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Black Panther / Re: What If? Priest continued writing Panther
« on: December 11, 2006, 09:15:32 am »
I just found this at¬  This is from PRiest himself.

As I mention in another thread, the logical progression for PANTHER would have been to turn him into a villain. To make Storm's prophecy come true and make him an enormous threat to the world.

Only to be redeemed in the end, of course.

The Once & Future King story had implications of this, including a bit I ripped off of Jack "King" Kirby's fabulous "Pact" from NEW GODS. King T'Challa has two kids, T'Charra and Faida (named after my friend, actress Oni Faida Lamphley: the woman shot in the head in the pilot episode of Homicide: Life On The Streets, and more recently seen as a spiteful police lieutenant on the CBS show Hack).

Faida was Malice's daughter (implying Malice is either now pregnant or has already given birth to T'Challa's daughter, something we were going to deal with in PANTHER), while T'Charra's parentage was not revealed (but, c'mon, who else could it be).

Had I continued on PANTHER, I would have explored the whole villain thing, married T'Challa off to Storm (it would not have worked out long-term, but it would help redeem Panther), and evolved the business of Panther's children (and the complex relationship between Ross and Monica).

So what are your thoughts on what could have been Panther?

Kinda disappointed and shocked Priest would have thought this up. I mean its working so well for Iron Man at the moment, right?

Its all about context...while he would have done the whole villain who becomes redeemed and a better hero in the long term, fandom would just remember him as that black dude who went evil. Heck they still refer to Ant Man as that wife beater, wouldn't it be 10 times worse for Black Panther?  The whole marriage thing is already like cutting on a light switch, reveals how some fans REALLY feel about Black Panther ("She married to that nobody???" seems to be prevelant to the haters), last thing they would have needed was some sort of confirmation with this storyline.

Glad it didn't happen.

Black Panther / Re: The Future of Black Panther and Storm?
« on: December 11, 2006, 09:11:24 am »
I will chime in with everyone else in welcome you to the hef forums. I truly believe that Qusada wants a renaissance with Marvel and with the coming of McDuffie to the f/f we will move beyond the one black writer and one black book mentality. Parker and Watson have been married forever now and the richards have been together for a while as well so it's conceivable to give this couple a few years together. But just as the coming of these two was a good story I wouldn't mind reading and being a part of a break up if it indeed happens. Such things are a part of the real world which marvel has always tried to resemble. Now that we are where we are at however I hope Marvel stick to their guns and keep this thing going.

I hear you (didn't know about McDuffie, that's gonna be cool). I'm just a worry wart, especially when it comes to things I'm really enjoying getting yanked away (best example: the Angel TV series, though some would say it ended on a high, and I do, technically, agree).

As for the breakup...while you have a point, there aren't many black couples that are...ideals, I guess you could say. I mean, that's pretty much it. If Peter and Mary Jane broke up, for instance, we'd still have Reed and Sue, we'd still have Lois and Clark, heck even Wally and Linda. I'm sure there's more, but I'm talking about comics in general, not just Marvel or DC. If BP and Storm break up, that's gonna be it for a black couple for a long long time I fear.

But this is all guesswork, and like I said, I'm a worrywart. It could never happen, and if it does it could be handled in a great manner.

Black Panther / Re: The Future of Black Panther and Storm?
« on: December 11, 2006, 09:06:16 am »
does anyone know what will happen to Black Panther and Storm once Hudlin leaves? I hope he stays on for decades, but in the comics biz its inevitable.

The Divorce of the Century, I'm sure.

That would be my worse fear realized. I like Storm better as queen of Wakanda and with a man who truly loves, respects, and worships her, and she would kinda sort maybe get that with Forge. Not really with Wolverine since he's REALLY in love with Jean Grey.  ::) That, and..well, I'm sorry, but while I loved her being one of the commanders of the X-Men teams, I believe she could potentially get more done as queen of Wakanda. But that's just me. Whether that will ever be realized, I don't know.

Black Panther / Re: The Future of Black Panther and Storm?
« on: December 11, 2006, 09:03:50 am »
When Reggie leaves? It's almost unpredictable, especially without knowing which writers may be lined up. However, one thing i the royal couple's favour is that Reggie's storylines have the full support of Marvel editorial, so there may be a few high-ups who wouldn't want a new writer to do a "It was all a dream / clone / someone punched reality" storyline as soon as they took over.

lol O why did DC do that with Superboy Prime. That's gonna be a joke for many years to come...

Anyway, I was hoping they'd have the full support of editorial like you said, after all it wouldn't be happening without their permission/blessing, but I'm not sure how sales are doing. I know Civil War has given it a spike, but I really hope Marvel is with this through thick and thin. I think if they stick to it it'll pay off in the long run.

And welcome! I, also, noticed your commendable name hanging in the 'most recent member box'. ;D

Thanks. What's funny is that its the first thing that came to mind when I registered here. THE FIRST THING. I really like the idea of this union, but the idea would be nothing without a good writer bringing it to fruition. Reginald Hudlin has done that in spade. I read a lot of writers I like, but he continually impresses me with how he's writing Storm and Black Panther. Someone elsewhere put it best: he's basically treating them as an entity unto themselves, not a wife deferring to her husband or vice versa. And he's making them converse and act like a married couple, and their dialogue is how I would expect a king and queen to talk. Sorry, just really enjoying it.

And I swear I must have read that arc with Blade in it everyday for a month straight. I loved how he was drawn just like Wesley Snipes.  8)

Black Panther / Re: The Future of Black Panther and Storm?
« on: December 11, 2006, 08:57:36 am »
Most of us saw you when you walked through the door, friend  :)

The following is an excerpt from reply #103 of Jenn's thread.... ??? Blast my old age!!! --- well, I shouldn't fault my age, I should place blame where it lies: my awful memory. I've had that memory problem since I was just a young whip.  I've forgotten the title of Jenn's very excellent thread. I'm sorry Jenn  :D  Anyway, this is an excerpt from comments I contributed to that thread:

[Having seen the total "right-ness" between T'Challa and Ororo, viewing those illustrations of Forge with his arms and hands all over Ororo is enough to induce violent vomiting. I'd like to welcome the newest member to the HEF...I believe the name is "BPStorm4ever". The name is well-chosen and expresses my sentiments exactly for any RoLo, RoFo or mofo  , to see.]

Ha! Cool. I'll have to find that thread and respond in it. :)

And so again, let me be among the first to extend to you a very hearty welcome and wish for you a very enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening stay. You're among friends here  ;).]

Emphasize mine,, I've seen first hand fanboys acting like, well, internet goon squads going after folks who even halfway like this union. But it is appreciated and I see that, thanks.

Black Panther / The Future of Black Panther and Storm?
« on: December 11, 2006, 05:17:40 am »
Hey folks. I registered a week or so ago and have been lurking, so figured I'd finally make a sort of introductory post before responding to others ones. Maybe this way when I respond people won't be like "Who are you?" :D

Anyway, I've been a fan of BP for a while, loved the Priest run but oddly missed his one issue (#27 I think) that I believe first established BP and Storm kinda sorta had a thing in the teens, followed by the kiss in their adulthood. I JUST read up on this on Priest's site, and it was awesome, I'll have to get it.

But what I'm getting at is I like the idea of BP and Storm together, and Hudlin seems to be doing a GREAT job of representing them both. He's definately given them both the respect to their characters and personalities they deserve, and they seem to strengthen each other. I know we'll never be able to pinpoint why exactly some fanboys don't like it; we can guess forever but since these fanboys aren't a hive mind we'll never truly know. But its kinda funny its some of them seem to think she belong with Forge or Wolverine over her, where in both cases she would be treated as secondary instead of primary with BP, yet act like it would be the other way around. My favorite quote with this ling of thing was something along the lines of expecting Storm to be cooking Wakandan grits in front of a vibranian stove or something.

Which brings me to the point of this post: does anyone know what will happen to Black Panther and Storm once Hudlin leaves? I hope he stays on for decades, but in the comics biz its inevitable. Fanboys aside I have no idea how Quasada feels about the pairing and if he'll let it stand once Mr. H leaves. I would hope so but you never know.

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