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BET Life / Re: Did BET ever have a home-shopping show?
« on: September 05, 2006, 12:45:46 pm »
My friend sent her product to QVC today or rather she applied today. She said they had a deadline for a product search specifically for women entreprenuers. When she told me, we both laughed at my quip about not even bothering. I do think her item is not as BLACK as my stuff.

Imagine Harriet Tubman hawking Harriet Tubman Rifles and Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Maps. And like Maps to the Stars, she sold maps to pinpoint Slave Holders and houses of those that benefited from the sale of slaves and the institution of slavery. If Harriet Tubman was alive right now, she couldn't sell her attitude on QVC. She would have to smile and act chipper. People would advise her on needing image consulting. So I feel the same way. I am not fit for QVC but I am fit for a Black station if they had the service.

I do hope they, QVC, pick my friends stuff. I hope one of us gets a break.

BET Life / Re: Did BET ever have a home-shopping show?
« on: August 23, 2006, 08:20:30 pm »
Thank you for that insight.

I'm a little square. Please tell me what "PM" means. (Are you laughing at me?) I don't get the new language as quick as I guess I should.

I am going to let your advice about EBAY marinate. With that said...I'm logging off to check out EBAY.


BET Life / Re: Did BET ever have a home-shopping show?
« on: August 23, 2006, 06:31:03 pm »
I'm very sure I will never be selected for mainstream shows such as theirs. So I am not being subjective nor do I have low-esteem. You just know these things after several years of testing different tempatures of water.

The only reason I pose the question is that I have noticed BET is starting to take risks. What I do and what I have is TOO BLACK. Ironically Jews get it but that is because they identify with it as a similar voice of their identity. I've been banned before and censored at certain places but HBCUs and non-HBCUs welcome the social concept because it is far-reaching. Young artsy Whites get it. True intellectuals get it. I have found some educational institutions leary because it is so forward of mainstream Black America and I was not endorsed or ushered in under the usual suspects that okay new voices. So with that, I am still too new.

But hey, so was/is Aaron McGruder and the Boondocks, Sarah Jones' theatrics and works, and Kara Walker's art. People (I) need to find an edgy inlet that is willing to take the chance but since most of Black America is so far behind on understanding the new wave in blending social consciousness with capitalism, I figured maybe BET is ready since they are trying to stay ahead of the game.

Ebay...I don't know how to set up Ebay. Really...I tried. It was difficult for me to understand the mechanical instructions.

I do have a website but I need a visual platform to speak about it, giving it life and understanding. I saw that with Jonathon. When he showed his work on QVC it made you realize you had to put your personal issues aside about how they edited him as a diva and understand and appreciate what he was giving in his craft and style. I thought...he was a completely different person because the self-promotional aspect on camera was reduced at QVC to him knowing he had to be more authentic. And that is what I want an opportunity like QVC and HSN.

There are a few (just a few of us with social concepts) but there are lots of different types of artists and musicians and writers that would benefit from a network that allowed them to sell their products and expose their platforms. Last night I saw Cynthia Garrett on QVC and I was so happy for her. I saw her in a different way other than in a lifeless photo. You could tell she had charisma. It made you want to watch her succeed. But as for someone unknown like the many of us, we have a feeling we will probably die unknown and unheard because of over-saturation of nothingness that does wear the good media types to never finding us or knowing what to do with us because being Black and edgy used to be accepted during the 60's and 70's. Now assimilation reigns and being highlighted as innovative is shunned upon in neglect.

I think it, a home-shopping show, would take BET up a level and diversify who watches. Actually I don't watch it because it is too young and cheesy. I do try to find out when they are having specials that may peak my special interest. But I am part of a demographic that watches Bravo, Sci-fi, HBO, the BBC, Showtime, HGTV, USA series, and a whole lot of public television. We listen to NPR and pass articles from the Times and the WSJ.

I really like Mr. Hudlin though and have faith he is trying new things.

BET Life / Did BET ever have a home-shopping show?
« on: August 23, 2006, 03:13:15 pm »
It's a debate between a friend and I, who are two small business/activists with social concept products. We know we are not fit for HSN or QVC because we are TOO BLACK and as well too small.

While talking I said, "I wish BET or TV One had a show". She then followed up with having known about BET trying it out. I Googled and found talk about trying it out. If so, what happened? Can you do it for us struggling small business types? We know so many small people who are too small for stores but that type of push Jonathan got from Bravo and QVC is what we appreciate in his success. That type of exposure is what could make us but we are not asking for reality-shows.

Vending kills us. It eats our money up and we are too small for stores that retailers will eat us and be our third middle-man. Even advertising in Black media eats money we don't have to show visibility. I would rather give BET a cut for the exposure the way Jonathan product had to pay. Or was it a trade off for QVC publicity for that niche crowd.

His show gave QVC street cred. I always thought the home-shopping shows were old, Grandma, Mid-West housewives shows. My friends that watch Jonathan are young and hip. Now we scan the home-shopping shows because of Jonathan.

When I watch what Bravo and QVC has done for Jonathan, I am impressed.

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