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Hard Choices / Movie Marathon!
« on: April 24, 2013, 04:12:03 pm »
You are snowed in for a whole day or two with nothing but a large screen TV and a Blu-ray dvd player!

You are given many franchises to choose from but only one to watch an entire series of... And you have to watch the entire series no snoozing, fast forwarding or over extended restroom breaks while the bad ones are playing! ;)

So for the next 10 or 20+ hours which franchise are you sitting through for the long haul no matter how great or terrible the sequels/prequels are?

Star Wars (Episodes 1-6 in whatever order you choose)

Lord of The Rings (All three movies plus The Hobbitt)

Harry Potter (All 8 movies)

Twilight (All 5 movies)

Star Trek (All twelve movies which includes the latest versions)

The Godfather (All 3 movies)

Spiderman (From Toby to Andrew)

Batman (From Keaton to Bale)

Superman (From Reeve to Cavill)

X-men (All 3 movies plus Wolverine's and the latest ones)

Feel free to add in another of your choice but it must at least have 3 or more sequels and near the vicinity of 10 hours worth of film footage to qualify!

You can also mix and match like say a Bruce Lee film fest where the movies are bad but at least he is a franchise unto himself!

Latest Flicks / Oblivion!
« on: April 20, 2013, 03:18:24 pm »
Nice movie!

I usually judge movies based on whether I would sit through it again and how soon... Although I am in no rush to see it again I will sit through it again.

This movie had nice special effects and a good story that unfolds during it explaining some things although like Prometheus does leave you filling in your own blanks.

Great warm up movie for those waiting on Ironman and Superman to kick off the blockbuster season!

Feel The Funk / That Flow!
« on: April 18, 2013, 05:40:34 pm »
This thread is for rap music where the MC puts in work and rips the M-I-C!

None of that slow track or even the laid back vibe just an MC or a group of MC's beating the mess out of a helpless defenseless microphone!

I'll start this off with some classics but...  Please, please don't post no whack rappers trying to pass them off as legitimate MC's when you know they can't keep up with That Flow!!!

You know who you are! ;)

Hard Choices / Palace or Castle!
« on: April 14, 2013, 04:09:30 pm »
You just found out that you are a descendant of a long line of royalty and next in line for the throne!

The country itself is rebuilding to make way for their new king or queen and won't make a move without your consent!

Plans to build your residence are ready to begin so do you build a plush palace or a sturdy castle?

Keep in mind that image is everything and the house you build will reflect upon your type of rule!

President Obama, Bono, The Pope and them are all planing to come see about you... So what message do you send the world?

A palace can be a sign of prosperity and a passive form of leadership while a castle can be a sign of strict doctrine maybe a war fortress perhaps!

Each can invite hostility or ward it off depending on the region you are ruling in!

Hard Choices / Lamborghini or Ferrari!
« on: April 14, 2013, 03:59:52 pm »
Okay Reggie you better not have done this one already or I'm suing! ;D

High end super sports cars... Money no object which ones are you pushing?

Yeah I know they each make more than one car so this is picking the entire lineup of one manufacturer any make or year and shoving them in your 8 car garage!

Ballin' out ridiculous... Spinning rims are optional!

Hard Choices / Quantum Leap... American Idol Style!
« on: April 05, 2013, 08:57:19 pm »
You are minding your own business singing gleefully in the shower where the only judge of your screeching talents is you, yourself and the echo off the shower walls.

All of a sudden you are Quantum Leaped out of your own body and inserted into the body of one of the final contestants on American Idol.

Thinking fast you sing what song?

For me on the spot I'm doing this jam right here that requires very little singing ability and no extended Whitney Houston style notes to choke out over... The G.O.A.T.

Don't be shy... Pick a song and run with it the Hard Choice is yours!

Feel The Funk / Conscious Rap... Don't Call It A Comeback!
« on: March 29, 2013, 10:03:55 am »
Bell bottoms have come and gone and have come back and are gone again... Isn't it long overdue for Conscious Rap to make a big comeback?

It seems like Gangsta (C)rap has a roughshod hold on Hip Hop and this has created an imbalance.

It's like winter or summer in a continual loop not allowing the normal seasonal changes to promote new growth and new atmospheres.

Yes there are conscious rappers but they are mostly regulated to youtube freestyles and political rants that few people know of to listen to.

Once upon a time Public Enemy, X-clan and the likes of Poor Righteous Teachers had a good run and then NWA, Ice T and the Ghetto Boys era began.

As time went on some of this evolved into strip club music with groups like 2 Live Crew leading the charge and today there is a hybrid style that has merged the streets with the strippers.

Where conscious rap would have made notice of Obama's election Gangsta (C)rappers showed their @$$#$ at the first inauguration party with lewd behavior not to mention the in and out of jail trend with many of todays Hip Hoppers.

Where this once proud culture was a beacon light to keep young men out of jail it is now a place to promote the prisoner mentality with sagging beltless pants and tattoos staining beautiful black skin with unreadable markings.

Gone are the proud to be black nationalistic political vibes that once made Rap music the CNN of the black community to be replaced by some of the most degenerative acts in music history.


General Discussion / Nerdgasm!
« on: March 26, 2013, 10:34:16 am »
This thread is for the moments where your inner nerd goes spastic at the sight or the thought of something awesome to you.

Some of my own personal Nerdgasm's...

Blade - The vampire party at the beginning of the movie not only sets off this new trendy super hero movie genre but no one character even Van Helsing ever put the fear of God in a room full of vampires like Blade did. Blade's entrance was similar to a spaghetti western hero cowboy intro especially if you weigh it against what the entire vampire ideology has become since Dracula, Interview With A Vampire, Twilight, Blacula, Count Chocula and The Count from Sesame Street. Vampires are feared, romanticized and trivialized but Blade made one of the most political and racially charged statements ever in a vampire movie just by showing up at the party.

The Empire Strikes Back - Almost never in movies do the bad guys win but also thrash the good guys in one of the most thorough behind whippings on screen. The rebel alliance was fractured and divided with key members getting captured, tortured, betrayed and frozen in carbonite. Not only did Luke Skywalker lose his hand he also gained the true knowledge of his father after taking a beating by a villain that outclassed him in every category of the force. For those that remember way back when in the 70's Star Wars owned the box office and practically invented the tentpole movie system. No buzz was as loud as the big "Daddy" reveal that ran through whispers, rumors and angry rants about Darth Vader the ultimate evil one being the father of such a humble hero as farmboy Luke. I remember as a young child watching this and actually fearing that Luke was about to be killed as "THE" dark lord of the Sith backed him onto that ledge. After the paternity tests were confirmed I remember leaving the theater feeling very numb inside for this was the true beginning of the movies that would go dark in tone... Of course the sequel equipped with Navy Seal Team 6 Ewoks taking out stormtroopers blew my high years later but Darth Vader is clearly the worse father since The Great Santini.

The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger's Joker entering the mob boss meeting dressed as he was should have gotten him shot full of holes except for the fact that they were so scared of Batman that they were holding meetings in broad daylight. This not only gave Batman and Joker pathological issues but dragged the mob bosses into their psychotic world of persons who hid behind masks. If ever there was a character that had you at "Hello" The Joker was it. I often envision myself entering town hall meetings of prominent black leaders with my face painted white, green hair and suits that made Steve Harvey shake his head at me just for the fun of it. Sometimes you need to shake up the "Same ole same ole" with an attitude of wanting to watch the world burn while having hysterical fun at other people's expense... Hey, I'm only burning my half of the money!


The New Miss Israel...

Now I have a reason to go back and visit The Holy Lands... For spiritual reasons of course! ;)

Since T'challa is all broken up over the Storm issue this might be a chance to improve relations between Wakanda and Israel assuming President Obama doesn't... AHEM!

I wonder if she has super powers or advanced technology that they can bond over!

Somebody wake Michaelintp up and tell him black people are taking over Israel one genre at a time! ;D

Next up the Israeli basketball team recruits 7 foot 7 Ethiopian point guard with MAD ball handles!

And that Israeli track team could use a couple of faster Ethiopians too if you want to keep up with them Island brothas like Usain Bolt and them.

And get some brothas in that army too... An Israeli Red Tails would work wonders if you have to go toe to toe with Iran or change the game with them terrorists.

I always thought Krav Maga could use some Capoeira type African dance moves to spice things up!

Israel's street cred just went up big time... I need to work on my Hebrew!

Latest Flicks / A Perfect Day!
« on: March 15, 2013, 08:21:44 am »
This is a film done by a good friend of the family Kelly Perrine... Basically his mom and dad are tight with my mom so I have no choice but to accept him as family by default. :D

Kelly was on One on One with Flex Alexander and has been on Seinfeld, The Drew Carey Show and with Flavor Flav on Under One Roof a while back.

I went to a screening for this and had forgotten how good of an actor he was especially after all those sitcoms he has done.

At a time of controversy with the shootings in schools this film hits home.

I like the fact that he is a postman trying to keep someone from going postal. ;)

Hard Choices / The Original Kings of Comedy!
« on: March 09, 2013, 12:10:11 am »
For two hours you have to sit through one of the following teams of comedians either in stand up or live skits!

1. Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac (RIP) and D. L. Hughley.

2. The original cast of Saturday Night Live skits (Belushi, Akroyd, Morgan, Curtain, Newman, Chase)

3. The original cast of In Living Color (Wayans (Plural), Carrey, Davidson, Grier, Coffeild, Keymah)

4. Old School All Star Dream Team Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Paul Mooney and George Carlin.

5. Rock Star team of Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Andrew Dice Clay

6. The Carol Burnett Show (Burnett, Korman, Lawrence, Conway, Van Dyke, Waggoner)

7. THE O.G. CREW - Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson, Godfrey Cambridge, Rudy Ray Moore, Nipsy Russell and Dick Gregory.

I tried to be diverse so that many types of comedic values were met from the most subtle and safe to the most vulgar and over the top.

I also included some teams with a member that may not be consistent with the other comedians but you still have to sit through two hours of an equally shared show.

You are allowed to put together your own team as another option but these are among the best of the best to have ever made you laugh and represents many different eras.

Hudlin TV / Shark Tank!
« on: March 08, 2013, 11:51:17 pm »
I watch this show with my wife and son and I think it's great!

I like the diversity of the sharks from Mark Cuban to Daymond John you get multiple perspectives from potential investors where one may be "I'm out" while another from a different background might buy in.

Sometimes an entrepreneur might have an excellent idea but not be very good with the numbers and loses a chance to sell their product.

This is similar to Hollywood where ideas are pitched all the time receiving rejection after rejection simply because the the one pitching the idea failed to convince those needed to green light a project.

I often think what I would pitch if I went on the Shark Tank...

Flex: "I'm selling SWAG and for 1 million dollars I'm offering a 10% stake of my swagger!"

Reggie: "What are the numbers like?"

Flex: "I'm ballin' straight wildin' out on the real over here. Last year I was making it rain like crazy."

Reggie: "What kind of rain?"

Flex: "It was raining ridiculous like what... Nah mean!"

Reggie: "I'll give you half a million for 50% of your SWAG!"

Flex: "Did I say I was flossing like a boss too? Dem rims be spinning!"

Reggie: "All right I'm out!"

Who else watches that show?

Black Panther / Black Panther via Zbrush!
« on: March 05, 2013, 10:54:38 pm »
While I was away on my Wakandan Walkabout I have been working with Zbrush which is the future of digital sculpting.

I posted this first on CBR with a few other pics that I will post later... Enjoy!

(Press play to see all them abs and that bloodline of Bashenga upper back development) 8)

General Discussion / Hip Hop Harvard Hudlin!
« on: March 04, 2013, 06:45:44 pm »
Now that Hudlin is all household named up and whatnot he needs a title reference that labels him properly.

I use to call him Reggie X on the account of his down low black militant side he hides secretly but that is soooo last year. 8)

My first choice is Hip Hop Harvard Hudlin because it covers his inner culture from House Party and joins it to his Ivy League status as a classy gentleman.


Did I ever tell you guys about the time I saw Reggie shoplifting at a grocery store one night?

He claims it was a fraternity prank but then I realized he had long since graduated from college 4 House Party movies ago! :)

Hard Choices / Three The Hard Way!
« on: March 04, 2013, 06:15:42 pm »
Jim Kelly... Wesley Snipes... Michael Jai White?

Which black martial arts action star is your hard choice?

Blaxploitation, Blade or Spawn?

Jim Kelly: "Man, you come right out of a comic book!"

Wesley Snipes: "Some MF's is always trying to ice skate uphill!"

Michael Jai White: "WAAAAAANDAAAA!"

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