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I disagree with number 9... I have my computer aimed just so that I can see the swimming pool that I would have never gotten if I stayed in Chicago where it can get cold as BLEEEEEEEP for aquatic sports of any kind!

I planted most of those palm trees and cactus trees myself and I am no where near depressed in Los Angeles so that has to be a personal preference of his alone GTFOOHWTS! ;)

11. Write about a white hero

Black heroes don't sell... OOPS I mean execs won't green light a black hero anyway so make sure that it's all about some white male figuring out the full tech schematics on the fly and getting the girl at the end with a little narcissistic self brooding in the middle somewhere as he contemplates the burden of responsibilities he must face!

12. Add a hot chick

She does not have to be intelligent or really relevant to the story but the formula is to always have a love interest diversion for the main hero... You do the math!

13. Sleep with someone important

It bypasses all the rejections and gets you on the inside faster than your talents ever will so be available for extra curricular activity when and where it is called for! Note: Just remember that some of Hollywood has multiple sexual preferences so be prepared to perform all types of acts that may go against your particular religion if you want it that bad so to speak!

14. Know someone important

It helps to have someone on the inside that takes your calls for golf or drinks and almost by accident you could have a script ready that they just might be interested in!

15. Blackmail

Get your paparazzi on and collect compromising photos of anyone you want to work with and one of two things could happen... Either you get a deal or at the least a sizable payoff to make those photos and their copies disappear conveniently which gets you paid one way or another!

16. Trade by profession

Jon Peters was Barbara Streisand's hair stylist before becoming a major movie producer so trades like bar tending, construction (James Cameron) and personal trainer (Flex Hectic) can place you among the Hollywood elite in a not so obvious sales pitching venue!


I mean seriously... Blogging, thread posting, Tweeting and Facebook is the new multi-media outlets for research about people, places and things which should give you the non focus group way of studying because basically you are writing something meant to attract attention!

18. Intern

For little or nothing you could be the backlot gopher for anyone of significance getting key secrets of success as that non threatening fly on the wall that pours the coffee with your nosy @$$... Are you writing this down?

19. Borrow

Jason Bourne is nothing more than a modern day James Bond with some different whistles and bells added to switch up the flow so in the spirit of "There is nothing new under the sun" jack another synopsis and change names, powers and basic story lines and BOOM you have a hit!

20. A Black Super Hero

This fertile ground is so underserved that if you nail this down you could single handedly put the entire industry on lockdown and straight "pwn" a genre all by yourself with virtually no competitors in sight for like the next decade or so Blaxploitation style which BTW saved the movie industry and was duplicated with the Blade trilogy!

If only Hudlin produced the show... Wait a minute there's a thought! ;D

I'm looking at the resume right now... A lot of B's there BTW!

Black Panther

Bebe's Kids




Reggie call Arsenio's friend Eddie and set up a sit down where you just happen to be in the area and start talking shop about the weather, the Lakers, the Love Your Smile thread (Loosen him up) and then let slip in what you did for Django Unchained and then take it from there!

He is like a retired athlete coming back to play again and needs to recapture that passion for the game... With Arsenio back then it was not always about the guests but he himself was also a star at that time!

Why are they sleeping on you Reggie... If I was a billionaire making that Ted Field money I would be overworking you on all types of projects left right!

Take some of those leftover ideas you had for BET that never saw light of day and give them to Arsenio Hall...

Michael he couldn't be anymore pissed at Carson as he should have been at Donald Trump or Rush Limbaugh!

Carson is not the first person to throw shade at President Obama... Technically Hillary Clinton threw more dirt at him when they ran against each other in the primary!

Being black and looking like Mr. Clean does not make one innocent nor guilty and "Chicago Politics" is subjective considering the Al Capone days are way worse than anything that has come up recently!

I think you give President Obama too much credit he has already claimed that all the criticism has made him more thick skinned as he brushed the dirt of his shoulders!

What you need is more proof of his actions rather then speculations... Using the I.R.S. is a risky move for any leader and it could come back to haunt you!

There are far better ways to get after someone and pulling a stunt like that is just not heads up football so I'm leaning towards him not having done that!

If you have any evidence to back this up I will certainly listen and make my own judgements but I rarely believed most of the things about Bush except where the bad things piled up one after another from 9/11, the Iraq War, a falling economy and Hurricane Katrina!

Sometimes it's best to judge the actions as they unfold right in front of you rather than chase behind the scenes actions that are tough to convict!

Excuse me while I catch a Greyhound bus to Area 51...

BUT... And it's a very big butt! 8)

If Obama has gone rogue then this is such a turn on on so many levels that a black man has gotten diabolically power hungry!

The fact that Hudlin has met him a few times though has me deeply concerned...

Come on Michael everybody has to have a favorite Public Enemy song it's unAmerican not to! ;D

Here's how I see it if I may interject myself into said conversation...

It's hard to believe on any level that President Obama being the first elected Black President is capable of the things he is accused of even if he was reelected and has nothing to lose as far as future elections go!

Could he be diabolical yeah sure everybody has little Hatorade in them but deep down we all know that is a tough call because his skin color still does not afford him the same powers that Bush/Cheney had as traditional white male leaders had for centuries!

Now when the next black president is elected all bets are off because by then he would be hitting a Michael Jordan type stride since he would not have the burden of being the first and all the pressures that come with that so expect to be dunked on repeatedly by that dude in the future if you do not come correct!

The first Black anything is limited but numbers 2, 3, 4, and 101 are fair game to be as ruthless as King T'challa when handling their business!

Of course President Obama could be protected by various scheming Democratic Party fanatics out to score points behind the scenes without his knowledge but that is hardly his fault!

Politics like religion has an emotional component that stirs the pot vigorously when being discussed but like a referee that is not paid off in favor of anyone you have to judge fairly... That is why I am an independent voter who votes on either the important issues or who looks better in a suit period because I can! ;)

After reading Hudlin's posts on the topic I dedicate this song...

Hudlin TV / Morgan Freeman's Through The Wormhole!
« on: October 07, 2013, 07:43:50 pm »
Who watches this show and what are your thoughts?

Vox Populi / Re: Studying How The Blind Perceive Race
« on: October 04, 2013, 07:42:44 am »

Feel The Funk / Re: new albums: JOHN LEGEND and JANELLE MONAE
« on: October 03, 2013, 10:45:09 pm »
Jefferson still uses a Walkman! ;D

« on: October 03, 2013, 10:44:17 pm »
Go without me... Save yourself!

Usually said in a horror or disaster movie although not always exactly as stated but with the same cliched implications!

You think you're better than me! (Or better than us)

Often said in movies but also in real life by someone lacking self esteem enough not to state the obvious!

Wakanda could strike right now if T'challa gave the order and we would all be speaking Hausa months from now to survive... Just saying!

Education / Re: 20 Things Boys Can Do to Become Men
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:24:16 am »
Kareem Abdul Jabbar on his book Brothers in Arms about the 761st Battalion also known as The Black Panthers... Talk to the kids about the sacrifices of heroic black men in World War 2 against all types of odds and let them take it from there!

Finance / The Black Consumer!
« on: October 03, 2013, 09:30:05 am »

Education / Re: 20 Things Boys Can Do to Become Men
« on: October 02, 2013, 09:35:19 pm »
Mrs. Hudlin: "REGGIEEEEEEE... That TROLL is back again!"

Reggie Hudlin: "Come on Flex you stepped all over the roses!"

Flex Hectic: "Sorry, I just need some more pics... It's for your site after all!"

Reggie Hudlin: "Dude seriously just admit you live in a cardboard box and get it over with!"

Flex Hectic: "Not just any box but an authentic Bowflex box! I could have went with the Total Gym box but..."

Mrs. Hudlin: "Seriously, I'm going to make you shut down that site if any more TROLLS show up at our home!"

Maxine Shaw: "A flarn flarn filth a flarn flarn filth!"

Mrs. Hudlin: "Oh Gawd where's my shotgun... Let me show you how we do things East Boogie style you cussing demon you!"

Reggie Hudlin: "C'mon man get your internet wife out of here with her foul mouth!"

Flex Hectic: "I can't control this lady she out there for real!"

Maxine Shaw: "It's for the kids you LGBT hating Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!"

Michael: "Love Your Smile!"

Supreme: "I once killed a man by teleporting inside him and spontaneously combusting into dark matter particles!"

Curtis: "I heard there was a BBQ up in here brought some franks and beans!"

Battle: "You aint said nothing but a word!"

Mrs. Hudlin: "Aw hell to the naw!"

That's it I crossed the line so I am banning myself for 59 minutes and 59 seconds until I redeem myself!

(Jumps into fictional pool before realizing that he did not install a pool heater... Reg can you spot me 4 grand I want one of those Hayward pool heaters for advanced night swim exercises!) 8)

Back to the topic at hand people...

In The News / Re: Amazing Psychic Reveals His Gift
« on: October 02, 2013, 05:46:45 pm »
My bad that was just the Love Your Smile thread not exactly porn but not necessarily something you want the wife looking over your shoulder at!

Michael I did not know you had a secret thang for black women... Interesting!!!

Carry on...  ;D

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