints filed by employees of Kentucky's Department of Corrections and Department of Juvenile Justice in the last six years.

That is nearly as many complaints as all other Kentucky state agencies combined.

"Prison is this very gendered environment," said Brenda Smith, a law professor at American University in Washington, D.C. "It's extremely sexualized."

Smith studies the intersections of gender, crime and sexuality.

She said prisons are a unique work environment — they're closed, insular and have long been male-dominated. "It's in many ways the Las Vegas rule," she said. "What happens here stays here. If there's some discipline to be done, we do it internally."

But when that system doesn't work, the alternative is sometimes the legal system. In the last year alone, there have been employee-on-employee sexual harassment settlements against prison systems in Missouri, Arizona, Wisconsin and other states.

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