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Hard Choices / Godzilla versus King Kong!
« on: October 11, 2009, 05:08:31 pm »
They once fought to a unique but inconclusive ending.

Their paths of destruction in many separate movies is stuff of legend.

So who is your favorite people stomper?

The radioactive flame spewing devourer of Tokyo or the woman stealing climber of The Empire State Building?

Notable Battles- Godzilla versus The Three Headed Monster Ghidorah and King Kong's three for one beat down in Peter Jackson's version while holding a woman at the same time.

General Discussion / The Obama Era: "Yes We Can!"
« on: October 09, 2009, 10:41:10 pm »
After a week of campaigning in the classroom and the playground my son just won the election as school president at his elementary school today.

Now normally I would keep this type of information to myself but there is a reason why I share this information with you.

This was his campaign poster!

Some of us question this whole "Obama Era" thing and even question the fantasy aspect of super heroes.

But as my wife places great importance on our sons bible studies I raise him off of super hero ideology which in it's own way is biblical.

Don't ever discount the values that are put into super hero canon or continuity for it even helped our current Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama to success!

You will notice the strategically placed pictures of the super heroes that endorsed my sons run for school president.

Storm is in the upper left to get the female vote. The Black Panther is featured for yet more exposure that Marvel does not have to pay me for. We cut up the front page of Obama's Spiderman cover but I'm OK with that I think. Captain America is giving the patriotic number one fist. Charlie Brown is still on that "Good Grief" ISH. Spongebob, Patrick, Danny Phantom and Aang The Avatar are sporting the dead president look. Ironman, Batman and Robin helped finance the campaign with billions in earmarks and under the table favors. Dora the Explorer was used to get the Hispanic vote in Los Angeles. I took a picture of my son wielding a purple Mace Windu light saber while wearing his Ben 10 shirt so we may owe Mac Dee some additional moneys.

I was going to post the children's wild celebrations on the playground after school but I do not have the parents permission to do so. His speech before the election was shaky and nervous at first but he got through it with Hectic cheers from his fan club. My wife blushed!

I can't help but to look at all the comic books and graphic novels on our bookshelf. The Marvel and DC encyclopedias on our coffee table. The comic book movie DVD's that he scatters all over the floor. The Marvel Ultimate Alliance game we just beat together the first week it came out. The Reggie Hudlin run on The Black Panther giving a black super hero a long overdue upgrade.

Just like Obama's win this info carries with my in-laws over seas in Africa too.

As my son works on his acceptance speech to be given Monday morning I pondered the moral of this story and what it means to us.

You see we lie to our children about what they can achieve... And then they make truth tellers of us when they fulfill their dreams!

Now go read a comic book!

Black Panther / Black Comic Book Convention- Los Angeles!
« on: October 09, 2009, 09:54:53 pm »
At I have started a thread on behalf of my relentless pursuit to launch a black comic book convention here in Los Angeles.

Addressing Reggie's concern about how much trouble this could be I have decided to initiate some things to make it easier for this to happen.

All ideas will be taken under advisement but at some point some of us creators/artists in the Los Angeles area should have a sit down and talk of how we will merge families and consolidate this without having a black family feud when the checks do not clear.

And yes ignore my TROLLING at that site because we can be a bit more wild there than it is here but I assure you that even the ones that insult me the best are all friends and family.

This is no longer something we need to do but we have to do.

It is a travesty to go 365 days without a Hero X fix so it's time to step our game up as black super heroes!

This is a cross thread promotion so get in here and throw some ideas around. You may even make some new friends too.

If there are any beefs that need to be settled then we need to settle them first before we get to to acting a fool on the convention floor.

This could be huge if we do this right and very historical.

Vox Populi /
« on: October 05, 2009, 11:05:34 pm »
Hey Michael one of my clients pointed this out to me and my wife donated some money to their Darfur cause not so long ago.

They sent an e-mail about a screening they are having for the documentary Worse Than War about the atrocities in eastern Congo.

Originally my client wanted to point out that there are many Jewish groups donating time, money and effort to stop genocide worldwide but in the midst of rising anti-semitism these things almost never come up. Can you believe that?

I am sure some of my clients will attend so perhaps we can meet there if you can get out of that job that over works you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Valley Beth Shalom
15729 Ventura Blvd
Encino, 91436
(818) 788-6000

Sports Talk / Mr. Olympia!
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:56:48 am »
This past weekend I road tripped to Las Vegas to indulge my fetish for muscle bound women!

This time me and my brother in-law who flew in from Chicago did not attend the main event but we did attend the fitness expo which in many cases is way more fun as all the competing bodybuilders are on the floor live and in person at some point.

The Mr. Olympia is second only to The Arnold Classic which is about three times bigger with more events unrelated to bodybuilding.

So enjoy!


Ororo is munching on too many heart shaped herbs!

They hold martial arts tournaments at The Mr. Olympia so judo and jiu-jitsu are on the menu.

Yes! The Black Panther had his infra-red shades on inside the building!

That's vintage Comic Book Cocky right there!

And you thought that Comic-con was the only place to find this kind of thing!

There was power lifting competitions and a few world records were set and broken!

The UFC was in the house as was Brock Lesnar but he was too busy ducking The Panther!

OH that's where I parked!

Someone made a statue of Michael when he was clean shaven!

See, there is something special about Kosher eating!

The Black Panther and The Dora Milage ready for action!

Check out those BLUE supplements in the background!

Is it me or is Lou Ferrigno at every convention?


My other car!

If ever you get the chance to attend a major bodybuilding event do so because it is something to behold.

I may even set up a booth myself since my character Flex Hectic is in the sports world and in one chapter competes in a bodybuilding event. I will insist on being next to Lou Ferrigno because this may be a missing audience for comic books. Now imagine if Hero X was fully dressed in his vibranium laced suit stalking the exhibit floor?

At comic book conventions nerds and geeks dress up as super heroes to look heroic where at bodybuilding events they already have that look. But there is a connection if it is exploited correctly.

I may return with my son to Muscle Beach Venice so that he can sketch the bodybuilders as they workout and get a better perspective on basic anatomy and heroic proportions. Bodybuilders love to pose when asked especially by children. The women look at me like a Perv!

MUSCLE BOUND WOMEN! ;) :o 8) ::) :P :-*

Black Panther / The HEF Super Hero Team!
« on: September 21, 2009, 11:29:44 pm »
Make your own but here is mine!

Secret Identity                         Super Hero Code name               Powers

Reggie X                                  Boomerang                              X Shaped Boomerangs and Smarts

Sam Wilson                              Basher                                    Super Strength

Jenn                                        Sonic Scratch                           Scream Rips People Apart

Flex Hectic                                TROLL                                     Does What He Does

Supreme Illuminatti                    Jumps                                     Martial Arts Expert

Jefferson Sergeant                     Snipetech                                 Weapons and Munitions

Michael                                    Right Wing                                The Voice of Reason

Reggie X aka Boomerang forms the team as an answer to rescuing the lovely Princesa from the Blue Zulu Dragon. He unites various members from his own forum strictly on their unique ability to get the job done. With his ability to direct multiple egos and personalities he manages to hold the team together. His razor sharp boomerangs are weapons to be feared.

Sam Wilson he's that dude that everybody loves and can lean on for moral support. With 100 class super strength he is the one that constantly gets the team out of heated situations. Once a whole mountain range was dropped on the team and Sam braced it with his left pectoralis muscle.

Jenn is the only female member of the group and has the ability to tear any and everyone a new one at a moments notice with just her voice. Although she can seem ruthless at times she does have a soft side and maybe some unresolved feelings for the TROLL. She bares the burden of repping for the ladies and manages to keep her hair in place even in the most heated of battles.

Flex Hectic is an unknown and a loose cannon. The team is not sure yet if they can trust his maverick ways but tolerate him because Reggie vouches for him. How he does what he does is a mystery but he does it in a way that most cannot comprehend.

Supreme is a master of martial arts techniques only seen by aliens from other worlds. He can teleport and throw projectiles from specially enhanced gauntlets. His flexibility and stealth allow him to move about like a sleek cat and be virtually invisible to the naked eye. He's that deal!

Jefferson shoots people and then never asks questions. His Hood Defense motto is if they are still twitching then they are still a target. His gung ho ways often make Reggie second guess his membership on the team but he comes in handy when explosives are needed like when that mountain was dropped on the team.

Michael is the voice that rings in everybody's ear. He is always there to question the motives and the ramifications of all actions taken by the team. Sometimes he can be intrusive but he means well. His weakness however is he refuses to be a super hero on Friday night through Saturday night which cost the team when they were kidnapped by invading aliens one weekend.

Princesa is that QT that Blue Zulu covets to the point of kidnapping her and locking her up in his moms basement. She too like Jenn has feelings for the nomadic TROLL but can you blame them though? Princesa sent a text message to Reggie detailing her location and insisting that the TROLL himself be there too for the rescue.

Blue Zulu is a hater! He kidnapped Princesa because he does not have game like the TROLL. Blue Zulu has the ability to sneak in and out of his mom's basement at will without getting caught past curfew. He has specially enhanced feet pajamas that allow him to float like Peter Pan but only if he points his toes when he leaps in the air. Blue Zulu has placed cardboard on the windows of his basement fortress to resist the teams plans of rescue.

That's my team and I stand by them through thick and thin!

Except when I go off on one of my solo nomadic adventures!
 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


General Discussion / The Critics!
« on: September 20, 2009, 10:12:52 pm »
True Story!

So once upon a time I was talking to Michael our resident politician over the phone when he threatened me with massive spam unless I let him read the first chapter of Flex Hectic.

Fearing for my TROLLING life I decided to send him a copy of the script beautifully penned by my writer Ronald T. Jones whose lurking at the site is making me sick FOOL sign in already!

Now I told Michael as I told everyone else on my staff that I do not want "YES" men sipping the Flex Hectic Kool-aid and telling me what my non-fanboy mom would say. I wanted straight forward honest "It Sucks" or it is the best thing since sliced cheese opinions and the reasons why.

Michael gave me some good reviews but with pros and cons that at least let me know that he was sincere with his review. I personally prefer the negative because I think it helps to improve my craftsmanship.

Many people in Hollywood often give the finger to critics like fans booing referees at sports games but I believe that critics are the key to successful projects as are referees to successful ball games. Bad movies are hidden from the critics to avoid their bashing it before it goes public which in my opinion is a mistake. If you face up to the critics you may have a Dark Knight type of experience. It can also encourage you to make better products.

From movie reviewers to internet chit chat some artists are easily offended when their life's work is cut up under the microscope. Some ignore the critics all together as if they will go away like the makers of The Transformers 2 movie who made money anyway and do not care if they insulted various ethnic groups.

So what is your view on critics?

Big shout out to 8 Mile (Jonathon) for banging back in there after all those attacks! Keep your force field on power up mode it only gets worse even as it gets better!

General Discussion / The Super Hero Workout!
« on: September 20, 2009, 02:27:21 pm »
On another forum in an alternate dimension I started this type of thread in hopes of sharing my 10 years worth of knowledge as a personal trainer and fitness expert with others to help people reach their goals.

I was fortunate enough to go through The National Academy of Sports Medicine's certification program and was taught by many of the top teachers in the fitness industry and attended many continuing education courses and so forth. My wife is also an occupational therapist so her wisdom comes in handy in dealing with post rehab and injuries and checking me on sound medical advice.

This thread is not my own so anyone else can feel free to add in whatever they wish or even dispute what I teach.

We will focus heavily on: Core stability, biomechanics, contraindications, gym science and weight loss.

Core Stability: Now before anyone jumps on a machine and throws their body out of alignment we should first test our core's ability to hold itself up against resistance. All of our power originates from our core which is our trunk or midsection. Forces of gravity or redirected gravity in resisted joint motions place awkward unaccustomed burdens upon the body and if not managed properly can create contraindicated problems.

A test I like to do with my clients is called a trunk stability test. This does require a workout partner or at least a cute significant other to assist you. Sit on the end of a chair or workout bench with no back support. Expand your chest out like you are showing off your Superman S and retract your shoulder blades back like a super model. Fold your arms across your chest and sit still like a statue. Your partner then should apply a small manual resistance to your shoulders, chest and upper back in an attempt to push and pull you in multiple directions back, forth and sideways. Your super hero mission is to remain still in your seated position and maintain a stable core no matter what position you are being forced into. If you are easily pushed over or collapse under pressure from small resistive power then your core may need strengthing and you probably should avoid most machines until your core is stronger.

Point blank... all machines or fitness gear are usually under warranty and if they break a service repairman or a suitable replacement can be ordered to handle that. If the human body is injured then an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist is ordered to handle you and it is often not very pretty and can be painful so be safe in your workout adventures. Just because an expensive piece of machinery goes in a particular direction does not mean your body should risk injuring itself following a contraindicated path!

Tight Abs: for the record let me state that despite what the infomercials claim there really is not an "UPPER" and a "LOWER" abs for the abdominal muscles are a non-jointed and continous muscle that function to flex and stabilize the spine. That six pack is gotten from resisted spinal flexion exercises and even that has to be backed up by a sound diet and not as some believe "SPOT REDUCTION" to get the six pack to show through the already stored fat.

There are oh so many ways to work the abs but remember that most of these are variations of bending the spine in the same direction. Ab crunches and reverse crunches are still bending of the spine. For those of you who feel that strain in your back muscles that is mostly due to the erector muscles of your lower back working in an antagonistic coupling effect to counter balance the forward spinal pulling of the abs. If the lower back did not do that we would be leaning forward unbalanced or hunched all the time. When doing ab crunches make sure your pull comes from your gut and not your hands pulling at the back of your neck. Flip over on your stomach and do back crunches so that your abdominals are not so tight you get that barrel back look that those obsessed ab crunchers get. A key thing to remember with abs is no matter what exercise you do they should always be tight whether you are working upper or lower body exercises.

Now tighten your abs like a solid wall. This means not sticking out nor sucked in. Take your fingers and push them firmly into your gut. With your abs only resist the penetration of your fingers coming in. This wall of resistance is how your abs should be tightened when doing any and every exercise. If you constantly tighten your abs on every exercise then the less you will need to work them solo with ab crunches. With strong firm abs this will increase your squats, bench press, rows, arm curls and your ability to spring into action and beat down the super villains!

One last thing about the importance of core stability.

If you break you arms... You can still walk!

If you break your legs... You can still crawl!

If you break your back... You are SOL!

A super hero needs his core to fly straight, swing through tall buildings, throw a tank a mile and make love in the midst of a swirling tornado with an unzipped cat suit!!!!!

On our next posting we will cover the bench press!

For your fitness questions and answers dial 1 800 MY TROLL

Black Panther / Djimon Hounsou Joins Hudlin Entertainment Forum!
« on: September 19, 2009, 08:13:39 am »
All I'm saying is if dude is doing the voice over and in some miraculous happening gets the starring role in the movie he should at least holla at some of the BP fans over here for a minute!


Get that rolodex out or take a break from The Black Panther animation show and get Mister "Never Back Down" a thread so that we can do a question and answer session with him.

I give my word that I will conTROLL myself and not do anything crazy like...

And Kerry Washington aka Mrs. Ben Grimm could jump in at anytime with her cute self. (I might TROLL there)

And how about Stan Lee giving us a fireside chat on the creation of The Black Panther along with Jack "King" Kirby and what it meant to him before he passed away?

Anything that promotes The Panther should be an option.


Hudlin TV / Super Hero Squad!
« on: September 18, 2009, 10:13:29 pm »
Watched two episodes today and I think Marvel's plan to indoctrinate a new generation of young super heroes may just work.

Storm and Falcon were in it and Luke Cage has a small cameo but he does not say or do anything.

It looks like fun for the kids so I won't complain about the watered down versions of each character.

My son liked it so he is looking forward to the games release in October.

It is campy on purpose so deal with it for what it is.

Vox Populi / If I Was A Republican...
« on: September 16, 2009, 01:58:48 pm »
With the party in the midst of a bad episode of The Twilight Zone I would put Rush Limbaugh's name in a rap diss song and make that ultimate move.

Now would be the best time to kill yourself politically as a Republican candidate because 3 years from now you would be a legend that sacrificed yourself and then revived your own party. It almost worked for McCain.

Right now does not matter much because The Republican Party is not in power thereby making Rush and them not as big a factor as one thinks.

Although you would catch heat from your own party history shows that radical changers often prevail just due to them being different.

Dissing Rush on his own turf would be a bold move because once time has passed and you became the leading candidate he would fall in line like he did for Sarah Palin when she was chosen as running mate to McCain.

Hudlin TV / Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
« on: September 16, 2009, 07:41:42 am »
Picked my son up from school yesterday and all I hear is...

Flex Jr: "Take me to the video game store now!"

(After checking him for his disrespectful tone we made that trip)

I insisted he was not touching his Wii until his homework was completed so he did it right there in the car. As you can see my fanboy son is all about super heroing so Reed Richards would be proud of his genius level intellect.

After making that purchase he played it first as I had to train some people at work and missed the first level.

But eventually I got a controller in hand and used Luke Cage, Torch, Iceman and The Hulk.

There is a story line that makes you choose sides in the super hero civil war and I am proud of my son for taking the side against the super hero registration act. Politics baby!

From what I have seen so far this game is better than the first one and we got to beat up The She Hulk too as super heroes are fighting each other.

However, I am anxious to see what it will be like if we choose the side of pro-registration which should have an alternate storyline lead by Ironman against Captain America.

Many more characters will need to be unlocked later on so I will reserve judgement upon whether or not this is the best super hero video game ever after my son or myself beats it.

Storm seems to be in it so their better be a dude wearing a jet black cat suit or I'm taking points off my rating of it.

At some point my son will download all the cheat codes which I am against being old school myself so we will see how things turn out.

But for now we are at war...



Black Panther / Jonathon Mayberry Abducted!
« on: September 05, 2009, 06:48:53 pm »
Initiation Time!

(Jonathon wakes up in a dark basement tied to a chair with a fire blazing in the furnace)

JM: "WTF!"

Flex: "Oh you're awake now. We may proceed then."

JM: "Dude... who are you and what am I doing here?"

Flex: "I am Flex Hectic."

JM: "Dayum... the TROLL! Reggie warned me about you."

Flex: "Apparently not enough. The reason you are here is for your initiation into The Panther Cult."

JM: "Wait... that is all super hero science fiction. I'm just a writer collecting a check..."

Flex: "Indeed Jonathon but once you begun your journey with T'challa you have become something else entirely."

JM: "Are you crazy?"

Flex: "NO... I am Comic Book Cocky!"

JM: "Comic Book Whaaaaaaat?"

(Flex dabs an alcohol moist cotton swab on Jonathon's upper right arm)

Flex: "This will only hurt a bit."

(Flex pulls a branding iron out of the furnace)

JM: "What is that for?"

Flex: "I must brand you with The Panther seal of approval... now hold still."

JM: "Am I being punked? Where is Ashton Kutcher? DUUUUUUUUUUDE!"


(Jonathon awakes to find himself sitting in a tree with black panthers randomly sprawled among the branches staring intently at him)

JM: "And I thought this ISH was all make believe."

Panther God: "This... is only the beginning!"

Breaking News Story: New writer of Black Panther found in the jungles of Africa wandering and mumbling to himself. Dehydrated and suffering from multiple claw wounds Jonathon Mayberry was rushed to a U.S. embassy hospital where his remarkable recovery baffled doctors and scientists. His stool samples were discovered to have a rare energy absorbing metal which may have ties to Captain America's shield but that is classified. On his right arm was the branded symbol of a very large cat.

Reggie X: "Hey Flex, have you seen Jonathon around here?"

Flex: "Jonathon is on a journey right now."

Reggie X: "What did you do to him?"

Flex: "Relax Reg. He'll be fine. I have a gut feeling about this dude."

Reggie X: "If you harmed him..."

Flex: "Come on Reg I'm a TROLL who rants every now and then but I'm generally in control."

Reggie X: "CONTROL?"

Flex: "Trust me on this one. I'm just helping him to prepare for all the other TROLLS and haters out there. If he can survive me then he can handle anything thrown his way."

Reggie X: "In some strange way you often make sense."

Flex: "The branding iron is still hot wanna...?"

Reggie X: "Security!"


JM: "I feel stronger and faster than I ever have...

(Looks down his Black Panther draws)

JM: "WHOA! Talk about endowed and blessed!"


JM: "My 5 senses are enhanced to the NTH degree."

(Adjusts cape)

JM: "Classy!"

(Pulls bag of herbs out lights up... I mean munches on sacred herbs)

JM: "Not bad but needs a little salt."

(A chill wind blows in bringing with it the mutant mistress of weather)

Halle Berry: "Here kitty kitty. Flex told me I would find you here."

JM: "Flex? Maybe he is not so bad afterall. I am going to enjoy writing... I mean being The Black Panther!"

Halle Berry: "You will Jonathon I guarantee it."

(Fades out)

Flex: "Wake up... Panther."

JM: "But... where am I? Halle... I was just going to... take me back there! I'm The Black Panther!"


Black Panther / The Hunt For Hero X!
« on: September 04, 2009, 08:24:18 pm »
These are places where money is no object and all travel expenses are covered so that Hero X can show up as The Black Panther for marketing and promotions.

Other comic book conventions are a given so let's be creative with where we are sending our brother.

My first location is Universoul Circus!

Having been there myself with family and friends it is a wonder that this traveling big top has not gotten bigger than it is over the years. Or... why it is not covered on BET more!

Match this with a leopard taming show and this could be a hit and also give much needed exposure for a growing fanbase.

So where do you think Hero X should travel to next after the circus?

Think carefully over it as Marvel/Disney is working on EVERY OTHER character's reboot, do over or reimagining and does not have THE TIME to put into this so help them out a little!

Black Panther / Disney Announces Black Panther The Musical!
« on: September 04, 2009, 08:03:58 pm »
 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

I'm a TROLL what do you expect?

You know you would love to see Black Panther and Storm on ice skates with the Dora Milage doing a Wakandan version of River Dance so stop fronting!

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