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Latest Flicks / Re: Aliens vs. Predator- Requiem
« on: January 11, 2008, 10:05:12 am »
Alien is the only move to have a fear status associated with it, due to the nature of the creature and the times. the Predators were never scary, nor any of the follow up Alien movies.

I liked this one. I liked the follow up from the last one (i guess sanaa is still stranded in the artic, those bums couldn't give her a ride?) One main predator going to clean up business was great..I would've like to have seen a better fight between the PredAlien and the Predator, but oh well. 

In The News / Re: Lynch Tiger
« on: January 11, 2008, 09:57:15 am »
It's kind of hard to say racism played no part in this..I mean, she would have to be a complete idiot to not know that associating lynching with anyone is offensive..Furthermore, why would the follow up be "lynch him in a back alley"?  So Tiger should be lynched because he's dominating the sport? I wonder how many times lynching was referenced towards Jordan and Pete Sampras when they were dominating the competition.. In my mind we have two scenarios, either she's the dumbest lady on the planet or she knew exactly what she was saying.

Latest Flicks / Re: Will Smith's John Hancock
« on: December 18, 2007, 12:56:02 pm »
well being the comic book / superhero fan that i am, i have to check this out.

Latest Flicks / Re: New K.I.T.T revealed for Knight Rider made 4 TV Movie
« on: December 13, 2007, 09:22:54 am »
is that a mustang? not bad.

Other Comics / Re: NEW Goliath
« on: December 13, 2007, 09:20:24 am »
I've always felt the ability to change size is weak in a world where 6 ft tall people can lift over 100 tons.  Being big makes you a bigger target and we see how that went for Goliath during the Civil War or even in Ultimates 2 we see a Black Giant SHIELD soldier have a superpowered guy fly thru his ears and effectively kill him.  I'm just not down with that power.  I think Beyond! is seriously the first time I actually thought that power was cool when Pym used it to carry around entire labs.

Nevertheless I have to admit that changing size could be very useful for Damage Control purposes.  Giant-Men building structures?  man construction could be done in days!

The problem is that Marvel, until relatively recently, hasn't historically done giant-sized characters right.  When Hank Pym was in the original Avengers, even though he was big and superhumanly strong he was still a lightweight compared to the likes of Thor and the Hulk.  Even Iron Man was more powerful  than he was.  Pym wasn't even invlunerable against bullets, and was just lucky he didn't end up as target practice for some thug.

The trend continued with Clint Barton and Bill Foster in the giant roles.  Big and strong, but not strong and invulnerable enough to go toe-to-toe with the real heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe.  But then, they finally got one right: ATLAS.

Atlas was the giant-sized member of the THUNDERBOLTS, who was formerly the villainous Power Man.  He'd undergone the same treatment Wonder Man before becoming a giant, so by the time they'd later turned him into a giant-sized character,
he was not only much, much stronger than the usual giants, he was also extremely invulnerable.  Thus, he was able to up against the likes of the Hulk, Namor and similiar characters and hold his own.  And THAT'S what I'd like to see done with the new Goliath.

There isn't a single black superhero in the Marvel Universe that's anywhere near "Class 100" level (able to lift in excess of 100 tons).  I'd like to see Tom Foster at least be able to be at least at the same level as, say, the Thing or Namor.  Even if he can't take down the Hulk, he should be able to last more than just a few seconds against him, and he definitely should be able to withstand bullets and small arms fire.  If weren't going to do this, let's do it right.


BET Life / Re: The Boondocks >> Any Show On BET Currently
« on: December 11, 2007, 12:54:51 pm »
to be fair to this Heyman poster, he didn't begin the insults until they were thrown his/her way first, so let's at least be fair about it.

From what i gather, the person likes the boondocks, but is that a reason to get all uptight?
Server hiccuped during my post. Long story short, he has shown to be disrespectful to the mod of this site, the owner of the site and way more level headed posters then I. Not defending his post when asked to. I get chastised for calling him an ass, for troll like post and go tell him to kill himself the 2007 version of go take a hike. What is the expected outcome of this drive by posting? I say end it before it comes to that conclusion.
He made no less then 4 flame/troll like post and replies, so my reply was more of a sum of all of his diffrent post.
Like magic said he made a lot of assumptions oh oh you know what they say when you assume.
ban him.
my apologies. I wasn't aware of some of the other threads/posts made by this person, until i after i read this initial thread.

Feel The Funk / Re: The Re-Education Of Lauryn Hill
« on: December 11, 2007, 06:53:02 am »
Beyonce is not a better singer ...she has grown with vocal lessons but when she was singing live a few years ago she was not on the level of L Boogie.  Maybe she improved after more experience singing live & more voice lessons but that would be in the last couple of years.  Beyonce has more star power/celebrity than L Boogie (very true) but not more vocal dexterity or writing/producing/arranging skills.  Also, L Boogie has left the scene and is not actively pursuing a career in the music field (unless that changes in the near future)...but her past work speaks volumes for her talent.
i have to disagree here. Lauryn can sing but she's not on Beyonce's level.  I'll give Lauryn the writing/producing and arranging, but she's not coming close to Beyonce vocally.  She doesn't have the range nor the vocal ability of Beyonce

Lauryn's past work consists of her one good cd and her time with the Fugees. The other cd wasn't that good at all. If you're considering the Fugees, then you'll have to take in consideration the success of Destiny's Child.

L Boogie may have left the scene, but she tried to make a comeback and all of the performances i've seen since have just been bogus, almost insulting to the fans.

BET Life / Re: The Boondocks >> Any Show On BET Currently
« on: December 11, 2007, 06:47:19 am »
to be fair to this Heyman poster, he didn't begin the insults until they were thrown his/her way first, so let's at least be fair about it.

From what i gather, the person likes the boondocks, but is that a reason to get all uptight?

« on: December 07, 2007, 01:51:02 pm »
congratulations!! i will definitely pick up this book. congrats again

BET Life / Re: American Gangster Season 2
« on: December 07, 2007, 01:35:56 pm »
i have to agree with Jenn. I couldn't understand if Gotti was saying that Supreme didn't have people killed and sold drugs or what? Was he trying to imply the feds set him up?

General Discussion / Re: Don Imus: The Immaculate Deception
« on: December 07, 2007, 01:33:21 pm »
how sweet. Don has a couple of tokens to talk about black folks for him..

Other Comics / Re: NEW Goliath
« on: December 07, 2007, 01:22:00 pm »
please, please, please give this kid a different powerset and make him formidable. Make him a top tier, we're lacking in that area.

Hudlin TV / Re: Heroes - Volume Two
« on: December 04, 2007, 01:42:42 pm »
the last 2 eps were anti climatic to me, but i enjoyed them. There's a person named Insider who gave all of these spoilers several weeks ago and she was right.

Tim Kring said the next Volume: Villians will have a bunch of bad guys running around and they will come together in legion so next season things should get better.

I don't know about any of these deaths any more..we have 3 people with healing blood and perhaps Peter will somehow use that brain of his and remember his abilities.

Feel The Funk / Re: Andre 3000 is a beast!!!
« on: November 30, 2007, 09:47:52 am »
is someone hating on Dre 3 stax?

let's be for real.
first of all, this new outkast joint is hot as hell.
2. if andre wanted to rap, then he'd be the best. EVER. understand that. he got bored, switched the game up and did something different.
He's one of the best, but let's not get carried away
3. more singin' than rappin'? hahahhahaha... screw that... EVEN when he WAS singin', he was STILL sangin' about thangs! Real Talk!

so he hasn't been doing more singing lately? He's had his guest appearances when he raps, but his music has been mostly r&B. I haven't heard a new Outkast song
i'm babblin' and lost my train of thought.

dre is the man and i'm happy to have this new joint 2 get crunk to.
no doubt. He's underrated
oh yeah... he killed it on that jay z song.  mo' def'ly!
haven't heard this either, but now i'll be looking for it.

General Discussion / Re: The Black KKK: Uncle Ruckus Strikes Again
« on: November 30, 2007, 09:42:14 am »
I read that dumb sh&*t that he put out. I mean you can have somebody handing out a million dollars outside and you will have a nut complaining about it. Out side of the spitting incident the worst thing that this man ever did was point a gun at some one who attempted to attack him first.

No one deserves to die in the bed with their girl and baby in the bed with them. False media we dont need it do we.

Oh that is Sean Taylor RIP by the way.
when you listen to espn and other sports commentators, they say he had a troubled past, but then only reference an istance of someone trying to steal his ride and him waving a that what they call having a troubled past? protecting his property?
Every black athlete is associated with thuggery and criminal acts in these clowns eyes. its really a shame that when a black athlete is murdered in his home, the first thing that come out of some these clowns mouths is that its his past catching up to him..the f*^k?

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