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Black Panther / Re: Storm's Costume
« on: November 20, 2006, 04:41:26 am »
From most to least favorite,

The White Suit.

The X-treme X-Men outfit.

The Punk outfit, especially the way it was drwn in BP #15. Loved it!

And this little number.

Hey now!

I like that "little number" almost as much as I like my little number 8  ;)

But I'd think the long skirt - if that is what she is wearing - could be somewhat confining if she was ever in battle, which she appears to be in the fine graphic you've provided.

Black Panther / Re: Does Storm need a new hairstyle?
« on: November 20, 2006, 04:38:28 am »
I seem to remember reading someplace that a woman's hair is her glory. Something like that.

Ororo's mane is glorious. So, in keeping with the Season...I'll say:

 there's nothing about Ororo that is "frightful".
And her hair is so "delightful".
 Not a strand of that hair should go.
Let it flow. Let it flow. Let if flow.

based on the old Christmastime standard, "Let it Snow"

Yep, it's corny. But no one knows what I look like or where I live, so I can get away with actin' a fool  :D

Black Panther / Re: Related to rants - are any of them right?
« on: November 20, 2006, 04:17:14 am »
I'm already on record as saying that all of the anti-Hudlin/anti-Hudlin's Panther rants are crap and should be flushed down the crapper, toilet, porcelain god...outhouse  :D  ... and I'm sticking to that statement.

1) Reggie Hudlin called us racist:

Hudlin is an intelligent man. An intelligent man would look at the argument of the individual in opposition to his opinion or his actions and respond to the argument of that individual. The intelligent man wouldn't paint all individuals opposed to him with the same broad brush. From what I've seen, Hudlin isn't guilty of the "broad brush" treatment where his opposition has been concerned. As Hudlin has undoubtedly discovered and, as many participants in this forum have also learned, there is a segment of the larger comicbook-buying demographic who do harbor racist ideals and form their opinions based upon those racist ideals.  That racism - no matter how "diluted" or "cloaked" it might be - is evident when they proffer their criticisms of Hudlin's work, talents and personality. Not every member of the larger comicbook-buying demographic is racist. I'm sure many of them might even "self-evaluate" in order to be absolutely certain that their opposing opinions aren't tainted. Then again, there is that whiny white fanguy/fangal segment. Not even that segment of the larger comicbook-buying demographic is wholly racist. But as one legendary former major network newscaster once said, "If it walks like a duck, and if it quacks like a's a duck." If Hudlin suggested that such a person was racist, he was likely correct and within his right to say so.

Such a "quacking duck" from the whiny white fanguy/fangal segment of the larger comicbook-buying demographic would likely be responsible for the other baseless rants:

2) Africans don't talk like that.

3) Panther and Storm are too ghetto.

2) Africans don't talk like that.

Whenever a "quacking duck" posts something to this effect, he or she is manifesting prejudice, racism and ignorance. I don't believe I have to get into the particulars as to why this is the case.

3) Panther and Storm are too ghetto

Marvel Comic's most popular and best-respected black characters are NOT African-American  :)

Many white comicbook fans and the racist white comicbook fan in particular, would sooner accept a noble, black character from Africa, Europe,...the dark side of the moon...before they would be willing to recognize and embrace those traits in an African-American character. This attitude likely has its roots in the turbulent history existing between white and black Americans since the days of chattel slavery to today's time.

Therefore, whenever one of the more strident whiny white fanguys or fangals perceive that the Panther or Storm might be associating too much with black American characters or even adopting some of their words and mannerisms in communicating with one another, those "quacking ducks" will be likely to make the "too ghetto" observation. Oh, it's fine when eminem, Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and one of the other "wannabes" behave in the way an "urban" black American would. That's when the behavior ceases to be "ghetto" and becomes "kewl"  :D

But don't let the Panther or Storm act that way. The day Panther and Storm realize they're black people and begin to communicate with their black brothers and sisters around the globe in a manner that makes everyone comfortable and relaxed with one another, then the "quacking duck" feels left out of the equation and the quacking and whining will commence.

The late, great Malcolm X related in his autobiography, an incident that happened during his youth. It seemed that Malcolm had a friend - a brother - who was a practical joker and absolutely fearless. He was so confident, he would attempt anything to see if he could "pull if off". This practical joker was very accomplished in effecting an "African accent".  The average white Southerner who wouldn't know any differently, would likely be fooled by the phony accent. Realizing this, Malcolm's friend dressed himself up like a black man from a foreign land and walked into a racially-restricted restaurant expecting to be served. The suspicious Southern white racists working in the establishment, quizzed Malcolm's friend to make sure he wasn't one of the "locals". That establishment wouldn't serve any of the "locals", but they'd make an exception in the case of a black man from another country who would likely be a "step above" their "locals".  Malcolm X's friend was served and because he was, "served" those white racists who were so ignorant they didn't realize they were serving a black American prankster.

Many of the "quacking ducks" have a similar mentality to the ignorant Southern white racists in that restaurant. Sure, make T'Challa and Ororo speak in stiff, proper dialogue all of the time and make sure they keep company with lots of white people. It's fine if you show T'Challa weak, infirmed, dying and half-insane. It's okay to show him confused and frightened. But damnit Hudlin, if you want to keep the larger comicbook-buying demographic and their extreme segment of "quacking ducks" happy, don't you ever portray Wakanda as being "all that and a large bucket of Popeye's Chicken". Don't ever portray a mighty Wakanda that is respected and feared in the world. Don't you ever portray the Panther as a cool, confident, powerful leader capable of defeating every character from Captain America - to Sentry - to Thor. Don't you ever portray his wife Ororo as lovely, untouchable by anyone save her husband, regal and also capable of kicking Sentry's ass. Don't you ever portray black people as being independent, confident, self-sufficient and having minds of their own because "everyone" (which as we have recently learned is another way "those fans" refer to themselves), knows that no such black people exist.  If and when you do that Hudlin, you will have shown yourself to be a no-talent, racist hack of a writer.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther Suspended
« on: November 19, 2006, 04:28:35 am »
sin, why are you posting under a different screen name? Frankly, I enjoy reading your posts under any name, but I'm curious.

Why, thank you Toya.

The reason I am posting under sinjection1 at the moment is because sinjection's post total has reached 350. Once again, the sum of the individual digits totals 8. I know it looks wierd, but 8 is a lucky number for me  :D Once my post total on the CBR forum reached 44, I stopped posting there too  :D

If you keep going to 503, you'll achieve Hero Member status and hit your 8.  Just a thought.  ;)

And a valid thought to be sure.

The thing is this. In my case, I have to achieve and hold the number whose digits total 8, or digits that are in "order"... "123", "234", "345",... and so on ... for a certain span of time in order for me to feel that I will experience the full benefit of the "good luck" the numerical arrangement would give me. It would take some time for me to reach "503" or even "404". If I didn't achieve those numbers in the time span allotted, I would be "stuck in limbo" as it were and would miss out on any lucky benefits that might come my way.

I'm sorry folks. Please forgive and try to bear with my superstitious silliness here. I appreciate your patience  :D

Uh oh, I see that my current sinjection1 total has reached 8 right on the mark. So now, I will go into a "rest mode" for a time. I will continue to "lurk" and support you all as I always have. Once the "phase" has passed  ::) or I have received the benefits of the luck I am expecting - whichever comes first, I will return and lend my posting support  ;)

sinjection out....and quite possibly, "out of his mind"   :D

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther Suspended
« on: November 18, 2006, 03:14:52 pm »
sin, why are you posting under a different screen name? Frankly, I enjoy reading your posts under any name, but I'm curious.

Why, thank you Toya.

The reason I am posting under sinjection1 at the moment is because sinjection's post total has reached 350. Once again, the sum of the individual digits totals 8. I know it looks wierd, but 8 is a lucky number for me  :D Once my post total on the CBR forum reached 44, I stopped posting there too  :D

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther Suspended
« on: November 18, 2006, 06:16:38 am »
And now, promptly breaking the promise I'd made earlier, I now agree with Open Palm's contention that Ms Marvel was absolutely raped and the account of her ordeal was plotted by a white writer and written by another white writer in such a way in which the story would be best received by the majority of the "larger comicbook buying demographic".

Read the following to see how Ms Marvel was disgraced by those writers:

"This is not hidden between the lines. Little kids can read the obvious fact: he raped Ms. Marvel. The artwork goes to great lengths -- two close-up panels -- to show Ms. Marvel's ecstacy during the pseudo-mating.

Ah ha. Another lesson to be learned from comics. It's okay to rape. Women enjoy rape.

Immediately after implanting himself in some sort of pseudo-scientific fashion into Ms. Marvel's womb, machinery teleported her to her jet, seconds after the time she had been abducted by Marcus. The machinery also wiped out her recent memory -- better to leave these females ignorant, right? Marcus couldn't care less about the feelings of a woman who suddenly found herself pregnant -- and giving birth -- for no apparent reason.

This is not Marcus' fault. He is ignorant of human feelings, being brought up by the equally unfeeling Immortus.

The explanation of Ms. Marvel's rape is made to Carol, Thor, Iron Man and Hawkeye. It is obvious that Immortus' machines have renewed their effect upon Ms. Marvel. Remember the angry rape victim at the beginning of the story? Now with a glisten in her eye and sob in her heart, she tenderly strokes the rapist's cheek and tells him that she will return with him to his home. She even adopts his Oedipal way of speaking. Of all the times Marcus refers to her directly, it is as "Carol" three times, "my love" once, and "mother" three times. From Marcus being "that thing," he is now "my child" to Carol. And she's going home to play a different kind of house with him. Aren't the kids eating this up?!"

*Emphasis mine in order to emphasize the sick vision of those writers. And now, the following from the account of Ramonda's rape at the hands of the white racist rapist Anton Pretorious:

"There were times (Please let me forget) when her captor had stimulated response from her.  He would calculatedly touch her until her body reacted -- until he aroused a need in her -- and in her mind -- where it mattered -- that was truly the most monstrous thing her kidnapper had done."

As Yaw observed, it was as if the writer was somehow suggesting that Ramonda came to WANT and desire that scum's vile attentions. The same could be said for Ms Marvel's unwitting willing participation in her own rape as a result of Immortus' "rape machines". And what I find particularly telling is the following sentence by the author of the article discussing Ms Marvel's rape: "Ah ha. Another lesson to be learned from comics. It's okay to rape. Women enjoy rape."

Not long ago, I read an exchange began by a female comics fan and at least two whiny fanboys who took offense at her comments. She was decrying a rape scene she had seen in "The Watchmen" comic book. Naturally, she was troubled by it. She was immediately set upon by those two whiny fanboys who insulted her comic book acumen and proceeded to presume to scold her for not appreciating the rape scene for what it was - according to their neanderthal reasoning - a work of art by a fine writer.

I hope that Hudlin and no other black writer of comic books resorts to the vile act of the sexual violation of a female or of a child as a vehicle to excite the interest of the "larger comic book buying demographic." Priest wrote a story in which T'Challa and the Dora Milaje brought a  child rapist/murderer to justice. At least he wasn't as graphic with it as have been the white writers dealing with this disgusting subject.

Black Panther / Re: Black Panther Suspended
« on: November 18, 2006, 05:30:46 am »
Okay, this is my final post to this topic. I promise  :)

Open Palm, after skimming the contents of the accompanying link, I could concede that while Ms Marvel wasn't violated as horrifically as was Ramonda, that she was nevertheless manipulated and violated by the son of Immortus. I still contend that Ms Marvel's decision to return to limbo with Marcus willingly puts what happened to her into some dispute. Was Ms Marvel raped or was she seduced? While Ramonda wouldn't allow her son T'Challa to kill the fiend who had abducted, imprisoned, and violated her for years, she still had nothing but utter contempt for the racist. Conversely, Ms Marvel seemed to pity and even show some affection for Marcus when she willingly decided to return with him to limbo. For the record, I remember reading that story when it first came out. I didn't like it then. I despised Marcus for what he did to Ms Marvel. I felt sorry for Ms Marvel and was at a loss to understand why she would decide to return with him to limbo instead of calling for the commencement of an "Avengers Assemble" a$$-beating on Marcus.

Anyway, here's the link:

Black Panther / Re: Not just black women
« on: November 17, 2006, 07:22:57 pm »

Actually, it was implied that Rogue was raped while a prisoner in Genosha. Ms. Marvel's was raped by the villain named Marcus  - she was brainwashed into bearing him a new body. Kevin Smith retconned the Black Cat's history to reveal she was raped in college. Before X-Men: Genesis it was believed the Sh'iar despot, D'Ken, raped the mother of Cyclops and Havok. Psylocke was almost raped by the Kaptain Briton of Earth-794.

Rogue couldn't give it to Gambit no matter how hard she tried to. Gambit wanted it desperately and so did Rogue. Whenever they tried to make love together, Rogue's power would begin to drain the lifeforce from Gambit resulting in agonizing sexual frustration for them both. Now, if Rogue couldn't give it to the man she loves more than anyone else because of the curse that is her power, how is a human, mutant-hating Genoshan going to take from her what she couldn't give willingly to Gambit? I believe it is safe to assume that Rogue wasn't ever raped by anyone, implied or otherwise.

Long, long ago before Jim Lee begun his X-Men days the team was hiding out in Australia. This was after the "Fall of the Mutants" special event. Wolverine and Rogue were the first X-Men to visit Genosha. There they lost their powers to a mutate who could deactive them. The two were captured and emprisoned. In there, Rogue suffered some type of trauma and stayed huddled in her cell.

As one of the Genosha guards said,"I'm afraid some of my officers took a few...liberties when she was being processed. What they thought was fun she evidently felt was something else."

Ms Marvel was abducted and brainwashed...

You hit it right there. She was abducted and BRAINWASHED. She wasn't impregnated of her own free will. After she became free Carol returned and moved to San Francisco where she was then attacked by Rogue. In Avengers Annual #10 Carol lambasts the Avengers for believing she was in her right mind when she was with Marcus and bore him a baby.

As for Psylocke, she was still targeted for rape and that's still terrible.

About Rogue:

Q: Was Rogue raped by the guards in the first Genosha storyline?

A: No, she wasn't, and it says so right in the captions in the same issue
(UXM #236) it supposedly happened in. Check the series of captions during
the slow close-up to Rogue's cell. The guards slapped her around some and
made fun of her, but nothing sexual happened.

     "All they did was touch her.
     Rude hands, ruder glances -- taunting promises of worse to come.
     She couldn't stop them.
     For so long, she dreamed of being able to touch another person,
     without her power absorbing his/her psyche.
     To hold, to caress, to kiss, just like any other -- normal --
     teenage girl.
     In those dreams, it was the most beautiful of moments.
     She never imagined being handled against her will."

Note also that Carol, as an eyewitness, so to speak, says in UXM #244 (also
Jubilee's first appearance) that "Nothing happened. But that wasn't the

As for Ms Marvel:

Yes, she was abducted and initially - if I remember correctly - she did make an attempt to escape. However over time, due to the subtle mental manipulation and sensual seductions by Marcus which was full of the type of romance a woman loves, Ms Marvel grew to accept and enjoy her stay with Marcus. When she made love to Marcus, she did so at that time of her own free will. When she decided to return to Marcus' reality - this after discovering what he had done to her - she did so willingly. Ms Marvel was manipulated at first. But when she made her decision to return with Marcus to the "reality" where he had romanced and seduced her, she did so of her own free will. Ms Marvel was NOT raped. There was never any romance where Ramonda was concerned, only rape.

Attempted rape is awful. No doubt about it. But what Psylocke experienced was nowhere near as bad as what Ramonda had to suffer through.

So #1 Rogue was definitely NOT raped.

#2 Ms Marvel was definitely NOT raped.

#3 Psylocke went through a painful experience - "near" rape. But almost falling off a cliff isn't as devastating as falling off a cliff is it? Ramonda was raped. Psylocke was NOT raped.

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